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For Sale : The Mineralogical Record

A bi-monthly trade magazine devoted to mineralogy, minerals and mineral collecting around the world. Each issue has several feature reports and a few other shorter articles and the articles include references. Number six of almost every volume contains an index to that volume. I have generally listed only the articles, not short columns like letters and "notes from the editor".

This magazine is known for stunning color photographs of minerals on the covers and inside, and excellent text. The very oldest issues have color only on the cover.

Condition: Good to Very good condition, some may have lightly bumped edges or lightly rubbed covers. I've mentioned any other condition issues in the individual listing. Ask if you need more than one copy, we have some duplicates or multiples.

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Special Supplementary Issues

The Mineralogical Record


Mineralogical Record 7(2) : March – April 1976. $25
Cover : Eosphorite on rose quartz, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Glendonites, their origins and description.
Pennsylvania minerals ; 2. Strontianite.
Mineralization of the Four Peaks amethyst deposit, Maricopa county, Arizona.
Nordstrandite from Narssârssuk, Greenland.
A new mineral almost – III by John S. White, Jr.

Mineralogical Record 7(4) : July – August 1976. $25
Cover : Milarite, from Piz Giuv, Grisons, Switzerland.
Anne Voileau interview.
Grand Junction Barite, Colorado.
Examination of sulfur-pyrite spherules from Mt. Baker, Washinton.
Two poems.
Minerals of Marbridge mines, limited.
Morphology of the pyrite aggregates from Cap – Blanc – Nez (France).
Yttrocrasite from central Texas.

Mineralogical Record 7(6) : November – December 1976 (cover rubbed, all else very good) $85
Cover : Gold from the Wapiti mine, Farncomb Hill, Breckenridge, Summit county.
Mordenite at Wolf Creek Pass
Additions to the ore mineralogy of Colorado
Crystallized minerals of the Colorado Mineral Belt
Famous Mineral localities : Saint John’s Island, Egypt

Mineralogical Record 8(4) : July – August 1977. Europe special issue. $25
Cover : Realgar from Lengenbach quarry, Binna valley, Valais, Switzerland.
Anatase from Norway.
Lengenbach mineral locality, Binna Valley, Valais, Switzerland.
Lengenbach, Switzerland.
Rare earth minerals in the alpine and subalpine region.
Re-discovery of Stokesite crystals in Cornwall, England.
Mendipite and other rare oxychloride minerals from the Mendip hills, Somerset, England.
Fluorite from the Font Sante Mine, Esterl, Var, France.
Selected minerals from the volcanic district of Laacher See, Germany.

Mineralogical Record 9(1) : January – February 1978. $15
Cover : Atacamite from Mina la Farola, Copiapo, Chile.
The Collector’s Library.
Epitaxial wodginite and cassiterite from Lavra Jabuti, Baizio, Galilea, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Zinc phosphates at Reaphook Hill, South Australia.
Natrolite and associated secondary minerals at Chimney Rocky Quarry, Bound Brook, New Jersey.

Mineralogical Record 9(2) : March – April 1978. $9
Cover : Apophyllite from Fairfax quarry, Centreville, Virginia.
Bou-Azzer, Morocco.
Jeffrey Quarry, near North Little Rock, Arkansas.
Minerals of the Greenbushes tinfield, Australia.
Amity area, Orange county, New York.
Nomenclature revisions in the Apophyllite group.
Uralolite from the Dunton Gem Mine, Newry, Maine, a second occurrence.

Mineralogical Record 9(3) : May – June 1978. (spine area rubbed) $9
Cover : Rhodochrosite from the N’Chwaning mine, Kalahari Manganese field, Cape Province, South Africa.
Kalahari Manganese field.
Paterson, New Jersey.
Carl Bosch mineral Collection.
Brumado district, Bahia, Brazil.

Mineralogical Record 9(5) : September – October 1978. $7
Cover : Kämmererite from the Kop Krom mine, Kop Daglari, Turkey.
Kämmererite from the Kop Krom mine, Kop Daglari, Turkey.
Pegmatites of Laghman, Nuristan, Afghanistan.
Chuquicamata, Chile.

Mineralogical Record 9(6) : November – December 1978. $7
Cover : Sulfur crystals on calcite, from Sicily.
Libethenite from the Rokana Mine, Zambia.
Quartz and Pyrite from Kind county, Washington.
New minerals : 1973-1977.
Glossary update.
Hydroboracite from the Furnace Creek formation.
A short history of mine lighting.

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Mineralogical Record 10(2) : March – April 1979. $7
Cover : Adamite from the Ojuela mine near Mapimi, Durango, Mexico.
Jeffrey mines, Asbestos, Quebec.
Minerals of the Alpine Rodingites of Italy.
An interesting fluorite crystal from the Black Forest.
Article about Dr. John White Webster, professor at Harvard, who murdered a fellow collector.

Mineralogical Record 10(3) : May – June 1979. $7
Cover : Wulfenite with mimetite from the San Francisco mine near Magdalena, Sonora, Mexico.
Taewha mine, Korea.
Occurrence of Japan-law twinning in quartz.
Hureaulite and barbosalite from Lavra do Criminoso, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Some interesting radioactive minerals from the Bancroft area, Ontario.
Contributions to the mineralogy of Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey.
Collector’s Library, part 3 : Minerals of Mexico.

