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For Sale : Texas State Geology Publications

Bureau of Economic Geology - University of Texas at Austin
- Environmental Geologic Atlas - Guidebooks -
Maps (all series) - Publications - Report of Investigations -
See Misc section at bottom of page for publications from other series.

Baylor University Geological Studies : Bulletins

Misc. Texas geology public ations (look here for various Geological Society Pubs)

General condition notes : Good/very good. Lightly used, sunned on spines and edges, some bumped edges and corners.
Filing and/or owner's stamps and marks. Older spines may show wear/darkening, Some spines have handwritten number.
Covers / edge of page block may be slightly soiled. Softcover unless noted. Please ask if you need more information.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

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Author names may not be listed. Most papers are listed with the state in which they were published.
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Bureau of Economic Geology - University of Texas at Austin : Environmental Geologic Atlas of the Texas Coastal Zone
11x8.5" Illustrated.

Beaumont - Port Arthur Area : 1973. By W. L. Fisher, L. F. Brown, Jr., J. H. McGowen, and C. G. Groat. 93 pages, 23 figures, 13 tables, 9 NICE folded color maps in multiple pockets at the back. Content includes : Environmental Geology, Physical Properties, Environmental and biologic assemblages, Current Land use, Mineral and energy resources, Active processes, Man-made features and water systems, Rainfall, Discharge, and surface salinity, and Topography and bathymetry. (Generally Very Good, but cover has minor light soil and owner's name). $22


Bureau of Economic Geology - University of Texas at Austin : Guidebooks
11x8.5", unless noted, Illustrated.

Texas Guidebook 15 : 1973 : Edwards reef complex and associated sedimentation in Central Texas. By H. F. Nelson. It was published for a field trip for the 1973 annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, Dallas, Texas. 11x8.5”, 35p., 5 figures, 7 plates. Includes background descriptive text plus detailed sections on stratigraphy for 6 stops. (Owner's name marked out on corner of cover). $10

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Bureau of Economic Geology - University of Texas at Austin : Maps
These lightly used maps usually have owner's stamps and filing notations on the envelope, sometimes on map.

Geologic Quadrangle Maps :
Folded, in an envelope. Color maps.

Texas Geologic Quadrangle Map 30 : 1966 : Geology of Black Gap area, Brewster county, Texas. By Bill E. St. John. Scale 1:62,5000. With 18 pages of text and 2 other folded plates (Structure contour map and Composite measured section). $20

Texas Geologic Quadrangle Map 40 : 1972 : Gravity, magnetic, and generalized geologic map of the Van Horn – Sierra Blanca region, Trans-Pecos, Texas. By Michael A. Wiley. Scale 1:125,000. With 26 pages of text. $20


Miscellaneous Texas geology maps :
Good to Very Good condition.

Geologic map of Cathedral Mountain quadrangle, Brewster county, Texas, with structure sections. Scale 1 : 625000, full color. This looks like it is from GSA bulletin volume 66 (1955), but it does not indicate an issue or an article title. Author is McAnulty. Folded. $5

Geologic map of Colorado River industrial development association area, Texas. Full color map covering the region from San Saba county to Matagorda county along the Colorado River. From USGS Geological map of Texas, 1937 - though this is a relatively new map. Univ. of Texas, Bureau of Economic Geology. Listed as "Grid A area, Plate 1, but doesn't say from what." Scale 1" = 8 miles. $6

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


Bureau of Economic Geology - University of Texas at Austin : Publications
6x9" before #4300, 7x10" after.

Texas Publication 5305 : 1953 : Geology of Henrys Chapel quadrangle, northeastern Cherokee county, Texas, by H.B. Stenzel. 119p., 57 figs, 1 large color geologic map in pocket. (spine rough, one part taped) $18


Bureau of Economic Geology - University of Texas at Austin : Reports of Investigations
7x10" prior to 50, 8.5x11" after that. (some sunned edges, bumped corners)

Texas Report of Investigations 33 : 1957 : Pleistocene Equidae of Texas. By James Harrison Quinn. 51p., 1 figure, 7 plates, 10 tables. $8

Texas Report of Investigations 59 : 1967 : Lower Cretaceous Sands of Texas: Stratigraphy and Resources, by W. L. Fisher and P. U. Rodda. 116 p., 8.5x11", 12 figs., 3 plates in pocket (very good, sunned spine) $21

Texas Report of Investigations 88 : 1977 : The Moore Hollow Group of Central Texas, by V. E. Barnes and W. C. Bell. 169 p., 13 figs., 24 tables, 18 pls., Plates are in large separate envelope. (faint soil on cover and envelope, contents very good) $14


