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The Mountain Geologist
A quarterly journal of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG)
Other RMAG publications are on the Colorado page.

Technical reports, 11x8.5", illus. Very good condition, spines and edges may be slightly sunned. Some covers are lightly smudged.
I have listed major papers, but not short pieces like abstracts. Multiple copies of an issue are sometimes available.

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The Mountain Geologist 5(3) : 1968 : Special Guidebook Issue : Southeastern Colorado : 88p. $8
Oil and gas exploration in SE Colorado (Matson and Schneider)
Pre-Permian paleozoic rocks of the Las Animas arch - a new oil province (Clair and Volk)
Pre-Pennsylvanian sediments, Canon City embayment, Colorado (Gerhard)
Type and typical stratigraphic sections of Colorado - Part F. Mississippian (RMAG)
Permian system in Western mid-continent (Rascoe)
Brandon field, Kiowa county, Colorado (Stoddard)
TWO full days of road logs - Long and detailed sections.

The Mountain Geologist 6(3) : 1969 : 80 pages. $12
GUIDEBOOK ISSUE : Raton basin, Colorado and New Mexico.

The Mountain Geologist 7(3) : 1970 : pages 103-252., plus ad pages and fold-outs. (chipped spine end) $12
GUIDEBOOK ISSUE : Dakota and related rocks of the Front Range.
Lower Cretaceous of Wyoming and the southern Rockies.
Lower Cretaceous stratigraphy and its relationship to oil production in the Laramie basin.
Lower Cretaceous sediments of North Park basin.
Penetration charts – Laramie basin, Eastern Colorado and southern Wyoming along the Front range, and North Park basin.
Dakota group (Cretaceous) stratigraphy, south front range, southa nd Middle parks, Colorado.
Origin and depositional environment of the Codell sandstone member of the Carlile shale (Upper Cretaceous), southeastern Colorado.
A chronicle of exploration in South Park basin, Park county, Colorado.
4 (Four) days of road logs including Denver to Palmer Lake to Canon City, Canon city to Fairplay to Breckenridge, Breckenrige to Granby, Plainview section.

The Mountain Geologist 10(3) : 1973 : 80 pages. $8
GUIDEBOOK ISSUE : Cretaceous stratigraphy, Central Front Range, Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 14(3 and 4) : 1977 : 100 pages. $12
FIELD GUIDE ISSUE : North American Paleontological Convention II.

The Mountain Geologist 28(2/3) : 1991 : 150p., plus 4 folded plates. $12
Special Issue : Report on the second workshop on geologic applications of remote sensing to the study of sedimentary basins. 
Joint publication of RMAG and NASA, Soil Earth Science Branch.

Contents of 28(2/3) Special Issue :
Soil – landscape relationships in the Wind River Basin, Wyoming (Nettleton)
Subsurface geology of Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary coal-bearing rocks, Wind River Basin, WY (Hogle)
Paleogeographic evolution of the latest Cretaceous and Paleocene Wind River Basin (Flemings)
Tectonically influenced sedimentation in the Lance Formation, eastern Wind River Basin, WY (Gillespie)
Biostratigraphic significance of a new unit, mapped remotely with multispectral thermal infrared data, Late Cretaceous Cody Shale, southern Big Horn Basin, Wyoming.  (Lang)
This application of geologic remote sensing to vertebrate biostratigraphy : general results from the Wind River Basin, WY (Stucky)
Precambrian control of Laramide faulting, Sheep Ridge anticline, western Owl Creek Mountains, Wyoming. (Blundell)
Complex pre-Lewis Thrust deformation, southeastern Glacier Park, Montana (Yin)
Gravity study of the Thermopolis anticline, southern Big Horn Basin, Wyoming (Grannell)
Preliminary assessment of stratigraphy and structure, San Lucas region, Michoacan and Guerrero states, SW Mexico. (Johnson)
Preliminary investigation of the Tertiary Balsas Group, Mesa Los Caballos area, Northern Guerrero State, Mexico using Landsat Thematic Mapper data. (Jansma)

The Mountain Geologist 34(1) : 1997 : 40 pages. $4
SPECIAL ISSUE : Gas Reservoirs in the Rocky Mountains.

The Mountain Geologist 37(1) : 2000 : 50 pages. $4
SPECIAL ISSUE : 3-D seismic success stories in the Rocky Mountain Region.

The Mountain Geologist 38(3) : 2001 : 80 pages. $15
SPECIAL ISSUE : Dinosaur Ridge : celebrating a decade of discovery (Morrison, Colorado).

The Mountain Geologist 40(4) : 2003 : 40 pages. $4
SPECIAL ISSUE : Oil and gas fields in the Uinta basin, Utah.

The Mountain Geologist 41(4) : 2004 : 60 pages. $5
SPECIAL ISSUE : Bedrock aquifers of the Denver basin.

The Mountain Geologist 42(3) : 2005 : 40 pages. $4
SPECIAL ISSUE : Cretaceous sand body geometries in the Piceance Basin area of Northwest Colorado.

The Mountain Geologist 43(3) : 2006 : 90 pages. $8
SPECIAL ISSUE : Rocky Mountain Gas Reservoirs revisited.

The Mountain Geologist 44(2) : 2007 : 60 pages. $6
SPECIAL ISSUE : Eocene Green River formation, unique applications and new views.


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