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For Sale : Utah State Geology Publications

Utah Geological and Mineralogical Survey = Utah Geological and Mineral Survey
affiliated with The College of Mines and Mineral Industries, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

Bulletins - Maps - Special Studies - Utah Geology journal - Water-Resources Bulletins
For individual items from other UGS series, see Misc. section at bottom of page.

Utah Geological Association: originated in 1970 from a merger of 3 organizations.
Utah Geological Society (UGSociety), Intermountain Association of Geologists (IAG), and Intermountain Association of Petroleum Geologists (IAPG).
UGSociety Guidebooks - UGSociety Publications - IAPG Guidebooks

Four Corners Geological Society - see ARIZONA.

Misc. Utah Geology publications

  The Mountain Geologist : quarterly journal of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG).
LOTS of Utah content. On another page on the website. Click here to go there.


General condition notes : (See each item for any individual notes on condition.)
Good to very good. Lightly used. Owner's name/stamps. Some bumped edges and corners.
Older spines may show wear/darkening/sunning. Covers / edge of page block may be slightly soiled.
Covers lightly rubbed. Softcover unless noted. Please ask if you need more information on any item.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

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Utah Geological and Mineralogical Survey : Bulletins 9x6" through #82, 11x8.5" after that. Illus.
Typeface (the font used) varies, some have a large plain font, others have a smaller more professional looking font.

Utah Bulletin 24 : 1944 : Tungsten reserves discovered in the Cottonwood – American Fork mining districts, Utah, with a discussion of the influence of Scheelite on the Character of Scondary Molybdenum minerals. By Arthur L. Crawford and Alfred M. Buranek. 56 pages, 6 figures. This is the 1957 reprint done as “Reprint 55.” Appears to be an exact copy of the 1944 bulletin except for the cover, title page, and foreward. $7

Utah Bulletin 37 : 1950 : Geology of Eastern Iron County, Utah. by Herbert E. Gregory. 153 pages, 53 plates (1 in pocket, a geologic map). Very Good. $7

Utah Bulletin 41 : 1951 : Geology of Lake Mountain, Utah. By Kenneth C. Bullock. 46p., 7 plates in text, 3 tables. $7

Utah Bulletin 43 : 1952 : Eastern Sevier Valley, Sevier and Sanpete counties, Utah : with reference to formations of Jurassic age. By Clyde T. Hardy. 98p., 9 plates in text, 4 figures, 1 table. $12

Utah Bulletin 44 : 1953 : Geology of the Silver Reef (Harrisburg) mining district, Washington County, Utah. By Paul Dean Proctor. 169p., 11 plates, 8 tables, 13 figures. $15

Utah Bulletin 45 : 1952 : Geology of the Selma Hills, Utah county, Utah. by J. Keith Rigby. 107p., 3 tables, 6 plates in text, 21 figures. (barely bumped corners) $12

Utah Bulletin 46 : 1952 : Uranium-Vanadium deposits of the Thompsons area, Grand county, Utah. With emphasis on the origin of Carnotite ores. By Wm. Lee Stokes. 51 pages, 12 figures, 2 fold-out plates (geologic maps of Thompsons area and of Yellow Cat area), 1 table. SCARCE. (stamps on title page) $18

Utah Bulletin 49 : 1963 : Kanab, the southern gateway to Utah. By Herbert E. Gregory. 24 pages, frontispiece, 11 figures. $5

Utah Bulletin 51 : 1955 : The rocks and scenery of Camp Steiner, Summit and Wasatch counties, Utah. By Daniel J. Jones. Dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America. 30p., 1 plate, 13 figures. The plate is a nice, clear two page map of Boy Scout Camp, including Scout Lake, Pearl Lake, Picturesque Lake and various camp and tent areas. (Sunned cover edges). $5

Utah Bulletin 53 : 1956 : Silurian rocks of Western Millard county, Utah. By Richard W. Rush. 66p., 12 figs. (sunned cover edges). $7

Utah Bulletin 55 : 1956 : Clays of Utah county, Utah. By Edmond P. Hyatt. 83p., 23 figures, 4 tables. $6

