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For Sale : Used Indiana State Geology Publications

Indiana Department of Geology and Natural Resources
Department of Conservation : State of Indiana : Geological Survey

Annual Reports - Bulletins - Guidebooks - Occasional Papers - Publications - Reports of Progress - Special Reports

Misc. Indiana geology publications.

Indiana State University - Terre Haute :
Dept. of Geography, Geology and Anthropology :
Professional Papers (all subjects, including a number on Pakistan)

General condition notes : (See each item for any individual notes on condition.)
Lightly used. Lightly sunned on spines and edges, some bumped edges and corners.
Owner's stamps/names/filing marks. Covers / edge of page block may be slightly soiled.
Please ask if you need more information on any item.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

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Indiana Department of Geology and Natural Resources : Annual Reports : 9x6”, illustrated.

Indiana Annual Report 18 : 1893 : Eighteenth Annual Report. Printed in 1894. Hardback, black cloth, 357p., 12 plates. Plus tables and colored maps in text. Includes separate color map in envelope that shows oil, natural gas, building stone and other locations of economic geologic interest. (Good. Spine lettering is faded and spine has a small filing label. Owner’s stamps on end paper. Spine ends and corners lightly bumped. Envelope holding separate map is rough. Map itself is good, with mild darkening on edges and folds becoming fragile). $35

The 18th Annual report includes :
Geology of Noble county, plus Salamonie, Mississinewa.
Flora of Nobel county.
Report upon the geology LaGrange county.
The drift of the Wabash – Erie region.
Report of the inspector of mines : coal production by county, men employed by county, list of accidents, Clay county, Parke county, Vermillion county, Vigo county.
Report of state supervisor of Oils.
Report of state supervisor of Natural Gas.
Indiana’s structural features as revealed by the drill.
Paleontology by S. A. Miller.

Indiana Annual Report 22 : Excerpt. 1897 : Printed in 1898. A catalogue of the Fossils of Indiana, accompanied by a bibliography of the literature relating to them. By Edward M. Kindle. This report has been extracted from the Twenty-second annual report. Pages 407-514. Much of the paper consists of tables listing fossils and the formations in which they appear. SCARCE. (Fair/Poor. The pages are in VG condition but the whole article is becoming disbound because it has been removed from the binding. Includes the separate title page from the Annual Report itself. No covers.). $9

Indiana Annual Report 30 : Excerpt. 1905 : Printed in 1906. Fauna of the Salem limestone of Indiana. By E. R. Cumings, J. W. Beede, E. B. Branson, Essie A. Smith. This report has been extracted from the Thirtieth annual report. Pages 1187-1494, plates 7-47, index for this paper, plus index for the whole annual report. SCARCE. (Fair. The pages are in VG condition but the spine covering is rough and there aren’t any covers because it has been removed from a larger book. Includes the separate title page from the Annual Report itself, this page is torn. Spine cocked.) $15

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State of Indiana : Geological Survey : Bulletins - 9x6" illus.

Indiana Bulletin 10 A Middle Pennsylvanian Foraminiferal Fauna from Dubois County, Indiana (1957) J. St. Jean, Jr. 66p. Very nice plates. Size is 6x9". (lower spine end rough) $3

Indiana Bulletin 25 Pleistocene formations in Indiana. 1963. By William J. Wayne. 85p., 4 pls., 8 figs., 2 tables. $4

Indiana Bulletin 27 High-calcium limestone and dolomite in Indiana. 1963. By Duncan J. McGregor. 76p., 3 figs., 44 tables. $4

Indiana Bulletin 37 Crushed Stone resources of the Devonian and Silurian carbonate rocks of Indiana. 1967. By Robert French. 127p., 5 pls., 8 figs., 9 tables. $4

Indiana Bulletin 40 Stratigraphy and conodont paleontology of the Salamonie dolomite and Lee Creek member of the Brassfield limestone (Silurian) in southeastern Indiana and adjacent Kentucky. 1968. By Robert Nicoll and Carl Rexroad. 73p., 7 pls., 4 figs., 2 tables. (bumped corner) $6

Indiana Bulletin 43 Compendium of Rock-Unit Stratigraphy in Indiana. 1970. R.H. Shaver and others. 229 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 8 tables. Very Good. $3

Indiana Bulletin 44 Stratigraphy of the New Albany Shale in Indiana. 1970. By J. A. Lineback. 73 p., 1 plate in pocket, 18 figs. $2

Indiana Bulletin 45 Conodonts from middle Devonian strata of the Michigan basin. 1971. By R. William Orr. 110p., 6 plates, 4 figs. Good (some pencil notes) - $3

Indiana Bulletin 52 Crushed Stone Resources of the Blue River Group (Mississippian) of Indiana. 1978. By D. D. Carr, R. K. Leininger, and M. V. Golde. 225 p., 1 pl., 11 figs., 12 tables. (bumped corner) $2

Indiana Bulletin 53 Stratigraphy of the Detroit River Formation (Middle Devonian) of Northern Indiana. 1975. By E. J. Doheny, J. B. Droste, and R. H. Shaver. 86 p., 3 pls., 7 figs., 2 tables. $2

Indiana Bulletin 57 Pre-Knox (Cambrian) Stratigraphy in Indiana. 1978. By L. E. Becker, A. J. Hreha, and T. A. Dawson. 72 p., 1 plate in pocket, 25 figs., 3 tables. (one table has bent upper edge) $2

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

State of Indiana : Geological Survey : Guidebooks - 8.5x11" Illustrated

See Misc. section at bottom of page for other guidebooks not in this formal series.


