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The Mountain Geologist
A quarterly journal of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG)
Other RMAG publications are on the Colorado page.

Regular issues = $3 each. Special issues (marked in red) = $18 each. Ask me for a discounted price if you want 20 issues or more
Technical reports, 11x8.5", illus. Very good condition, spines and edges may be slightly sunned. Some covers are lightly smudged.
I have listed major papers, but not short pieces like abstracts. Multiple copies of an issue are sometimes available.

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The Mountain Geologist 1(4) : 1964 : 40p.
Use of photogeology and geomorphic criteria to locate subsurface structure (Doeringsfeld)
Falcon field - an example of wildcat exploration techniques in the Denver Basin, Colorado (Chancellor)
Orbicule formation through intrusive brecciation and compositional reorganization (Salotti)
New Cambrian, Ordovician, Devonian and Mississippian measured sections, West flank Teton mountains, Wyoming (Reeves)

The Mountain Geologist 2(1) : 1965 : 50 pages.
Structural geology of the Spread Eagle Peak area, Sangre De Cristo Mountains, Colorado.
Dakota-Niobrara (Cretaceous) stratigraphy and regional relationships, El Vado area, Rio Arriba county, New Mexico.
Geologic dating of selected archaeological sites in the Rocky Mountain region.

The Mountain Geologist 2(2) : 1965 : 45 pages.
Geology of the Saber bar, Logan and Weld counties, Colorado (Griffith).
Heavy minerals in braided stream deposits, Platte river, Nebraska. (West)
Dakota formation south of Golden, Jefferson county, Colorado (LeRoy).
Faunal trends in Near-shore Pennsylvanian deposits near McCoy, Colorado (Stevens)
Significance of algae in Waltman shale member of Fort Union formation (Paleocene), Wyoming (Newman).
Fungal spores from Vermejo formation coal beds (Upper Cretaceous) of central Colorado (Clarke).

The Mountain Geologist 2(3) : 1965 : pages 93-184. 
Geology and oil-shale resources of the Green River formation.
Piceance Creek sandstone, basal Green River sandstone tongue, Northeast Piceance Creek basin, Colorado.
Green River formation at Raven Ridge, Uintah county, Utah.
Stratigraphy of the Evacuation Creek member (Green River formation), Piceance Creek basin, Northwestern Colorado.
The connections between Kerogens and petroleums.
Mancos to Wasatch measured section in Meeker – Rio Blanco area, northwestern Colorado.
Subsurface exploration mapping, southern Uinta basin, Castlegate and Dakota – Cedar Mountain formations.
Upper Triassic stratigraphy in the eastern Uinta mountains.
Powder Wash field, Moffat county, Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 3(1) : 1966 : 50 pages.
The geology and structure of the Mt. Richthofen – Iron Mt. region, north central Colorado.
The Denver area earthquakes and the Rocky Mountain aresenal disposal well.
Some statistical features of the relationship between Rocky Mountain arsenal waste disposal and frequency of earthquakes.
Evidence bearing on deep earthquake origin : weakening of olivine by serpentine dehydration.

The Mountain Geologist 3(2) : 1966 : 45p.
Geologic and economic evaluation of the Laramie - Eastern Hanna basin area, Wyoming. (Stone)
Resume of the geology of the Laramie anorthosite mass (Klugman)
Geologist in construction (LeRoy).
West Moorcroft Dakota field, Crook county, Wyoming (Mettler)

The Mountain Geologist 3(3) : 1966 : 47p.
Geology of Williams Fork field, Moffat county, Colorado (Lauman).
Physical stratigraphy, Middle Ordovician Harding and Lander sandstones, Wyoming (Allison)
Sheep Creek thrust at Cooper Creek, Fremont county, Wyoming. (Gudim)
Pathfinder uplift of Pennsylvanian age in southern Wyoming (Mallory)
Numerous Eolian ripple marks from Entrada formation (Tanner).
Variations in zircon crop measurements caused by weathering, Whitehorn stock, Central colorado (Harris and Wilbanks).
Bridger Lake field, Summit county, Utah. (Parker)

The Mountain Geologist 3(4) : 1966 : 45p.
Patterns of sediment dispersal in the Fountain formation of Colorado (Howard).
Paleontologic age of the fountain formation south of Denver, Colorado (Ellis).
Stratigraphy and sedimentary structures in the Fox Hills sandstone (Upper Cretaceous), Golden area, Colorado. (Covington).
Stream profiles and pediments near Boulder, Colorado (Campbell).
Cattle Creek anticline, a salt diapir near Gelnwood springs, Colorado (Mallory)
Joints and Microfractures in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado (Harper).

The Mountain Geologist 4(1) : 1967 : 39p.
Summary of oil development in the Reno Area, Johnson county, Wyoming. (Amsbury).
Correlation of some Precambrian rocks and metamorphic events in parts of Wyoming and Montana (Catanzaro).
Economic analysis of Cretaceous oil exploration, Denver Basin, Colorado and Nebraska (Chancellor).
Resume of the geology of the Laramie anorthosite Mass : discussion and reply (Hagner, Klugman).
Index to Volume 3.

The Mountain Geologist 4(2) : 1967 : 40p.
Middle vanguard sandstone : prolific Jurassic objective in SW Saskatchewan, Canada (Nolte).
Long-distance migration of oil in Wyoming (Sheldon).
Surface correlation of lower Fort Union formation beds in Eastern Montana (Gerhard).
Rock units and revised nomenclature - Chugwater group (Triassic), western Wyoming (High and Picard)

The Mountain Geologist 4(3) : 1967 : 35p.
Geology and development history of Boxer field, Morgan county, Colorado (Tobison)
South Keg Coulee field, Musselshell county, Montana (Carlson)
1951-1966 : Advances and future problems of the geology of petroleum (Berry)
Gravel mounds at Rocky Flats, Colorado (Murray).
Gravity survey of Livermore - Tie siding area, Colorado-Wyoming. (Eggler)
Age of the Gneiss at the bottom of the Rocky Mountain arsenal well (Hedge)

The Mountain Geologist 4(4) : 1967 : 20p.
Stratigraphy and structure of Tertiary rocks in central South Park, Park county, Colorado. (Lozano)
Phosphatic pebbles from the Pierre formation near Colorado springs, Colorado (Hayes)
Cherry Gulch slide, Jefferson county, Colorado (LeRoy and Grose)

The Mountain Geologist 5(2) : 1968 : 45 pages.
Cenozoic history of the East-Central Medicine Bow Mountains, Wyoming.

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The Mountain Geologist 5(3) : 1968 : Special Guidebook Issue : Southeastern Colorado : 88p. $18
Oil and gas exploration in SE Colorado (Matson and Schneider)
Pre-Permian paleozoic rocks of the Las Animas arch - a new oil province (Clair and Volk)
Pre-Pennsylvanian sediments, Canon City embayment, Colorado (Gerhard)
Type and typical stratigraphic sections of Colorado - Part F. Mississippian (RMAG)
Permian system in Western mid-continent (Rascoe)
Brandon field, Kiowa county, Colorado (Stoddard)
TWO full days of road logs - Long and detailed sections.