Mineralogical Record 10(4) : July – August 1979. $9
Cover : Aurichalcite from the 79 mine, Gila county, Arizona.
Chanarcillo, Chile.
Quartz geodes from near the Sierra Gallego area, Chihuahua, Mexico.
Notes on recent underground collecting at Långban.
Curetonite, a new phosphate from Nevada.
Memoirs of a mineral collector, part 1 by F. W. Cassirer.
Neal Yedlin – a memorial.

Mineralogical Record 11(5) : September-October 1980. $7
Cover : Rhodochrosite from Huallapon mine, Pasto Bueno, Peru.
Famous Mineral Localities: Los Lamentos, Chihuahua, Mexico
Brown's Deposit, Northern Territory, Australia
Rare Chromates from Seh-Changi, Iran
Nealite: a New Mineral from Laurion, Greece
Alluvial Sperrylite from Finnish Lapland [Finland]
Mullica Hill, New Jersey
Is There a Limit to the Number of Minerals?

Mineralogical Record 11(6) : November-December 1980. G/VG = $10, OR Good (but cover printed without yellow) = $5
Cover : Elbaite on quartz from Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Famous Mineral Localities: The Broken Hill Mine, Zambia
Interview: Allan Caplan
Famous Mineral Localities: The Cruzeiro Mine [Brazil], Past and Present
First Discovery of Ruby in Australia
A New Find of Crystallized Rose Quartz in Minas Gerais [Brazil]

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Mineralogical Record 12(1) : January-February 1981. $10
Cover : Phosphophyllite from Botosi, Bolivia
Famous Mineral Localities: Zeolites from Iceland and the Faeroes [Denmark]
Zeolites in Yellowstone National Park [Wyoming]
Copper Acetate Hydrate with Native Copper
Additions and Corrections to the Glossary of Mineral Species, 1980

Mineralogical Record 12(3) : May-June 1981. $7
Cover : Flourite on sphalerite from Huanzala, Peru.
Personality: Randolph S. Rothschild
Mcguinnessite, a New Carbonate from California
Chromium Minerals at the Line Pit, State Line Chromite District, Pennsylvania and Maryland
Famous Mineral Localities: Pribram, Czechoslovakia
Manganese Minerals of Bald Knob, North Carolina

Mineralogical Record 12(4) : July-August 1981. $7
Cover : Wire silver from Schneeberg, Karl-Marx-Stadt, East Germany.
Mineral Fakes
Edingtonite and Natrolite from Ice River, British Columbia
Boehmite from Syenite Pegmatites in the Oslo Region, Norway
Morphology and Twinning of Sellaite from Gjerdingen, Norway
Famous Mineral Localities: The Leadhills-Wanlockhead District, Scotland
Guest Editorial - Mineral Fraud

Mineralogical Record 12(6) : November-December 1981. $9
Cover : Rose quartz with elbaite from Lavra da Ilha, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
The Bunker Hill Mine, Kellogg, Shoshone County, Idaho
Turquoise Crystals from Britain and a Review of Related Species
Barite from the Niobec Mine, Chicoutimi, Quebec
Minerals of the Yates Uranium Mine, Pontiac County, Quebec
Shavano Peak [Colorado]...a New Mt. Antero?
Ogdensburgite, a New Calcium-Zinc-Ferric Iron Arsenate Mineral from Sterling Hill, New Jersey
Sjögrenite on Pyroaurite from Sterling Hill, New Jersey
Holdenite from Sterling Hill [New Jersey] and New Chemical Data
Grothine Discredited, Equals Norbergite
Barian Goyazite from Brazil

Mineralogical Record 13(1) : January-February 1982 $15.
Cover : Beryl from the Virgem da Lapa district, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
The Boltsburn Mine, Weardale, County Durham, England
Famous Mineral Localities: The Virgem da Lapa [Brazil] Pegmatites
Pink Octahedral Fluorite from Peru
The Sorbonne Collection
Arsenate Minerals of the Sterling Hill Mine [New Jersey]: an Overview
Additions and Corrections to the Glossary of Mineral Species, 1980

Mineralogical Record 13(3) : May-June 1982. $10
Cover : Adamite from the Ojuela mine, Mapimi, Durango, Mexico.
Minrecordite: a New Mineral from Tsumeb [Namibia]
Tsumeb [Namibia]! New Minerals and Their Associations
Stolzite from Tsumeb [Namibia]
Pyromorphite, Wulfenite and Other Minerals from the Bwlch-Glas Mine, Central Wales
Arsendescloizite, a New Mineral from Tsumeb [Namibia]
Sperrylite from the Type Locality
Wroewolfeite in Britain
Micromounting in the Eastern Alps of Austria
Crystallized Gypsum from the Playa Lake Clays of Lake Gilles [Australia]

Mineralogical Record 14(1) : January-February 1983. $7
Cover : Amethyst from Guerrero, Mexico.
Celestite from Salem, Indiana
Minerals of the Derbyshire Orefield [England]
Graphite from the Lead Hill Mine, Ticonderoga, New York
Field-Collecting Dealers: a Survey
Lotharmeyerite, a New Mineral from Mapimi, Durango, Mexico
Taeniolite, an Uncommon Lithium-Mica from Coyote Peak, Humboldt County, California
Ferroaxinite from Bridgeville, New Jersey

Mineralogical Record 14(4) : July-August 1983. $9
Cover : Chrysoberyl from Itaguacu, Espirito Santo, Brazil.
New Minerals 1978-1982: a Perspective
A New Stolzite Occurrence: Broken Hill, Australia
Copper Country [Michigan] Microminerals
Famous Mineral Localities: the Córrego Frio Mine and Vicinity, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Bastnaesite near Ticonderoga, New York
Across the San Juan Mountains [Colorado], Part II
Allactite from Franklin and Sterling Hill, New Jersey