State of Indiana : Geological Survey : Occasional Papers - 8.5x11" Illustrated

Indiana Occasional Paper 31 : Post-Knox Unconformity — Significance at Unionport Gas-Storage Project and Relationship to Petroleum Exploration in Indiana. 1980. S.J. Keller and T.F. Abdulkareem. 19p., 10 figures. $5

Indiana Occasional Paper 38 : Salem limestone in the Indiana building-stone district. 1982. By John B. Patton and Donald D. Carr. 31p., 29 figs., 2 tables. $1

Indiana Occasional Paper 47 : Lithostratigraphy of the Sauk Sequence in Indiana. 1985. By J. B. Droste and J. B. Patton. 24 p., 18 figs., 4 app., illus. (minor pencil marks) $1


State of Indiana : Geological Survey : Publications - 9x6" illus.

Indiana Publication 6 : 1919 : Kaolin of Indiana by W.N. Logan.. 129 p. Very nicely illustrated, including some color maps and fold-outs. (one cover corner chipped, spine ends rough) $12

Inidana Publication 101 : 1931 : Insoluble residue studies of Misissippian limestones in Indiana by Henry Garrett Martin. 37p., illus. (cover soiled, spine ends rough) $2


State of Indiana : Geological Survey : Reports of Progress - 9x6" Illus.

Indiana Report of Progress 14 : 1959 : Fossil plants of Indiana. By James E. Canright. 45p., plus 5 plates on un-numbered pages. 3 figures, 3 tables. $5

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


State of Indiana : Geological Survey : Special Reports - 8.5x11" Illustrated

Indiana Special Report 1 : Underground Storage of Natural Gas in Indiana. 1963. T.A. Dawson and G.L. Carpenter. 29p., fold-outs, plate in pocket. (bumped corner) $3

Indiana Special Report 3 : Geology of the Upper East Fork Drainage Basin, Indiana. 1966. By A. F. Schneider and H. H. Gray. 55 p., 12 figs., 4 tables. $1

Indiana Special Report 15 : The Search for a Silurian Reef Model: Great Lakes Area. 1978. By R. H. Shaver and others. 36 p., 23 figs. $3

Indiana Special Report 16 : Conodonts from the Louisville Limestone and the Wabash Formation (Silurian) in Clark County, Indiana, and Jefferson County, Kentucky. 1978. By C. B. Rexroad, A. V. Noland, and C. A. Pollock. 15 p., 1 pl., 2 figs., 1 table. (bumped corner) $1

Indiana Special Report 37 : Conodonts from Subsurface Champlainian (Ordovician) Rocks of Eastern Indiana. 1986. By R. L. Ethington, J. B. Droste, and C. B. Rexroad. 32 p., 2 pls., 6 figs., 1 table. (cover has one small spot) $1

Indiana Special Report 38 : Origin of Mid-Channel Islands in the Ohio River near Evansville, Indiana. 1986. By G. S. Fraser. 15 p., 12 figs. (bent corner) $1

Indiana Special Report 47 : Geology for Environmental Planning in Monroe County Indiana. 1989, reprinted 1998. By E. J. Hartke and H. H. Gray. 38 p., 1 pl., 13 figs., 1 table. $3

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State of Indiana : Misc. geology publications ~9x6" unless otherwise noted, some are offprints.

Account of several Meteoric Stones which fell in Harrison county, Indiana, March 28th, 1859. By J. Lawrence Smith. Journal of Science and Arts, vol. 28, Nov. 1859. 9x5.5", 3p. (Fair : Foxed, tanned). $3

Community organization, paleontology, and sedimentology of the Lower Mississippian Borden Delta Platform (Edwardsville formation, southern Indiana). By William Irl Ausich. 1978, PhD thesis, Indiana University. 11x8.5”, Comb-bound, 433p., 52 figures, 5 plates, 18 tables. SCARCE. (Nice condition, small owner's stamps.) $114

Field Conference on Borden Group and overlying limestone units, South-central Indiana. Edited by Lee J. Suttner and Donald E. Hattin. 1973 Department of Geology, Indiana University. Prepared for the Third Annual Meeting, Great Lakes Section of the SEPM, held October 26-28, 1973. 11x8.5”, softcover, 113p., illustrated. SCARCE. (VG. Owner's stamps) $46

Borden Group Field Conference includes :
Paleocurrent analysis of the Borden Group.
Mesoscopic sedimentary characteristics of the Borden Group.
Sedimentary petrology of the Carwood and Locust Point formations.
Trace fossils of the Borden group.
Harrodsburg limestone in south-central Indiana.
St. Louis limestone in the Field Conference area.
Road logs.
Measured sections.

