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For Sale : Used Florida State Geology Publications and more.

Florida Geological Survey
Annual Reports & Excerpts - Bulletins (geological)
- Map Series - Report of Investigations (many are water) - Special Publications -

Misc. Florida Geology, Soils and Natural History - Misc. Florida Archaeology and Anthropology


General condition notes : (See each item for any individual notes on condition.)
Unless otherwise noted, softcover, 9x6". Lightly used. May have Owner's stamps or name.
Spine may be mildly sunned or darkened or with neat hand-written title, may have some bumped edges and corners.
Covers / edge of page block may be slightly soiled. Please ask if you need more information on any item.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

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Florida Geological Survey : Annual Reports & Excerpts

Annual Reports (complete) : Illustrated. all have administrative report plus ...
Florida Annual Report 4 : 1912 : Hardback book : This report contains (1) The Soils and Other Surface Residual Materials of Florida, (2) The Water Supply of West-Central and West Florida, (3) Production of Phosphate Rock and Fullers Earth in Florida During 1910 and 1911. 175 p., 16 pl., 15 fig., 1 map. Many photos, color fold-out map. (hinges shaken, owner's plates, noticeably bumped/rubbed corners). $10

Florida Geological Survey : Bulletins 9x6" unless noted, Illustrated
As of 2015, most of the bulletins are "like new" and otherwise Good / Very Good unless specifically mentioned.

Florida Bulletin 21 : 1942 : Geology of Holmes and Washington counties, Florida. By Robert O. Vernon. 161 pages, 2 plates in pocket, 8 tables, 20 figures. Good/Fair (bumped corners, back cover loose and with mildly tattered edges. Pocket plates are present and nice, with tanning) - $5

Florida Bulletin 37 : 1955 : Geology of Jackson County, Florida, by W.E. Moore, 101 p., frontispiece, 5 plates in polcet (on a total of 3 sheets), 27 fig., 3 tables. $2

Florida Bulletin 38 : 1957 : Stratigraphy and zonation of the Ocala group. By Harbans S. Puri. 248 pages, illustrated (numbered in sections), 4 plates in pocket. $10

Florida Bulletin 39 : 1957 : Mining and Mineral Resources, by J.L. Calver, 132 p., 35 figures (1 in pocket), 12 tables. $5

Florida Bulletin 47 : 1966 : Geology and Ground-water resources of Leon county, Florida. By Charles W. Hendry, Jr. and Charles R. Sproul. 178 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 8 tables, 37 figures. (may have light foxing on page block edge, owner's name on cover corner). $15

Florida Bulletin 48 : 1966 : Geology of Jefferson County, Florida, by J.W. Yon, Jr., 115 p., 2 fig., 1 plate in pocket, 9 tables (1 in pocket). Thus, there are 2 items in the pocket. $2

Florida Bulletin 49 : 1967 : Geology of Dixie and Gilchrist Counties, Florida, by H.S. Puri, J.W. Yon, Jr., and W.R. Oglesby, 155 p., 55 figures (1 in pocket), 2 plates in pocket, 18 tables. Thus, there are 3 items in the pocket. $2

Florida Bulletin 55 : 1972 : Igneous and metamorphic basement rocks of Florida. By Charles Milton. 125 pages, 85 figures, 3 tables. $5

Florida Bulletin 62 : 1990 : Geology of Gadsden county, Florida. By Frank R. Rupert. 11x8.5”, 61 pages, 51 figures, 2 tables. $15

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


Florida Geological Survey : Map Series
Map Series (MS) contain geologic and other related data presented in graphic formats including maps, cross
sections, and graphs, and generally include accompanying text. Folded. Clean, bright.

