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For Sale : Alaska State Geology Publications

State of Alaska : Department of Natural Resources
Division of Mines & Minerals : Now named Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys

Special Reports

Alaska Geological Society : Various publications

Misc. Alaskan Maps - Misc. Alaska geological and historical publications (includes other series)

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I especially recommend checking out the USGS Mineral Resources Maps.

General condition notes : (See each item for any individual notes on condition.)
Good to very good. Lightly used. Owner's stamps. Some bumped edges and corners.
Older spines show darkening/sunning. Covers / edge of page block may be slightly soiled.
Softcover unless noted. Please ask if you need more information on any item.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

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Alaska DNR : Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys : Special Reports
11x8.5”, illustrated, soft cover.

Alaska Special Report 15 : 1982 : Geologic hazards of the Fairbanks area, Alaska. By Troy L. Pewe. 109 pages, 93 figures including fold-out oblique aerial view and 2 tables. Very interesting, even if you don’t live there! $4


Alaska Geological Materials: Maps
Maps of Alaska from various sources

Geologic Map of Alaska : 1957 USGS : Compiles by J. Thomas Dutro Jr. and Thomas G. Payne. Scale 1: 2,500,000, 1” = 40 miles. Full color, includes Aleutian Islands out to Attu. Folded sheet measuring about 5 feet x 3 feet. There are some white areas that must not have been surveyed geologically yet at that time. (Good, lightly bumped edges) $18

Map of Alaskan Military Reconnaissance of 1898. Prepared by direction of Hon. G. D. Meiklejohn. Scale 1 inch = 12 ½ miles. The Norris Peters Company Photo-Litho, Washington D. C. Topography drawn by E. Mahlo, Title and border by C. H. Ourand. This is NO publication number or any other indication that this is part of some other publication OR that it is a reprint, thus I believe it is an 1898 original. The map is black and white, showing only those bits of topography deemed important from a military standpoint. (Good/Fair. Paper is nice and only faintly tanned. Many of the fold junctions have small tears, plus one of the exterior corner squares (when folded) is nearly loose along folds. Some of the folds have been neatly taped on the backside - this tape has not discolored the paper, so it likely is acid-free tape. Outside of map (when folded) is lightly soiled but this does not show on front). $48

MAP : Reconnaissance map of the Broad Pass Region, Alaska, showing topography and camera stations. This is Plate 2 from USGS Bulletin 657 : 1917 : Use of the panoramic camera in topographic surveying with notes on the application of photogrammetry to Aerial surveys. By James W. Bagley. Measures about 20” x 16”. (minor tears at fold junctions). $3

MAP : Reconnaissance map of Fairbanks quadrangle, Yukon-Tanana region Alaska. This is Plate 4 from USGS Bulletin 337 : 1908 : The Fairbanks and Rampart quadrangles, Yukon-Tanana region, Alaska By Prindle, Hess and Covert. It measures about 32” x 32” $5

MAP : Reconnaissance map of Rampart quadrangle, Yukon-Tanana region Alaska. This is Plate 5 from USGS Bulletin 337 : 1908 : The Fairbanks and Rampart quadrangles, Yukon-Tanana region, Alaska By Prindle, Hess and Covert. It measures about 32” x 20” and covers primarily the area between the two rivers where they join. $3

MAP : Topographic and geologic reconnaissance map of the York Tin Region, Seward Peninsula, Alaska. This is Plate 1 from USGS Bulletin 733 : 1922 : Geology of the York Tin deposits, Alaska. By Edward Steidtmann and S. H. Cathcart. Full Color, folded. (Lower blank margin has faint water mark. The rest of the map is in great condition with very light tanning, just enough to make it look old). $3

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


Alaska Geological Society : Various Publications.
In alphabetical order by title, 11x8.5”, illustrated and softcover unless noted.

Guide to the geology of the Resurrection Bay – Eastern Kenai Fjords area. 1989 AGS, Anchorage. Edited by Steven W. Nelson and Thomas D. Hamilton. 31 pages, 10 figures, 2 tables, 7 photos. Includes Seward, Resurrection Peninsula ophiolite, Harding Icefield.This is AGS Field Guidebook # 13, #FG13. $6

Guidebook : Field Trip routes : Anchorage to Sutton - - 1963, and Sutton to Caribou Creek - - 1964. Oil Fields, Earthquake, Geology. 1964 AGS, Anchorage. Edited by J. L. Borden. 36 pages, includes Road logs and several fold-out maps. Staple bound. Includes Wishbone Hill area, Matanuska valley, Eagle River Tertiary exposure, Swanson River Field, Cook Inlet area and much more. $6