The Mountain Geologist 5(4) : 1968 : 40 pages.
Stratigraphic nomenclature in Devonian of Central Arizona.
Some general problems in regional stratigraphic integration of Mississippian strata in the Cordilleran region.
Shallow lake deposits, lower part of Morrison Formation (Late Jurassic), Northern New Mexico.
Quaternary geology of the Morrison quadrangle, Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 6(1) : 1969 : 55p.
Depositional environment of the Almond reservoirs, Patrick Draw field, Wyoming (McCubbin and Brady)
Geothermal gradients and their application to petroleum geology (Cronoble)
Uranium in the Tertiary intermontane basin of Colorado (Malan)
Index to volume 5.

The Mountain Geologist 6(2) : 1969 : 40 pages, two folded plates..
Structure of the Green River formation, Northern part of the Piceance Creek basin, Colorado (WITH plate)
Wrench faulting and Rocky Mountain tectonics (WITH plate)

The Mountain Geologist 6(3) : 1969 : 80 pages. $18
GUIDEBOOK ISSUE : Raton basin, Colorado and New Mexico.

The Mountain Geologist 7(1) : 1970 : 68p.
Stratigraphy of basal sandstones in the Green River formation, NE Piceance basin, Rio Blanco county, Colorado (Snow).
Upper portion of the Fountain formation and Lyons formation at Morrison, Colorado (Blood).
Cambrian and Ordovician stratigraphy of the southern Mosquito range, Colorado (Anderson).
Index to volume 6.

The Mountain Geologist 7(2) : 1970 : 33p.
Principal horizontal stress in the central Rocky Mountains versus California (Stone).
Sulfur isotopic fractionation accompanying maturation of Paleozoic petroleum, Wind River basin, Wyoming - a synopsis.
Petrology of Devonian shelf carbonates of west central Colorado (Campbell)
Borrego pass lentil, a new member of the Crevasse canyon formation, southern San Juan basin, New Mexico (Correa)

The Mountain Geologist 7(3) : 1970 : pages 103-252., plus ad pages and fold-outs. (chipped spine end) $18
GUIDEBOOK ISSUE : Dakota and related rocks of the Front Range.
Lower Cretaceous of Wyoming and the southern Rockies.
Lower Cretaceous stratigraphy and its relationship to oil production in the Laramie basin.
Lower Cretaceous sediments of North Park basin.
Penetration charts – Laramie basin, Eastern Colorado and southern Wyoming along the Front range, and North Park basin.
Dakota group (Cretaceous) stratigraphy, south front range, southa nd Middle parks, Colorado.
Origin and depositional environment of the Codell sandstone member of the Carlile shale (Upper Cretaceous), southeastern Colorado.
A chronicle of exploration in South Park basin, Park county, Colorado.
4 (Four) days of road logs including Denver to Palmer Lake to Canon City, Canon city to Fairplay to Breckenridge, Breckenrige to Granby, Plainview section.

The Mountain Geologist 8(2) : 1971 : 50 pages.
The geology and geochemistry of the Poison Ridge intrusive center, Grand and Jackson counties, Colorado>
Tidal sedimentation and its bearing on reservoir and trap in Permian phosphoria strata, Cottonwood Creek field, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming.
Relation of carbon dioxide content of apatite of the Phosphoria formation to regional facies.
Devonian stratigraphy north of the Uncompahgre uplift, Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 8(3) : 1971 : 70 pages.
Post-Lytle Dakota group on west flank of Denver basin, Colorado.
Cedar valley field, Scotts Bluff county, Nebraska.
Peoria field, Arapahoe county, Colorado.
Sediment – vector sequences and tectonism.

The Mountain Geologist 8(4) : 1971 :  Pages 161-223 plus ad pages.
Structural geology of the northeastern flank of the Uinta mountains, Moffat county, Colorado.
Graphic analysis of basins and uplifts.
Brandon field, Kiowa county, Colorado.
Powder wash field, Moffat county, Colorado.
Penecontemporaneous gravity-controlled folds, Holman Hill, New Mexico.
The role of geologic input in urban planning.

The Mountain Geologist 9(1) : 1972 : 80 pages.
Trapping mechanisms of Minnelusa oil accumulations, northeastern Powder River Basin, Wyoming.
Pennsylvanian Tensleep reservoir, Little Buffalo Basin oil field, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming.
Latigo field, Arapahoe county, Colorado.
Large gypsum mounds in the Todilto formation, New Mexico.
Origin of the Todilto gypsum mounds in the Ghost ranch area, North Central New Mexico.

The Mountain Geologist 9(2-3) : 1972 : 115p., including road logs and two separate folded plates.  $18
GUIDEBOOK ISSUE - Part 2 (SEPM field trips, Environments of Sandstone, Carbonate and evaporite deposition) :
SEPM Field Trip 1 - Environments of sandstone deposition, Colorado front range.
Field guide to Dakota group (cretaceous) stratigraphy, Golden - Morrison area, Colorado.
Tidal sand flat deposits in lower Cretaceous Dakota group near Denver, Colorado.
Eolian origin of flagstone beds, Lyons sandstone (Permian), type area, Boulder county, Colorado.
Lyons formation (Permian), Jefferson county, Colorado - a fluvial deposit.
SEPM field trip 2 - Carbonate and evaporite facies of the Paradox basin.
Shelf carbonate sedimentation controlled by Salinity in the Paradox basin, SE Utah.
Bromine distribution in some Halite rocks of the Paradox member, Hermosa formation, in Utah.

The Mountain Geologist 10(1) : 1973 : 32p.
Stratigraphy and origin of the Moenkopi formation (Triassic) of SE Utah (Blakey).
Mountain groundwater supplies (Snow).
Slow-sliding slumps, Grand Mesa, Colorado (Yeend).
Index to volume 9.

The Mountain Geologist 10(2) : 1973 : 20p.
Crisis in geological education in Colorado (Kent).
Bighole gas field, Moffat county, Colorado (Krummel).
Economic geology of gold - silver distribution i the Snare group sediments (Proterozoic) at Norris lake, Northwestern Territories (Broughton).

The Mountain Geologist 10(3) : 1973 : 80 pages. $18
GUIDEBOOK ISSUE : Cretaceous stratigraphy, Central Front Range, Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 11(3) : 1974 : 30 pages.
Biotic constituents and origin of facies in Capitan reff, New Meico and Texas.
Recognition of more metarhyolite occurrences in northern New Mexico and a possible Precambrian stratigraphy.