Mineralogical Record 14(6) : November-December 1983. $7
Cover : Serandite, with analcime, minor natrolite and rhodochrosite, Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec.
Collector's Diary: Chuquicamata and the Nitrate Pampa [Chile]-- Mark Chance Bandy, 1935
The University of Delaware Mineral Museum

Mineralogical Record 15(4) : July-August 1984. $10
Cover : Neptunite on white natrolite from Dallas Gem mine, San Benito county, California.
Famous Mineral Localities: The Sterling Mine, Antwerp, New York
Pseudomorphs from the Burra Mine, South Australia
New Data on Lotharmeyerite
Hematite Overgrowths Delineating Dauphiné Twinning in Quartz
The Legacy of Jack Boyle
Great Pockets: The Tiefengletscher [Switzerland] Quartz Grotto

Mineralogical Record 15(5) : September-October 1984. $7
Cover : Cuprite crystal coated with malachite, Onganja mine, Namibia.
The Jacupiranga Mine, São Paulo, Brazil
The Jensen Quarry, Riverside County, California
Secondary Uranium Minerals of the Cunha Baixa Mine [Portugal]
A Highly Magnesian Alleghanyite from Sterling Hill, New Jersey
Paulkerrite, a New Titanium Phosphate from Arizona

Mineralogical Record 16(2) : March-April 1985. $10
Cover: Topaz with lepidolite
Recent discoveries of phenakite in Brazil
Bahianite from Brazil
Mammothite, a new mineral from Tiger, Arizona and Laurium, Greece
Soduim-pharmacosiderite, a new analog of pharmacosiderite from Australia, and new occurrences of barium-pharmacosiderite
Miguel Romero and the Romero Mineralogical Museum
Microminerals of the Western Volcanics
Additions and corrections to the Glossary of Mineral Species 1983

Mineralogical Record 16(4) : July-August 1985. $7
Cover: Zoisite var Tanzanite
Famous mineral localities: the Kingsgate mines
Aluminum phosphate minerals from Mauldin Mountain, Montgomery County, Arkansas

Mineralogical Record 16(6) : November-December 1985 $7.
Cover : Galena on matrix with dolomite and Chalcopyrite, Sweetwater mine, Missouri.
Famous Mineral Localities: The Mineralogy of Graves Mountain, Lincoln County, Georgia
Hutchinsonite from Quiruvilca, Peru
New Occurrences for Ushkovite and Comments on Laueite
Canaphite, a New Sodium Calcium Phosphate Hydrate from the Paterson Area, New Jersey
Calcioferrite from the Moculta Quarry near Angaston, South Australia
Fibrous Rutile from Franklin, New Jersey
The Gardiner Complex, a New Locality in Greenland

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Mineralogical Record 17(3) : May-June 1986. $7
Cover: Epidote
Mineral specimen trimming W.E. Wilson, P.J. Dunn and R.E. Bentley 163
Famous mineral localities: Knappenwand, Untersulzbachtal, Austria R. Seeman 167
New mineral occurrences from the Laurium slags R. Jaxel and P. Gelaude 183
Senaite from the Fazenda Guariba, Minas Gerais, Brazil J.P. Cassedanne 191
Chalcophyllite and other rare hydroxy-sulfates from Maharahara, New Zealand A.J. Read 199
Notes from Italy G. Porcellini 205

Mineralogical Record 17(6) : November-December 1986. $7
Cover: Wulfenite
Famous mineral localities: Bleiberg, Carinthia, Austria
Brochantite and other minerals from the Paoli, Oklahoma, area
Curved jamesonite crystals from Romania
Natrolite arches from Simmon's Bay, Australia
Arsenopyrite from the Kilpatrick mine, Madoc, Ontario
Cuprocassiterite discredited as mushistonite; and an unnamed tin mineral from the Etta mine
An author's guide to writing locality articles for the Mineralogical Record
History of traprock silver
Notes from Germany

Mineralogical Record 18(2) : March-April 1987. $7
Cover: Rose, smoky and clear quartz
The Perry letters
The mineralogical cabinet of Teyler's Museum, Haarlem, Netherlands
Famous mineral localities: Elk Creek, South Dakota
Ramsbeckite, an American occurrence at the Ecton miner, Pennsylvania
Neotocite from the Foote mine, North Carolina
Pokrovskite, a common mineral
Phosphosiderite from the Champion mine, California
Editorial: Quality mineral lectures
Microminerals: Quartz
Notes from Mexico: Taxco
Notes from Germany
Mineralogical crossword puzzle

Mineralogical Record 18(3) : May-June 1987. $7
Cover: Cuprite on antlerite
Bassetite and other uranium minerals from Arcu su Linnarbu, Capoterra, Cagliari, Sardinia
The Alice Glory Hole, Clear Creek County, Colorado
The Museum of the Geological Survey of South Africa
Garnet Hill, White Pine County, Nevada
A baumhauerite-like mineral from Quiruvilca, Peru
Monazite and calcioancylite from the Foote mine, North Carolina
An unusual quartz crystal from Zaire
The collector's library: minerals of the United States - updates and additions
A photographer's guide to taking mineral specimen photographs for the Mineralogical Record

Mineralogical Record 18(4) : July-August 1987. $7
Cover: Vivianite
The mineralogical museum at Marburg, West Germany
Minerals of the Carrara Marble
The 79 Mine [Arizona] Aurichalcite Story

