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For Sale : Used Nevada State Geology Publications

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology
Bulletins - Maps - Reports - Special Publications - For other NBMG series, see report title in Misc. Section.

Nevada Geological Society

Misc. Nevada geology publications

These are NBMG ORIGINALS, not photocopies, unless specifically noted.

The Mountain Geologist : quarterly journal of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG).
Lots of Nevada content. On another page on the website. Click here to go there.
I have listed all the main reports in the issues, so it will be easy to find topics of interest.

General condition notes : (See each item for any individual notes on condition.)
Please note : some publications have a shiny silver cover - these rubbed easily and did not age beautifully.
Very good condition unless noted. Lightly used. Owner's stamps. Some bumped edges and corners.
Older spines show wear/darkening/sunning. Covers / edge of page block may be slightly soiled.
Covers lightly rubbed. Softcover unless noted. Please ask if you need more information on any item.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

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Author names may not be listed. Most papers are listed with the state in which they were published.
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Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology : Bulletins
9x6" through # 65, 11x8.5" after that. Illustrated with figures, photos, and plates (as noted). (These are originals, NOT copies, unless clearly stated.).

Nevada Bulletin 20 : 1933 : Geology of the Tybo district, Nevada. By Henry G. Ferguson. 61 pages, 8 figures, 3 plates (1 in pocket), 8 figures. Also numbered as University of Nevada bulletin Volume 27(3). Fair (All Good except cover edges sunned and cover split along spine) - $8

Nevada Bulletin 24 : 1935 : Geology of the central Humboldt Range, Nevada. By C. Phillip Jenney. 73 pages, 33 figures, 1 plate in pocket. This is also numbered as University of Nevada Bulletin Volume 29(6). (Good, owner's stamps) $14

Nevada Bulletin 27 : 1936 : Placer mining in Nevada. By William O. Vanderburg. 178p., 1 plate (a fold-out map) 65 figures, 5 tables. This is also numbered as University of Nevada Bulletin Volume 30(4). Yellow cover = 1976, 4th printing. $7

Nevada Bulletin 28 : 1936 : The Tungsten mineralization at Silver Dyke, Nevada. By Paul F. Kerr. 70 pages, 33 figures (4 folded in pocket at back). This is also numbered as University of Nevada Bulletin Volume 30(6). $14

Nevada Bulletin 29 : 1936 : Geology of the Silver City District and the southern portion of the Comstock Lode, Nevada. By Vincent P. Gianella. 108 pages, 28 figures, 1 plate (a fold-out map). This is also numbered as University of Nevada Bulletin volume 30(9). PHOTOCOPY (includes plate) - $8

Nevada Bulletin 33 : 1940 : Goldbanks mining district, Pershing County, Nevada. By Robert M. Dreyer. 38p., 13 figures. This is University of Nevada Bulletin Vol. 34, No. 1, January 15, 1940. $7

Nevada Bulletin 37 : 1943 : History of the Comstock Lode : 1850-1920. By Grant H. Smith. 297p., 23 illustrations. Silver cover, 7th printing. This is also numbered as University of Nevada bulletin volume 37(3). (Good, slight cover wear) $5

Nevada Bulletin 41 : 1944 : Quicksilver deposits in Nevada. By Edgar H. Bailey and David A. Phoenix. 206 pages, 16 figures, 23 plates in pocket. Content includes Cinnabar Hill mine, Erway property, Patsy prospect, Hatter property, Silver Cloud mine, Teapot prospect, Berry Creek group, Container mine, Red Cloud property, Montezuma prospect, Beowawe mine, Anthill mine, Birthday mine, Blue Can mine, McAdoo mine, Niebuhr mine, Dutch Flat mine, Buckskin Peak mine, Cordero mine, Getchell gold mine, Hapgood mine, Wild Horse mine, Tem Piute district, Hitt mine, Lost Steer mine, Flower Quicksilver mine, Scheebar mine, Tip Top mine, White Caps gold mine, Two Injun property, Yellow Cat mine, Horse Canyon mine, Juniper mine, Pershing mine, Eldorado mine, Mount Tobin mine, King George mine, Roman mine, Steamboat Springs mine, and MANY others. 1956 reprint. (Good condition, sunned spine). $24

Nevada Bulletin 48 : 1948 : A contribution to the published information on the geology and ore deposits of Goldfield, Nevada. By Fred Searls, Jr. 24 pages, 2 color plates on 1 sheet (folded in pocket). $8

Nevada Bulletin 53 Part A : 1955 : Iron ore deposits of Nevada, Part A. Geology and iron ore deposits of the Buena Vista Hills, Churchill and Pershing counties, Nevada. By Robert G. Reeves and Victor E. Kral. Pages 1-32 plus index, 8 plates in pocket, 13 figures, 3 tables. SCARCE. (Good. Title hand written on spine). $30

Nevada Bulletin 53 Part B : 1958 : Iron ore deposits of Nevada, Part B. Iron Ore Deposits of West-central Nevada. By Robert G. Reeves, Fred R. Shawe, and Victor E. Kral. Pages 33-78, 6 plates in pocket (Plate 10A and 10B on same sheet), figures 14-29, tables 4-6. title hand written on spine) $1

Nevada Bulletin 53 Part C : 1962 : Iron ore deposits of Nevada, Part C. Iron ore deposits of northern Nevada. By Fred R. Shawe, Robert G. Reeves, and Victor E. Kral. Pages 79-125 plus index, Plates 15-22 in pocket (8 plates in pocket), figures 30-39, Tables 7-14). (title hand written on spine) $1

Nevada Bulletin 54 : See Misc section for map sheet from this bulletin.

Nevada Bulletin 55 : 1954 : Silica resources of Clark county, Nevada. By Thomas D. Murphy. 28 pages, 3 figures, 4 tables. $1

Nevada Bulletin 56 : 1959 :Geology of the Candelaria mining district, Mineral County, Nevada. By Ben M. Page. 67 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 15 figures, 2 tables. $20

Nevada Bulletin 57 : 1960 : Geology of the White Pine mining district, White Pine County, Nevada. By Fred L. Humphrey. 119p., 2 plates in pocket including large full-color geologic map, 25 figures. Tan cover. (bumped corner) $15

Nevada Bulletin 58 : 1961 : Geology and mineral deposits of Mineral County, Nevada. By Donald C. Ross. 98p., 2 plates in pocket, 15 figures, 7 tables (1 in pocket, on 8 sheets). Thus, there are 10 items in pocket. Tan softcover with plates in pocket at back. (Spine ends neatly taped, minor cover soil) - $12

Nevada Bulletin 59 : 1964 : Geology and mineral deposits of Humboldt County, Nevada. By Ronald Willden. 154p., 3 plates in pocket, 17 figures, 29 tables (13 of which are in pocket). Thus, there are 16 items in the “plates” pocket or box. Tan softcover text and plates folder (one hinge of plates folder is partly split OR spine has neat transparent tape) - $12

Nevada Bulletin 60 : 1962 : Geology of the Bull Run Quadrangle, Elko County, Nevada: Decker. 65p., color plate in pocket. (bumped edge). $3

Nevada Bulletin 62 : 1965 : Geology and mineral deposits of Clark County, Nevada. By C. R. longwell, E. H. Pampeyan, Ben Bowyer, and R. J. Roberts. 218p., fold-out. 22 figs., 18 tables, 16 plates in pocket (including Geologic map of Clark County. Mineral resource map of Clark county, Stratigraphic sections, Tectonic map. Individual geologic maps or other details from - Searchlight district, Quartette mine, Blossom mine, Eldorado Canyon, Techatticup mine, Copper King district, Gold Butte district, Las Vegas district, Virgin River district, Anniversary mine, Overton magnesite deposits). In yellow hardshell box. $20

Nevada Bulletin 63 : 1965 : Geology and mineral deposits of the Bunkerville mining district, Clark County, Nevada: by Laurence H. Beal. 96 pages, 11 figs., 4 tables, 5 plates in pocket including full-color geologic map. (cover has small sticker in blank area and faint stamp). $35

