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2Neat Books is located in the Heart of the Rockies, Salida, Colorado, USA, and has been in business since 1998. We specialize in out-of-print geology, mineralogy, hydrology, paleontology books, papers, bulletins, journals and more from around the world.

You may buy from us with confidence, we stand behind every purchase and believe in doing business for the long run. We take pride in our expert packing and very quick shipping.


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Feedback : Check out some of the feedback from our other happy Geology customers! We also invite you to read our customer testimonials on our companion site, 2Neat Magazines.com. Or, you can scan our more than 1,900 positive feedbacks on eBay though it is a forum we seldom use now (scroll down there to see actual comments). The second two feedback links take you off the 2Neat Books site - use the "Back Arrow" on your browser to return here.

Packaging : We go out of our way to recycle. The residents of our small community help out by donating their clean packing materials and boxes to the 2Neat cause. We package professionally: all purchases are sealed in plastic and shipped in a stiff container.

Mailing address : Brenda WIARD, 146 West 6th Street, Salida, CO, 81201, U.S.A..

Telephone : Please place ALL 2Neat Books orders using the order form or via email (include your shipping address). The publications are not near the telephone and it takes time to retrieve and weigh them. Responses to your online orders will be quick. I can no longer take card information over the phone, sorry.

Please do NOT send mailed payments until you have a purchase summary email from us with shipping costs and payment choices. Payable to Brenda WIARD.

2Neat Books ships worldwide.

Our honor roll of customers encompasses the 50 United States, Washington DC, 10 Canadian provinces and 1 Canadian Territory (waiting for Nunavut and NWT!) and all the other countries or places below. Join the crowd!

Surprise! : If you are the first customer from a country NOT on the list below,
mention this happy fact to receive 25% off (up to $25 off) your purchase (shipped to that country).

Last new countries or places added :
Malta on November 5, 2014
Indonesia (Java) on November 22, 2013
Aruba on April 8, 2013
Belize on September 22, 2012

Antarctica ! ** France Marianas Islands Shetland Islands
Argentina Germany Marshall Islands Singapore
Aruba Greece Mexico Slovak Republic
Australia Guam Monaco Slovenia
Austria Guatemala Montenegro South Africa
Bahamas Guyana Netherlands Spain
Bahrain Hong Kong New Caledonia Sweden
Belgium Iceland New Zealand Switzerland
Belize India Nigeria Taiwan
Bermuda Indonesia Norway Tanzania
Bhutan Iran Sultanate of Oman Tasmania
Brazil Iraq Pakistan Thailand
Canada Ireland Papau New Guinea Tunisia
Chile Israel Panama Turkey
China Italy Peru Ukraine
Colombia Jamaica Poland United Arab Emirates
Costa Rica Japan Portugal United Kingdom
Czech Republic Kazakhstan Puerto Rico United States
Denmark Korea Romania US Virgin Islands
Ecuador Kuwait Russia Uruguay
Egypt Luxembourg San Marino Vietnam
Fiji Islands Malaysia Saudi Arabia Wales
Finland Malta Scotland Yugoslavia
* * Special Case : Purchased by researcher working in Antarctica, held until his return to USA.


Publications to sell? : Interested in selling your geology or paleontology library to us? Contact us.

Our inventory changes continually - bookmark our site and check back frequently!


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