The Mountain Geologist 12(2) : 1975 : 30 pages.
Grain packing-porosity relationships of Minnelusa sandstones, Powder River Basin, Wyoming.
Paleocurrent analysis from ripple marks of early Triassic Moenkopi formation, Uinta mountains area, northeastern Utah.
Comparison of textures and structures to distinguish Eolian environments, Killpecker Dune field, Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 12(4) : 1975 : 20 pages.
Dotsero formation, Western Colorado.
Fountain creek flexure and basement deformation in the Manitou spur, Colorado.
Late Precambrian volcanic rocks of the Southern Front Range, Colorado : the Keeton Porphyry.

The Mountain Geologist 13(1) : 1976 : 31p.
Marine shales and sandstones in the upper Cretaceous Pierre shale at the Francis ranch, Laramie county, Wyoming (Kiteley).
Grover uranium deposit : a case history of Uranium exploration in the Denver basin, Colorado (Reade).

The Mountain Geologist 13(3) : 1976 : 44p. plus separate folded plate.
Grieve oil field, Wyoming : a lower Cretaceous estuarine deposit (Mitchell).
Geology of the precambrian metamorphic rocks of the Salida area, Chaffee county, Colorado (Boardman).
Cretaceous invertebrate faunal assemblages of the Frontier and Aspen formations, Coalville and Rockport areas, north-central Utah (Ryer).

The Mountain Geologist 13(4) : 1976 : 22p.
Microfossil biostratigraphy of the Sage Breaks shale (Upper Cretaceous) in NE Wyoming (Evetts).
Index to volume 13.

The Mountain Geologist 14(1) : 1977 : 32p.
Review of some aspects of evaporate depoition (Shaw).
Fossil tower karst near Molas Lake, Colorado (Maslyn).
Sedimentology and diagenesis of the leadville formation and controls of lead - Zinc - Silver deposits, central Colorado (DeVoto and Maslyn).
Pliomastodon (Proboscidea, Palaeomastodontidae) from the late Miocene of Colorado (Madden).

The Mountain Geologist 14(3 and 4) : 1977 : 100 pages. $18
FIELD GUIDE ISSUE : North American Paleontological Convention II.

The Mountain Geologist 15(2) : 1978 : 20 pages.
Barrier and back-barrier environments of Deposition of the Upper Cretaceous Almond formation, Rock Springs uplift, Wyoming.
Rb-Sr geochronologic investigation of Precambrian silicic rocks from the Zuni mountains, New Mexico.

The Mountain Geologist 15(3) : 1978 : 30 pages.
Geology and mineralization at the Milagros gold deposit, central New Mexico.
Petroleum source-bed potential of Mississippian-Pennsylvanian rocks in parts of Montana, Idaho, Utah and Colorado.
Uranium in western Colorado.
Possible genetic relationships between evaporates, phosphorites, and iron-rich sediments.

The Mountain Geologist 15(4) : 1978 : 30 pages.
Reconnaissance study of sediment facies of Salt River estuary, St. Croix, US Virgin Islands, mixed carbonates and clastics.
an unusual granite-amphibolite hybrid, Twin Mountain, Fremont county, Colorado.
The Shannon sandstone, a further look at the environment of deposition at Heldt Draw field, Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 16(1) : 1979 : 40 pages.
Eolian-fluviatile (continental) origin of ancient stratigraphic trap for petroleum in Weber sandstone, Rangely oil field, Colorado.

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The Mountain Geologist 16(4) : 1979 : 40 pages.
High-K calc-alkaline plutonic rocks from southeastern California.
Oil exploration and development in the North Dakota Williston basin.
Rb-Sr age and isotopic data of some Precambrian plutons in central New Mexico.

The Mountain Geologist 17(2) : 1980 : 30 pages.
Evaluation of organic matter, subsurface temperature and pressure with regard to gas generation in low-permeability upper Cretaceous and lower Tertiary sandstones in Pacific Creek area, Sublette and Sweetwater counties, Wyoming.
Pennsylvanian Mud Mound, Hermosa group, Southeastern Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 17(3) : 1980 : 30 pages.
Cenozoic tectonic history of the Great Plains contrasted with that of the southern Rocky mountains, a synthesis.

The Mountain Geologist 17(4) : 1980 : 30 pages.
Mineralogy and diagenesis of low-permeability sandstones of Late Cretaceous age, Piceance creek basin, Northwestern Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 18(1) : 1981 : 30 pages.
Oil and gas prospecting beneath the Precambrian of foreland thrust plates in the Rocky Mountains.
Fission-track dating of the Green Mountain kimberlite diatreme, Near Boulder, Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 18(2) : 1981 : 20p.
Differentiation of Delta-Front and barrier lithofacies of the Upper Cretaceous pictured Cliffs sandstone, SW San Juan Basin, New Mexico (Flores and Erpenbeck).
Depositional history and correlation problems of the Anderson - Dietz coal zone, SE Montana (Sholes and Cole)

The Mountain Geologist 18(3) : 1981 : 33p.
Facies development in a lower cretaceous coral - rudist patch reef (Mural limestone, SE Arizona) (Roybal).
Steeply inclined stromatolitecolumns in upper Tertiary Furnace Creek formation, Death Valley, California (Ross and McAllister).
Bibliography of theses and dissertations on Montana, 1968-1980 (RMAG).

The Mountain Geologist 18(4) : 1981 : 40p.
Hydrodynamic flow in lower Cretaceous Muddy Sandstone, Gas Draw field, Powder River basin, Wyoming (Lin).
Geologic controls of mineralization in the Tallahassee Creek uranium district, Fremont county, Colorado (Dickinson).
Bibliography of theses and dissertations on Colorado, 1968-1980 (RMAG).
Index to volume 18.

The Mountain Geologist 19(1) : 1982 : 30 pages.
Trace fossils from the Upper Cretaceous of the western interior : potential criteria for facies models.
The Colorado earthquake of November 7, 1882 : size, epicentral location, intensities, and possible causative fault.

The Mountain Geologist 19(2) : 1982 : 30 pages.
Characteristics of deltaic deposits in the Cretaceous Pierre shale, Trinidad sandstone, and Vermejo formation, Raton basin, Colorado.
Volcanism and the tectonic development of the Rio Grande rift and environs, New Mexico – Colorado, from analysis of petrochemical data.
Interfingering of the Frontier formation and Aspen shale, Cumberland gap, Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 19(3) : 1982 : 30 pages.
The Lanyard field, a structural-stratigraphic trap, Denver basin, Colorado.
Cretaceous biostratigraphy in the Wyoming thrust belt.
Weighted contact packing – improved formula for grain packing of quartz arenites.
Uranium and thorium abundances, whole rock chemistry and trace element chemistry, Zuni mountains, New Mexico.

The Mountain Geologist 19(4) : 1982 : 40 pages.
Upper Cretaceous stratigraphy and tectonic history of the Ridgway area, northwestern San Juan mountains, Colorado.
Redefinition of the Precambrian Tusas Mountain and Tres Piedras granties, north-central New Mexico.