Mineralogical Record 18(5) : September-October 1987. $7
Cover: Vanuralite
The Peking Geological Museum, China P. Bancroft 325
The colorful vanadium minerals: a brief review and a new classification H.T. Evans, Jr. and J.S. White, Jr. 333
Inesite from the Hale Creek mine, Trinity County, California G.E. Dunning and J.F. Cooper, Jr. 341
Notes from Germany T.P. Moore 355
Historical notes on mineralogy L.H. Conklin 369

Mineralogical Record 18(6) : November-December 1987. (Good, but Stereopticon gone) $7
Cover: Cinnabar with dolomite and quartz
With STEREOPTICON 707 - a stereoscope.
Mineral curators: their appointment and duties P.G. Embrey 389
Pyrite crystals from the Duff quarry R.P. Richards and S.C. Chamberlain 391
Mineral stereophotography W.E. Wilson and S.C. Chamberlain 399
The Miller calcite collection C. Turley and M. Koval 405
Mineralogy of the Killie mine, Elko County, Nevada G.E. Dunning and J.F. Cooper, Jr. 413
Historical notes on mineralogy L.H. Conklin 423
Microminerals W.A. Henderson, Jr. 435
Index to volume 18 446

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Mineralogical Record 19(1) : January-February 1988. $7
Special Issue : Mineral Museums of Eastern Europe by Peter Bancroft
Cover: Proustite
Banska Stiavnica, Czechoslovakia - Slovak Mining Museum 7
Bratislava, Czechoslovakia - Slovakian National Museum 10
Brno Czechoslovakia - Moravian Museum 12
Prague, Czechoslovakia - Narodni Museum 14
Dresden, East Germany - State Museum of Mineralogy and Geology 18
Freiberg, East Germany - Freiberg Mining Academy 20
Wernigerode, East Germany - Harzmuseum 23
Budapest, Hungary - Hungarian Natural History Museum 26
Budapest, Hungary - Lorand University Mineral Museum 29
Wieliczka, Poland - Wieliczka Saltworks Museum 32
Brad, Romania - The Gold Museum 34
Leningrad, USSR - Leningrad Mining Institute 39
Moscow, USSR - Fersman Mineralogical Museum 36
Ljubljana, Yugoslavia - Slovenia Natural History Museum 42
Stari Trg, Yugoslavia - Trepca Mineralogical Museum 44

Mineralogical Record 19(2) : March-April 1988. G/VG = $7
Cover: Sphalerite
The Iron Cap mine, Graham County, Arizona W.E. Wilson 81
Recent mineral discoveries in Ouray County, Colorado B. and J. Muntyan 89
Anatase on quartz from Ouray County, Colorado T. Rosemeyer, E. Raines and R. Stoufer 103
Historical notes on mineralogy L.H. Conklin 77
Notes from Germany T.P. Moore 121

Mineralogical Record 19(3) : May-June 1988. G/VG = $7
Cover: Anglesite
The Tonopah-Belmont mine, Maricopa County, Arizona G.B. Allen and W. Hunt 139
James Bowdoin and Parker Cleaveland B.B. Burbank 145
Zeolites and related minerals from the Table Mountain lava flows near Golden, Colorado D.E. Kile and P.J. Modreski 153
Special exhibit: Minerals from East Germany 216

Mineralogical Record 19(4) : July-August 1988. $7
Cover: Amazonite with smoky quartz
Formal definitions of type mineral specimens P.J. Dunn and J.A. Mandarino 227
Famous mineral localities: the Ichinokawa mine, Japan P. Bancroft 229
Mineralogy of the Bandora mine, South Mineral Creek, San Juan County, Colorado M. Jensen 241
Chernikovite, a new mineral name for (H3O)2(UO2)2(PO4)26H2O superseding "hydrogen autunite" D. Atencio 249
Calcium arsenate minerals new to the Getchell mine, Nevada G.E. Dunning 253
The Denver Museum of Natural History T. Gressman 263
Willard Lincoln Roberts P.B. Moore 279
Guest editorial: the preservation of type mineral specimens P.J. Dunn and J.A. Mandarino 226
Notes from Germany T. Moore 271

Mineralogical Record 19(5) : September-October 1988. $7
Cover: Creedite on smoky quartz
Protocols for scientists on the deposition of investigated mineral specimens P.J. Dunn 291
Famous mineralogists: Jons Jacob Berzelius P.B. Moore 293
Famous mineral localities: the Almaden mines, Ciudad Real, Spain J.W. Crawford 297
Agardite-(Y), gysinite-(ND) and other rare minerals from Sardinia F. Olmi, C. Sabelli and G. Brizzi 305
Osarizawaite from Silver Hill mine, Arizona C.S. Stolberg 311
A notable probertite find at Boron, California J. Minette 315
The Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names of the International Mineralogical Association; its history, purpose and general practice P.J. Dunn and J.A. Mandarino 319

Mineralogical Record 20(2) : March-April 1989. $25
Cover: Spessartine with albite and schorl
Mineralogy and paragenesis of the Little Three mine pegmatites, Ramona district, San Diego County, California E.E. Foord, L.B. Spaulding, R.A. Mason and R.F. Martin 101
California locality index A.R. Kampf and the Southern California Chapter of the Friends of Mineralogy, Locality Index Committee 129
Gypsum crystals from near Zaragoza, Spain M. Calvo 143
Guest editorial: Preserving and utilizing our mineral heritage E.E. Foord 98
Notes from Germany T. Moore 145
Microminerals W.A. Henderson 152