Nevada Bulletin 64 : 1967 : Geology and mineral resources of Eureka County, Nevada. By Ralph J. Roberts, Kathleen M. Montgomery, and Robert E. Lehner. 152 pages, 27 figs., 14 tables (1 in pocket), plus 12 plates in pocket, including Mineral resource map of Eureka county, Geologic map of Eureka, and more. There are a total of 13 items in pocket. (Silver covers are a bit rubbed, spine may have neat transparent tape). $12

Nevada Bulletin 65 : 1964 : Mineral and water resources of Nevada. 314p., 60 figures, 21 tables. Silver cover. (cover lightly rubbed, owner's name). $2

START of 11x8.5" size :

Nevada Bulletin 67 : 1967 : Geology of the Rowland Quadrangle, Elko County, Nevada: Bushnell. 38p., full-color geologic map in pocket. (Fair : Silver cover rubbed, edge of text block bumped, geologic map grubby) $6

Nevada Bulletin 68 : 1967 : Geology of the Mount Velma Quadrangle, Elko County, Nevada: Coash. 28p., full-color geologic map in pocket. (Silver cover rubbed. Map has two short margin tears, no paper missing). $14

Nevada Bulletin 69 : 1967 : Relation of some metal mining districts in the Western United States to regional tectonic environments and igneous activity. By S. E. Jerome and D. R. Cook. 35p., 23 plates (one is fold-out), plates include color. Silver cover. (Good. Silver cover rubbed). $15

Nevada Bulletin 71 : 1969 : Geology of parts of the Wadsworth and Churchill Butte Quadrangles, Nevada. By Robert L. Rose. 29 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 8 figures, 1 table. (cover lightly rubbed) $4

Nevada Bulletin 73 : 1970 : Geology and mineral deposits of Lincoln County, Nevada: C. M. Tschanz and E. H. Pampeyan, 188p., 27 figures, 36 tables, 7 plates in pocket, including full-color geologic maps. The geography, stratigraphy, structure, and mineral deposits including detailed descriptions of districts; references and index. Sells new for $57. Good (Generally Very Good, but Text corners bumped around thick plate packet, covers barely rubbed. Silver covers.) - $27

Nevada Bulletin 75 : 1969 : Geology and mineral deposits of Lyon, Douglas, and Ormsby Counties, Nevada. By James G. Moore. With a section on historical mineral deposits by N. L. Archbold. 45p. plus two plates in pocket, including full-color geologic map, 17 figures, 4 tables. Silver cover or yellow cover. Sells new for $20.

Choose your copy of Nevada Bulletin 75:
Excellent - $16
Very Good (but silver cover rubbed) - $12
Very Good (but yellow cover has minor fading and minor rubbing on back) - $12
Good (Yellow cover. Library marks on cover and title page. Other than that, is Very Good). - $8

Nevada Bulletin 77 : 1972 : Geology and mineral deposits of southern Nye County, Nevada. By Henry R. Cornwall. 49p. 2 figures, 4 tables, 2 plates in pocket, including full-color geologic map. (G/VG, bumped corner or lightly soiled cover or mild scuff or sunned spine). $10

Nevada Bulletin 80 : 1973 : Geology of the Granite Complex of the Eldorado, Newberry, and Northern Dead Mountains, Clark county, Nevada.. By Alexis Volborth. 40p., 1 color geologic map folded in pocket, 30 figures, 4 tables. (Good. Generally Very Good, may have library markings on cover and first page). $16

Nevada Bulletin 85 : 1976 : Geology and mineral resources of White Pine County, Nevada; Part I, Geology, by Richard K. Hose and M.C. Blake, Jr., Part II, Mineral resources, by Roscoe M. Smith. 113p., 2 plates in pocket, 14 figures, 29 tables. Good (Generally Very Good, but cover lightly soiled) - $10

Nevada Bulletin 87 : 1976 : Evaporites and brines in Nevada playas. By Keith G. Papke. 35 pages, 15 figures, 5 tables, 1 plate in pocket. Yellow cover. $2

Nevada Bulletin 88 : 1977 : Geology and mineral deposits of Lander County, Nevada (includes : Part I - Geology and Part II - Mineral Deposits). By John H. Stewart, Edwin H. McKee, and Harold K. Stager. 106p., 3 plates in pocket including full-color geologic map, 23 figures, 35 tables. Yellow cover. (light cover soil) $12

Nevada Bulletin 91 : 1979 : Thermal waters of Nevada. By Larry J. Garside, and John H. Schilling. Descriptions of Nevada’s thermal waters in springs, wells, and mine workings : locations, geology, temperatures, flow rates, water chemistry, well depths, drilling and other exploration activities, and past and present uses. 163 pages, map in pocket. $15

Nevada Bulletin 92 : 1979 : Geology of the Tonopah, Lone Mountain, Klondike, and northern Mud Lake Quadrangles, Nevada. By Harold F. Bonham, Jr. and Larry J. Garside. 142p., 2 plates in pocket including full-color geologic map. Yellow cover. $12

Nevada Bulletin 94 : 1979 : Pluvial lakes and estimated pluvial climates of Nevada. By M. D. Mifflin and M. M. Wheat. 57 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 25 figures, 9 tables. (very light cover soil) $4

Nevada Bulletin 99B : 1984 : Mineral resources of northern Nye County, Nevada. By Frank J. Kleinhampl and Joseph I. Ziony. 243p., 1 plate in pocket, 58 figures, 55 tables. Yellow cover. $9

Nevada Bulletin 100 : 1985 : Lode gold deposits of Round Mountain, Nevada. By Joseph V. Tingley and Byron R. Berger. 62p., 4 plates in pocket, 55 figures, 5 tables. $10

Nevada Bulletin 106 : 1991 : Mineral resources of Elko County, Nevada: La Pointe. By Daphne D. Lapointe, Joseph V. Tingley, and Richard B. Jones. 236 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 94 figures, 104 tables. $20

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology : Maps
Maps were issued in special printed envelope - present with map unless noted. Geologic maps are in color.
They are folded. Envelopes may have bumped edges. See also Bulletins above for more maps.
Issued in an 11x8.5" printed envelope through Map 59, issued without envelope (title on one section) folded size 9.5x7" starting with Map 60
Some copies have a library card and pocket on back cover of envelope .

Nevada Map 4 : 1962 : Titanium occurrences in Nevada. By L. H. Beal. 1:1,000,000. $2

Nevada Map 5 : 1962 : Iron ore occurrences in Nevada. By Robert C. Horton. 1:1,000,000. $5

Nevada Map 7 : 1962 : Mercury occurrences in Nevada. By E. F. Lawrence and R. V. Wilson. 1:1,000,000. $5

Nevada Map 9 : 1962 : Manganese deposits in Nevada. By John H. Schilling. 1:1,000,000. $5

Nevada Map 20. Preliminary geologic map and sections of the Diamond Springs Quadrangle, Nevada. The map sheet has a color map and sections and lots of explanatory text. Map Scale 1:62,500. Section Scale 1:31,250. (small smudge in one blank margin) Folded. No envelope. $8

Nevada Map 25 : 1964 : Hot springs, sinter deposits, and volcanic cinder cones. Compiled by Robert C. Horton. Scale 1: 1,000,000. $10

Nevada Map 28 : 1965 : Preliminary geologic map of a part of the Stillwater Range, Churchill county, Nevada. By Ben M. Page. 1:125,000. $10

Nevada Map 32 : 1967 : Gold producing districts of Nevada. By Harold F. Bonham. 1:1,000,000. First edition, 1976. $2

Nevada Map 33 : 1967 : Silver producing districts of Nevada. By Harold F. Bonham. 1:1,000,000. First edition, 1980. $2

Nevada Map 35 : 1968 : Geologic map and sections of the southern Cherry Creek and northern Egan Ranges, White Pine county, Nevada. By William H. Fritz. The map sheet has a color map and sections and lots of explanatory text. 1:62,5000. $9

Nevada Map 36 : 1968 : Gravity map of the Tonopah, Baxter Spring, Lone Mountain, and San Antonio Ranch quadrangle, Nevada. By John W. Erwin. 1:125,000. $2

Nevada Map 39 : 1970 : Gravity map of the Yerington, Como, Wabuska, and Wellington quadrangles, Nevada. By John W. Erwin. 1:125,000. $2

Nevada Map 43 : 1972 : Topographic map of Nevada. By Susan L. Nichols and Ira A. Lutsey. 1:1,000,000. $2