The Mountain Geologist 20(1) : 1983 : 30 pages.
Analysis of the trace element content of coals from the Wabaunsee group, southeastern Nebraska.
Hadrosaur locomotion and herding behavior : evidence from footprints in the Mesaverde formation, Grand Mesa coal field, Colorado.
Sandstone petrology : a survey for the exploration and production geologist.

The Mountain Geologist 20(2) : 1983 : 30 pages.  (20(3) has errata sheet for this issue)
Depositional environments and diagenesis of offshore sand ridges, Frontier formation, Spearhead Ranch field, Wyoming.
Observations of historic high magnitude mass movements, Glacier National Park, Montana.

The Mountain Geologist 20(3) : 1983 : 30 pages.
Porosity dependence of deformation bands in the Entrada sandstone, La Plata county, Colorado.
Petrography and petrology of a Miocene (?) tuff, Las Vegas range, Clark county, Nevada.

The Mountain Geologist 20(4) : 1983 : 30 pages.
Detachment thrust faulting in the Reed Point syncline, south-central Montana.
The nature of the Minnelusa-Opeche contact in the Halverson field area, Powder River basin, Wyoming.
The Frontier formation and Mid-Cretaceous orogeny in the foreland of southwestern Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 21(1) : 1984 : 30 pages.
Rocky Mountain structures : the Pierce field structure.
Post-Laramide tectonic history of the eastern Uinta Mountains, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 21(2) : 1984 : 30 pages.
Rocky Mountain structures : a reverse fault interpretation of Rattlesnake Mountain anticline, Big Horn basin, Wyoming.
Rocky Mountain structures : the Rattlesnake mountain, Wyoming debate.
Haybarn field, Fremont county, Wyoming : an Upper Fort Union (Paleocene) stratigraphic trap.
The San Luis uplift, Colorado and New Mexico – an enigma of the ancestral Rockies.
A Colorado-Wyoming border diatreme and a possible potential Kimberlite indicator plant.

The Mountain Geologist 21(3) : 1984 : 30 pages.
Rocky Mountain structures : structure along the Arlington fault zone, Pass Creek area, southern Hanna basin, Wyoming.
Rocky Mountain structures : Quealy dome, Albany county, Wyoming : a Rocky Mountain foreland structural trap oil field.
Depositional environment and diagenesis of the Teapot sandstone, Southern Powder River basin, Wyoming.
Hydrodynamic control on oil entrapment in channel sandstones of the Dakota sandstone, South Cole Creek field, Converse county, Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 21(4) : 1984 : 30 pages.
Stratigraphy and palynology of the Upper Lewis shale, Pictured Cliffs sandstone, Lower Fruitland formation (Upper Cretaceous) near Durango, Colorado.
Origin and significance of the Wasatch and Valley Mountains monoclines, Sanpete-Sevier Valley area, Central Utah.
The Mount Watson formation, an interpreted braided-fluvial deposit in the Uinta Mountain group (Upper Precambrian), Utah.

The Mountain Geologist 22(1) : 1985 : 30 pages.
Synorogenic sedimentation of Upper Cretaceous Frontier Formation conglomerates and associated strata, Wyoming-Idaho-Utah thrust belt.
Depositional trends in Upper Paleozoic terrigenous clastic rocks, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico.
A revision in the glacial history of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Rocky Mountain structures : structural features in the Huerfano Park area, east flank, Sangre de Cristo Range, Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 22(2) : 1985 : 30 pages.
Rocky Mountain structures : balanced cross sections of small fold-thrust structures.
Seismic evidence of tectonic influence on development of Cretaceous Listric normal faults, Boulder-Wattenberg-Greeley area, Denver Basin, Colorado.
Mineral, chemical and textural relationships in rhythmic-bedded, Hydrocarbon-productive Chalk of the Niobrara formation, Denver basin, Colorado.
Conodonts of the Bakken formation (Devonian and Mississippian), Williston basin, North Dakota.

The Mountain Geologist 22(3) : 1985 : 30 pages.
Sedimentology and depositional environments of the Emery sandstone member of the Mancos shale, Emery and Sevier counties, Utah.
Airfall tuff in the Browns Park formation, northwestern Colorado and northeastern Utah.
Description and origin of the lower part of the Mesaverde group in Rifle gap, Garfield county, Colorado.
Late Pleistocene glaciation of Pikes Peak, Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 22(4) : 1985 : 30 pages.
The Permian-Triassic stratigraphy of the Northwest Paradox Basin area, Emery, Garfield, and Wayne counties, Utah.
San Jan sag : Cretaceous Rocks in a volcanic-covered basin, south central Colorado.
Tectonic and sedimentation model for Morrow sandstone deposition, Sorrento Field area, Denver Basin, Colorado.
Drainage development of the Green River Basin in southwestern Wyoming and its bearing on Fish biogeography, neotectonics, and paleoclimates.

The Mountain Geologist 23(1) : 1986 : 30 pages.
Rocky Mountain structures : a case for brittle deformation of the basement during the Laramide revolution in the Rocky Mountain foreland province.
Stratigraphy and tectonic significance of the Tunp conglomerate in the Fossil Basin, southwest Wyoming.
The 14 August 1983 Comarron, Colorado earthquake and the Cimarron fault.
Eocene-Pliocene stratigraphy along the southern margin of the Wind River Range, Wyoming : revisions and implications from field and fission-track studies.

The Mountain Geologist 23(2) : 1986 : 30 pages.
Rocky Mountain structure : southeastern extensions of the Lake Basin fault zone in south-central Montana : implications for coal and hydrocarbon exploration.
Origin of phosphatic nodules and cements in the Upper Cretaceous Frontier formation, Natrona county, Wyoming.
Remote detection of anomalous mineralogy associated with hydrocarbon production, Lisbon Valley, Utah.
Depositional environments of the Rock Springs formation, southwest flank of the Rock Springs uplift, Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 23(3) : 30 pages.
The Jesse Ewing canyon formation, an interpreted alluvial fan deposit in the Basal Uinta Mountain group (Middle Proterozoic), Utah.

The Mountain Geologist 23(4) : 30 pages.
An integrated geochemical and paleoecological approach to petroleum source rock evalution, Lower Niobrara Formation (Cretaceous), Lyons, Colorado.
Barrier-Island coastline deposition and paleogeographic implications of the Upper Cretaceous Horsethierf formation, northern Disturbed belt, Montana.
Evidence that the crystalline cores of the uplifts adjacent to the Powder River Basin were breached during Paleocene time.

The Mountain Geologist 24(1) : 1987 : 30 pages.
Sedimentation of the Late Triassic Higham Grit in a south Saskatchewan / Platte River-type braided stream complex, southeastern Idaho and western Wyoming.
Deltaic deposits of the Upper Cretaceous Dad sandstone member of the Lewis shale, south-central Wyoming.
Geomorphic evidence for youngest dated faults in north-central Arizona.
Alkali metasomatism and fossil geothermal activity : Wah Wah springs tuff, Utah.