Mineralogical Record 20(3) : May-June 1989. $7
Cover: Proustite
Famous mineralogists: Samuel Lewis Penfield P.B. Moore 181
Recent discoveries of hydroxylherderite in Minas Gerais J.P. Cassedanne 187
The Anjanabonoina pegmatite, Madagascar W.E. Wilson 191
The Port Radium district, Northwest Territories, Canada R. Tyson 201
Mineralogy of the Alpine veins near Sherbrooke, Quebec S. Chamberlain, G.W. Robinson and R.P. Richards 209
Famous mineral localities: the Ouro Preto topaz mines J.P. Cassedanne 221
Guest editorial: Collecting in abandoned mines S. Voynick 178
What's new in minerals? Tucson Show 1989 W.E. Wilson 234

Mineralogical Record 20(4) : July-August 1989. Special issue - Katanga Uranium Deposits. $9
Cover: Becquerelite with uranophane
Rome Delisle and his bibliography W.E. Wilson 259
Famous mineral localities: the uranium deposits of the Shaba region, Zaire G. Gaiter, A. Francois, M. Deliens and P. Piret 265
Additions and corrections to the Glossary of Mineral Species, 5th edition (1987) M. Fleischer 289
Notes from Europe T. Moore 299

Mineralogical Record 20(6) : November-December 1989. $7
Cover: Smithsonite
Great pockets: the "Bridal Chamber," Lake Valley, new Mexico R.W. Eveleth 421
Stibnites of the Stayton district, Hollister, California G.E. Dunning and J.F. Cooper, Jr. 427
"Pseudoleucite" pseudomorphs from Rio das Ostras, Brazil J.P. Cassedanne and S. de O. Menezes 439
The Highland Bell mine, Beaverdell, British Columbia A. Ingelson and R. Mussieux 441
The Blue Ball mine, Gila County, Arizona R. Grant 447
Pyrite crystals from Soria and La Rioja Provinces, Spain M. Calvo and E. Sevillano 451
On right angle bends in filiform pyrite W.A. Henderson, Jr. and C.A. Francis 457
Pyrophyllite from Ibitiara, Brazil J.P. Cassedanne 465
An occurrence of orpiment at the Carlin gold mine, Nevada J.C. Rota 469
Pint's quarry, Black Hawk County, Iowa W. Anderson AND R. Stinchfield 473
Guest Editorial: on the role of museums and the amateur mineralogist R. Starkey 418
Notes from Europe: Bad Ems, Ste.-Marie-aux-Mines and Rheinland-Pfalz shows T. Moore 483
Index to volume 20 510

Mineralogical Record 21(1) : January-February 1990. Twentieth Anniversary Issue $7
Cover: Mineralogical Record's trademark goniometer
Editorial: Twenty years of abundance 2
Connoisseurship in minerals W.E. Wilson 7
Washington A. Roebling, his life and his mineral collection A. Roe 13
Frederick A. Canfield, his life and his mineral collection A. Roe 31
The final disposition of some American collections of minerals F.A. Canfield 41
Clarence S. Bement, the consummate collector J.J. Peters and C.L. Pearson 47
L'Expossition Universelle de 1900, Paris: the greatest mineral show of all time W.E. Wilson 63
A collecting trip through Transylvania and Hungary 1802 E.D. Clarke 83
What's new in minerals? Denver Show 1989 W.E. Wilson 96
Abstracts of the 11th annual FM-TGMS-MSA Mineralogical Symposium: Wulfenite 98

Mineralogical Record 21(5) : September-October 1990. $7
Cover: Adamite
Hebenstreit's Museum Richterianum, 1743
Apatite and muscovite from the Ze Pinto prospect, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Crystallized rose quartz from Alto da Pitora, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Zannazziite, a new mineral from Minas Gerais, Brazil
Zoned eosphorite from Lavra da Ilha, Taquaral district, Minas Gerais, Brazil
An uncommon margarite/corundum assemblage from Sterling Hill, New Jersey
Fluocerite-(Ce) and other minerals form the Little Patsey quarry
Special Supplement: Minerals of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History
High magnification mineral stereophotomacrography
What's new in minerals? Rochester Symposium

Mineralogical Record 22(2) : March-April 1991. $7
Cover: Cinnabar on dolomite
The discreditation of mineral species P.J. Dunn 91
Famous mineral localities: the Mezica mine, Slovenia, Yugoslavia P. Bancroft, M. Zorz, F. Krivograd and G. Kobler 97
Famous mineral localities: Pyromorphite group minerals from Caldbeck Fells, Cumbria, England M.P. Cooper and C.J. Stanley 105
The state of science: Scanning electron microscopy B.M. England 123
Locality species lists P.J. Dunn 133
Famous mineral localities: The Eugui quarries, Navarra, Spain M. Calvo and E. Sevillano 137
Friends of Mineralogy: Best articles and their authors M.H. Weber 143
Mineral stories L.H. Conklin 151

Mineralogical Record 22(3) : May-June 1991. $7
Cover: Titanite
The Outlaw mine, Nye County, Nevada G.E. Dunning, G.E. Moss and J.F. Cooper, Jr. 171
Strontian crandallite from the Alto Benedeto pegmatite, Paraiba, Brazil J.P. Cassedanne and L. Barreto 183
The Messina mining district, South Africa B. Cairncross 187
Famous mineral localities: The Idria mines, Slovenia, Yugoslavia P. Bancroft, J. Car, M. Zorz and G. Kobler 201
Silver minerals of the Trebsko deposit, Pribram orefield, Czechoslovakia P. Kaspar, T. Ridkosil and P. Slavicek 209
What's new in minerals? Tucson Show 1991 W.E. Wilson 213
Notes from Europe: Munich Show 1990 T. Moore 221

