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For Sale : Used North Dakota State Geology Publications

North Dakota Geological Survey
Bulletins - Educational Series - Misc. Series - Reports of Investigations

Misc. North Dakota geology publications and maps

Very good condition - individual condition notes, if any, below. Softcover.
Lightly bumped edges and corners. Owner's stamp or filing mark on most.
Edges and spines lightly sunned. Please ask if you need more information on any item.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

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Author names may not be listed. Most papers are listed with the state in which they were published.
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North Dakota Geological Survey : Bulletins 9x6". # written on spine.

Some ND bulletins come in 3 parts, these are listed first.
Individual Bulletins and Groundwater Studies NOT in the 3-part group are listed below part III.

Part I, Geology, includes a full- color geologic map (1:125,000) and cross sections;

Part I : Geology :
North Dakota Bulletin (Part I) 44 (CGS 5) Eddy and Foster Counties, North Dakotas by John P. Bluemle, 1965, 66 p., 6 pl. (bumped corner). $6
North Dakota Bulletin (Part I) 53 (CGS 13) Grand Forks County, North Dakota, by Dan E. Hansen and Jack Kume, 1970, 76 p., 4 pl. $7
North Dakota Bulletin (Part I) 56 (CGS 15) Mercer and Oliver Counties, North Dakota, by C. G. Carlson, 1973, 72 p., 4 pl. $11
North Dakota Bulletin (Part I) 57 (CGS 17) Nelson and Walsh Counties, North Dakota, by John P. Bluemle, 1973, 70 p., 4 pl. (back cover rough, plate pocket loose) $7
North Dakota Bulletin (Part I) 59 (CGS 18) Benson and Pierce Counties, North Dakota, by C. G. Carlson and T. F. Freers, 1975, 32 p., 5 Large pl.(bumped corners, slightly soiled cover). $5
North Dakota Bulletin (Part I) 73 (CGS 30) see Bulletin 37.
North Dakota Bulletin (Part I) 77 (CGS 34) see Bulletin 37.


Individual Bulletins
(not part of group above that is split into 3 parts each) All bulletins are illustrated.

North Dakota Bulletin 21 Part I - The Keene Dome, Northeast McKenzie County, North Dakota, by Charles Nevin, 1946 , 11 p., 1 pl. (1:125,000) Part II - The Subsurface Stratigraphy of the Nesson Anticline, by Wilson M. Laird, 1946, 14 p. $2

North Dakota Bulletin 37 Glacial Geology of Logan and McIntosh Counties, North Dakota, by Lee Clayton, 1963, 96 p., 4 pl. See also Part I of B-73 and B-77. $10

North Dakota Bulletin 38 Upper Ordovician and Silurian Rocks of North Dakota, by C. G. Carlson and W. P. Eastwood, 1962, 52 p., 4 pl. Nomenclature, lithology, depositional environments, and isopach maps of the Stony Mountain, Stonewall and Interlake Formations. Includes a field study of the Beaver Lodge-Silurian pool. $5

North Dakota Bulletin 54 : 1969 : Stratigraphy of the Hell Creek formation in North Dakota. By Charles I. Frye. 65 pages, 9 figures, 3 plates in pocket. $2


North Dakota Geological Survey : Educational Series 11x8.5"

North Dakota Educational Series 5 Some Environmental Aspects of Strip Mining in North Dakota, edited by Mohan K. Wali, 1973, 121 p. A collection of 8 papers presented at the 65th Annual Meeting of the North Dakota Academy of Science. Size 9x6" $8

North Dakota Educational Series 25 Flooding in the Grand Forks-East Grand Forks North Dakota and Minnesota Area, by Julie A. LeFever, John P. Bluemle, and Ryan P.Waldkirch,1999, 70 p., 2 maps (approx. 1:27,500). It includes a history of flooding in the two-city area, provides an overall analysis of the flood problems in Grand Forks, and includes recommendations for dealing with future floods. (See also North Dakota Educational Series 12) $2

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


North Dakota Geological Survey : Miscellaneous Series Most are 11x8.5"

North Dakota Miscellaneous Series 50 (Guidebook # 3) Depositional Environments of the Lignite- Bearing Strata in Western North Dakota, edited by F. T. C. Ting, 1972, 134p. Prepared for the G.S.A. Coal Geology Division annual field trip. Contains a roadlog and 9 papers. (spine rough, with title written on). $10


North Dakota Geological Survey : Reports of Investigations 11x8.5"

North Dakota Reports of Investigations 48 Cement Rock Possibilities in Paleozoic Rocks of Eastern North Dakota, by Sidney B. Anderson and Harold C. Haraldson, 1969, 62 p., 3 pl. (1:250,000). Analyses of the carbonates of the Stonewall, Stony Mountain, Red River, and Winnipeg Formations in Grand Forks and Pembina Counties. $5

North Dakota Reports of Investigations 66 Depositional Environments and Paragenetic Porosity Controls, Upper Red River Formation, North Dakota, by W. Kipp Carroll, 1979, 51 p., 4 pl. $1

North Dakota Reports of Investigations 67 The Carrington Shale Facies (Mississippian) and its Relationship to the Scallion Subinterval in Central North Dakota, by Peter F. Bjorlie, 1979, 46 p., 6 pl. $1

North Dakota Reports of Investigations 79 Geological and Geochemical Controls on the Chemical Evolution of Subsurface Water in Undisturbed and Surface-Mined Landscapes in Western North Dakota, by Gerald H. Groenewold, R. D. Koob, G. J. McCarthy, B. W. Rehm, and W. M. Peterson, 1983, Huge 299 p. $1

North Dakota Reports of Investigations 93 The Geologic and Hydrogeologic Conditions in the Area Adjacent to the Devils Lake Wastewater Impoundments, by Edward C. Murphy, Steve W. Pusc, and John P. Bluemle, 1992, 93 p. $1

North Dakota Reports of Investigations 94 Organic and Inorganic Contaminants in Shallow Groundwater at Six Municipal Landfills in North Dakota, by Edward C. Murphy, 1992, 136 p. Describes the geologic and hydrologic conditions at six sanitary landfill sites: Devils Lake, Harvey, Hillsboro, Linton, Williston, and Wishek. $1

North Dakota Reports of Investigations 97 Sherwood Subinterval of the Mission Canyon Formation in Central Western North Dakota, by W. A. McClellan, 1995, 11 p. 7 pl. Illustrates the relationship between major structural features and changing depositional patterns for the Sherwood subinterval in portions of Dunn, McLean, Mountrail, and Ward Counties. $3

North Dakota Reports of Investigations 99 The Sodium Sulfate Deposits of Northwestern North Dakota, by Edward C. Murphy, 1996, 73 p. A detailed account of the Recent lacustrine stratigraphy and sodium sulfate (Glauber salt) reserves at 15 lake basins in northwestern North Dakota. This report incorporates new drillhole information from previous government and industry studies, some of which had previously been unavailable. $1

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Misc. North Dakota geology publications : 9x6" unless noted.

Paints and Paint products by E.F. Ladd. 1905. North Dakota Agric. Exp. Station Bulletin 67, includes recipes. 30p.Cover lightly soiled, Filing marks. $5


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