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For Sale : Used Oklahoma State Geological Publications

Oklahoma Geological Survey
Bulletins - Circulars - Geologic Maps - Guidebooks -
See Misc. section for individual reports from other series.

Oklahoma City Geological Society : Shale Shaker

Misc. Oklahoma geology publications

General condition notes : (See each item for any individual notes on condition.)
Good to very good. Lightly used. Owner's stamps, numbers. Some bumped edges and corners.
Older spines may show wear/darkening/sunning. Covers/edge of page block may be slightly soiled/sunned.
Covers lightly rubbed. Softcover unless noted. Please ask if you need more information on any item.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

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Author names may not be listed. Most papers are listed with the state in which they were published.
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Oklahoma Geological Survey : Bulletins 9x6" Most are illustrated, many photos. (owner's plates)

Oklahoma Bulletin 11 : 1913 : Gypsum and salt of Oklahoma. 214p. Excellent illustrations. (spine taped, cover chip). $15

Oklahoma Bulletin 13 : 1914 : Volcanic dust in Oklahoma. 49p. (condition fair : spine taped, covers chipped, bumped corner). $4

Oklahoma Bulletin 26 : 1917 : Lime resources and industry in Oklahoma. 70p., fold-out. (this bulletin has been hand bound with tape into hardboards somewhat crudely) $5

Oklahoma Bulletin 29 : 1917 : Travertine deposits of Oklahoma. 76p. Fold-outs. $7

Oklahoma Bulletin 44 : 1927 : Age relations of the carboniferous rocks of the Ouachita mountains of Oklahoma and Arkansas. 28p. $3

Oklahoma Bulletin 47 : 1928 : Lower Cretaceous of W. Oklahoma : a study of the outlying areas of Lower Cretaceous in Oklahoma and adjacent states. 116p., fold-outs, plates in pocket. $14

Oklahoma Bulletin 49 : 1930 : Dolomites of Western Oklahoma. 155p. Plates in pocket. $17

Oklahoma Bulletin 114 : 1978 : Geology and mineral resources (exclusive of petroleum) of Custer County, Oklahoma. Part I, Stratigraphy and general geology, by Robert O. Fay. Part II, Economic geology, by Robert O. Fay. Part III, Ground water, by D. L. Hart, Jr. 88 pages, 53 figures, 3 plates (including color geologic map), 4 tables. $12

Oklahoma Bulletin 136 : 1984 : Atokan series (Pennsylvanian) and its boundaries - a symposium. 198p. Fold-out. (bumped edge). $22

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Oklahoma Geological Survey : Circulars 9x6" Illustrated.

Oklahoma Circular 6 : 1917 : Animal and plant life in Oklahoma. 68p. (this circular has been hand bound with tape into hardboards. Spine tape a bit rough. Spot on cover). $4

Oklahoma Circular 9 : 1926 : Sycamore limestone. 27p., Fold-out. $3

Oklahoma Circular 11 : 1922 : Arkose of the northern Arbuckle area. 7p. (handbound into hardboards. covers darkened. Spine taped crookedly). $1

Oklahoma Circular 17 : 1928 : Preliminary report on road materials of W. Oklahoma. 19p. Fold-out. $2

Oklahoma Circular 19 : 1929 : Accelerated weathering properties of Oklahoma asphalts. 37p. $3

Oklahoma Circular 20 : 1929 : Native road materials and highway maintenance. 42p. $5

Oklahoma Circular 37 : 1955 : A new Pleistocene fauna from Harper county, Oklahoma. By Dwight W. Taylor and Claude W. Hibbard. HARDBACK, blue cloth. 23p., 2 figures. $2

Oklahoma Circular 46 : 1958 : Chesterian and Morrowan rocks in the McAlester basin of Oklahoma, by Richard B. Laudon. 30 pages, 14 figures. $3

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


Oklahoma Geological Survey : Geologic Maps (GM Series)
Scale 1:750,000. Color map on a single sheet in a printed envelope. Map sheet may include some text.