Mineralogical Record 23(5) : September-October 1992. $7
Cover: Cavansite
Notes on the history of phosgenite and matlockite from Matlock, England P.S. Burr 377
Famous mineral localities: Prenteg, Tremadog, Gwynedd, Wales R.E. Starkey and G.W. Robinson 391
Collector profile: Stephen Smale W.E. Wilson 401
What's new in minerals? Annual world summary of mineral discoveries G.W. Robinson, V.T. King, E. Asselborn, F. Cureton, R. Tschernich and R. Sielecki 423
Mineral Stories E.E. Foord, R.A. Kosnar, L.H. Conklin, P.A. Barker and R.H. Currier 439

Mineralogical Record 24(3) : May-June 1993. (cover has very mild soil) $9
Cover: A single trichroic zoisite (tanzanite) crystal from three different directions
Update on mineralogy of the Majuba Hill mine, Pershing County, Nevada M. Jensen 171
Minerals of the Sawtooth Batholith, Idaho M.A. Menzies and R.C. Boggs 185
Secondary minerals from Ashburton Downs, Western Australia E.H. Nickel and B.J. Gartrell 203
What's new in minerals? -
Pasadena Show 1992 J.A. Scovil 219
Tucson Show 1993 T.P. Moore 219
Letter from Europe -
Munich Show 1992 M.P. Cooper 231
Post-Munich notes G. Gebhard 235
Torino Show 1992 F. and B. Cureton 235
Prague Show 1992 F. and B. Cureton 236
Bilboa and Barcelona Shows 1992 M. Calvo 236

Mineralogical Record 25(1) : January-February 1994. $18
Cover: Gold
Native gold from the Jamestown mine, Tuolumne County, California G.M. Nelson and W. Leicht 7
The Horcajo mines, Ciudad Real Province, Spain B. Sainz de Baranda 21
Some pegmatite minerals from the Zomba district, Malawi O.V. Petersen and M. Grossmann 29
Further notes on the history of phosgenite and matlockite from Matlock, England P.S. Burr 39
Adularia from the Howard-Montgomery quarry, Howard County, Maryland J.S. White 53
Abstracts of the 15th annual FM-TGMS-MSA Mineralogical Symposium: Silver Chairman: R.W. Graeme 69
Letter from Europe: M.P. Cooper
The British scene 43
Paris Show 1993 46
Saint-Marie-aux-Mines Show 1993 47
What's new in minerals? T.P. Moore
Springfield Show 1993 57
Denver Show 1993 59

Mineralogical Record 25(2) : March-April 1994. $7
Cover: Fluorite
Quasicrystals: novel forms of solid matter
A complex base-metal assemblage from the Sterling mine, New Jersey
Famous mineral localities: The French Creek mine, St. Peters, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Famous mineral localities: The Burra Burra mine, Burra, South Australia
Saddle-shaped rhodochrosite crystals from the Foote mine, North Carolina
Plumboan crichtonite from the Fazenda Guariba, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Guest editorial: Collections and the information age
Letter from Europe - Munich Show 1993

Mineralogical Record 25(3) : May-June 1994. $7
Cover: Beryl var emerald
The Jaguaracu pegmatite, Minas Gerais, Brazil J.P. Cassedanne and J.N. Alves 165
Mineralogy of the Bennett pegmatite, Oxford County, Maine M.A. Wise, T.R. Rose and R.E. Holden, Jr. 175
Minerals of the Prospect Intrusion, New South Wales, Australia B.M. England 185
Copper roses from the Rose mine, near San Lorenzo, New Mexico T.A. Hanson> 195
The phosphate analog of molybdofornacite from Whim Creek, Western Australia E.H. Nickel and G.J. Hitchen 203
Charles W.A. Herrmann (1801-1898), mineralogist and mineral dealer L.H. Conklin 225
Microminerals - Miscellany from France, the Eifel district, and Mont Saint-Hilaire W.A. Henderson 208
What's new in minerals? Tucson Show 1994 T. Moore 211
Bilbao and Barcelona Shows 1993 M. Calvo 222

Mineralogical Record 25(4) : July-August 1994. $7
Cover: Spessartine on lepidolite and euclase
Earthquakes and mineral collections A.R. Kampf 245
The history and apparatus of blowpipe analysis U. Burchard 251
New mineral occurrences from the Laurium mines, Greece A. Katerinopoulos and E. Zissimopoulou 279
Secondary nickel minerals from Widgiemooltha, Western Australia E.H. Nickel, J.F.M. Clout and B.J. Gartrell 283
Minerals from the upper Arno River Valley, Tuscany, Italy M. Corazza, G. Pratesi and R. Braga 293
New Minerals Recently Approved J. Mandarino 315
Mineral Stories L.H. Conklin 307

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Mineralogical Record 26(3) : May-June 1995. $7
Cover: Forsterite (Peridot)
Famous mineral localities: The Kipushi mine, Zaire J.J. Lhoest 163
The Bolivian death switch R.H. Currier 195
Microminerals: Inhibited growth of crystals W.A. Henderson 201
What's new in minerals? Tucson Show 1995 T. Moore 215