The Mountain Geologist 24(2) : 1987 : 30 pages.
Rocky Mountain structures : a method for estimating fault geometry from rotated basement blocks using slip lines.
The Goshen Hole uplift : a brief review of its geologic history and exploration potential.
Low-energy seismic survey of Quaternary materials, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado>
Comparing geotechnical to geologic estimates for past overburden in the Pierre-Hayes, South Dakota area : an argument for in-situ pressuremeter determination.

The Mountain Geologist 24(3) : 1987 : 30 pages.
Reactivation of a Cretaceous thrust surface by Basin-an-Range extension, southwestern Gunnison Plateau, central Utah.
Geology of the Precambrian Metamorphic rocks along South Hardscrabble Creek, Wet Mountains, Colorado>
Government Draw bentonite beds : a newly identified stratigraphic marker in the Virgin Creek member of the Pierre Shale, central South Dakota.
A preliminary report on the Bentonite beds of the Lower Virgin Creek member of the Pierre shale, Stanley county, South Dakota.

The Mountain Geologist 24(4) : 1987 : 30 pages.
Rocky Mountain structure : a wrench fault / thrust-fold clay model study and comparison with the Bonanza – Zeisman area of the Eastern Big Horn Basin.
Mississippian Ratcliffe and Nesson Reservoirs, Rosebud field, Williams county, North Dakota.
Dinosaur footprints from the Dakota group of eastern Colorado>

The Mountain Geologist 25(1) : 1988 : 30 pages.
A history of the oil business in the Big Horn basin, Wyoming.
Structural configuration of the Kishenehn Basin delineated by geophysical methods, northwestern Montana and southeastern British Columbia.
Age of the Dawson arkose, southewestern Air Force academy, Colorado, and implications for the uplift history of the Front Range.

The Mountain Geologist 25(4) : 1988 : 50 pages.
Middle Ordovician Kanosh formation – remaining source rock potential?
Kate spring field discovery, Nevada basin and range.
Structural geology and petroleum potential of Long Valley, White Pine county, Nevada.
Reinterpretations of the relations between the Keystone, Red Spring, Contact, and Cottonwood faults : eastern Spring Mountains, Clark county, Nevada.  (see also 26(3)).
Grant canyon and Bacon Flat oil fields, Railroad valley, Nye county, Nevada.

The Mountain Geologist 26(1) : 1989 : 40 pages.
Rocky Mountain structures : testing some models of foreland deformation at the Thermopolis anticline, southern Big Horn basin, Wyoming.
An Eocene synvolcanic alluvial fan complex in east-central Idaho : stratigraphic relationships.
Paleogeothermal gradients and timing of oil generation in the Belden formation, Eagle basin, northwestern Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 26(2) : 1989 : 25 pages.
Spread Creek Anticline : Teton county, Wyoming, a study in structural form and petroleum exploration.
Lower Cretaceous bentonitic strata in southwestern Montana assigned to Vaughn member of Mowry shale (east) and of Blackleaf formation (west).
Fracture orientation : use of the dipmeter type fracture log.

The Mountain Geologist 26(4) : 1989 : 30 pages.
The age of the iron dike : a distinctive Middle Proterozoic intrusion in the northern Front Range of Colorado.
Depositional history of the White Rim sandstone, Wayne and Garfield counties, Utah.
Sedimentology and paleontology of the Upper Triassic Chinle formation, bedrock Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 27(1) : 1990 : 30 pages.
Petrology, sedimentology, and stratigraphic implications of the Black Dragon member, Triassic Moenkopi formation, San Rafael Swell, Utah.
Thin-skinned shortening geometries of the South Fork fault : Big Horn Basin, Park county, Wyoming.
Stratigraphic revision of Campanian (Upper Cretaceous) rocks in the Henry Basin, Utah.

The Mountain Geologist 27(2) : 1990 : 30 pages.
Evidence and dating of Mid-Cretaceous tectonic activity in the San Rafael swell, Emery county, Utah.
Pennsylvania fusulinids from the Beaverhead Mountains, Morrison Lake area, Beaverhead county, Montana.
Tertiary subsurface solution in the Mississippian Leadville limestone geothermal aquifer of Colorado.
Stratigraphy and depositional environments of the Lower Mississippi Joana limestone in southern White Pine and northern Lincoln counties, Nevada.

The Mountain Geologist 27(3) : 1990 : 30 pages.
Geology and oil production of the Ervay (Phosphoria) reservoirs, eastern Big Horn basin, Wyoming.
A paleoclimate cliassification system with US western interior examples.

The Mountain Geologist 27(4) : 1990 : 30 pages.
Geology and hydrology of the shallow alluvial aquifer, West Sharrard Gulch, Colorado.
Abandonment of the name "Elephant Canyon formation" in southeastern Utah : physical and temporal implications.
Fusulinid zonation of the General Petroleum No. 45-5-G Core, Emery county, Utah.

The Mountain Geologist 28(1) : 1991 : 30 pages.
1986 Crested Butte, Colorado earthquake swarm.
Members of the Toroweap and Kaibab formations, Lower Permian, northern Arizona and southwestern Utah.
Provenance, dispersal, and tectonic significance of the Evanston formation and Sublette range conglomerate, Idaho-Wyoming-Utah thrust belt.

The Mountain Geologist 28(2/3) : 1991 : 150p., plus 4 folded plates. $18
Special Issue : Report on the second workshop on geologic applications of remote sensing to the study of sedimentary basins. 
Joint publication of RMAG and NASA, Soil Earth Science Branch.

Contents of 28(2/3) Special Issue :
Soil – landscape relationships in the Wind River Basin, Wyoming (Nettleton)
Subsurface geology of Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary coal-bearing rocks, Wind River Basin, WY (Hogle)
Paleogeographic evolution of the latest Cretaceous and Paleocene Wind River Basin (Flemings)
Tectonically influenced sedimentation in the Lance Formation, eastern Wind River Basin, WY (Gillespie)
Biostratigraphic significance of a new unit, mapped remotely with multispectral thermal infrared data, Late Cretaceous Cody Shale, southern Big Horn Basin, Wyoming.  (Lang)
This application of geologic remote sensing to vertebrate biostratigraphy : general results from the Wind River Basin, WY (Stucky)
Precambrian control of Laramide faulting, Sheep Ridge anticline, western Owl Creek Mountains, Wyoming. (Blundell)
Complex pre-Lewis Thrust deformation, southeastern Glacier Park, Montana (Yin)
Gravity study of the Thermopolis anticline, southern Big Horn Basin, Wyoming (Grannell)
Preliminary assessment of stratigraphy and structure, San Lucas region, Michoacan and Guerrero states, SW Mexico. (Johnson)
Preliminary investigation of the Tertiary Balsas Group, Mesa Los Caballos area, Northern Guerrero State, Mexico using Landsat Thematic Mapper data. (Jansma)

The Mountain Geologist 29(1) : 1992 : 40 pages.
Rocky Mountain structures : Paired, facing monoclines in the Sanpete-Sevier Valley area, Central Utah.
Alluvial architecture of Laramide orogenic sediments, Denver Basin, Colorado.
Occurrence and significance of the Burnt Gulch formation : a Pliocene-Pleistocene fanglomerate, Wind River basin, Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 29(2) : 1992 : 30 pages.
Rapid methods for assessing formation pressures : an example from the Lower Cretaceous of the Greater Green River basin.
Deposition of the Morrison formation (Jurassic), Northern Tobacco Root mountains, Montana with evidence against recurrent movement along the Willow Creek fault zone.
Decollement faulting in the northwest portion of the Denver Basin.