Utah Bulletin 56 : 1955 : Geology of the Southern Lakeside mountains, Utah by John C. Young. 115p., 2 figures, 5 plates in text (numbered as 3 plates with parts). $10

Utah Bulletin 57 : 1956 : Middle ordovician - detailed stratigraphic sections for Western Utah and Eastern Nevada by Gregory W. Webb. 77p., 12 figs. $7

Utah Bulletin 60 : 1957 : The rocks and scenery of Camp Hunt, Rich County, Utah. By Clyde T. Hardy. Dedicated to the Boy Scouts of America. 26p., illus. $5

Utah Bulletin 63 : 1959 : Sheeprock Mountains (Tooele and Juab counties) - Precambrian and Paleozoic stratigraphy, Igneous rocks, Structure, Geomorphology, and Economic Geology. By Robert E. Cohenour. 201p., 25 plates (incl. full-color fold-out geologic map), 6 figs, 3 tables. (Fair. Generally Good, but paper over spine has some roughness and is missing over the lowest 2 inches of the spine. Minor soil on edge of page block). $11

Utah Bulletin 64 : 1958 : Geologic atlas of Utah, Cache county. By J. Stewart Williams. 98p., 13 colored maps in text, 13 plates in text, 2 figures. (cover edges sunned). $9

Utah Bulletin 65 : 1959 : Geology of the southern Stansbury Range, Tooele county, Utah by John A. Teichert. 75p., 12 figs, 2 plates, frontispiece. Curiously, the copy I have here has a third plate, folded and inserted loosely. It is not listed in the list of illustrations. Plate 3 : Geologic Cross Sections of the Stansbury mountains. $14

Utah Bulletin 66 : 1959 : Geologic atlas of Utah, Daggett county. By Howard R. Ritzma. 111p., 11 figures, 9 plates in text, 8 colored maps in text, 6 colored scenes. $10

Utah Bulletin 67 : 1959 : The rocks and scenery of Camp Maple Dell, Utah county, Utah. By J. Keith Rigby. 55p., frontispiece, 5 plates in text, 16 figures. $6

Utah Bulletin 70 : 1960 : Geologic atlas of Utah, Washington county. By Earl Ferguson Cook. 119p., 8 figures, 19 colored scenes, 16 plates in text, 21 colored geologic maps in text. $15

Utah Bulletin 71 : 1961 : The mineral resources of Uintah county. By Robert G. Pruitt, Jr. 101p., 11 plates in text, 19 figures. (may have county name written on spine) $8

Utah Bulletin 72 : 1964 : Geology of Uintah county. By G. E. and B. R. Untermann. 112p., 49 figures, Color geologic map in envelope (on two sheets). Revised 1968.

Choose your copy of Bulletin 72 :
1964 Good (maps and text in envelope with taped edges). - $18
1968 revision Good (This copy does not have the maps in an envelope, they are just tucked inside the back cover). - $20

Utah Bulletin 82 : 1969 : Guidebook of Northern Utah edited by Mead LeRoy Jensen. HARDBACK, 266p., very nicely illustrated, numerous fold-outs, 3 plates in pocket. This book was printed for the 1969 annual meeting of the Geological Society of America - Rocky Mountain Section. Note : 3 field trip road logs are in text at end of bulletin. A fourth is listed as “in pocket”, but I have yet to find it in a copy of this bulletin – it may not have been included with all copies? $12

Contents of Bulletin 82 :
Prehistoric man in Utah.
Stratigraphy of the Salt Lake region.
Charting the Laramide structures of western Utah.
Geologic evolution of the precambrian rocks in northern Utah and adjacent areas.
Geochronology of some Utah rocks.
Willard thrust.
Preliminary geochemical study of the Alta and Clayton peak intrusives.
Wasatch fault zone in north central Utah.
Hydrology and chemistry of Great Salt Lake.
Groundwater hydrology of the Jordan valley, Utah.
Some sedimentary structures resulting from flash floods.
Engineering geology of some northern Utah landslides.
Bingham district - a zoned prophyry ore deposit.
Geology and ore deposits of East Tintic mining district, Utah.
Uranium in Utah.
Field trip logs.