Nevada Map 45 : 1973 : Reconnaissance geologic map of the McCullough Range and adjacent areas, Clark County, Nevada. By Edward C. Bingler and Harold F. Bonham, Jr. 1:125,000. Reconnaissance bedrock geology of a 3000-square-mile area in southwestern Clark County. Indicates the distribution of Precambrian metasedimentary and meta-igneous rocks, and the Tertiary-age Patsy Mine and Mount Davis volcanics and tuff of Bridge Spring. $2

Nevada Map 47 : 1974 : Bouguer gravity map of Nevada, Winnemucca sheet: Erwin. 1:250,000. (may not have envelope) $1

Nevada Map 48 : 1974 : Aeromagnetic map of Nevada, Vya sheet. 1:250,000. $2

Nevada Map 50 : 1976 : Geologic map of north-central Nevada. By John H. Stewart and John E. Carlson. 1:250,000. May be First or Second printing. $7

Nevada Map 52 : 1976 : Cenozoic rocks of Nevada -- four maps and brief description of distribution, lithology, age, and centers of volcanism. By John H. Stewart and John E. Carlson. 1:1,000,000. 5 pages of text, 4 map sheets. $5

Nevada Map 53 : 1977 : Bouguer gravity map of Nevada, Millett sheet. By John W. Erwin and Edward W. Bittleston. 1:250,000. $2

Nevada Map 54 : 1977 : Aeromagnetic map of Nevada, Reno sheet. 1:250,000. $2

Nevada Map 55 : 1977 : Active mines and oil fields in Nevada, 1976. By Anthony L. Payne and Keith G. Papke. 1:1,000,000. $5

Nevada Map 56 : 1977 : Wells drilled for oil and gas in Nevada through 1976. By Larry J. Garside and John H. Schilling. $5

Nevada Map 57 : 1977 : Million-Scale geologic map of Nevada. By John H. Stewart and John E. Carlson. 1:1,000,000. $3

Nevada Map 58 : 1977 : Bouguer gravity map of Nevada, Reno sheet. By John W. Erwin and John C. Berg. 1:250,000. $2

Nevada Map 59 : 1977 : Geologic map of the New Empire quadrangle. By E. C. Bingler. 1:24,000. Geologic map of the New Empire 7.5’ quadrangle, the map shows faults and divides the rocks into 63 geologic units. $3

Start of smaller size for most : These have no envelope, Map self-titled on one section, folded size is 9.5x7"

Nevada Map 60 : 1978 : Geologic map of the Schurz quadrangle. By E. C. Bingler. 1:48,000. Geologic map of the Schurz 15’ quadrangle, cross sections, and text describing 47 geologic units and structures. $3

Nevada Map 62 : 1980 : Aeromagnetic map index of Nevada: Erwin, Nichols, Godson, and Hill. 1:1,000,000. (larger size, with envelope) $2

Nevada Map 63 : 1979 : Geologic map of the Camp Douglas Quadrangle. By Larry J. Garside. 1:24,000. Geologic map of the Camp Douglas 7.5’ quadrangle, cross-sections, and text describing 37 geologic units, structure, and mineral deposits. $2

Nevada Map 66 : 1980 : Molybdenum deposits and occurrences in Nevada. By John H. Schilling. 1:1,000,000. (larger size, with envelope) (envelope has some soil) $1

Nevada Map 67 : 1980 : Geologic map of the Henderson quadrangle, Nevada. By John W. Bell and Eugene I. Smith. 1:24,000. Geologic map of the Henderson 7.5’ quadrangle, cross section, and text describing 45 geologic units, and structures. $3

Nevada Map 68 : 1980 : Bouguer gravity map of Nevada, Goldfield and Mariposa sheets. By D. L. Healey, R. R. Wahl, and F. E. Curry. 1:250,000. $2

Nevada Map 81 : 1984 : Geologic map of the Boulder Beach quadrangle, Nevada. 1:24,000. $3

Nevada Map 84 : 1984 : Active mines and oil fields in Nevada - 1983. A 1:1,000,000 scale map showing the locations of metal and industrial-mineral mines and oil fields in Nevada, active during 1983, with a list showing the commodities produced, the names of the properties, and the operators. $5

Nevada Map 88 : 1985 : Geologic map of the Buckskin Mountain quadrangle, Nevada. By Peter G. Vikre. 1:24,000. Geologic map of the Buckskin Mountain 7.5’ quadrangle with cross sections diagrams, photographs, and text describing geologic units, structural geology, and mineral deposits. $4

Nevada Map 91 : 1986 : Bulk-mineable precious-metal deposits and prospects in Nevada. By Haold F. Bonham, Jr. 1:1,000,000. 1986 edition. $15

Nevada Map 92 : 1988 : Aeromagnetic map of Nevada, Winnemucca sheet: Kirchoff-Stein, 1:250,000. $2

Nevada Map 93A : 1988 : Total intensity magnetic anomaly map of Nevada. By Thomas G. Hildenbrand and Robert P. Kucks. 1:750,000. $5

Nevada Map 97 : 1990 : Geologic map of the Mineral Hill Quadrangle, Nevada: Carlisle and Nelson, 1:48,000. $8

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Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology : Reports 11x8.5" Illustrated.
Many of these are also from the Mackay School of Mines, University of Nevada. These are ORIGINALS, not modern photocopies.

Nevada Report 2 : 1962 : An inventory of Molybdenum occurrences in Nevada, by John Schilling. 48 pages, 1 fold-out plate. $3

Nevada Report 4 : 1963 : Inventory of Barite occurrences in Nevada, by Robert Horton. 18p., 1 plate (fold-out), 1 fig. $3

Nevada Report 6, Part A & B : 1963 : Total instrumental analysis of Rocks : A. X-ray spectrographic determination of all major oxides in Igneous rocks, and precision and accuracy of a direct pelletizing method. B. Oxygen determination in rocks by neutron activation. By A. Volborth. 85p., 25 figures, 31 tables. Very Good - $10

Nevada Report 6, Part C : 1970 : Total Instrumental analysis of rocks : C. Part I : Semiquantitative x-ray spectrographic determination of 38 elements in a Nevada granite and in standard grante G-1. C. Part II : Quantitative x-ray fluorescent trace analysis for 20 elements in igneous rocks. By Brent Fabbi and Alexis Volborth. 48p., 3 figs., 2 tables. $5

Nevada Report 9 : 1965 : Correlation of the middle and late Quaternary successions of the Lake Lahontan, Lake Bonneville, Rocky Mountain (Wasatch Range), southern Great Plains, and eastern Midwest areas, by R.B. Morrison and John C. Frye. 51 pages, 11x8.5", 7 b/w drawings (including 2 oversized), oversized material: figure 2, stratigraphic chart, 11x18", b/w; figure 6, correlation chart, 11x16", b/w, Summaries of the latest stratigraphic, radiocarbon, and climatic data for five areas (Lake Lahontan, Lake Bonneville, Rocky Mountain, southern Great Plains, and eastern Midwest area); interregional correlations are made; geosols are defined and used as supportive evidence; references. (spine bumped) $8

Nevada Report 10 : 1965 : Isotopic age determinations of Nevada rocks. By John H. Schilling. 79 pages, 2 plates, 7 figures, 3 tables. $8

Nevada Report 11 : 1965 : Stratigraphy of Tertiary volcanic rocks in Eastern Nevada. By Earl F. Cook. 61 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 36 figures, 2 tables. (silver cover lightly rubbed) $18

Nevada Report 13, Part A : 1966 : Papers presented at the AIME Pacific Southwest mineral industry conference, Sparks, Nevada, May 5-7, 1965. A. General Session and session on exploration and mine development in Nevada. 157p., nicely illustrated. (lightly bumped/rubbed edges) $11

Nevada Report 13, Part B : 1966 : Papers presented at the AIME Pacific Southwest mineral industry conference, Sparks, Nevada, May 5-7, 1965. B. Industrial minerals session and Mining-Metallurgy-Analysis session. 115p. Nicely illustrated. (lightly bumped/rubbed edges, may have library pocket on back cover) $9

Nevada Report 13, Part C : 1966 : Papers presented at the AIME Pacific Southwest mineral industry conference, Sparks, Nevada, May 5-7, 1965. C. Session on North American exploration and mine development. 125p., Nicely illustrated, plate in pocket. $11

Contents of Report 13-C :
Bethlehem Bopper story, prospect to concentrates.
Paleophysiographic premises for prospecting for strata-bound base metal mineral deposits in carbonate rocks.
Exploration methods in the Copper country, Keweenaw peninsula, Michigan.
The epithermal precious-metal province of Northwest Mexico.
Selection criteria for geothermal prospects.