Oklahoma Geologic Map GM-15 : 1969 : Mineral Map of Oklahoma, exclusive of oil and gas fields. By Kenneth S. Johnson. May be second (identical) printing, 1976. $8


Oklahoma Geological Survey : Guidebooks 11x8.5" Illustrated. (see also Misc. section below)

Oklahoma Guidebook 17 : 1969 : Regional geology of the Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma. By William E. Ham. With contributions by James H. Stitt, James R. Derby, Robert O. Fay, and A. Allen Graffham. 52p., 1 plate in pocket, 41 figures, 1 table. Includes two days of heavily descriptive Road Logs, plus a text section on Regional Geology. Errata sheet inside front cover. Very Good. $10


Oklahoma Geological Survey : Special Publications 11x8.5" Illustrated. (see also Misc. section below)

Oklahoma Special Publication 91-3 : 1991 : Arbuckle Group Core Workshop and Field Trip. Edited by Kenneth S. Johnson. Proceedings of a one-day core workshop (October 29, 1991) held in Norman, Oklahoma, and a two-day field trip (October 30-31, 1991) to the Arbuckle and Wichita Mountains of southern Oklahoma. Co-sponsored by the Oklahoma Geological Survey and the Bartlesville Project office of the US Department of Energy. The book covers such topics as : petroleum-reservoir characterization; deposition, diagenesis, paleokarst, and structure of the Arbuckle Group as a carbonate reservoir; and interpretation of Arbuckle Group geology based upon petrologic, petrographic, and geochemical studies. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 266 pages, nicely illustrated throughout. (Very Good. Minor ex-library marks). $58

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Oklahoma City Geological Society : Shale Shaker
11x8.5”, illus. It looks like a newsletter, but contains technical papers in addition to other items.
When bound into hardback form, it is called the Shale Shaker Digest and includes only technical papers.
Some of the papers in the rarely found Shale Shaker were not ever published elsewhere.
As you might guess, content is generally directly related to petroleum, oil, gas and such.

For the following individual issues of Shale Shaker,
I have listed only the technical papers (which take up most of the issue).
All individual issues are hole-punched at the spine to fit in a binder.
These individual issues also contain several short columns such as the “Geologists’ Wives Association.”
* * Where a thesis is reviewed, the thesis is generally the main paper in the same issue with the review.

Shale Shaker Volume 9(3) November 1958, 30p., illus. $5
Subsurface geology of the Purcell area, Cleveland and McClain counties, Oklahoma.

Shale Shaker Volume 9(5) January 1959, 30p., illus. $5
The Northwest Butner Pool area, Seminole county, Oklahoma.

Shale Shaker Volume 9(10) June 1959, 30p., illus. $5
Pre-Desmoinesian Isopach and paleogeologic study of Northwestern Oklahoma.

Shale Shaker Volume 10(1) September 1959, 30p., illus. $5
A stratigraphic study of the Sycamore and related formations in southeastern Anadarko basin.

Shale Shaker Volume 10(2) October 1959, 26p.., illus. $5
Nice cover photo of LeRoy Lane.
Subsurface study of the Deese Group, Western Garvin county, Oklahoma.

Shale Shaker Volume 10(3) November 1959, 30p., illus. $5
Nice cover photo of Sally Hadler, to celebrate the (nearly) ten year anniversary of Shale Shaker.
Isopachous and paleogeologic studies of Southwest Oklahoma.
Review of Gary McDaniel thesis.

Shale Shaker Volume 10(4) December 1959, 26p., illus. $5
Subsurface geology of Woods county, Oklahoma.
Review of Jack Paul Fletcher Bowles, Jr. thesis.

Shale Shaker Volume 10(5) January 1960, 26p., illus. $5
An isopach, structural and paleogeologic study of Pre-Desmoinesian units in North Central Oklahoma.
Review of Cecil L. Jones, Jr. thesis.

Shale Shaker Volume 10(7) March 1960, 26p., illus. $5
Caddo oil field, carter county, Oklahoma.
Review of Richard L. Nance thesis.
Valley-Grove (southeast) field, Okfuskee county, Oklahoma.

Shale Shaker Volume 10(8) April 1960, 34p., illus. $5
Cover photo of Henry Campo in 1947.
Surface geology of the Eufaula-Texanna area, McIntosh and Pittsburg counties, Oklahoma.
Discussion on Frank S. Webb’s Master’s thesis.

Shale Shaker Volume 10(9) May 1960, 34p., illus. $5
Pre-Desmoinesian isopachous and paleogeologic studies of the Amarillo-Hugoton area.
Discussion of John A. Worden thesis

Shale Shaker Volume 11(5) January 1961, 26p., illus. $5
Subsurface geology of a portion of southern Hughes county, Oklahoma.
Review of Ralph Leon Harvey’s paper.

Shale Shaker Volume 11(6) February 1961, 26p., illus. $5
Cover photo of Ben H. Parker.
The geologist’s role in waterflooding.
Sedimentation survey of Lake Carl Blackwell, Payne and Noble counties, Oklahoma.
The romance of diamonds.

Shale Shaker Volume 11(7) March 1961, 30p., illus. $5
Pre-Pennsylvanian subsurface geology of the East Lindsay area, Garvin county, Oklahoma.
Reflection seismograph prospecting.
Discussion of Robert J. Bell’s thesis.