1997 Guide to the geology of the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. 1997 AGS, Anchorage. Edited by Susan M. Karl, Timothy J. Ryherd, and Nancy R. Vaughn. Prepared for use during a field trip conducted by the Alaska Geological Society, May 8-10, 1997. Second printing 1999. 128 pages, 3 plates in pocket at back, figures numbered separately in each section, comb-bound. Includes : Mesozoic accretionary complex along Turnagain arm and Kachemak Bay; Gold placer geology and mining history of the northern Kenai Peninsula and Girdwood area; Tertiary tectonics and sedimentation in the Cook Inlet Basin; Kenai field – the Kenai Peninsula’s largest gas field; Stratigraphic architecture of the Tertiary alluvial Beluga and Sterling formations; Last major glaciation of Kenai lowland; and Evidence of Prehistoric Great Earthquakes in the Cook Inlet. Kenai Peninsula Road Log. This is AGS Field Guidebook # 14, #FG14. $25

Road log and guide : Geology and hydrology for planning, Anchorage area. 1973 AGS, Anchorage. Alaska Geological Society Symposium. Edited by William Barnwell and others. 34 pages, 22 figures, comb-bound, landscape format. Tour stops at Earthquake park, Point Woronzof, Seaview gravel pit, Ship Creek recharge basin, and Alaska Native Hospital. Also includes L Street slide, Turnagain slide, Hood Lake, Spenard Lake, Hillside area, Alaska Native Hospital slide. Neat landslide illustrations. $5

Road log and guidebook : Anchorage to Wishbone Hill area, Alaska. 1963 AGS, Anchorage. 15 pages plus fold-out map, staple bound. $4


Alaska Geological and Historical Materials : Misc. ~9x6" softcover unless noted, some are offprints.

A. J. TAILINGS, Juneau, Alaska. This is a very mixed group of materials from 1990 pertaining to the evaluation and “mining” of the tailings or dump area of the A. J. property at the waterfront in Juneau. This inch thick stack of letters, private reports and maps includes all the various parts of evaluating the tailings site for gold recovery, such as color photos showing the composition of various parts of the tailings field as a back hoe digs down, layout for processing and redistribution of new tailings and waste rock, cost analyses and feasibility, legal agreements, future use of land. Even if you are not interested in this particular property, this information would serve as a good guideline for retrieving gold from other old tailings heaps and reclaiming the site afterward. $32

Altiplanation terraces of early quaternary age near Fairbanks, Alaska. 1970. U Ariz reprint series 86. 7p. $1

Basic data on the ultramafic rocks of the Eagle quadrangle, east-central Alaska. By Keith, T.E.C., and Foster, H.L., 1973 U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report: Technical Data Unit classification number 581, 4 large folded sheets. $8

BUZBY COPPER PROSPECT, Fairbanks, Alaska. This is a group of materials related to this copper and silver area. $48
1. Report on the Buzby Copper Prospect, Fairbanks, Alaska for Cleary Petroleum Corporation. 1969 R. W. Phendler. Photocopy, private report, 11 text pages plus location map – the geological map is NOT here. The report includes location, access, property, ownership, history, physical features, geology, geochemical, geophysical, mineral deposits, development, ore reserves and possibilities, estimated costs, recommendations and more.
2. A number of letters from various parties pertaining to the site and the report.
3. Assay reports – certificate of analysis.
4. A number of hand-drawn pages of what must be claim maps with geological information noted on them.

City of Bethel – an Alaskan frontier. By Michael Rowan. No date on the publication, but I can tell from the text that it was written in the 1960’s. 11x8.5”, 8p., 7 photos. This is a charmer about the town and the Eskimo people who live there. SCARCE. $8

Clement Molybdenum Prospect : Proposed 1972 exploration. 1971, author not listed, possibly one of the company owners. This is a 3 page private general geology report on the property including past work and suggested future work. The prospect is at the terminus of the Trimble Glacier, east branch of Hayes Glacier, southern part of Alaska Range, Alaska, and is owned by Glacier Mining Company. Included as an attachment is the Report by C. F. Herbert (1959, 6 pages),and folded general geologic map of Alaska with location of the Clement prospect marked. This report is a nice sample of planning for exploration at a small site in a remote area. $12

Copper Mineral occurrences in the Wrangell Mountain – Prince William Sound area, Alaska. 1971 Mineral industry Research Laboratory, University of Alaska. By Lawrence E. Heiner, Ernest N. Wolff, and Donald G. Grybeck. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 179 pages, 9 figures, 15 plates in pocket. Includes Copper River Region, Kenai Peninsula region, Cook Inlet – Susitna region, and Yukon River region. Has lots of detail and tabulations. (Good. Notes and stamps on cover, a very few minor notes or ticks inside, Corners bumped, lower spine end taped.) $35

Cretaceous biostratigraphy of northern Alaska. By Helen Tappan. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1960, Vol. 44(3) pages 273-297. $6

