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For Sale : Kansas State Geological Publications

State Geological Survey of Kansas (Kansas Geological Survey)
- Bulletins - Guidebooks - Mineral Resources Circulars -
-Oil and Gas Investigations (incl. maps and cross sections) -
See Misc. section below for individual publications from other series.

University of Kansas :
Paleontological Contributions

Misc. Kansas geology publications

General condition notes : (See each item for any individual notes on condition.)
Lightly used. Owner's stamps. Some bumped edges and corners. Covers lightly rubbed.
Older spines show wear/darkening. Covers / edge of page block may be slightly soiled/sunned.
Softcover unless otherwise noted. Please ask if you need more information on any item.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

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Author names may not be listed. Most papers are listed with the state in which they were published.
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State Geological Survey of Kansas : Bulletins (Bulletin of the University of Kansas)
9x6" (10x7" #161-200, 11x8.5" after that). Illustrated. Titles written on some spines.
Some are printed on two qualities of paper that have darkened at two separate rates with age.
A few are also numbered in the Engineering Experiment Station Bulletin series (EEKansas Bulletin #)

Kansas Bulletin 17 : 1930 : Fauna of the Drum Limestone of Kansas and Western Missouri by Albert Nelson Sayre. 203p., 21 plates. (original paper tape over spine is chipped, otherwise VG). $14

Kansas Bulletin 67 : 1947 : Kansas Clay, Dakota formation. 241p., photos, plates in pocket. (front cover soiled). $6

Kansas Bulletin 81 : 1949 : Geology and ground water resources of Norton county and NW Phillips county, Kansas. 144p. Plates in pocket. (corners lightly bumped) $12

Kansas Bulletin 90 Part 5 : 1951 : Some high-calcium limestones in Kansas. By Russell T. Runnels. Pages 81-104, 3 figures, 10 tables. SCARCE. $10

Kansas Bulletin 109 Part 5 : 1954 : Thickness maps as criteria of regional structural movement. By Wallace Lee. Pages 65-80, 10 figures. (bumped corner) $5

Kansas Bulletin 114 Part 5 : 1955 : Fossil Jellyfishes from Kansas Pennsylvanian rocks and elsewhere. By H. J. Harrington and R. C. Moore. Pages 155-163, 2 plates. $5

Kansas Bulletin 117 : 1956 : Geology and ground water resources of Rawlins county, Kansas. 100p. Plate in pocket. $6

Kansas Bulletin 118 : 1956 : Stratigraphy of the Ogallala formation (Neogene) of northern Kansas. 92p. 9 plates (1 in pocket), 5 figures. $5

Kansas Bulletin 119 Part 5 : Barber county earthquake of January 6, 1956. 10p. (bumped edges). $2

Kansas Bulletin 124 : 1957 : Depositional environment of the Wreford megacyclothem (lower Permian) of Kansas. 154p. 22 plates (3 in pocket), 6 figures, 2 tables. $12

Kansas Bulletin 127 Part 3 : 1957 : Precambrian rocks of Kansas. By O. C. Farquhar. 73p., 9 plates (1 in pocket), 4 figures. (bumped edges) $5

Kansas Bulletin 130 Part 3 : 1958 : Environment of deposition of the Grenola Limestone (Lower Permian) in southern Kansas. Pages 117-164, 6 plates, 5 figures, 9 tables. $7

Kansas Bulletin 156 : 1962 : Stratigraphy of the Carlile shale (Upper Cretaceous) in Kansas. 155p. 27 plates (1 in pocket), 2 figures, 2 tables in pocket. (on two sides of same sheet) Thus, there are 2 items in the pocket. (minor smudge on cover, upper edge bumped) $5

Kansas Bulletin 163 : 1963 : Geology of Franklin county, Kansas. 57p. 12 plates (2 in pocket), 9 figures. $5

Kansas Bulletin 164 : 1963 : Paleoecology and biostratigraphy of the Red Eagle cyclothem (Lower Permian) in Kansas. 114p. 7 plates, 23 figures, 7 tables. $4

Kansas Bulletin 197 : 1969 : Depositional facies of Toronto limestone member (Oread limestone, Pennsylvanian), subsurface marker unit in Kansas. By Arthur R. Troell. 29p. 13 figures, 2 tables. $10

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State Geological Survey of Kansas : Guidebooks. 11x8.5”
Guidebooks without numbers are at the bottom of the list

Kansas Guidebook 1 : 1976 : Stratigraphy and faunal sequence – Meade county, Kansas. Published for the 24th annual meeting, Midwestern Friends of the Pleistocene, May 22-23, 1976. By Charles K. Bayne, with papers by John Boellstorff and Barry B. Miller. 85 pages, illustrated, with frontispiece photo of Claude W. Hibbard. Includes : Early Medial Pleistocene faunas of Meade County Kansas; Road log and stratigraphic sections; The succession of Late Cenozoic volcanic ashes in the reat Plains; and The Late Cenozoic Molluscan succession in the Meade county Kansas area. (cover mildly rubbed) $4

Kansas Guidebook (no #) : 1965 : Pennsylvanian Marine banks in southeastern Kansas. By John W. Harbaugh, Daniel F. Berriam, John L. Wray, and Theodore E. Jacques. This is a field conference guidebook for the Annual meetings of the Geological Society of America and Associated Societies, held in Kansas City, Missouri, 1965. 11x8.5”, softcover, 54p., illus., road trip stop descriptons. VG $18