Utah Bulletin 87 : 1970 : Stratigraphy of the San Rafael group, southwest and south central Utah. By A. E. Thompson and W. L. Stokes. 53p., 62 figures (2 are fold-outs). Kaiparowits region. $12

Utah Bulletin 93 : 1972 : Geologic hazards in Morgan County with applications to planning. By B. N. Kaliser. 56 pages, 45 figures (many are full-page reproductions of topographic quadrangle maps), 2 plates in pocket, 9 tables.). (Good. Owner's name marked out on cover corner. Has a bit of a curve, should flatten). $5

Utah Bulletin 98 : 1972 : Analysis of gravity and aeromagnetic data, San Francisco Mountains and vicinity, southwestern Utah. By J. W. Schmoker. 24p., 21 figures, 2 tables. $15

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


Utah Geological and Mineral Survey : Maps Folded, in printed envelope.

Utah Map 83 : 1986 : Geologic map of the Salina Quadrangle, Sevier county, Utah. By Grant C. Willis. 1:24,000, full color. Lovely heavy, glossy paper. Includes second color plate sheet with descriptions of units and cross section and more. Also, 20 pages of descriptive text. $4

Utah Map 136 : 1991 : Geologic map of the Lampo Junction quadrangle, Box Elder county, Utah. By David M. Miller, Max D. Crittenden, Jr., and Teresa E. Jordan. 2 color sheets and 11 pages of text. $4

Utah Map 168 : 1996 : Geologic map of the Agate quadrangle, Grand county, Utah. By Grant C. Willis, Hellmut H. Doelling and Michael L. Ross. 2 color sheets and 34 pages of text. $4

Utah Map 205 : 2004 : Geologic map of the La Sal 30 minute x 60 minute quadrangle, San Juan, Wayne, and Garfield counties, Utah and Montrose and San Miguel counties, Colorado. By Hellmut H. Doelling. 2 color map sheets. $9


Utah Geological and Mineralogical Survey : Special Studies 11x8.5", Illus.

Utah Special Studies 6 : 1963 : Geology and hydrothermal alteration in northwestern Black Mountains and southern Shauntie Hills, Beaver and Iron counties, Utah. By Max P. Erickson and E. Julius Dasch. 32p., 9 plates ( 3 in pocket). (lightly bumped corner) $10

Utah Special Studies 14 : 1966 : Geothermal power potential in Utah. By Edgar B. Heylman. 28p., frontispiece, 2 plates, 5 figures. (lightly bumped corner) $5

Utah Special Studies 17 : 1966 : Igneous complex at Wah Wah pass, Beaver county, Utah. By Max P. Erickson. 14p., 1 figure, 2 plates in pocket. $8

Utah Special Studies 24 : 1969 : Mineral resources, San Juan county, Utah, and adjacent areas – Part I : Petroleum, potash, groundwater, and miscellaneous minerals. By Howard R. Ritzma and Hellmut H. Doelling. 125p., 22 figures, 2 plates in pocket, 14 tables, 10 maps in text. $13

Utah Special Studies 29 : 1969 : Tertiary volcanic rocks of Needles Range, Western Utah. By Omar G. Conrad. Millard county, Beaver county. 28 pages, frontispiece, 5 figures, 5 plates (1 in pocket), 1 table. $10

Utah Special Studies 42 : 1973 : Geology and diatremes of Desert Mountain, Utah. By D. C. Rees, M. P. Erickson, and J. A. Whelan. 12p., 6 figures, 1 table, 1 plate in pocket. (lightly bumped corner) $9

Utah Special Studies 47 : 1974 : Geology and mineralization of the Church Hills, Millard county, Utah. By R. L. Sayre. 22p., 3 figures, 3 tables, 2 plates in pocket. (bumped corners, short closed tear on back cover edge) $9

Utah Special Studies 51 : 1980 : Geology assessment of seismic risk in the Tooele and Rush valleys, Tooele county, Utah. By Benjamin L. Everitt and Bruce N. Kaliser. 33p., 13 figures (1 in pocket), 3 tables, 7 plates (3 in pocket on a total of 5 sheets). With figure, there are 6 sheets “in pocket” – there actually isn’t a pocket, so the folded sheets are loose. $8