Baylor Geological Studies : Bulletins
11x8.5" Nicely Illustrated, index. (covers lightly soiled)

Texas Baylor Bulletin 4 : 1963 : Bluebonnet member, Lake Waco formation (Upper Cretaceous), central TX - a lagoonal deposit. 46p. (bumped corner). $4

Texas Baylor Bulletin 12 : 1970 : Urban geology of Greater Waco - Part IV Engineering : Geologic factors affection construction in Waco. 34p. $4

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


Texas Geological Materials : Misc. (Split into sections below : 1. Books, 2. Offprints and Small papers)
Unless otherwise noted, these are in very good condition. Clean, tight, square and flat. Spines a bit sunned, edges lightly bumped. Owner's name or stamp, cover may be slightly soiled. Individual condition notes below.

MISC. Texas Geology BOOKS / single journals : (Papers / Off-prints farther down page)

Geology of the West Flower Garden Bank (outer edge of the Texas - Louisiana continental shelf). by Goldsborough, Serpell, Edwards. Texas A&M University Sea Grant Program : TAMU-SG-71-215 : 1971. 200p. one-sided, fold-out. 11x8.5" (lower spine end a bit rough) $10

Highway Geology Symposium : Proceedings. Resources & Transportation : 31st Annual. Published 1981. Sponsored by the Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin, and Texas Department of Highways and Public Transportation. Comb Bound, 11x8.5”, 188p., nicely illustrated. (bumped corner) $16

Selected Contents of Highway Geology Symposium Proceedings:
Karst problems along Tennessee highways.
Impact of evaporite dissolution and collapse on cultural features in the Texas Panhandle and eastern New Mexico.
Microearthquake studies in Texas.
Characterization of shales by plasticity limits, point load strength, and slake durability.
Engineering petrography – highway applications.
Evaluation of channel stream bank erosion in urbanizing watershed in the Blackland Prairie, North-central Texas.
Drumlins as potential sources of sand and gravel in glaciated regions.

Nearsurface sediments of the continental shelf off Louisiana (TX) by H.N. Fisk. Univ. of Texas, Bureau of Econ. geol. Reprint from Proceedings of 8th TX conference on Soil mechanics and foundation engineering. 1956. 11x8.5" 40p., color illus. $4

A Preliminary report on the soils and waters of the Upper Rio Grande and Pecos Valleys in Texas. By H. H. Harrington. 1890 State Printing Office in Austin. This is Geological Survey of Texas Bulletin 2, a series that predates the University of Texas series bulletins, also discontinued. 9x6”, 26 pages, includes data. El Paso county. An interesting little historic document. (Fair. Cover edges and spine are neatly taped. Front cover has some blacked-out filing marks, the wording on the cover is NOT obscured. The back side of the cover has a library pocket. The title page has an owner's stamp and is partly loose. All else is good. $8

Temperatures variations and their relation to groundwater flow, South Texas, Gulf coast basin by Deborah S. Pfeiffer. 1988 University of Texas at Austin, M.A. Thesis. 199p., illus, map in pocket. Handsome hardback. (covers barely rubbed. End papers have minor discoloration which may be from binding glue) $21

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Misc. Texas Geology Offprints and Small Papers:~9x6" unless otherwise noted. (Misc. BOOKS above)

Geologic reconnaissance of the Fort Davis National Historic Site, Texas, by A. Gordon Everett. 1967. The Pearce-Sellards Series ; Texas Memorial Museum, University of Texas at Austin, No. 6. 19p., illus., 10x7". $4

Isotopic evidence for the early meteoric diagenesis of the reef facies, Permian reef complex of West Texas and New Mexico, by R. Kevin Given and Kyger C. Lohmann. 1986. Extracted from the Journal of Sedimentary Petrology, vol. 56(2), pages 183-193, illus., 11x8.5". $2

Review of R.T. Hill's report on Artesian water in Texas. 1890's. Texas Geol Survey ? 44p. Some controversy arose following the report, which was distributed in a limited manner. (front cover detached with edge chips (lower blank edge missing), library plate). $4

Stratigraphy of Blaine formation (Permian), north-central Texas. By Eugene C. Pendery, III. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1963, Vol. 47(10), pages 1828-1839. $2

Zonation of Upper Cretaceous Austin chalk and Burditt marl, Williamson county, Texas. By Keith Young and Edward Marks. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1952, Vol. 36(3), pages 477-488. $2

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