The Mountain Geologist 29(3) : 1992 : 30 pages.
Sequence boundaries : a proposed nomenclature for the Mesozoic and Cenozoic.
Rocky Mountain Structures : Extensional geometry of a part of the northwestern flank of the Northern Grant Range, Nevada : inferences on its evolution.
Rocky Mountain Structures : Polyphase laramide deformation in the Shirley Mountains, south central Wyoming foreland.

The Mountain Geologist 30(2) : 1993 : 40 pages.
Oil production from Niobrara formation, Silo field, Wyoming : fracturing associated with a possible wrench fault system (?).
Extensional tectonic influence on Lower and Upper Cretaceous stratigraphy and reservoirs, southern Powder River basin, Wyoming.
Sedimentology of Permian upper part of the Minnelusa formation, eastern Powder River basin, Wyoming, and a comparison to the subsurface.

The Mountain Geologist 30(3) : 1993 : 30 pages.
Kleinholz Paleozoic field study.
Analysis of compaction effects on coal fracture patterns, Upper Cretaceous Rock Springs formation, southwestern Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 31(1) : 1994 : 30 pages.
Sedimentation and tectonics of the Laramide San Juan sag, southwestern Colorado.
Paleocene drainage systems, Rock springs uplift, Wyoming.
A note on depositional environments of the Lower-Middle Cambrian Cadiz formation, Marble Mountains, California.

The Mountain Geologist 31(2) : 1994 : 30 pages.
Post-Laramide deformation along the eastern margin of the Colorado Front range : a case against significant faulting.
Oil springs and flat top anticlines, Carbon county, Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 31(3) : 1994 : 30 pages.
Sequence stratigraphic correlation of well-log cross sections.
Fracture orientation and distribution on the Kaibab Plateau of northern Arizona.
Fluid flow in brittle shear zones and coeval precipitation of nodular chert in Paleozoic carbonate during regional deformation in the hinterland of the Sevier Orogenic belt.

The Mountain Geologist 31(4) : 1944 : 30 pages.
Low-angle Eolian deposits in coastal settings : significant Rocy Mountain exploration targets.
New geochemical data bearing on the source of the oils in Wilson Creek field, northwest Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 32(1) : January 1995 : 25 pages.
Spiculitic Chert Reservoir in Glick Field, South-central Kansas.

The Mountain Geologist 32(2) : 1995 : 30 pages.
Fluvial and fluvio-lacustrine facies and depositional environments of the Maastrichtian to Paleocene North Horn formation, Price canyon, Utah.
Single-crystal 40Ar/39Ar ages for rocks in the lower part of the Frontier formation (Upper Cretaceous), wouthwest Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 32(3) : 1995 : 30 pages.
Dickinson Field Lodgepole reservoir : significance of this Waulsortian-type mount to exploration in the Williston basin.

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The Mountain Geologist 33(1) : 1996 : 30 pages.
A resource evaluation of the Bakken formation (Upper Devonian and Lower Mississippian) continuous oil accumulation, Williston basin, North Dakota and Montana.
Structural and stratigraphic compartmentalization of the Terry sandstone and effects on reservoir fluid distributions : Latham Bar trend, Denver basin, Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 33(2) : 1996 : 30 pages.
Frontier formation stratigraphy on the Moxa arch, Green River basin, Wyoming.
Detachment fold train, Reed Wash area, West flank San Rafael swell, Utah; an example of a limb-lengthening, roll-through folding process on the eastern margin of the Sevier thrust belt.

The Mountain Geologist 33(3) : 1996 : 30 pages.
First occurrence of Platecarpus (Reptilia : Mosasauridae) in Colorado.
Large-basin ground water circulation and Paleo-recontruction of circulation leading to uranium mineralization in rand Canyon Breccia pipes, Arizona.
Eldorado Springs member of the Skull Creek shale in the Denver Basin, Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 33(4) : 1996 : 30 pages.
Gas in the Uinta basin, Utah – resources in continuous accumulations.
Did the Mississippian Lodgepole buildup at Dickinson field (North Dakota) form as a gas seep (vent) community?.
Willow Creek basement fault system beneath the southwest Montana transverse zone : dormant during Cambrian-Devonian time.

The Mountain Geologist 34(1) : 1997 : 40 pages. $18
SPECIAL ISSUE : Gas Reservoirs in the Rocky Mountains.

The Mountain Geologist 34(2) : 1997 : 30 pages.
A fission-track study of the Terrigenous sedimentary sequences of the Morrison and Cloverly formations in the northeastern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming.
Seismic and subsurface evidence of Local sedimentary infill of massive salt solution, "Micro-basins" in the Middle Jurassic Carmel formation, central Utah.
Role of regional tectonic analysis in exploration for fracture reservoirs in Cretaceous source rocks of the Raton basin, New Mexico.

The Mountain Geologist 34(3) : 1997 : 40 pages.
The Oligocene Little Cottonwood stock, Central Wasatch Mountains, Utah : an example of compositional zoning by side-wall fractional crystallization of an arc-related intrusion.
Middle Jurassic incised valley fill (Eolian / Estuarine) and nearshore marine petroleum reservoirs, Powder River basin.

The Mountain Geologist 34(4) : 1997 : 40 pages.  (minor soil on cover) $3 (even though it is a special issue)
SPECIAL ISSUE : 75 years of the RMAG, Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists.

The Mountain Geologist 35(3) : 1998 : 30 pages.
Deformation of Eocene synorogenic conglomerate in the footwall of the Clear Creek thrust fault, Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming.
Dynamics of marine transgression onto a non-linear shoreline : the Middle Cambrian Flathead sandstone, Clarks Fork Valley, Wyoming.
Age and regional significance of marine Triassic rocks at O'Neil pass, northeastern Nevada.
Stratigraphy and depositional environment of nonmarine facies of Frontier formation, eastern Pioneer Mountains, southwestern Montana.

The Mountain Geologist 35(4) : 1998 : 40 pages.
Environmental isotopic investigation of ground-water movement and surface-water interactions, Royal Gorge arch, Colorado.
Nature and distribution of Niobrara lithologies in the Cretaceous western interior seaway of the Rocky Mountain region.

The Mountain Geologist 36(1) : 1999 : 40 pages.
Cumulative bibliography and index to The Mountain Geologist, 1964 through 1998.