Cycle of earthquake-induced aggradation and related tidal channel shifting, upper Turnagain Arm, Alaska, USA. By Susan Bartsch-Winkler. 1988. Extracted from Sedimentology 35, pages 621-628. 10x7”, illus. $1

EAGLE RIVER GOLD MINE, Juneau, Alaska. Here are seven pages of private report (two parts) pertaining to this silver and gold producing property near Juneau. The reports appear to have been written in-house in 1990 for persons interested in the property. Nice detailed geological reports that do a good job of evaluating this historic site for present day continuation of mining. One page is a map of the region. Photocopies. $12

Geochemical investigations of selected areas in southeastern Alaska, 1964 and 1965. 1965. By C. F. Herbert and W. H. Race. This is Alaska Division of Mines and Minerals Geochemical Report 6. 11x8.5”, staple bound, 66p., illustrated with maps and tables in text, 4 maps folded in pocket, "Sheet 5" is in text. A somewhat crudely produced publication. Skagway, Glacier Point, St. James Bay, William Henry Bay, Berners Bay, Taku River, Mansfield Peninsula, Tenakee Inlet, Kelp Bay, Pubus bay Gambier Bay, Stikine River, Ratz Harbor, Coffman Cove, Kina Cove. $8

Geochemistry of carbonate cements in the Sag River and Shublik Formations (Triassic/Jurassic), North Slope, Alaska : implications for the geochemical evolution of formation waters. By Peter S. Mozley and Kaj Hoernle. 1990. Extracted from Sedimentology 37, pages 817-836. 10x7”, illus. $4

Geology and oil possibilities of the southwestern part of the Wide Bay anticline, Alaska. By L. B. Kellum, S. N. Daviess, and C. M. Swinney. 1945 USGS War Mineral Investigations Preliminary Maps. 17 pages, 9 figures (2 in pocket), 1 fold-out chart. 11x8”, grey paper covers, staple bound. A neat vintage report! (cover edges bumped, with a few short edge tears). $24

Geology and tectonic setting of lower Kuskokwim-Bristol bay region, Alaska. By Joseph M. Hoare. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1961, Vol. 45(5), pages 594-611. $3

Glacial geology Tarr Inlet and vicinity, Glacier Bay National Monument, Alaska, 1975. by George M. Haselton. 1975. Extracted from National Geographic Society Research Reports, Volume 16. 6p., map. $1

History of Imuruk Lake, Seward Peninsula, Alaska. By David M. Hopkins. 1959 Bulletin GSA Vol 70, pages 1033-1046, 5 figures. $1

Interpretation of the configuration of the Aleutian ridge. By Olcott Gates and William Gibson. 1956. Extracted from Bulletin GSA vol. 67, pages 127-146, illus, plus large fold-out map. $8

Lead and halogens in pollution aerosols and snow from Fairbanks, Alaska. By John W. Winchester, William H. Zoller, Robert A. Duce and Carl S. Benson. 1967 Atmospheric Environment volume 1, pages 105-199, 6 tables, 7 figures. $3

Microthermal studies of some “mother rocks” of petroleum from Alaska by Taisia Stadnichenko AND Description of the fossil plants, By David White. 1929 Bulletin AAPG, Vol 13(7), pages 823-848, 8 plates. $3

Modern Clastic depositional systems of South-Central Alaska : Field Trip guidebook T101. Leader : Miles O. Hayes. Anchorage to Cordova, Alaska, June 29 – July 7, 1989. 1989 American Geophysical Union, Washington DC, 28th International Geological Congress. 42 pages, 44 figures, 3 tables, softcover, comb-bound. $15

Muir Glacier. Extracted from National Geographic magazine vol 14(12) : 1903. 5p. great photos. Illustration showing ice position in 1890 and 1903. (faint smudges, short edge tear) $2

Notes on Alaskan Mammoth Expeditions of 1907 and 1908, by L. S. Quackenbush. Extracted from the Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History, volume 26. 1909. 9.5x6.5”, pages 87-131, Plates 17-24, 10 figures. Includes two fold-out maps. This is a really interesting report with some great vintage photos – Neat!! (Fair. All Good, but has been removed from larger volume, so spine is rough and some pages are loose. Some page edges are rough from when the uncut pages were hand cut. You can trim and staple if you wish. I've included a tattered copy of the overall Bulletin volume for reference). $15

Notes on some eruptive rocks from Alaska. 1891. Natl Geog. 12p. includes map of Glacier Bay. (cover edge chipped) $2

Nuka formation of late Mississippian to late Permian age, new formation in northern Alaska. by Irvin Tailleur and Edward Sable. . Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1963, Vol. 47(4), pages 632-642. $3

Proceedings of the Geological seminar on the North Slope of Alaska. 1970 Pacific Section of the AAPG. 11x8.5", softbound, paged in sections - about 200p., illus. $20

Selected contents of the Geological seminar on the North Slope :
Fold belts of Alaska and Siberia and drift between North America and Asia.
Thermal considerations in permafrost.
The Prudhoe Bay field
Biostratigraphy and dolomite porosity trends of the Lisburne Group.
Sedimentary history of Sadlerochit and Shublik formations in northeastern Alaska.
Sag River sandstone and Kuparuk River sands, two important subsurface units in the Prudhoe Bay field.
And more.