Geologic Map of the 1 x 2 Vincennes Quadrangle and Parts of Adjoining Quadrangle, Indiana and Illinois. 1970. H.H. Gray, W.J. Wayne, and C.E. Weir. Bedrock and unconsolidated deposits, scale, 1:250,000, in color. Includes Know, Daviess, Martin, Lawrence, Jackson, Washington, Orange, Dubois, Pike, Gibson, Posey, Vanderburgh, Warrick, Spencer, Perry, Crawford, Harrison, and parts of Floyd, Monroe, Greene, Sullivan counties. $5

Handbook of Indiana Geology. 1922 Division of Geology, Department of Connservation, State of Indiana. HARDBACK, dark green cloth, decorated end papers, 570 pages, illustrated, some fold-out maps. My research shows me that this report has several parts and was issued in several variations. It has lots of neat vintage information and would be fun for both geologists and historians. Also apparently numbered as Publication 21. (Good. Cover has some mild wear and fading. Some fold-out maps are a bit mis-folded or have short tears where they attached to the book). $15

This hard cover book contains the following :
Part I – Geography of Indiana by Stephen S. Visher. 58 pages, 15 tables, 23 figures. Includes agriculture, transportation, population (1800-1920) and much more.
Part II – Physiography of Indiana by C. A. Malott. Pages 59-256, 51 figures (1 is a fold-out map), 3 plates (2 are fold-out maps), 1 table.
Part III – Hydrology of Indiana by W. M. Tucker. Pages 257-402, 13 figures (1 is a fold-out map).
Part IV – Nomenclature and description of the geological formations of Indiana by E. R. Cumings. Pages 403-570, 31 figures (3 are on a single fold-out sheet).

Petrology and subsurface stratigraphy of the Detroit river formation (middle Devonian) in northern Indiana. by Edward John Doheny. 1967. Indiana University PhD. Authorized fascimilie from microfilm. 8.5x7", 120p., illus. $12

The Shelburne and South Bend Meteorites. By Oliver Cummings Farrington. 1906 Field Columbian Museum Publication 109, Geological series Volume 3(2). 9x6”, Pages 7-23, 14 plates, 1 figure (the illustrations are photos and maps). Contains very nice descriptions for the Shelburne meteorite which fell on August 13, 1904 in Ontario AND the South Bend meteorite which was found in Indiana in 1893. Original publication was softcover, but this copy has been library-bound into plastic-covered cardstock binder. (Good with library and ex-library marks). $25

Silurian coral reefs of northern Indiana and their associated strata by Cumings and Shrock. 1927. Offprint from "Proceedings of Indiana Academy of Science, vol. 36, 1926." 15p., illus. (some minor pencil marks, was once folded.) $1

Stone Country. Text by Scott R. Sanders. Photographs by Jeffrey A. Wolin. 1985 Indiana University Press. HARDBACK, dust jacket, 11x9”, 256 pages, heavily illustrated with photographs. This book covers the mining history of southern Indiana limestone country, the folklore, the craft, the people, the history, the stories – including stone cutters, quarries, stone finishing, stone masons, stone carvers, transportation, end use of the stone, much more. A great read. Very Good condition. $20

Study of depositional environments within the Big Clifty (Upper Mississippian) formation, Sulfur Section. (Near Sulfur, Indiana). By Peggy M. Visher. This is meant to accompany class G501 taught by Lee J. Suttner. 1979. Comb-bound, 34 pages, illustrated. $4

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Indiana State University - Terre Haute : Professional Papers (TH) - 6x9" Illustrated.
Covers may be lightly rubbed with tiny scuffs of the dark color, sunned spines.

Indiana State University : Terra Haute : Professional Paper No. 15 (1983) Geology at Indiana State. (Articles include : Geology at ISU, New techniques in paleoclimatic interpretation, Linear glacial features - Tipton county, IN, Importance of sediment in beach nourishment and sand bypassing projects - study on Long Island's south shore, and Analysis of dome-shaped dunes in a portion of the North Polar region of Mars). 48p. $4

Indiana State University : Terra Haute : Professional Paper No. 18 (1987) Geomorphology & Sedimentology. (Articles include : Role of variables in controlling sandstone composition, Identification of rock glaciers using enhanced Landsat MSS data, Wind Cave - ancient artesian system modified by Hydrothermal activity, and Bibliography of IN karst and karst-related Literature). 52p. $5

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