The Mountain Geologist 36(2) : 1999 : 40 pages.
Facies and facies architecture of Paleocene floodplain deposits, Fort Union formation, Bighorn basin, Wyoming.
Sequence stratigraphy and alluvial architecture of the Upper Cretaceous Ericson sandstone, Glades-Clay basin area, Wyoming / Utah border.
Prediction of gas production using well logs, Cretaceous of north-central Montana.

The Mountain Geologist 36(3) : 1999 : 100 pages.
A bibliography of Rocky Mountain Oil and gas fields.

The Mountain Geologist 36(4) : 1999 : 40 pages.
Discovery of Pineview oil field.
Cloud Creek : a possible impact structure on the Casper arch, Wyoming.
An explanation for "4-way closure" of thrust-fold structures in the Rocky Mountains, and implications for similar structues elsewhere.

The Mountain Geologist 37(1) : 2000 : 50 pages. $18
SPECIAL ISSUE : 3-D seismic success stories in the Rocky Mountain Region.

The Mountain Geologist 37(2) : 2000 : 30 pages.
Metamorphic "klippen" in the Diamond Mountains, Nevada, and the implications for Mesozoic shortening and Cenozoic extension.
Sedimentology and diagenesis of the Dinosaur bones exposed at Dinosaur ridge along Alameda parkway in the Morrison formation (Upper Jurassic), Morrison, Colorado.
The slow discovery of Dineh-bi-keyah.

The Mountain Geologist 37(3) : 2000 : 40 pages.
Early Cretaceous Elasmobranchs from the Newcastle sandstone (Albian) of Crook county, Wyoming.
Diagenesis in the Point Lookout sandstone, San Juan basin, New Mexico and Colorado : influence of depositional conditions, cyclic stratigraphy, ad changing hydrologic regime.
Discovery of Jonah field, Sublette county, Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 37(4) : 2000 : 30 pages.
Interplay of palestructure, sedimentation and preservation of Middle Jurassic rocks, Big Horn basin, Wyoming.
West Willow Creek field : first productive lacustrine stromatolite mound in the Eocene Green River formation, Uinta basin, Utah.
Stratigraphy, sedimentation and cyclicity of the Paradise formation (Late Mississippian), Big Hatchet mountains, southwestern New Mexico.

The Mountain Geologist 38(1) : 2001 : 50 pages.
Hydrocarbon source rock potential of the Upper Cretaceous Niobrara formation, western Interior seaway of the Rocky Mountain region.
Williston basin petroleum systems : inferences from oil geochemistry and geology.
A chronology of seismic exploration in the Rockies : an update to guide us into the year 2001 and beyond.
Corrections to discovery of the Jonah field, Sublette county, Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 38(2) : 2001 : 30 pages.
The Middle Jurassic Entrada sandstone near Gallup, New Mexico.
Synarmocrinus Cobbani, a new Crinoid from the Minturn formation (Middle Pennsylvanian) of Colorado.
40Ar/39Ar ages of Miocene tuffs in basin-fill deposits (Santa Fe group, New Mexico, and Troublesome formation, Colorado) of the Rio Grande rift system.

The Mountain Geologist 38(3) : 2001 : 80 pages. $18
SPECIAL ISSUE : Dinosaur Ridge : celebrating a decade of discovery (Morrison, Colorado).

The Mountain Geologist 38(4) : 2001 : 70 pages.
Discovery of oil in the Williston basin : story of the #1 Calrence Iverson well.
Fossil Selachians from the Belle Fourche shale (Cretaceous, Cenomanian), Black Hills region of South Dakota and Wyoming.
Late Cenozoic regional collapse due to evaporite flow and dissolution in the Carbondale collapse center, west-central Colorado.
West side canal gas field, Carbon county, Wyoming, and Moffat county, Colorado.
The Middle Jurassic Entrada sandstone near Gallup, New Mexico : Discussion and reply.

The Mountain Geologist 39(1) : 2002 : 30 pages.
Reinterpretation of unconformities in the Hermosa formation near Coal Bank Pass, San Juan Mountains, SW Colorado.
Subsurface Fluid pressures from drill-stem tests, Uinta basin Utah.

The Mountain Geologist 39(2) : 2002 : 20 pages.
Structure of the Rex Lake oil field, Albany county, Wyoming.
Reservoir characterization study : calculation of gas-in-place in Ferron coals at Drunkard's wash unit, Carbon and Emery counties, Utah.

The Mountain Geologist 39(3) : 2002 : 30 pages.
A review of the multiwall experiment in tight gas sandstones of the Mesaverde group, Piceance basin, Colorado.
A look back … Lewis formation gas sands, eastern Sand Wash basin.

The Mountain Geologist 39(4) : 2002 : 20 pages.
Depositional environments and paleogeography of the Lower Permian (Leonardian) Yeso and correlative formations in New Mexico.

The Mountain Geologist 40(1) : 2003 : 20 pages.
Structural control on Quaternary and Tertiary sedimentation in the Harrison basin, Madison county, Montana.

The Mountain Geologist 40(2) : 2003 : 30 pages.
Sequence stratigraphy of the Pahasapa formation (Madison group) in the northeastern Black Hills : insights from regional correlations.
Stagecoach Draw field : gas production from the westernmost marine-influenced deposits of the Lewis seaway transgression into southwestern Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 40(3) : 2003 : 40 pages.
Mio-Pliocene chronostratigraphy, basin morphology and paleodrainage relations derived from the Bidahochi formation, Hopi and Navajo nations, northeastern Arizona.
The first Pennsylvanian Batocrinid and other new Echnioderms from the Minturn formation of central Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 40(4) : 2003 : 40 pages. $18
SPECIAL ISSUE : Oil and gas fields in the Uinta basin, Utah.

The Mountain Geologist 41(1) : 2004 : 30 pages.
Late Cretaceous Chondrichthyans from the Carlile shale (Middle Turonian to Early Coniacian) of the Black Hills region, South Dakota and Wyoming.
Precambrian influences on the development of the Royal Gorge arch, Colorado : a thick-skinned fault-propagation fold.

The Mountain Geologist 41(2) : 2004 : 30 pages.
Middle Cretaceous stratigraphy, southern western interior seaway, New Mexico and Oklahoma.
The geology and soils of the Chance Gulch archaeological site near Gunnison, Colorado. 

The Mountain Geologist 41(3) : 2004 : 60 pages.
New information on Crinoids (Echinodermata) from the Pennsylvanian Naco formation of Central Arizona.
Timing of oil and gas generation of petroleum systems in the southwestern Wyoming province.
Rio thrusting, multi-stage migration, and formation of vertically segregated Paleozoic oil pools at Torchlight field on the Greybull platform (eastern Bighorn basin) : implications for exploration.

The Mountain Geologist 41(4) : 2004 : 60 pages. $18
SPECIAL ISSUE : Bedrock aquifers of the Denver basin.

