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For Sale : Used Minnesota State Geological Publications

Minnesota Geological Survey
University of Minnesota
Final Report 1896-1898 - Bulletins - Maps
- Report of Investigationss - Special Publications

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources : Division of Minerals

Misc. Minnesota geology publications

General condition notes : (See each item for any individual notes on condition.)
Lightly used. Owner's stamps. Some bumped edges and corners. Covers lightly rubbed.
Older spines show wear/darkening. Covers / edge of page block may be slightly soiled.
Please ask if you need more information on any item.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

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Geological and Natural History Survey of Minnesota : Final Report 1896-1898
Summary of the geological and natural history studies carried out in Minnesota between 1872 and 1901. Published in 6 volumes.
Hardback, dark red cloth, gilt spine lettering, 12x9”, impressive historic volumes. SCARCE.

The Geology of Minnesota, Volume 6 of the Final Report 1896-1898. 1901 Geological and Natural History Survey of Minnesota. By N. H. Winchell. This volume stands alone and is a geological atlas with synoptical descriptions for the whole state. Pages are not numbered (the book is more than an inch thick). It has 88 colored geographical and geological plates, each with several pages of text describing each plate. (Fair. All Good, but the outer margin of most pages is touched with a fairly pale vintage reddish damp stain. The rest of the book is clean, with light tanning and some minor library marks inside. The binding is tight. The first two inside page (before title page) have some edge chips, as do four of the pages at the back. The cover is mildly rubbed. The covers appear original, and are not water marked). $90


Minnesota Geological Survey : Bulletins 9.5x6", Illustrated.

Minnesota Bulletin 30 : 1943 : Mineral resources of Minnesota. Edited by Eilliam H. Emmons and Frank F. Grout. 9x6”, softcover, 149p., 15 figures. Includes Iron ore deposits, Manganese, Building Stones, sand and gravel, clays and shales, Limestones and marls, Peat, Non-metallic minerals, Metals. Appendices include Minerals of Interest to collectors, List of Minerals of Minnesota, more. (bumped corner). $14


Minnesota Geological Survey : Maps (see also Atlas section)

Minnesota Map 66 : 1989 Miller, J.D., Jr., Green, J.C., and Boerboom, T.J., Geologic map of the Illgen City quadrangle, Lake County, Minnesota: Scale 1:24,000. (envelope edges bumped, map pristine) $4

Minnesota Geological Survey : Report of Investigations Illustrated, 9x6" unless noted.

Minnesota Report of Investigations 11 : 1970 Mooney, H.M., Farnham, P.R., Johnson, S.H., Volz, G., and Craddock, C., Seismic studies over the Midcontinent Gravity High in Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin: 191 p. Spiral bound to lay flat. (11x8.5") (bumped corners) $ 13

Minnesota Report of Investigations 17 : 1977 Ojakangas, R.W., Meineke, D.G., and Listerud, W.H., Geology, sulfide mineralization and geochemistry of the Birchdale-Indus area, Koochiching County, northwestern Minnesota: 78 p., 1 pl. in pocket. $10

Minnesota Report of Investigations 20-A, B : 1978 Geology of the Deer Lake Complex, Itasca County, Minnesota: 50 p. $8

CONTENTS of Minnesota Report of Investigations 20-AB:
A, Cumulus mineralogy and petrology of the Deer Lake Complex, Itasca County, Minnesota, p. A1–18;
B, Sulfide minerals in the layered sills of the Deer Lake Complex, Itasca County, Minnesota, p. B1–32.

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


Minnesota Geological Survey : Special Publications 6x9" Illustrated.
All spines and edges darkened with age.

Minnesota Special Publication 4 : 1966 Webers, G.F., The Middle and Upper Ordovician conodont faunas of Minnesota: 123 p. (cover sunned, minimal pencil marks) $10


Minnesota Department of Natural Resources : Division of Minerals : Reports 11x8.5”, illus.

Minnesota DNR Report 231 : 1985 : A compilation of ore mineral occurrences, drill core, and testpits in the state of Minnesota. By Dennis P. Martin. 266p. It is supposed to have 4 plates on microfische in a pocket, but the pocket is not there (and doesn’t look like it ever was present). Comb-bound. $8

Minnesota DNR Report 236 : 1985 : Lake sediment geochemical survey of East-Central Minnesota. By James M. Sellner. 32p., 10 figures, 12 tables, 12 plates. (Plates are on microfische in pocket at back). $8

Minnesota DNR Report 255-1, 265, 266 (bound together). Project 255-1 = Duluth complex sampling project. Project 265 = Soudan mine sampling project. Project 266 = Archean Greenstone sampling project. Around 330p., illustrated, 2 folded plates in pocket. (Back cover partly loose from comb). $10


Minnesota State Geology Materials : Misc.~9x6" unless otherwise noted, many are offprints.

Minnesota Eskers and sundry kames. 1923. Pan-American Geologist. 7p. $1

Paleozoic lithostratigraphic nomenclature for southeastern Minnesota. 1969. Information Circular 6, Minnesota Geological Survey. Large plate in envelope plus 11p. of text. (sunned edge, back page of text has some soil). 11x8.5" $3

Precambrian Iron Formation symposium : abstracts and field guides. 1972 Society of Economic Geologists. Prepared for the meeting held November 10-12, 1972 in Duluth. Softcover, comb-bound, 11x8.5”, partly unpaged, about 60 pages, most of them printed on both sides, illustrated. The abstracts are a page or more each and comprise about a quarter of the volume. The Field Trip sections contain stop descriptions and supplementary material for 1) General Geology of the Mesabi Range, 2) Taconite development, Minntac Taconite, 3)Metamorphism of the Biwabik Iron Formation. $18

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