Shale Shaker Volume 11(8) April 1961, 26p., illus. $5
Mississippian rocks on the Western Flank of the Oklahoma City uplift, Oklahoma.
Oil and gas financing.
Review of Robert T. Ellzey’s thesis.

Shale Shaker Volume 11(9) May 1961, 26p., illus. $5
Hoffman gas area, Okmulgee & McIntosh counties, Oklahoma.

Shale Shaker Volume 11(10) June 1961, 30p., illus. $5
Cover photo of Steve Smith (receiving award) and Willard Woods, Jr.
Stratigraphic relations of the Sycamore Limestone (Mississippian) in southern Oklahoma.
Shale shaker index to volume 11.
Discussion of Chesley Culp, Jr. thesis.

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


Oklahoma Geology Publications : Misc. ~9x6" unless otherwise noted, some are offprints.

Atmospheric oscillations at Oklahoma City during the 1953 Tornado season by Donn, Rommer and Press. 1953. Lamont Geological Observatory (Columbia University) Palisades, New York. This is Technical Report on Meteorology # 2. 11x8.5", 20p., illus. (crayon mark on one page) $4

"Big Lime" : guidebook to the southern margin of the Oologah Limestone Banks (OK) by Allan Bennison. 1973 Tulsa Geological Society. 11x8.5", comb-bound, 31p. illus. General information and road logs. (lightly bumped corners) $16

Carboniferous and Permian age of the red beds of eastern Oklahoma from stratigraphic evidence. (OK) 1901. Amer J Sci. 4p. (chipped cover corner, short edge tear) $1

Evidences of slumping previous to consolidation in the Pennsylvanian of Oklahoma by Clarence S. Ross. 1924 Bulletin AAPG vol. 8(4). 5p. (Good : some soil) $1

Evolution of some lower Pennsylvanian conodont species by Joseph J. Straka, II and H. Richard Lane. 1970. Lethaia vol. 3(1), pages 41-49. 10x7", illus., signed by Straka. $2

Furbearers and game mammals of Oklahoma. 1951 3rd ed. Oklahoma Game and Fish Dept. 43p. illus. (cover faintly soiled) $3

Geologic study of the Arkoma basin and Ouachita mountains : Final report (OK). 1981 Gas Research Institute. 70p., illus., 11x8.5", this is a copy in a binder. Much of the emphasis of this study is on gas production, and it has details for many individual gas fields in addition to overall information. $4

1. Megaliocrinus, a new Camerate crinoid genus from the Morrow series of northeastern Oklahoma.
2. Metacatillocrinus, a new Inadunate crinoid genus from the Pennsylvanian rocks of Oklahoma.
3. Blastoids from Middle Pennsylvanian rocks of Oklahoma.
4. A new species of Synbathocrinus from Mississippian rocks of Texas, with description of ontogeny.
* * * * These four offprints are bound together. Softcover, 10x7”, 40 pages, nicely illustrated. August 1942, Denison University Bulletin, Jouranl of the Scientific Laboratories, volume 37. $7

Natural History vol. 48(1), June 1941. This is the entire issue of Natural History magazine. 11x8.5", 65p., nicely illustrated. (cover edges rubbed) $15

Some of the contents of Natural History vol. 48(1) :
New dinosaur found in Oklahoma : Saurophagus maximus (J.W. Stovall, Pard Collins and Truman Tucker)
Hudson canyon offshore from New Jersey and Long Island, New York.
Oldest mention of the giant squid.
Ruins in Colombia.
Explorer Henry C. Raven.
Carib Indians.

Odd geologic structures of southern Oklahoma. By C.W. Tomlinson. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1952, Vol. 36(9), pages 1820-1840. $5

Ouachita symposium : Geology of the Ouachita mountains (OK). 1959 Dallas Geological Society and Ardmore Geological Society. Edited by Lewis Cline, William Hilseweck and Dan Feray. 11x8.5" 208p. of text, illus., fold-outs, PLUS a separate packet containing Ouachita field trip guidebook, 17 folded plates, figures or maps. (Good : The cover to the text needs to be reattached - an easy fix with a couple beads of glue. This will stabilize the text block. Bumped corners, especially on plate packet container) $41

Pennsylvanian stratigraphy and structure, Velma Pool, Stephens county, Oklahoma. Vy William Wyman Mallory. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1948, Vol. 32(10), pages 1948-1979. $6

Tulsa Geological Society Digest, Volume 26, 1958 (OK). 9.5x7", 157p. In additional to regular "Affairs of the society" there are 14 feature articles almost entirely about oil / petroleum. (spine ends a bit rough, corners lightly bumped) $8

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