Florida Map Series 80 : 1980 : Environmental Geology Series – Fort Pierce Sheet. By Ed Lane, Michael S. Knapp, and Tom Scott. Size: 22 x 36 inches. Scale: 1:250,000. In color, folded. $10

Florida Map Series 97 : 1980 : Environmental Geology Series - Tampa Sheet. By Michael S. Knapp. Size: 22 x 36 inches. Scale: 1:250,000. In color, folded. $10

Florida Map Series 100 : 1980 : Environmental Geology Series – West Palm Beach Sheet. By Ed Lane. Size: 22 x 36 inches. Scale: 1:250,000. In color, folded. (mildly crumpled). $10

Florida Map Series 101 : 1981 : Environmental Geology Series - Miami Sheet. By Ed Lane. Size: 22 x 36 inches. Scale: 1:250,000. In color, folded. $10


Florida Geological Survey : Report of Investigations
Illustrated, 11x8.5 through #6 , then 9x6" unless noted. Softcover unless noted. May have owner's name on cover corner.
As of 2015, most of the soft cover Reports of Investigations are "like new" and otherwise Good / Very Good unless specifically mentioned.

Florida Report of Investigations 6 : 1948 : Geology and ground water of the Fort Lauderdale area, Florida. 32p., multiple fold-outs, photos. (library pocket in back). $7

Florida Report of Investigations 14 : 1955 : The Avifauna of the Bone Valley Formation, by P. Brodkorb, 59 p., 2 pl., 8 tables. $2

Florida Report of Investigations 32 : 1963 : Geology and Ground-Water Resources of Flagler, Putnam, and St. Johns Counties, Florida, by B.J. Bermes, G.W. Leve, and G.R. Tarver, 97 p., 38 figures (10 in pocket), 7 tables. HARDBACK Good - $4

Florida Report of Investigations 97 : 1988 : Petrogenesis of Early Mesozoic Tholeiite in the Florida Basement and An Overview of Florida Basement Geology, by J.D. Arthur, 1988, 39 pages, 12 figures, 7 tables. 11x8.5” $4


Florida Geological Survey : Special Publications Size changes, see individual listing. Owner's name on cover corner.

Florida Special Publication 18 : 1973 : Availability and Potential Utilization of Byproduct Gypsum in Florida Phosphate Operations, by J.W. Sweeney and B.J. Timmons, 9 p., 4 fig., 2 tables. $1

Florida Special Publication 20 : 1974 : Geologic Framework of the High Transmissivity Zones in South Florida, by H.S. Puri and G.O. Winston, 101 pages, 65 illustrations. $5

Florida Special Publication 21 : 1977 : The geothermal nature of the Floridan Plateau. Edited by Douglas L. Smith and George M. Griffin. 9x6’, 161 pages, illustrated. Contains 7 technical reports on the subject, illustrated. Includes Heat flow in Florida oil test holes, Indications of oceanic crust beneath the southern Florida – Bahamas platform, Uranium series isotopic anomalies in thermal ground water from southwest Florida, and more. $16

Florida Special Publication 31 : 1991 : Environmental geology and hydrogeology of the Ocala area, Florida. By Ed Lane and Ronald W. Hoenstine. 11x8.5”, 71 pages, 48 figures, 4 tables, some color. $10

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Florida Geology and Natural History Publications : Misc.
~9x6" unless otherwise noted, some are offprints. Almost everything has an owner's name or stamp.

Carbonate mineral cycles generated by foraminiferal and pteropod response to Pleistocene climate : west Florida ramp slope. By Anne F. Gardulski, Henry T. Mullins and Sandra Weiterman. 1990. Extracted from Sedimentology 37, pages 727-743, illus. $3

Description of evaluation of the effects of urban and agricultural development on the surficial aquifer system, Palm Beach county, Florida. By Wesley L. Miller. 1988 Tallahassee, Florida. This is USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 88-4056. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 58p., illus. $12

Florida's geological structure and gravity. 1940. Reprint from Proceedings of the Florida Academy of Sciences, Vol. 5. 9x6", 11p. illus. $1

Late Cenozoic stratigraphy of Southern Florida – a reappraisal, with additional notes on Sunoco – Felda & Sunniland oil fields. Compiled by Ronald D. Perkins, with contributions by Babcock, Brooks, Conklin, DuBar, Lloyd, Olsson and Puri. 1968. 2nd Annual field trip of the Miami Geological Society, February 1968. 11x8.5”, 110p., illus. (spine has light wear and mild tape). $28

Living and Fossil reef types of south Florida : guidebook for Field Trip No. 3, Geological Society of America convention, Nov. 1964. 11x8.5" 28p., photos, maps, this was a boat trip.