Nevada Report 15 : 1967 : Gravity study of Warm Springs Valley, Washoe County, Nevada, by James I. Gimlett. 35 pages, 11x8.5", 7 b/w drawings, 3 b/w photos, 2 tables, 2 plates: plate 1, 1: 125,000, regional gravity, 21x22", b/w; plate 2, 1:48,000, geology and local gravity, 19x15, 2 color. The geography of Warm Springs Valley, geology of the area, gravity data reduction, regional gravity survey, and the Warm Springs Valley gravity anomaly; references. (Silver cover lightly rubbed, mildly bumped corners) $1

Nevada Report 19 : 1974 : Guidebook to the geology of four Tertiary volcanic centers in central Nevada: Bonham, Garside, Noble, Christiansen, McKee, Ashley, and Silberman. Prepared in conjunction with GSA Cordilleran section meeting 1974. A road log and trip guide to the collapse calderas at Northumberland Canyon in the Toquima range and at Black Mountain on Pahute mesa, and to the precious-metal mining districts of Tonopah and Goldfield. $3

Nevada Report 21 : 1974 : Geothermal exploration and development in Nevada through 1973. By Larry Garside. 12p., 4 figs., 2 tables. A brief description of Nevada’s geothermal resources, and exploration activity for geothermal power through 1973. The use, geology, exploration, and regulation of the State’s geothermal energy resources are discussed. (rubbed spine) $5

Nevada Report 22 : 1975 : Guidebook to the Quaternary geology along the western flank of the Truckee Meadows, Washoe County, Nevada. By E. C. Bingler. 16 pages, 1 b/w drawing, 7 b/w photos. A road log and trip guide to glacial, alluvial fan, and basin deposits through the city of Reno, south via US 395 to the Mount Rose fan complex. Prepared in conjunction with Geological Society of America Cordilleran Section Meeting in Las Vegas, Nevada, March 1975. $2

Nevada Report 23 : 1975 : Induced polarization (resistivity) and magnetic surveys of altered Tertiary volcanic rocks near Reno, Nevada. By John W. Erwin. 11 pages, 7 figures. $1

Nevada Report 25 : 1975 : Evaluation of geothermal activity in the Truckee Meadows, Washoe County, Nevada. By Richard L. Bateman and R. Bruce Scheibach. 44 pages, 22 figures, 4 tables, and 2 appendices. A description and discussion of geothermal water in the Reno urban area : the location, extent, and temperature of the hot water; its chemical quality, dispersion, and mixing with non-thermal ground water; and its past, present, and future use for home, and other types of space, heating. $2

Nevada Report 26 : 1975 : Guidebook – Las Vegas to Death Valley and return. Prepared for the AIMMPE annual meeting Feb. 1976. 39p., nicely illustrated with figures, photos and maps. Road log (two routes), articles on Death valley, Borate deposits, Tenneco Oil’s Colemanite milling operation near Lathrop Wells, and the Grantham Talc Mine in Inyo county. Original. $6

Nevada Report 32 : 1978 : Guidebook to mineral deposits of the Central Great Basin. 75p. Prepared for International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits, 5th Quadrennial symposium - Snowbird, Utah. Field Excursion C-1 : a road log and guide to the Carlin gold mine, Copper Canyon mine, Mountain Springs barite mine, and to the Eureka and Robinson districts, Nevada; and to the Spor Mountain beryllium district, Yellow Chief mine, and Tintic district, Utah. $15

Nevada Report 33 : 1979 : Papers on mineral deposits of western North America: presented at the Fifth Quadrennial Symposium of IAGOD, Volume 2, 214 pages, illus. Includes 21 individual technical papers, some general, some on specific locations such as Goldfield Nevada, Battle Mountain Mining District Nevada, Carlin Gold Deposit, McDermitt Caldera Complex, Tonopah mining district, Breckenridge Mining District Colorado, Lake City area Colorado, San Juan Mountains Colorado, Grants Mineral Belt New Mexico, Tahtsa Lake British Columbia, Sustut Copper Deposits, Sierra Madre Oriental Province Mexico, Sirena mine and Rayas mine Mexico. $5

Nevada Report 36 : 1983 : Papers given at the precious-metals symposium, Sparks, Nevada, November 17-19, 1980. Edited by Victor E. Kral. 172 pages. (short cover edge tear) $4

Contents of Nevada Report 36.
Gold deposits at Copper Canyon, Lander County, Nevada, with references, by David W. Blake and Edward L. Kretschmer;
Sedimentology as applied to the exploration of fossil placer deposits, with bibliography, by James M. Prudden;
Geology and ore deposits of the Taylor mining district, White Pine County, Nevada, with bibliography, by Stuart R. Havenstrite;
Geology of the Cinola deposit, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, with references, by Michael G. Cruson, Fred W. Limbach, Robert A. Brooks, Kenneth G. Sanders, Duncan Bain, and Steve Lacy;
Bulk-tonnage, low-grade silver deposits--update 1980, by Barry N. Watson;
The Ortiz gold deposit (Cunningham Hill)-- geology and exploration, with references, by Alan Wright;
Styles of lowgrade gold mineralization in volcano-plutonic arcs, with references, by Richard H. Sillitoe;
Some factors in the design of heap leaching operations, with bibliography, by George M. Potter;
Heap leaching and pilot testing of gold and silver ores, by Paul D. Chamberlin;
Leaching practices at Smoky Valley mine, by C. Arthur Lefler;
Percolation leaching of clayey gold-silver ores, by Harold J. Heinen;
Legal problems of placer locations, by Richard W. Harris;
Some notes on placer investigation, with references, by John H. Wells;
Evaluation of Tertiary gravels in the Sierra Nevada, with bibliography, by James J. Hodos;
Operation of an optical ore sorting system, with references, by Daniel D. McLaughlin;
Application of the Lamella gravity settler/thickener in precious metal recovery plants, by Russell L. Cook;
Metallurgical practices at Homestake, Lead operation, by Harold L. Hinds and Larry Trautman;
Calculation of sample requirements and the development of preparation procedures for reliable analyses of particulate materials, with bibliography, by Derek J. Ottley;
Practical points of bulk material sampling, with references, by Harrison R. Cooper;
Sampling and ore reserve estimation for the Ortiz gold deposit, New Mexico, with references, by Mark Springett;
Geostatistics at the feasibility stage Golden Sunlight deposit, Montana, by A.J. Sinclair, E.T. Lonergan, and W.E. McConechy.

Nevada Report 40 : 1986 : Sediment-hosted precious-metal deposits of Northern Nevada. Edited by Joseph V. Tingley and Harold F. Bonham, Jr. This is a guidebook prepared for the October 31 thru November 3, 1984 field trip held in conjunction with the Society of Economic Geologist Fall 1984 meeting in Reno. 103p., heavily illustrated, maps. * * * One copy contains insert that are photocopies of two other reports "Geology and metal zonation of the Tomboy-Minne gold deposits, Lander County, Nevada. By David W. Bake, Patrick R. Wotruba, and Ted G. Theodore. AND "Geology of the Gold Quarry deposit. By Joseph C. Rota." (Good. Cover a bit faded) $5

Contents of Nevada Report 40 :
Road log and trip guide.
Geology of the Pinson Mine, Humboldt county, Nevada.
The geology of the Enfield Bell Mine and the Jerritt Canyon district, Elko county, Nevada.
General geology of the Maggie Creek gold deposit, Eureka county, Nevada.
General geology of the Carlin gold belt.
The Carlin story.
Geology of the Eureka-Windfall and Rustler gold deposits, Eureka county, Nevada.
Geology and genesis of the Alligator Ridge mine, White Pine county, Nevada.

Nevada Report 41 : 1986 : Precious-metal mineralization in hot springs systems, Nevada-California. Guidebook prepared for Society of Economic Geologists Field Conference, September 21-26, 1986. Edited by Joseph V. Tingley and Harold F. Bonham, Jr. 138 pages. $8

Used and Out of Print Nevada geology reports - - Back to Top
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology : Special Publications 11x8.5" Illustrated.