Recovery of vegetation at Kodiak. By Robert F. Griggs. 1918 National Geographic Society Katmai expeditions. Offprint from the Ohio Journal of Science vol. 19(1). 10x6.5”, 57p., nicely illustrated with photographs. Partly Uncut. (Owner’s stamps on cover). $18

Salinity Study, Cook Inlet Basin, Alaska. by Don L. McGee. 1977. Alaska Geologic Report 52. 11x8.5", Illus., 6p. plus 5 folded plates in pocket. (cover sunned, edge noticeably bumped). $10

SITKA 1:1,000,000 Topographic map sheet., No 7,8. 1956 USGS. This is part of the World (North America) 1:million series. Coverage includes Chicagof Island, Baranof Island, Admiralty Island, Kupreanof Island, Prince of Wales Island, Stephans Passage, Glacier Bay, Wrangell Island, Juneau, Yakutat Bay, Teslin Lake and much more. Folded. $10

Source areas of the Shattered Peak and Pyramid Peak landslides at Sherman Glacier. By George Plafker. Reprint from “The Great Alaska Earthquake of 1964 : Volume 3 Hydrology” 1968, National Academy of Sciences. Pages 374-382, 4 figures, 2 tables, PLUS 3 folded color plates. $4

Southeast Alaska, 3 USGS topographic maps, 1:63,360 scale. Skagway B-3 quadrangle (most wonderful braided rivers ever!), Bradfield Canal A-1 quadrangle, and Ketchikan D-1 quadrangle. One map has minor pencil notes. Folded. $9 for all 3 together.

SUMDUM PROJECT, Mt. Sumdum, Sumdum Quadrangle (D-5), Petersburg District, Alaska. This is a group of materials pertaining to this project. Copper is the main mineral of interest, though there is also Zinc, Gold, Silver and Iron. $48
1. Sumdum project report. 1959 R. H. Seraphim. This private report is 10 pages long and includes Location, Access, Claims, Local Geology, Hand-drawn section sketch in # 5 area, Assay data, Summary, Conclusions, Recommendations. Pocket materials include 5 maps showing Location of Mineral Zone, Drilling and trenching with assay data, Longitudinal sections : various scales and locations. PLUS : About 20 pages of copies of Diamond Drill Records with Assay data. This project must be part of the Moneta Porcupine Mines.
2. Sumdum USGS Topographic map. 1952. 1 : 250,000 (with Sumdum site marked).
3. Sumdum (D-5) topographic map, Alaska. 1948. Scale 1 : 63,360. (with Sumdum sites marked).
4. Hand-drawn maps showing Section through Sumdum glacier, Sumdum Claims with proposed trails and camp site, Sumdum Chief deposit area 5 with assay information, Proposed diamond drill holes in area 3, Sheets of drill hole layouts and sections.

Tanana Lowlands : Reconnaissance gravity survey. Summer 1977. 11x8.5", spiral bound, 15p., Illus., photographic cover. This appears to be an in-company study proposal by PhotoGravity Company, Inc. of Houston, TX (back cover sunned). $6

Trans-Alaska pipeline and West Coast petroleum supply, 1977-1982. This was published in 1974 - a forecast. A staff analysis prepared at the request of Henry M. Jackson, Chairman of the Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs, United States Senate. 1974 U.S. Government Printing Office. Softcover, 9x6”, 520p. This in-depth report includes : Consequences of the Arab embargo; Forecasts of Trans-Alaska pipeline throughput; Production of District V; Marketing plans – Sohio; Correspondence from various senators and others; Various Bills and Motions from the Alaska Department of Natural Resources including Pool Rules for the Prudhoe Bay field; and much, much more. (Fair. Front cover coffee stained, edge of page block has minor soil. All else VG) - $10

World inside a Mountain : Aniakchak, the new volcanic wonderland of the Alaska peninsula, is explored. by Bernard R. Hubbard. (Discovery of a huge volcanic crater). This article comprises 27 pages absolutely packed with excellent photographs inside a complete copy of National Geographic September 1931. Also includes feature articles about New Hampshire, New England, the Koala and Sailing. (Good. Cover and edge of page block lightly soiled.) $12

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