State Geological Survey of Kansas : Mineral Resources Circulars Approx. 9x6"
Kansas Mineral Resources Circular 6 : 1937 : Mineral resources of Kansas counties. 110p. Illus. (spine label). $4

Kansas Mineral Resources Circular 7 : 1937 : Geology of Rawlins and Decatur counties, with special reference to water resources. 25p. Illus. Fold-out maps. (filing marks). $6

Kansas Mineral Resources Circular 8 : 1937 : Rock wool resources of Kansas. 28p. Illus. $3


State Geological Survey of Kansas : Oil and Gas Investigations
10x8" (corners bumped on all) * * See also Misc. pubs for more oil and gas.
Some of these are a map or plate only, some have text. See sentence after title for description.

Kansas Oil and Gas Investigations 6 : 1948 : Subsurface geologic cross section from Baca county to Yuma county, Colorado. Large folded plate with multiple finely printed geologic cross sections. $9

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


University of Kansas : Paleontological Contributions illustrated, softcover.

University of Kansas : Paleontological Contributions : Article 13: Galbreath, E. C. 1953. A contribution to the Tertiary geology and paleontology of northeastern Colorado, Vertebrata 4, 120 p., 2 pl., 26 fig. $15


Kansas State Geology : Misc. Publications ~9x6" unless otherwise noted, some are offprints.

1951 Field Conference, Lyon County, Kansas. 1951 Kansas Geological Society. 11x8.5", 23 pages, illus, road log from Madison, Kansas. An opportunity to study interesting lithologies and their stratigraphic relationships in the sediments of the Wabaunsee (Virgilian) and Council Grove (Wolfcampian) groups.

Choose your copy of 1951 Field Conference:
Very good, - $8,
Fair (lots of pencil notes, some soil) - $4

Eleventh (11th) Annual field Conference : Southeastern Kansas and Northeastern Oklahoma. 1937 Kansas Geological Society. 11x8.5", 108p., illus. Road logs and related papers. (Fair : Most of this guidebook is in very good condition, but the cover is poor (darkened, repaired, some water marking) and some of the pages and the folded section plate are water marked at the bottom - nothing stuck or rippled.) $12

Field Conference . . . 1959 Kansas Geological Society. by Raymond C. Moore and Daniel F. Merriam. 12x9", 52p., very nice illus, comb-bound. Road log Lawrence to Lindsborg, and related pieces. (Good : all is very good, except upper edge has been noticably bumped and faded where it stuck out above the typical 11x8.5" items) $14

Geoeconomics of the Pennsylvanian marine banks in southeast Kansas. 1962 Kansas Geological Society Guidebook for the 27th field conference held from Independence, Kansas September 13-14, 1962. 11x8.5”, softcover, comb bound, 160p., illus. Field conference leader was John W. Harbaugh. Includes 13 technical papers, column, maps of field trip areas, more. Specific mention is made of Lansing group, Coffeyville Formation, Hogshooter Formation, Paradox Basin (Four Corners area), Sacramento Mountains (New Mexico), Wilson county, Montgomery county, Washington county, Nowata county. $25

Geology and Ground-water resources of Montgomery County, Southeastern Kansas. by Howard G. O'Connor. Ground Water Series #1. 1974. 11x8.5", 12p., Color geologic map in pocket. (Fair : Text a bit rumpled with moderate water marking along spine - nothing stuck. Map good, but mildly soiled and with minor pencil notes). $2

Mammals of the Rexroad formation from Fox Canyon, Kansas. 1950. Contributions from the Museum of Paleontology, University of Michigan. 9x6" Very nicely illustrated. 193p. Fold-out $23

Missouri river basin - conservation, control, and use of water resources including floodwaters. Hearings before the committee on irrigation and reclamation, House of Representatives, 78th congress, 2nd session, on H.R. 4795 - December 1, 1944. US government printing office. 43p. $4

Paleoecology of Nodulose zone at top of Haskell limestone (Upper Pennsylvanian) in Kansas by Halsey Miller and Ada Swineford. 1957. Extracted from AAPG Bulletin vol. 41(9). 9x6", 25p. $4

Type and figured specimens of Fossil Vertebrates in the Collection of the University of Kansas Museum of Natural History : Part I - Fossil Fishes. by H.-P. Schultze, J.D. Stewart, A.M. Neuner, and R.W. Coldiron. 1982. This is Miscellaneous Publication 73, University of Kansas, Museum of Natural History. 10x6.5", 53p. (owner's name and minimal soil on cover) $11

Type and figured specimens of Fossil Vertebrates in the Collection of the University of Kansas Museum of Natural History : Part IV - Fossil Mammals. by Gregg E. Ostrander, Assefa Mebrate, and Robert W. Wilson. 1986. This is Miscellaneous Publication 79, University of Kansas, Museum of Natural History. 10x6.5", 83p. (owner's name on cover) $19

Underground space : developing Kansas City's underground space (legal principles and problems, zoning and code changes, infrastructure planning, Seabrook tunnels, subway costs, and more). 1984. Vol. 8 #5-6.11x8.5", 100p., Illus. (bumped corners, rubbed cover). $5

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