Nevada Special Publication 16 : 1994 : Geologic tours in the Las Vegas Area. By Becky Weimer Purkey, Ernest M. Duebendorfer, Eugene I. Smith, Jonathan G. Price, and Stephen B. Castor. 9x6”, color photographic softcover, 156 pages, nicely illustrated, 5 different trips, glossary, bibliography. (cover lightly rubbed). $10


Nevada Geological Society : Misc. 11x8.5" unless otherwise noted.

Compressional and extensional structural styles in the Northern Basin and Range : seminar proceedings. 1989 Nevada Petroleum Society and the Geological Society of Nevada. November 17-18, 1989. 42 pages, illustrated, contains 9 technical reports. $5

Field Trip Guidebook 4 : 1986 : The Comstock District, Storey county, Nevada. By Donald M. Hudson, Edited by Greta L. Slavik. Comb-bound, 13 pages, illustrated. $5

Geology and ore deposits of the Great Basin. 1990 Geological Society of Nevada and USGS. Great Basin Symposium : program with abstracts. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 140 pages, illustrated. The abstracts make up at least half of the book and are long ones, with enough detail and information to be useful. $5

Special publication 1 : 1984 : Geological Society of Nevada 1984 Meeting and Field Trip Road Log : Pinson mine, Florida Canyon deposit, Rochester District, Relief canyon deposit. Road log edited by Greta Slavik. Approximately 75 pages, illustrated, with road logs and supplementary reports. Note : I have this report in two forms that appear to be near identical : 1) omb-bound and labeled Spec. Pub. 1 and 2) Press-bound with some supplementary content inserted loosely. This may represent the actual meeting hand-out and a later reprinting. Please tell me which one you want. $15

Special Publication 3 : 1985 : Geological Society of Nevada 1985 Meeting and Field Trip Road Log : Alligator Ridge Mine, Little Bald Mountain Mine, and Buckhorn Mine. Road log edited by Greta Slavik. 39 pages, illustrated, with road logs and supplementary reports. Comb bound. $15

Special Publication 5 : 1986 : Geological Society of Nevada 1986 Fall Field Trip Road Log : Paradise Peak gold / silver deposit, Santa Fe deposit, and Candelaria Gold / silver deposit.. Road log edited by Greta Slavik, Terri Carr and Ruth Buffa. 57 pages, illustrated, with road logs and supplementary reports. Comb bound. $20

Special Publication 8 : 1988 : Geological Society of Nevada 1988 Fall Field Trip Road Log : Gold deposits of North Central Nevada : Marigold, Cove, McCoy, Rain, Suprise. Road log edited by Ruth Buffa and Bob Schafer. About 40 pages, illustrated, with road logs and supplementary reports. Comb bound. $10


Nevada Geology Materials : Misc. ~9x6" unless otherwise noted, some are offprints.

Archeology of Gatecliff Shelter, Nevada. by David Hurst Thomas. 1975. Extracted from National Geographic Society Research Reports, Volume 16. 12p. Illus. $3

Blue Ribbon Copper Prospect, Mineral county, Nevada : an analysis. For Howard Gable, Kansas City. 1971 David LeCount Evans. Photocopy of private report. 19 pages plus a number of single page maps. Includes Purpose of report, Location, general and limiting conditions, Legal title, History of property and district, Geology, Development, Samples, Ore reserves, development potential, Financial requirements, Procedures, Conclusions, Recommendations, Index map, Regional Pattern, map of Blue Ribbon Copper Prospect, Geologic sections. $36

Buffalo Mountain Property : Computer Evaluation of the Shape and orientation of the Mineralization of “E” Zone, for Mariah Resources. 1988 Private report. By Byard H. MacLean. 2 pages of text, 8 fold-out sheets of computer generated data summaries in a number of different forms. Gold. $2

BUFFALO MOUNTAIN PROPERTY, Humboldt county, Nevada. This is a group of three Private Reports on this gold producing property. $48
1. Geological and trenching report on the Santa Fe, Buffalo Mountain Property, Humboldt county, Nevada for Mariah Resources Ltd. 1987 Sheila A. Crawford. 38 pages of report, 8 pages of assay results, 17 figures (4 folded in a pocket), 3 tables.
2. Report on a ground magnetometer survey on the Buffalo Mountain Mineral Claims, Humboldt county, Nevada for Mariah Resources Ltd. 1987 J. C. Stephen. 12 pages, 2 maps folded in pocket, 3 figures.
3. Report on the Buffalo Mountain property, Humboldt county, Nevada for Mariah Resources. 1988 Sheila Crawford. 27 pages of report, 32 pages of drill logs and assay results, 15 figures (2 are folded in a pocket).

BUFFALO MOUNTAIN RAW GEOCHEMICAL SAMPLE SHEETS and related assay pages. 1981-1987. MANY, many pages here, lots and lots of samples. Samples collected by a private firm (J. C. Stephen Explorations) and used as basis for some of the Buffalo Mountain reports for Mariah Resources in this section. Probably more than 500 sheets, some are filled out “Geochemical Data Sheet – Rock Geochem sampling” sheets, others are assay results sheets for these samples. ** Includes a satellite photo of the area before the big mine went in near Lone Tree Hill - neat! $24

BUFFALO MOUNTAIN ROTARY DRILLING LOGS. 1981-1983 Southern Pacific Land Company. About 600 pages of drill logs, some have assay results and most don’t. There isn’t any drill hole location map here, so these raw data sheets would likely only be of use or interest in conjunction with some of the Mariah Resources reports in this section. $4

BURRO-PINTO CLAIMS, Union Mining District, Nye county, Nevada. 1987 Private Report. For Mariah Resources, by Donald G. Allen. This is a short summarizing geologic report with maps. 3 text pages, page of sample descriptions, 2 pages of assay results, location map, claim and sample location map. Gold, vanadium, lead, tungsten. This property is near the Alexander mine (Grantsville property of Fury Exploration) which was in the news at that time and photocopies of part of their annual report is included. NOTE : Two copies of the Allen report are included. $18

Carboniferous stratigraphy in the Grand Canyon country, northern Arizona and southern Nevada. 1979 AGI American Geological Institute Guidebook Series 2. Published for Field Trip 13 of the 9th International Congress of Carboniferous Stratigraphy and Geology. 11x8.5”, softcover, 138 pages, 111 figures. Includes road logs and trail logs, stop descriptions and related technical articles. Among much more, specific mention is made of South Kaibab Trail, Hoover dam, Clark county in Nevada, Mississippian Redwall limestone, Mogollon rim, Supai group, Buried valleys, Naco formation, Virgin mountains. (owner's marks on cover and title page) $25

Cenozoic stratigraphy and structure of the Southern Egan range, Nevada. By Harold E. Kellogg. 1964 Bulletin GSA volume 75(10), pages 949-968. 4 figures, 2 Color plates (bound in), 3 tables. Plates are geologic map and structural cross sections. $10

CHOLOPEEN LODE CLAIMS, Tybo area, Hot Creek Caldera, Nye county, Nevada. 1987. This is a group of photocopied materials provided by the (then) owner Thomas Mathes to promote examination of the area. 3 pages of a nicely done private geologic summary report, 10 pages of assay data, 3 pages of area maps. Gold, silver, arsenic, mercury, antimony, Barite, Sphalerite and Wulfenite. $22

Compass Vol. 41 #4. 1964. This is the journal of Sigma Gamma Epsilon, the honorary scientific society devoted to earth sciences. 9x6" Illus. It contains 2 articles about Nevada geology. (1) Geology of the Pass Canyon area, White Pine county, Nevada 8p. (2) Geology of Alligator ridge, White Pine county, Nevada. 7p. $5

CORNUCOPIA Gold-Silver Property, Elko county, Nevada. This is a formal private report and a rather biting page long review of the report by another geologist. The report : Report on the Cornucopia Gold-Silver mining district, Elko county, Nevada for Spartan Exploration Ltd. 1974 Private Report. By Andrew E. Nevin of Nevin, Sadlier-Brown Goodbrand Ltd. 15 pages plus location map, generalized stratigraphic column and three pages of poorly reproduced photos. Includes assay results. Very nice folded geologic map in pocket. The report and property review was by W. R. Bacon in 1975. Gold, silver, arsenic, antimony, copper. $24