Utah Special Studies 52 : 1980 : Studies in late Cenozoic volcanism in west-central Utah. Two parts in one binding. Part I – Petrology of Late Tertiary and Quaternary volcanism in western Juab and Millard counties, Utah. Part II – Geology and petrology of the Fumarole Butte volcanic complex, Utah. By C. H. Turley, W. P. Nash, and J. B. Peterson. 58p., 14 figures, 27 tables. $10

Utah Special Studies 53 : 1981 : Geology of the fluorite occurrences, Spor mountain, Juab county, Utah. By Kenneth C. Bullock. 31p., 15 figures, 2 tables. $2

Utah Special Studies 58 : 1983 : Engineering geology of the St. George area, Washington county, Utah. By Gary E. Christenson and Roy D. Deen. 32p., 9 figures, 2 plates in pocket, 3 tables. $10

Utah Special Studies 60 : Geologic excursions in stratigraphy and tectonics : from southeastern Idaho to the Southern Inyo Mountains, California, via Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, Utah. Geological Society of America guidebook – part II, edited by K.D. Gurgel. 1983. 92p. illus., road logs. (lightly bumped corner) $25

Contents of Utah Special Studies 60 :
Upper proterozoic diamictites and volcanic rocks of the Pocatello formation and correlative Units, southeastern Idaho and northern Utah, by Paul K. Link and George B. LeFebre.
Evolution of early Mesozoic tectonistratographic environments, southwestern Colorado Plateau to southern Inyo Mountains by John E. Marzolf and George C. Dunne.
Lower Mesozoic stratigraphy and depositional systems, southwest Colorado Plateau, by Ranaold C. Blakey and Larry T. Middleton.
Early Mesozoic Eolian transition from cratonal margin to orogenic volcanic arc, by John E. Marzolf.
Jurassic trackways in the Mescal range, San Bernardino county, California, by Robert E. Reynolds.
Permotriassic rocks in the northern Mojave Desert region and their tectonic significance, by J. Douglas Walker and B.C. Burchfiel.
Lower Triassic marine sedimentary rocks in east central Californa, by Michael Lewis, Charles Wittman, and Calvin H. Stevens.
Stratigraphic analysis of Middle (?) Triassic marine-to-Continental rocks, southern Inyo Mo9untains, east-central California, by Mark Oborne, A. Eugene Fritsche, and George Dunne.
The geology in and near Canyonlands and Arches National Parks, Utah, by D.L. Baars.

Utah Special Studies 61 : 1983 : Geologic excursions in volcanology: eastern Snake River Plain (Idaho) and southwestern Utah, Geological Society of America. Guidebook - Part III, edited by K.D. Gurgel. 55p., illus., road logs. $4

Contents of Utah Special Studies 61 :
Holocene basaltic volcanism along the Great Rift, central and eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho, by M.A. Kuntz et al.;
Mid-Tertiary history of the central Pioche-Marysvale igneous belt, southwestern Utah, by
M.G. Best and J.D. Keith

Utah Special Studies 62 : 1983 : Geologic excursions in neotectonics and engineering geology in Utah, Geological Society of America guidebook - Part IV, edited by K.D. Gurgel, 1983, 109 p., illus., road logs. (Very Good condition, but Ex-library, so has some marks) $9

Contents of Utah Special Studies 62 :
1. Paleoseismicity along the Wasatch Front and adjacent areas, central Utah, by A.J. Crone;
2. Paleoseismic investigations along the Wasatch fault zone; an update, by D.P. Schwartz et al.;
3. Amount of displacement and estimated age of a Holocene surface faulting event, eastern Great Basin, Millard County, Utah, by A.J. Crone;
4. Late Cenozoic faulting in Heber and Keetley Valleys, northeastern Utah, by J.T. Sullivan and A.R. Nelson;
5. Lake Bonneville stratigraphy, geomorphology, and isostatic deformation in west-central Utah, by D.R. Currey et al.;
6. Geologic aspects of upper Stillwater damsite Bonneville Unit, Central Utah Project, Utah, by J.L. Rogers;
7. Engineering geologic problems along Utah's urban corridor, by B.N. Kaliser

Utah Special Studies 66 : 1984 : Engineering geology of Park City, Summit county, Utah. By Harold E. Gill and William R. Lund. 42p., 15 figures, 3 tables. $3

