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For Sale : Publications of the AAPG / A.A.P.G.
American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

COSUNA charts - - - Course Notes - - - Cross Section Publications - - - Memoirs
Methods in Exploration - - - Reprint Series - - - Studies in Geology
Treatise of Petroleum Geology Reprint Series - - - Volumes - - - Misc. AAPG publications

Condition : These publications are clean and in good to very good condition and may have lightly rubbed covers, mild sunning, bumped corners and owner's name / stamps. Please ask if you want more a detailed description for any given issue. I have mentioned any specific problems, if any, in the individual listing.

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


American Association of Petroleum Geologists : COSUNA charts
Correlation of Stratigraphic Units of North America (COSUNA) project.
Each consists of a large chart with color in a printed 12x9” envelope.
In order alphabetically. All are now out-of-print in this easier-to-use paper format.
Charts are VG, envelopes usually have light wear and bumped edges.

Northern California region COSUNA chart : 1984. CSD regions 650, 715, 720, 730 which include Sierra Nevada province, Klamath mountains province, Eel River basin, Sacramento basin. $12

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American Association of Petroleum Geologists : Course Notes
Softcover, 11x8.5”, illus. These are labeled either as “Continuing Education Course Note Series”
or as “Education Course Note Series.”

AAPG Course Notes 5 : 1977 : Geology of continental Margins. Paged in sections, illus. 1979 printing. Good $11

Contents of AAPG Course Note Series 5 :
Continental margin types related to plate tectonics and evolution of margins, by Hunter Yarborough. 8p.
Stratigraphy and structure of pull-apart margins, by K. O. Emery. 20p.
Stratigraphy and structure of compressional margins, by D. R. Seely and W. R. Dickinson. 23p.
Petroleum source beds on continental slopes and rises, by Wallace G. Dow. 37p.
Modes of emplacement of prospective hydrocarbon reservoir rocks of the outer continental margin environment, by Joseph R. Curray. 14p.
Seismic recognition of depositinal facies on slopes and rises. 9p.
A number of related abstracts.

AAPG Course Notes 19 : 1981 : Geology of passive continental margins : history, structure and sedimentologic record (with special emphasis on the Atlantic margin). For the AAPG Eastern Section meeting and Atlantic margin energy conference). Paged in sections, illus. (Good. Owner's name on edge of page block) $25

Contents of AAPG Course Note Series 19 :
Atlantic-type margins by A. W. Bally. 48p.
The U.S. Atlantic continental margin : subsidence history, crustal structure and thermal evolution. By A. B. Watts. 75p.
The Atlantic margin of the United States. By J. A. Grow. 41p.
Early Mesozoic basins of the central Atlantic passive margins. By W. Manspeizer. 60p.
Ancient continental margins of the Tethyan ocean. By D. Bernoulli. 36p.
Evaporites, carbonates and oil. By c. Schreiber. 32p.
Petroleum geochemistry of the Atlantic margin. By J. M. Hunt. 31p.


American Association of Petroleum Geologists : Cross Sections
Stiff covers with cloth tape on spine, 10x8", illustrated, plates in pocket.

AAPG Cross Section Publication 3 : 1965 : Correlations of subsurface mesozoic and Cenozoic rocks along the Atlantic coast. By John C. Maher. 17p., 9 plates in pocket. (noticable pencil marks, one page soiled) $12

AAPG Cross Section Publication 6 : 1968 : Correlations of subsurface mesozoic and Cenozoic rocks along the Eastern Gulf Coast. By John C. Maher and Esther R. Applin. 29p., 6 plates in pocket. (some pencil marks) $18


American Association of Petroleum Geologists : Memoirs
Hardback, 11x8.5”, illustrated.

AAPG Memoir 27 : 1978 : A color illustrated guide to carbonate rock constituents, textures, cements, and porosities. By Peter A. Scholle. HARDBACK, blue cloth, 241 pages, color illus. Includes Skeletal Grains (such as Algae, Microfossils, Foraminifera, Annelids, Stromatoporoids, Corals, Brachiopods, Trilobites and others), Other Carbonate Grains (Pellets, Ooids, Pisolites, Intraclasts, Extraclasts, Peloids), Other Minerals, Carbonate cements, Carbonate Textures (such as Burrows, Crusts, Geopetal fabrics and others). Good. $5


American Association of Petroleum Geologists : Methods in Exploration
Hardback, 11x8.5”, illustrated.

AAPG Methods in Exploration Series 8 : 1990 : Fractured core analysis : interpretation, logging, and use of natural and induced fractures in core. By B. R. Kulander, S. L. Dean, and B. J. Ward, Jr. HARDBACK, dust jacket, 11x8.5”, 73 figures (some in color), plus 2 large folded sheets. SCARCE. (Good. All VG except dust jacket. With owner’s name on fly leaf and taped tears on dust jacket with a few small edge chips.). $112

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


American Association of Petroleum Geologists : Reprint Series
Softcover, 9.5x7", illus.

AAPG Reprint Series 14 : 1975 : Silurian Reefs of Great Lakes Region of North American. Selected papers reprinted from Structure of typical American Oil Fields, volume 3, and AAPG Bulletin. 243 pages, illustrated. Good. $10


American Association of Petroleum Geologists : Studies in Geology
Softcover, 11x8.5", illus.