Draft Clark County Wilderness Environmental Impact Statement. United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Las Vegas district, Nevada. Softcover, 11x8.5”, paged in sections, around 120 pages, illus. 1983. An interesting overview of the area. $8

Drilling report on the Buffalo Mountain Property, Humboldt county, Nevada for Mariah resources Ltd. 1988. By Sheila Crawford. Private report (see others on this property throughout the Misc. publications list). 20 pages, 10 figures. The report also includes general information on the site (location, history, previous work, regional geology and property geology, etc.) as well as the specific drilling geology and assay results information. (original report with labels and such taped in OR photocopied version for presentation). (see Buffalo Mountain Drill logs above) $24

Duval’s New Copper Mines show complex geologic history : contrasts in mineralization, host rocks and mode of occurrence mark the Battle Mountain, Nevada porphyry copper deposits. By R. W. Sayers, M. C. Tippett and E. D. Fields. Extracted from Mining Engineering March 1968. 11x8.5”, 55-62p., illus. (stapled, hole punched) $3

EAST MANHATTAN PROPERTY, Nye county, Nevada. This is a group of materials pertaining to this gold and silver property. $48
1. Air photo and prospecting interpretation report, leading to an evaluation of the lode and placer potential of the East Manhattan Claim Group, Nevada. 1985 Private report by A. B. L. Whittles, Gold Seeker, Resources Ltd. Photocopied, so a bit rough. 69 pages. Includes assay results, cost analysis, references, lots of different kinds of maps. NOTE : I noted that 2 of the figures were not included as part of this copy (two others are attached to next item). Judging from the cover letter, this was a rush copy job.
2. Summary and review of property and above report by J. C. Stephen, probably 1985. 4 pages of text and 2 figures from above.
3. Photocopies of the pertinent pages from Nevada Bulletin 27 and from “Mining districts and mineral resources of Nevada by Lincoln”.
See also MANHATTAN GULCH (listed separately in Misc. section).

Geologic map of Churchill County Nevada. By Ronald Willden and Robert C. Speed. TWO large sheets labeled Plate 1 and Plate 2 USGS Open File Map. Scale 1 : 200,000. These are professional black and white reproductions, which (I think) is how they were (re)produced for original distribution on demand. Mines and prospects are marked and named on plate 2. There are two copies of plate 1. I believe that these maps were issued as part of USGS OFR 68-329 : 1968 : Geology and mineral deposits of Churchill county, Nevada by Willden and Speed. Only the maps are here. (Folded, with a few pen marks) $24

Geological and trenching report on the Santa Fe, Buffalo Mountain Property, Humboldt county, Nevada for Mariah Resources Lt. 1987 Private Report. By Sheila A. Crawford. 38 pages of report, 8 pages of assay results, 17 figures (4 folded in a pocket), 3 tables. Includes general information on the site (location, history, previous work, regional geology and property geology, etc.) as well as assay results, conclusions and recommendations. (original report with labels and such taped in). Gold, arsenic, antimony, silver. $48

Geology and water resources of Las Vegas, Pahrump, and Indian Spring Valleys, Clark and Nye counties, Nevada. 1948 State of Nevada, Office of the State Engineer, prepared in cooperation with the USGS. Nevada Water Resources Bulletin 5. By G. B. Maxey and C. H. Jameson. Softcover, 9x6”, 121 pages of text (plus two appendices), 9 plates (7 are in the pocket, one plate goes to appendix 1 and is labeled Bulletin 4 plate 1), 13 figures. Contains two appendices : 1) Well data in Las Vegas and Indian Spring valleys, Nevada (= Water Resources Bulletin 4), 128 pages, and 2) Index of field numbers and permit numbers, records of wells, logs, analyses of water, 43 pages. SCARCE. Rarely found. (Generally Good. Front cover corner has a closed tear, back hinge has been taped, report number written on spine. Plate pocket has disintegrated, but plates are all present and nice.) $74

Geology of the southern Snake Range, Nevada. (MAP) By Harald Drewes. 1957 GSA Bulletin extract, volume 69. Full color, folded, scale 1:63.360. $5

GOOSEBERRY MINE, Storey county, Nevada. This is a group of private reports and other materials pertaining to this silver and gold producing property. $48
1. Report on the Gooseberry Mine, Storey county, Nevada for Scurry-Rainbow Oil Ltd. 1976 Private Report. By W. R. Bacon and J. J. Crowhurst. 22 pages including Geology and Mineralization, Sampling and Assaying, Ore Reserves, Mining, Milling. This report compares and evaluates two other independent reports on this property and compares their findings with that of the author’s firm.
2. Report of laboratory test results on samples of gold-silver ore from the Gooseberry Mine, designated as our lot no. 2166. 1975 APCO Oil Corporation, Sparks, Nevada. By H. A. Dawson, Galigher Company. 14 pages. Includes Flotation, cyanidation of flotation concentrate, cyanidation of ore, precipitation gold and silver from solution, settling tests, filtration of thickened concentrates, grindability tests, proposed flotation flow scheme.
3. Large folded map of ore reserve blocks, Longitudinal section through vein. 1976 Scurry-Rainbow Oil Ltd.
4. Large folded plate of Ore reserve blocks projected onto an east-west vertical place. 1976.
5. About 20 pages of notes, letters and auxiliary materials.

Gravity data of Nevada. By D. A. Ponce. 1997 U.S.G.S. Digital Data series DDS-42. This is a new CD in a case, still shrink wrapped. (One corner tip of the case is a bit crunched, but this would not have touched the CD). $5

HOT AUGUST and GOLD BAR CLAIMS, Walker Lake Quadrangle, Mineral county, Nevada. This is a pair of Private Reports on this gold and silver property : the report itself and another geologist’s evaluation of that report. $28
1. Preliminary report on the Hanley Property (Hot August and Gold Bar Claims), Walker Lake Quadrangle, Mineral county, Nevada. 1986 David M. Nelles, Searchlight Resources, Vancouver. Draft copy. 9 pages plus 2 pages of assay results. Includes Claim map, Regional Geology map, Gold Bar showings map, and the usual mining property information.
2. Review of above for Mariah Resources, by J. C. Stephen. 1986. 2 pages of report and about 10 pages of supporting maps and materials copied from other sources.

Hot Springs mercury deposition at McDermitt mine, Humboldt county, Nevada. By Michael W. Roper. Society of Mining Engineers of AIME preprint number 76-S-28. This paper was presented at the AIME annual meeting in Las Vegas, 1976. 9x6”, 14p., 3 figures. $3

International Meeting on Gold Exploration : Techniques, Concepts, and Problems. Various FIELD TRIP guides from trips associated with the October 13-15, 1988 meeting held in Reno, Nevada. Sponsored by Society of Mining Engineers. Around 80-100 pages each, illustrated. A couple have some supplemental material loosely inserted. Comb-bound, 11x8.5”

Gold Exploration Field Guides available (see also California)
Field Trip 2 : Precious metal deposits of northwestern Nevada. $10
Field Trip 3 : Precious Metal deposits of West-Central Nevada. $10
Field Trip 4 : Precious metal deposits of the Carlin Trend. $10
Field Trip 6 : Precious metal deposits of Northeastern Nevada. $10
Field Trip 7 : Precious Metal deposits of North-Central Nevada. $10

Interpretation of chemical and isotopic data from boreholes in the unsaturated zone at Yucca Mountain, Nevada. By In C. Yang, Gordon W. Rattray, Pei Yu. 11x8.5”, 58p., 23 figs, 9 tables. This is USGS Water-Resources Investigations Report 96-4058. $20

IVY WILSON MINE, Wojcik claims area, near Contact, Nevada. This is a loose group of materials pertaining to this area, most of them are from professional geologists in 1968 or 1969. There are several short private reports on the area : Mineral Showings of the Wojcik group, Geochemical survey of Tower Mines property, Report on the properties of Northair Mines and Tower Mines. A number of pages of notes and many pages of hand-drawn maps with geologic information on them. Certified assay reports for copper and silver. Large folded formal Sketch Plan of Ivy Wilson Workings, Contact, Nevada (2 copies), 1968. Large BLM Salmon River Administrative Unit, Elko District 1962 map with claims drawn in (folded roughly). USGS Topo map, Wells 1 x 2 degree quadrangle 1:250,000. Delaplain, Nevada – Idaho USGS Topo quadrangle, 15”, 1 : 62,500. Contact, Nevada – Idaho USGS topographic quadrangle, 15”, 1:62,500. $42