Mineralogical Record 26(6) : November-December 1995. $9
Cover: Benitoite with Neptunite
A guide to the mineral localities in the former Soviet Union
Alumino-fluorides from the Morefield Pegmatite, Amelia County, Virginia
New minerals recently approved
Mineral stories
What's new in minerals?
New Jersey Show 1995
Rochester Symposium 1995
Cincinnati Show 1995
Costa Mesa Show 1995
Notes from Madagascar
Springfield Show 1995

Mineralogical Record 27(1) : January-February 1996. $15
Cover: Calcite fluorescing under shortwave ultraviolet
Luminescence in minerals J. Rakovan and G. Waychunas 7
FM-MSA-TGMS-FMS Tucson Mineralogical Symposium: Fluorescence and Luminescence in minerals P. Modreski, chairman 21
The Billie mine, Death Valley, California C.D. Chandler and F.C. Johnson 35
Minerals of the Seravezza Marble, Tuscany, Italy P. Orlandi, L. Del Chiaro and R. Pagano 47
Guest Editorial - Giving gifts lights lives J. Halpern 2
What's new in minerals? Denver Show 1995 T.P. Moore 59
Pretoria Show 1995 D. Minster 66

Mineralogical Record 27(3) : May-June 1996. $7
Cover: Bournonite on quartz
The Boulby mine, Cleveland County, England
Famous mineral localities: The Picos de Europa lead-zinc deposits, Spain
Orthoserpierite from the Copper Creek district, Pinal County, Arizona
Johann Georg Lenz and his Mustertafeln (1794)
Unusually shaped quartz aggregates from Tirniauz, Russia
Abstracts of new mineral descriptions
What's new in minerals?
Swedish minerals and mineral shows 1995
Tucson Show 1996
Mineral stories R. Luetcke and L.H. Conklin 227

Mineralogical Record 27(4) : July-August 1996.$7
Cover: Pyromorphite
Famous mineral localities: The Higher Pitts mine, Mendip Hills, Somerset, England
The Engineer mine, Tagish Lake, British Columbia
Famous mineral localities: The Rio Tinto mines, Huelva, Spain
Pumpellyite and clinozoisite from the McKinney mine, spruce Pine District, North Carolina
Calcioaravaipaite, a new mineral, and associated lead fluoride minerals from the Grand Reef mine, Graham County, Arizona
Abstracts of new mineral descriptions

Mineralogical Record 27(6) : November-December 1996. $7
Cover: Gold with quartz
The Alva silver mine, Silver Glen, Alva Scotland
The Kruisrivier cobalt mine, Transvaal, South Africa
A world-class gold from the Colorado Quartz mine
Minerals of the Silvana mine, Sandon, British Columbia
Monazite-(Ce) from the Buckwheat Dolomite at Franklin, New Jersey
What's new in minerals
Bologna Show 1996
Rochester Symposium 1996
Cincinnati Show 1996
Costa Mesa Show 1996
New exhibits at the Carnegie Museum
Springfield Show 1996
Microminerals - Italian connections (II) - Vesuvius
Abstracts of new mineral descriptions

Mineralogical Record 28(3) : May-June 1997. $7
Cover: Wire Silver from Kongsberg, Norway
The Western Union mine, Cerbat Mountains, Mohave County, Arizona
Utahite, a new mineral and associated copper tellurates from the Centenial Eureka mine, Tintic district, Juab County, Utah
A guide to the mineral localities of Northern Areas, Pakistan
What's new in minerals
California Show 1996
Tucson Show 1997

Mineralogical Record 28(5) : September-October 1997. $7
Cover: Cassiterite twin on matrix from Yunan, China.
Famous mineral localities: Halls Gap, Lincoln County, Kentucky
Szenicsite, a new copper molybdate from Inca de Oro, Atacama Chile
Additions and corrections to the Glossary of Mineral Species 1995
New minerals recently approved
What's new in minerals
Bilbao and Barcelona Shows 1996
New York Show 1997
Delaware Show 1997
New Jersey Shows 1997
Paris Show 1997
Rochester Symposium 1997
Spring Denver Show 1997
Cincinnati Show 1997
Costa Mesa Show 1997

Mineralogical Record 30(1) : January-February 1999. $7
Cover: Phosphophyllite twin from the Unificada mine, Cerro Rico de Potosi, Bolivia
Memorial: Michael Fleischer, 1908-1998 J.A. Mandarino 3
The zeolite group J.A. Mandarino 5
Famous mineral localities: Cerro Rico de Potosi, Bolivia W.E. Wilson and A. Petrov 9
What's new in minerals
Delaware Show 1998 J. Polityka 37
Clifton, New Jersey, Show 1998 J. Polityka 37
New Jersey Earth Science Show 1998 J. Polityka 37
Paris-Hilton Show 1998 P.-N. Schwab 38
Spring Denver Show 1998 J. Scovil 38
Costa Mesa Show 1998 J. Scovil 41
Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines Show 1998 J. Scovil 41
Springfield Show 1998 T. Moore 41
The Carnegie Show 1998 J. Scovil 45
Denver Show 1998 T. Moore 48
Index to Volume 29 (1998) 77

Mineralogical Record 31(3) : May-June 2000. (mildly bumped corners) $7
Cover: Atacamite in Gypsum from the Lily mine, Ica, Peru
Rare Sulfosalts from the Van Silver mine, British Columbia R.M. Woodside, A.E. Soregaroli, H.G. Ansell, B.L. Twaites and T.W. Balacko 219
Famous mineral localities: The Brownley Hill mine,
Alston Moor, Cumbria, England D.I. Green, D. McCallum and M. Wood 231
Arakiite, a new Zn-bearing hematolite-like mineral from Langban, Sweden A.C. Roberts, M.A. Cooper, F.C. Hawthorne, J.D. Grice, and M.N. Feinglos 253
Gallery Reviews J.S. White 265
What's new in minerals - Tucson Show 2000 T. Moore 273