AAPG Studies in Geology 1 : 1975 : Methods of estimating the volume of undiscovered oil and gas resources. Edited by John D. Haun. Softcover, 9.5x7”, 206p., illus., index, 20 technical papers on the topic. $5

AAPG Studies in Geology 4 : 1977 : Reefs and related carbonates – Ecology and Sedimentology. Edited by Stanley H. Frost, Malcolm P. Weiss, and John B. Saunders. 9.5x7”, 421 pages, nicely illustrated. Includes 28 technical articles on “Modern and ancient reefs,” “Reef Biota,” and Sediments and Diagenesis.” $15

AAPG Studies in Geology 7 : 1978 : Framework, Facies, and oil-trapping characteristics of the Upper Continental Margin. Based on papers presented at the 1976 AAPG Short Course, “Beyond the Shelf Break,” conducted at the New Orleans national meeting. Edited by Arnold H. Bouma, George T. Moore, and James M. Coleman. 9.5x8”, 326 pages, nicely illustrated. Includes 15 technical articles. $8

AAPG Studies in Geology 9 : 1979 : Paleoclimate, paleomagnetism, and continental drift. By J. K. A. Habicht. Comb-bound, 31 text pages, 19 figures, plus 11 large fold-outs, with color. (Very Good, lightly bumped cover corners, owner’s stamp on fly leaf). $8

AAPG Studies in Geology 13 : 1981 : Uranium in volcanic and volcaniclastic rocks. Edited by Philip C. Goodell and Aaron C. Waters. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 331p., nicely illustrated. Among much more, content includes Volcanic Glass, Thorium, Guatemala, Sumata, Lakeview Uranium District in Oregon, McDermitt Caldera Complex, Aurora Uranium Prospect in Malheur county, Spor Mountain in Utah, Fluorine-rich volcanic rocks, Marysvale Volcanic field in Utah, Mogollon-Datil volcanic field of New Mexico, Chinati Mountains caldera of Texas, Trans-Pecos Texas, Chihuahua, and much more. Very Good. $31

AAPG Studies in Geology 19 : 1985 : Economics and the explorer. Edited by Robert E. Megill. 95p., index. (cover rubbed) $5

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American Association of Petroleum Geologists : Treatise of Petroleum Geology Reprint Series
Maroon softcover, 11x8.5”, illustrated.

AAPG Treatise of Petroleum Geology Reprint Series 1 : 1987 : Geologic Basins I – Classification, modeling, and predictive stratigraphy. Compiled by Norman H. Foster and Edward A. Beaumont. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 458p., illustrated, includes 20 technical articles. (Very Good. Like New except for barely sunned spine). $50

AAPG Treatise of Petroleum Geology Reprint Series 2 : 1987 : Geologic Basins II – Evaluation, Resource Appraisal, and World Occurrence of oil and gas. Compiled by Norman H. Foster and Edward A. Beaumont. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 430p., illustrated, includes 27 technical articles. (Very Good). $50


American Association of Petroleum Geologists : Volumes.

AAPG (Pacific Section) Volume 50 : 1981 : Field Guide to the Mesozoic – Cenozoic convergent margin of Northern California. Edited by S. A. Graham. Published for the 1981 National convention of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists, May 29, 1981. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 118 pages, illustrated, 3 plates (and errata sheets) in pocket. Contains 5 technical articles plus road logs (for two full days) and field trip objectives. Covers Sierra Nevada magmatic arc, Sacramento Valley forearc gas province, Great Valley Group submarine fan facies, Franciscan complex, more. (Some ex-library marks). $16


American Association of Petroleum Geologists : Misc.

1955 Geological Record. This book was published for the meeting of the Rocky Mountain Section of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists held February 14-16, 1955 in Billings, Montana. 1955 Petroleum Information. HARDBACK, 11x8.5”, 207p., illus. Includes 16 technical papers. (Good. Spine rubbed and sunned. Cover corners bumped.) $15

Selected Contents of the 1955 Geological Record :
Beaver Lodge and Tioga Fields, North Dakota.
Northwest Sumatra Field, Montana.
Manderson Field, Wyoming.
Case history of the East Poplar field, Montana.
Sedimentation and stratigraphy of the Dakota formation in the San Juan Basin.
Heath-Amsden boundary on the Central Montana uplift at Big Wall Field, Montana.
Burke Ranch oil field, Wyoming.
Genou trend – a structural feature on the Sweetgrass arch, Montana.
The Beaver Creek Field, Wyoming.
Geology of the Pincher Creek gas and Naptha field and its regional implications, Alberta, Canada.
The Pine field, Montana.
Ignacio gas field, Colorado.
Discovery paper : Ordovician oil in the southern Big Horn Basin, Wyoming.
Tip Top field, Wyoming.
Stratigraphic gas development in the Blanco – Mesa Verde pool of the San Juan Basin.

Sedimentary environments and hydrocarbons : a short course sponsored by AAPG and NOGS. 1976. Edited by Ram S. Saxena. Comb-bound, softcover, 11x8.5”, 217p., illustrated. Contributors include John C. Ferm, Ram S. Saxena, David K. Davies, Roger G. Walker and William R. Normark. Contents include 8 technical articles in the subjects of Deltas, Beach-Barriers, and Deep water sandstones. (Good. Very mild cover soil. Inscription on title page from one of the contributors.) $82

Technical proceedings of the 1981 AAPG Mid-continent regional meeting. Edited by John G. Borger, II. 1984 Oklahoma City Geological Society. HARDBACK, 11x8.5”, 221p., illus. 10 abstracts and 17 papers, including specific mention of Anadarko basin, Arkoma basin, Washita Valley fault, Ouachita mountains, Viola Limestne, Stephens county Oklahoma, Wichita mountains, and more. (cover rubbed, contents very good). $35

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

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