JOHNNIE MINE, Nye county, Nevada. This is a loose group of materials pertaining to this gold producing property. There are 4 short private reports and copies of some foldout maps .$32
1. Johnnie submittal exploration review and option proposal. 1900 Peter Clarke, Asamera Minerals. 3 pages plus 3 literature summary, 4 pages of history, and 4 pages describing the current tailings and dumps.
2. Johnnie Mine exploration target. 1992 Lawrence A. Weis. 1 page letter, 1 page summary, 1 page location map.
3. 5 pages of pertinent information from historic reports (Elftman, Sterling, 1906) with a modern commentary, no author listed.
4. Nice 4 page historic report written by Charles H. Labbo about 1918 (photocopy).
5. Johnnie Property Claim Map (1988), Johnnie Mining District Rock Sample localities (1987), Plan projection and Section, Plan projection of Johnnie Shaft showing shaft stations and supplemental view of geology. All are somewhat poor photocopies.

Journal of Geochemical Exploration 16(3) : (Journal of the Association of Exploration Geochemists). This is a complete issue of the journal, volume 16(3) : June 1982. Softcover, 10x6.5”, pages 163-250. Among other articles, it contains : Uraniferous opal, Virgin Valley, Nevada : conditions of formation and implications for uranium exploration, by R. A. Zielinski, pages 197-216. Other articles pertain to Uranium and Desert Palms, Uranium in Nova Scotia, Copper in Puerto Rico, and Heavy metal accumulation by Veronica cinerea. Very Good. $12

Late Cenozoic Evolution of the Southern Great Basin (Selected papers from the workshop). Convened by D. B. Slemmons, R. A. Schweickert and J. W. Bell. Held at the University of Nevada – Reno November 10-13, 1987 under the auspices of the Center for Neotectonic Studies. Edited by Michael A. Ellis. 11x8.5”, comb bound, 154 pages, illustrated, contains 16 technical reports. Numbered as Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Open File 89-1. $25

Lincoln County, Nevada : 1864 – 1909, history of a mining region. By James W. Hulse. 9x6”, 89p., sketch map. University of Nevada Press 1971. Nevada Studies in History and Political science 10. $9

Lodestar Lead-Zinc sedimentary exhalative project, Nye County, Nevada. SEDEX. 1986 Amselco Exploration Inc. By James J. Cooper, Reno. 3 page private report on this prospect plus location map, generalized geologic map, conceptual cross section, cross section looking Northeast, map showing drill holes and assay results. In addition, there are about 20 pages of the pertinent parts of Nevada Bulletin 99B and a copy of “Ages of Igneous and Hydrothermal events in the Round Mountain and Manhattan Gold Districts, Nye county, Nevada” by Shaw and others, Econ Geol vol. 81, pages 388-407. All are photocopies. $12

MANHATTAN GULCH DISTRICT, Nye county, Nevada, Misc data for Gold Seeker Resources holdings. This is a 1.5 inch thick stack of materials in a binder all pertaining to these gold properties. I’ve given a rough description below. The private reports and maps were prepared directly for Gold Seeker. All are photo copies or reproductions. $98
1. Test Sampling and placer evaluation of the Georgey 1 and 2 claims and immediate vicinity and reconnaissance evaluation of the Gold Seeker Resources Placer holdings, Manhattan Gulch District, Nye County Nevada, for Gold Seeker Resources Ltd. 1983. By D. J. Piper of Piper and Associates. 29 pages plus Capital cost estimate of a 60 BCY/hr plant. Six fold-out maps and sections PLUS six folded maps in a pocket. NO raw assay results or pilot plant log.
2. Geologic mapping and drilling program for the Georgey 1 and 2 claims of the Manhattan district, Nye county, Nevada for Gold Seeker Resources. 1983. By D. J. Piper, Darin Lindsey and Fred Earll. 11 pages plus folded geologic map in pocket.
3. Phase 1 summary and analysis, Becker Placer Drilling program, Raspberry mine, Nevada for Gold Seeker Resources. 1984. By D. J. Piper and Darin S. Lindsey. 17 pages of report, 21 pages of drill hole logs and assay results. 3 large folded plates in pocket. Some of the original appendices are not here.
4. Gold Seeker Resources Raspberry Mine 1984 Year end report. 1984 David J. Piper. 7 pages of report, 17 pages of appendix (operation statistics, financial recap, gold production tables).
See also other MANHATTAN materials (listed separately in Misc. section). If you want the whole Manhattan group, make an offer.

MANHATTAN PROJECT, Nye county, Nevada. Another 2 inch stack of materials pertaining to this area, mostly private reports done for Gold Seeker. $98
1. Examination report on the Georgey Placer Claims, Manhattan District, Nevada for Gold Seeker Resources. 1981 E. D. Cruz. 8 pages. Location map and Gulch map are not here.
2. Property Examination on the Manhattan Gulch Placer Claims, near Tonopah, Nevada for Gold Seeker Resources. 1983 R. B. Stokes, Stokes Exploration Management Company. 13 pages. Includes Economic geology, the Manhattan dredge, Available Plant, economics and reserves, more.
3. A preliminary evaluation of the Goehring claims, Manhattan Gulch, Nevada. 1982 B. Luckman. 13 pages. Includes, The dredge, Economic geology, the gravel deposit, more.
4. Preliminary report on the Manhattan gulch, Nevada, Hardrock mineral Potential, draft copy III. 1983 A. B. L. Whittles. 22 pages of text plus a number of maps. Includes Geological survey, sampling program and mineralization, geophysical survey, recommendations, more.
5. Gold Seeker report pertaining to Gold Investment Fund for potential investors in the Manhattan property. 13 pages in a nifty gold Gold Seeker folder.
6. Copy of Joint venture agreement between Gold Seeker and Mammoth Resources, 1981. About 40 pages.
7. Raspberry Mine Job Site monthly report (Gold Seeker) for March, April, June, July, August, September, 1984. Each consists of 6-10 pages of a description of actual work on site, accounting and mining results.
8. Financial evaluation and comparison the existing Raspberry mine plant and a new 200 cubic yard per hour plant. 1984 David J. Piper. 6 pages.
9. 3 page memo pertaining to efficiency of various processors, overall recovery analysis : Wet Grizzly, Trommel, Sluice, Recovery Plant. 1984
10. Memo : Reconnaissance exploration : Raspberry, East Manhattan and Ruby Group claims. 1984 David J. Piper. 6 pages.
11. A number of large folded privately produced maps : Claim boundaries and physical features, Surface geology, Gold Assay results, Sample locations, VLF-EM first derivatives, VLF-EM contour map.
12. A large number of related letters, notes, data sheets, assay results, maps and such.
13. Drill Hole Logs from hard rock holes G-1 and G-2. 1984.