Choose your copy of "Living and Fossil Reef types, Trip 3"
Very good - (this one has a regular cloth taped binding.) $5
Fair - (comb binding poor but useable, edges of cover bumped, one sentence underlined.) $3

Mineral industries of Florida during 1915. Florida Geol Survey. 18p. (folded corner). $2

Proceedings of Marine Environmental implications of offshore drilling, Eastern Gulf of Mexico : 1974. Edited by Robert E. Smith. This is from the conference and workshops held January 31 through February 2, 1974. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 455p., illus. Contents include 48 papers and 5 appendices. (Very Good) $25

Sample papers from “proceedings of Marine …”
The Gulf Loop current.
Tidal currents on the West Florid shelf.
Biological indicators of oceanographic phenomena.
Inorganic aspects of OCS Petroleum operations.
Potential effect of oil drilling / production activities on the phytoplankton / zooplankton …
Comments on proposed environmental studies of the impact of OCS oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
Project Hourglass.

South Florida carbonate sediments (Reprint of the GSA 1964 Field Trip Guide). Edited by Robert N. Ginsburg. Sedimenta II. 1972 Division of Marine Geology and Geophysics, Rosenstiel School Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 72 pages, 39 figures, 2 tables. Among other things, includes Florida Bay, Reef Tract, Rodriguez Bank, Geologic record of Hurricanes, Pleistocene limestones of the Florida Keys, Recent Dolomite on Sugarloaf Key, Pourtales Terrace. (Very Good) $15

Terrace studies in the United States of America :summary of different studies, including Lower Connecticut valley, Susquehanna River, Pensacola and associated beaches and bars in Florida, and California marine terraces. By Douglas Johnson. 1936. Union Geographique Internationale. In English. 19p. Corners bumped, 1/4" tear at corner, cover lightly faded. Stamp. $2

Third annual field trip of the Miami Geological Society, July, 1969 – Late Pleistocene Geology in an Urban Area. Compiled by Wayne D. Bock, Donald R. Moore, A. Conrad Neumann, and Peter R. Supko. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 27p., illus. Contents include Fossil Mangrove reef of Key Biscayne. Miami limestone of Florida and it’s recent Bahamian counterpart. Road log. More. (Fair, useable but has highlighting. Title page foxed. Spine covering rough.) $3


Florida Soils : Misc.
Soil Science Society of Florida : Proceedings Vols 5B and 6, 1943 and 1944. Fifth and sixth annual meetings of the Society. 9x6", 195p., nicely illustrated. $8

Soil Survey of Polk county, Florida. 1927. USDA Bureau of Chemistry and soils : Series 1927, # 39. No text. This is a CD that contains two separate scans in jpg format (one of each sheet) of the original two large full-color soil maps (East and West sheets) that came with this text. These are very large files (about 30,000 KB each). The image below shows a corner tip of one of the scans so that you might get an idea of the quality. Quality does vary between monitors and with the resolution you use (I used the relatively low 72 dpi for the image below) $8

Soil Survey of Polk county, Florida

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Florida Archaeology and Anthropology Materials : Misc.

Bureau of Historic Sites and Properties – Bulletin 2. 1972. Florida Department of State, Division of archives, history, and records management. 11x8.5” , 61p., very nice illustrations. This is a detailed scholarly journal. $12

Contents of Bulletin 2 :
St. Marks Military cemetery (8WA 108).
Colonel James Moore and the destruction of the Apalachee Missions in 1704.
Excavations at the Richardson site, Alachua county, Florida : an early 17th century Potano Indian village (with notes on Potano Culture change).

Bureau of Historic Sites and Properties – Bulletin 4. 1974. Florida Department of State, Division of archives, history, and records management. 11x8.5”, 117p., very nice illustrations. This is a detailed scholarly journal. (front cover sunned, with short edge tear and bent corner tip). $16

Contents of Bulletin 4 :
Life in a 9th century Indian Household : a Weeden island fall-winter site on the upper Apalachiocola River, Florida.
Lake Kanapaha site in North Central Florida.
Review of evidence for prehistoric Indian use of animals in Northwest Florida.
Formal and functional analysis of San Marcos pottery from site SA 16-23, St. Augustine, Florida.
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