Mineralogical Record 31(5) : September-October 2000. $7
Cover: Ferberite and quartz from Mundo Nuevo, La Libertad, Peru
Collector profile: Vladimir Andreevich Pelepenko Z.A. Bessudnova 389
Minerals of the Millington quarry, Somerset, New Jersey B.P. Kent and B. Butkowski 399
Mineralogy of the calcite-fluorite veins near Long Lake, New York R.P. Richards and G.W. Robinson 413
The journals of Robert Ferguson (1767-1840) B. and M. Lloyd 425
Editorial: The fascination with perfection;
Some thoughts on elite collecting; or: How picky can a collector get? W.E. Wilson 378

Mineralogical Record 33(2) : March April 2002. $7
Cover : Beryl crystals showing etch pits and corrosion surfaces, from Medra mine, Brazil.
Cuprian elbaite from the Batalha mine, Paraiba, Brazil.
Stibnite from the Wuling antimony mine, Jianxi province, China.
Artificial “Sicilian” sulfurs.
Collector profile : Ralph Clark.
Gallery Reviews : Pacific mineral Museum, Gold Show 2001.

Mineralogical Record 33(3) : May-June 2002. $7
Cover : Calcite crystal cluster from the famous Malmberget mine, Gallivose, Lapland, Sweden.
Famous Mineral Localities : the Barra de Salinas pegmatites, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Collector profile : John Jago Trelawney.
The Dee North mine, Elko county, Nevada.
Pseudomorphic meanophlogites from California.
What’s New in Minerals – Munich Show 2001.
What’s New in Minerals –Pasadena Show 2001.
What’s New in Minerals – Tucson Show 2002.

Mineralogical Record 34(3) : May-June 2003. $7
Cover : Mimetite crystal cluster from near Bapu, Guangdong Province, China.
Famous mineral localities : the Bishop copper prospect near Lynch Station, Campbell county, Virginia. H. Barwood. 215.
“The Father of Bolivian Geology,” Friedrich (Federico) Ahlfeld (1892-1982). S.D. Redwood. 225.
Goldquarryite, a new Cd-bearing phosphate mineral from the Gold Quarry mine, Eureka County, Nevada. A.C. Roberts, M.A. Cooper, F.C. Hawthorne, R.A. Gault, M.C. Jensen and E.E. Foord. 237.
Peruvian minerals : an update. J. Hyrsl and Z. Rosales. 241.
Editorial : Record-keeping for mineral collectors. W.E. Wilson. 210.
What’s new in minerals – Carnegie Show 2002. J.A. Scovil. 275.
What’s new in minerals – Tucson Show 2003. T.P. Moore. 275.

Mineralogical Record 35(2) : March-April 2004. $9
Cover : Catapleiite on feldspar from Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec.
The sclerometer and the determination of the hardness of minerals. U. Burchard. 109.
Recent discoveries at the Jeffrey mine, Asbestos, Quebec. M. Amabili, A. Miglioli and F. Spertini. 123.
Aragonite from Cicov Hill in the Czech Republic. M. Filippi and J. Hyrsl. 137.
Guest Editorial : It’s the artifacts, stupid! B. Smith. 106.
What’s new in minerals – Costa Mesa show 2003. T. Moore. 143.
What’s new in minerals – Ste-Marie-aux-Mines show 2003. B. Larson. 145.
What’s new in minerals –Springfield show 2003. J. Polityka. 148.
What’s new in minerals –Denver show 2003. T. Moore. 151.
What’s new in minerals –Munich Show 2003. B. Larson. 156.

Mineralogical Record 35(4) : July-August 2004. (bumped corner) $9
Cover : Cuprian adamite from the Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia.
History of the Okiep copper district, Namaqualand, Northern Cape Province, South Africa. B. Carincross. 289.
Large clintonite crystals from the Crestmore quarry, Riverside, California. C. Forrester. 325.
Obituary, Michael Shannon. 282.

Mineralogical Record 38(2) : March-April 2007. $9
Cover : Smoky Quartz Gwindel from Goscheneralp, Uri, Switzerland.
Pink fluorite from an exceptional find at Chumar Bakhoor, Pakistan
Alpine quartz gwindels
Collector Profile: Kay Robertson and her mineral collection
Department: Gallery Reviews
The Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum, Golden, Colorado
The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County
The A.E. Seaman Mineral Museum, Houghton, Michigan
Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals, Hillsboro, Oregon
Column: What's New in Minerals Torino Show 2006, Beijing Show 2006, Munich Show 2006

Mineralogical Record 38(4) : July-August 2007. $9
Cover : Tinzenite on calcite, Wessels mine, Kalahari Manganese Field, South Africa.
The Trepca mine, Stari Trg, Kosovo
The David Eidahl mineral collection
Abstracts of the 28th Annual FM-MSA-TGMS Tucson Mineralogical Symposium

Mineralogical Record 38(5) : September-October 2007. $9
Special Issue : Bou Azzer, Morocco.
Cover : Erythrite from Bou Azzer, Morocco.
Famous mineral localities: Bou Azzer, Morocco

Mineralogical Record 39(3) : May-June 2008. $9
Cover : Copper, Central mine, Keweenaw county, Michigan.
The American Mineral Treasures Exhibition, Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2008
What's new in minerals Tucson Show 2008


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