The Mountain Geologist 42(1) : 2005 : 40 pages.
Bedrock erosion surface beneath the Rocky Flats Alluvial fan, Jefferson and Boulder counties, Colorado>
Interpretation of the Paleocene-Eocene sequence boundary, northwest San Juan basin, New Mexico.
Early Chesterian echinoderms form the Otter formation of central Montana.

The Mountain Geologist 42(2) : 2005 : 40 pages.
4-D seismic monitoring of a fractured reservoir, Weyburn field, Saskatchewan.
1-D/3-D geologic model of the western Canada sedimentary basin.
The Weimer marker bentonite – a regionally persistent correlation horizon within the Upper Cretaceous Lewis shale, eastern Greater Green River basin, Wyoming and Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 42(3) : 2005 : 40 pages. $18
SPECIAL ISSUE : Cretaceous sand body geometries in the Piceance Basin area of Northwest Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 42(4) : 2005 : 40 pages.
Sandstone 'dikes' within the Arapaho Pass fault, Indian Peaks wilderness, Boulder and Grand counties, Colorado.
On illogical interpretation of geological structures in the Rocky Mountain foreland province.
Structure, stratigraphy, and hydrocarbon potential of Butte Valley, White Pine county, Nevada.

The Mountain Geologist 43(2) : 2006 : 50 pages.
Pennsylvanian cycles in east central Idaho : a record of sea-level fluctuations on the western margin of Laurentia.
Stratigraphic distribution of Upper Middle Eocene fossil vertebrate localities in the eastern Uinta basin, Utah.
Geologic study of Powder Wash field, Moffat county, Colorado.
Structures of the Rocky Mountain forelands : Salt Creek field, a prototypical basement-involved thrust-generated fold.
On illogical interpretation of geological structures in the Rocky Mountain foreland province, discussion and reply.

The Mountain Geologist 43(3) : 2006 : 90 pages. $18
SPECIAL ISSUE : Rocky Mountain Gas Reservoirs revisited.

The Mountain Geologist 43(4) : 2006 : 50 pages.
Stratigraphic development of the Madison paleokarst in the southern Williston Basin area.
Pennsylvanian fluvial cave sediments in the Mississippian Leadville limestone, southwestern Colorado>
A new reference section for palynostratigraphic zonation of Paleocene rocks in the Rocky Mountain region.
Sedimentology, depositional environments, and paleoecological context of an Early Late Jurassic Sauropod, Tidwell member, Upper Jurassic Morrison formation, East-Central Utah.

The Mountain Geologist 44(1) : 2007 : 40 pages.
Sudden desiccatioin of Lake Gosiute at about 49 MA : a downstream record of Heart Mountain faulting?.
Upper Cretaceous microbial petroleum systems in north-central Montana.
Testing Laramide hypotheses for the Front Range arch using minor faults : discussion and reply.

The Mountain Geologist 44(2) : 2007 : 60 pages. $18
SPECIAL ISSUE : Eocene Green River formation, unique applications and new views.

The Mountain Geologist 44(3) : 2007 : 30 pages.
Devonian-Mississippian Antler foreland basin carbonates in Idaho : significant subsidence and eustasy events.
A new Late Paleocene vertebrate fauna from the Ohio Creek formation of western Colorado.
A retrospective look at the Weber Sand Pay in the Giant Rangely field, Rio Blanco county, Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 44(4) : 2007 : 20 pages.
Sequence stratigraphy applied to the oil and gas assessment of the Lewis Shale total Petroleum system, San Juan basin, Colorado and New Mexico.

The Mountain Geologist 45(1) : 2008 : 20 pages.
Possible young faulting in the Piedmont of north-central Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 45(2) : 2008 : 40 pages.
Re-evaluating palynomorph-based biozones in Paleogene strata of Rocky Mountain basins.
Stratigraphic and structural relations in the Proximal Cutler formation of the Paradox basin : implications for timing of movement on the Uncompahgre front.

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The Mountain Geologist 45(4) : 2008 : 20 pages.
Damaging relative permeability by drilling, completion and production operations.
Sub-capillary pressure equilibrium reservoirs : their formation and effect on oil and gas production.

The Mountain Geologist 46(1) : 2009 : 40 pages. $18
SPECIAL ISSUE : The Boulder - Weld coal field.

The Mountain Geologist 46(2) : 2009 : 30 pages.
The Bacon Ridge sandstone of northwestern Wyoming and its place within the larger-scale Late Cretaceous depositional history of the region.
Oxygen isotope evidence of heated pore fluid interaction with mafic dikes at Cathedral Cliffs, Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 46(3) : 2009 : 20 pages.
Conodont biostratigraphy of Chesterian strata (Late Mississippian – Early Pennsylvanian), East-central Idaho and southwestern Montana.
On the Palynomorph-based biozones in Paleogene strata of Rocky Mountain basins.

The Mountain Geologist 46(4) : 2009 : 30 pages.
Stratigraphy and age of the Frontier formation and associated rocks, central and southern Bighorn basin, Wyoming – surface to subsurface correlation.
Computer modeling of the Late Cambrian Dotsero formation, Central Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 47(3) : 2010 : 30 pages.
Geology and undiscovered oil and gas resources in the Madison group, Williston basin, North Dakota and Montana.
Late Cretaceous stratigraphy and tectonics across southwestern Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 48(1) : 2011 : 30 pages.
Radium – southwestern Colorado's first Uranium boom.
White River group paleosols as source rocks for uranium mineralization in western Nebraska.
The Grants uranium district, New Mexico : update on source, deposition and exploration.

The Mountain Geologist 48(2) : 2011 : 12 pages.
Unaweep canyon – which river ran through it?.

The Mountain Geologist 48(3) : 2011 : 20 pages.
Cumulative bibliography and index to The Mountain Geologist 1999 through 2010.

The Mountain Geologist 49(1) : 2012 : 40 pages.
A GIS test of two models for the distribution of Tertiary epithermal ore deposits in Colorado.
Additions to the Vertebrate faunal assemblage of the Middle Miocene Fort Randall formation in the vicinity of South Bijou Hill, South Dakota.
The Cambro-Ordovician system in the subsurface of Eastern Colorado : a wireline well log evaluation.

The Mountain Geologist 49(2) : 2012 : 20 pages.
Hydrocarbon-Water and Co2-water systems in the Pre-Cretaceous section in the New Mexico part of the Raton basin.

The Mountain Geologist 49(3) : 2012 : 20 pages.
Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian) Frontier formation, northeast Bighorn Basin, Wyoming.

The Mountain Geologist 49(4) : 2012 : 20 pages.
Pycnodonts from the Lower Ferron sandstone member of the Upper Cretaceous Mancos shale (Middle Turonian), Emery and Carbon counties, Utah.
Quantifying low net:gross, fluvial-lacustrine reservoirs using proportional tops and zonation : Green River formation, Monument Butte field, Utah.


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