Mine Report on the Atlanta Mine (Pioche district, Lincoln county, Nevada). By C. E. Collins, Mining Engineer. Not dated, but from separate letter at back must be between 1936 and 1950. 17 pages plus seven original photos of maps and charts. Gold and silver. A nicely done early report, if a bit hard to read because it is a carbon copy. $20

Mineral resources of the Mormon Mountains Study Area, Lincoln County, Nevada. By Richard L. Rains. 1986 U.S. Bureau of Mines, Mineral Land Assessment Open File Report MLA 69-86. 11x8.5”, staple bound, 20 pages, 5 figures, 1 table. Includes Whitmore mine, Iron Blossom prospect. $3

NEW BOSS PROPERTY, Boss Mine area, Esmeralda county, Nevada : Property brief and many supplemental data sheets, figures and maps. 1992 Geonational Resources, Inc. Gold. Two pages of text with economic potential, alteration and mineralization, target depth and such. Index map, locality map, Property outline map, Berg zone mineralization view, Drill hole locations, Mineralization and grade/thickness values tables and figures, sample locations and grades, Inferred reserves tables by section, Cross sections of various reserve blocks. $22

New Mississippian formation in NE Nevada and its possible significance by Brain Oversby. 1973. Extracted from AAPG Bulletin Vol. 57(9). 3p. illus. (minor pencil marks) $1

Occurrence of gold at the Getchell mine, Nevada. By Peter Joralemon. Economic Geology Volume 46(3), May 1951. Pages 267-310, 30 figures. 9.5x7”. This article has been extracted from the volume, so is now loose leaf and staple bound. $12

OVERTHRUST ORDOVICIAN AND THE NANNIE'S PEAK INTRUSIVE, LONE MOUNTAIN, ELKO COUNTY, NEVADA by DONALD W. LOVEJOY. Pages 539-564, 3 figures, 4 tables, 1 plate (full color folded geologic map and cross sections). IN a complete volume of Bulletin GSA 70 (5) : May 1959. Among other articles, includes “EOCENE STRATIGRAPHY AND PALEONTOLOGY, OROCOPIA MOUNTAINS, SOUTHEASTERN CALIFORNIA”, “GEOLOGY OF THE BUFFALO MOUNTAIN-CHEROKEE MOUNTAIN AREA, NORTHEASTERN TENNESSEE with fold-out geologic map with color.” $5

Paleozoic rocks of North-Central Nevada. By Roberts, Hotz, Gilluly, and Ferguson. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1958, Vol. 42(12), pages 2813-2857. (One fig. missing small slice where printing went into binding). Original extract $7 OR Photocopy of same article $2

Paleozoic section in Arrow Canyon range, Clark county, Nevada. By Langenheim, Carss, Kennerly, McCutcheon, and Waines. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1962, Vol. 46(5), pages 592-609. $5

Petrographic analysis of Bird Spring group (Carboniferous – Permian) near Lee Canyon, Clark county, Nevada. By Mark Rich. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1963, Vol. 47(9), pages 1657-1681. $5

Proceedings of the Sixth Gold and Money Session and Gold Technical Session, of the Pacific Northwest Metals & Minerals Conference, held in Portland, Oregon, from May 15-17, 1978. State of Oregon, Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 145p, illus. Includes 6 reports in the “Gold and Money Session” and 5 reports in the “Gold Technical Session” (see below). Good. $24

Gold Technical Session Reports :
Enhancing Percolation Rates in Heap Leaching of Gold-Silver Ores.
Description of Cyanide Heap-Leach Operations.
Heap Leaching Gold at Round Mountain, Nevada.
Gold Operations at the Atlanta Mine, Lincoln County, Nevada.
Geology and Gold Operations at the New York and Cougar-Independence Mines, Granite District, Grant County, Oregon.

Reconnaissance geologic map of Elko county, Nevada. 1954. Scale 2.5” = 10 miles, 1” = 4 miles. This is Plate 1 from Out of Print Nevada Bulletin 54. (One small scuffed tear, in a generic envelope). $5

Report on Arizona Comstock Corporation, Virginia City, Nevada (Storey County). 1934 Ira B. Joralemon. This is a photocopy of an historic report, a professional evaluation of the already-mined area with an eye toward future mining work on the property. 10 pages. Includes Property description and location, history, geology and vein system, development and orebodies, recent stopes support former Merger assays, ore estimate, mining method and cost, probable costs and profit. Gold and silver. SCARCE. $8

Report on a ground magnetometer survey on the Buffalo Mountain Mineral Claims, Humboldt county, Nevada for Mariah Resources Ltd. 1987 Private Report. By J. C. Stephen. 12 pages, 2 maps folded in pocket, 3 figures. $8

Report on geological mapping and sampling on the Buffalo Mountain Property, Humboldt county, Nevada, for Mariah resources Ltd. 1987 Private Report. By Ellen Lambert and Chris Sayer. 50 pages, illustrated plus two folded maps in a pocket. Gold. Includes general information on the site (location, history, previous work, regional geology and property geology, etc.) as well as assay results, conclusions and recommendations. $22

Report on the Buffalo Mountain property, Humboldt county, Nevada for Mariah Resources. 1988 Private report. By Sheila Crawford. 27 pages of report, 32 pages of drill logs and assay results, 15 figures (2 are folded in a pocket). The report includes general information on the site (location, history, previous work, regional geology and property geology, etc.) as well as specific drilling geology and assay results information. Gold. $22

Report on the Camp Douglas area, Silver Star mining district, Mineral county, Nevada, for Mega Gold Resources Ltd. 1990 Private Report. By R. D. Moss, Canadian Mine Development. 21 pages of text plus illustration pages and 5 pages of drill hole summary results and assays. Includes location, access, physiography, land holdings, history, regional geology, economic geology, Joint venture exploration, Discussion (large section : Bounce-Sunshine mine area, Anomaly 39 area, White Rock Springs area, Sunset Mine Area (Lawson anomaly), Gem Mine area, Mega Anomaly), Conclusions, property location map, past mining operations map, general geology map, fold-out maps of all six areas in the discussion section, Exploration Compilation Plan map (folded in pocket).

Choose your copy of Camp Douglas report :
1. Original (with addition of a number of pages of handwritten notes, and pages on terms of agreement and payment schedules.). $48
2. Photocopy (fold-out maps are split onto two sheets each). $34

Report on trenching, road building, drill site construction and surveying on the Buffalo claims, Buffalo mountain, Humboldt county, Nevada for Mariah resources Ltd. 1987 Private report. By Sheila A. Crawford. 11 pages, 1 table, 2 figures, 1 folded map in pocket. Includes general property information, previous work, work done in early May 1987, cost statement and such. $8

RX/G Claims, Property Examination Report for Red Arrow Resources. 1988 Sheila Crawford, J. C. Stephen Explorations Ltd. This short private report and other materials pertain to several claims in a gold and silver producing area, Spring Valley Mining District, Rochester county, Nevada. Two pages of report by Crawford including Claim status, Geology, Economic potential, possible deal. Two pages on Spring Valley District copied from Nevada bulletin 85-3. Two pages on Spring Valley district copied from USBM IC 6902. Three Location maps of various scales, rough. 3 pages of rock sample description sheets without assay results. RX Claim. G Claim. $8

Sediment hosted precious metal deposits, Northern Nevada. Society of Economic Geologists Field Trip Road Log for the meeting held October 31 – November 3, 1984. This is also numbered as Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Open-File report 84-3. 11x8.5”, comb bound, illus. The main road log appears to be 89p., but there are a number of other articles included that may or may not have been part of the original field guide. $6

The story of Rawhide, Mineral county, Nevada. By Hugh A. Shamberger, 1970. This is number 2 in the Historic Mining Camps of Nevada book series. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 50p., 39 figures, 2 maps (fold-outs : a plat of Rawhide townsite, Regent Mining district). A little about its people, its mines, its quest for water, and its promoters, who all together made it Nevada’s last great mining boom. Very Good. $10

Stratigraphic relations of Park City group (Permian) in Eastern Nevada and western Utah by Bruce Wardlaw and James Collinson. 1978. AAPG Bulletin vol. 62(7). 12p. illus. $2

STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY OF THE SOUTHERN SNAKE RANGE, NEVADA by HARALD DREWES. Pages 221-238, 4 figures, 7 tables, 2 full-color fold-out plates (Geology and Fence diagram). IN a complete volume of Bulletin GSA 69 (2) : February 1958. Among other articles, also includes “PETROLOGY AND ORIGIN OF THE POWAY CONGLOMERATE, SAN DIEGO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA” and a nice color geologic map of Mount Garibaldi in British Columbia. $5

Structural Geology of the Specter Range Quadrangle, Nevada, and its Regional Significance by B. C. BURCHFIEL. Pages 175-192, with 3 fold-out plates including a full color geologic map. IN a complete volume of Bulletin GSA 76(2) : February 1965. Among other articles, includes “Isotopic ages of minerals from granitic rocks of the central Sierra Nevada and Inyo Mountains, California”, “Short Note : LOWER AND MIDDLE ORDOVICIAN STRATIGRAPHY IN THE HOT CREEK AND MONITOR RANGES, CENTRAL NEVADA”, “Short Note : ORIGIN OF THE LAKES IN THE CHUSKA MOUNTAINS, NORTHWESTERN NEW MEXICO : Discussion and reply.” $5

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