Utah Special Studies 67 : 1986 : Low-temperature geothermal assessment of the Santa Clara and Virgin River valleys, Washington county, Utah. By Karin E. Budding and Steven N. Sommer. 34p., 15 figures, 4 tables, 1 plate in pocket. $10

Utah Special Studies 68 : 1986 : Engineering geologic case studies in Utah 1986. Edited by William R. Lund. 94p., illus., fold-outs. $3

Contents of Utah Special Studies 68 :
Geologic and hydrologic evaluation of Mt. Pleasant Watershed, Sanpete county, Utah.
Geology evaluation of septic tank and soil absorption system suitability, Dry Fork Canyon, Unitah county, Utah.
Engineering geology for land-use planning, Smithfield, Utah.
Preliminary geologic evaluatio of five proposed hazard waste facility sites in Utah.
Engineering geology for land-use planning for research park, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.


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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


Utah Geological and Mineral Survey : Utah Geology 11x8.5", illus.,
Including illustrations and art by Brent R. Jones, Greg F. McLaughlin, Jim W. Hamblin, Sandra Stewart.
I listed the main articles, not always the short notes and other content like Earthquake activity.

Utah Geology Volume 1(1) : Fall 1974. 95p., illus., plus 6 plates in pocket. Includes errata sheet. (slightly rough spine end) $25

Contents of Utah Geology Volume 1(1) :
The Relicted Lands case.
Kaibab limestone and associated strata, Circle Cliffs, Utah.
Mt. Olympus Cove environmental geology study : an alluvial fan case history.
Summary of stratigraphy in the Mineral range, Beaver and Millard counties, Utah.
Detailed magnetic surveys in the Star range, Beaver county, Utah.
Bonneville Salt Flats – a possible geothermal area?
Short note : Cretaceous foraminifera from the Mule Ear Diatreme, San Juan county, Utah.

Utah Geology Volume 3(2) : Fall 1976. Pages 70-144, illus. (cover corner creased) $20

Contents of Utah Geology Volume 3(2) :
Cretaceous stratigraphy of the Coalville and Rockport areas, Utah.
Classification of ripple marks.
Distribution in time and space of Late Phanerozoic normal faulting in Nevada and Utah.
Relict patterned ground, Bear River range, North-central Utah.
Type locality of Walcott’s Brigham formation, Box Elder county, Utah.

Utah Geology Volume 4(1) : Spring 1977. 67p., illus. $20

Contents of Utah Geology Volume 4(1) :
Subdivisions of the major physiographic provinces in Utah. (with great color map)
Heavy metals in the Great Salt Lake, Utah.
Occurrence of petrified wood in coal, Kane county, Utah.
Pleistocene volcanic ash deposits in Utah.
Approximation of magnesium concentration by refractive index measurements in evaporating brines of Great Salt Lake, Utah.
The boundary between Uintah and Grand counties, Utah.

Utah Geology Volume 5(1) : Spring 1978. Change of cover look. 84p., illus. (lightly bumped edge) $20

Contents of Utah Geology Volume 5(1) :
Lead and strontium isotopic study of Igneous rocks and ores, Gold Hill district, Utah.
Wind tides of the Great Salt Lake.
Manganese, molybdenum and selenium in the Great Salt Lake.
Preliminary geologic map of the wildcat creek area, Eastern Beaver county, Utah.
Gravity study of the Fumarole Butte area, Juab and Millard counties, Utah.
Stratigraphy of the coal-bearing Blackhawk formation on North Horn mountain, Wasatch plateau, Utah.

Utah Geology Volume 6(2) : Fall 1979. 85p., illus. $20

Contents of Utah Geology Volume 6(2) :
History of the Utah geological and mineral survey.
Geology of the Spry Intrusion, Garfield county, Utah.
Coal Accumulation in Upper Cretaceous Marginal Deltaic environments of the Blackhawk formation and Star Point sandstone, Emery, Utah.
Lithofacies of the Upper Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian Western Oquirrh group, northwest Utah.
Sanstone spar in the Trail mountain coal mine, Emery county, Utah.
Upper Permian and Lower Triassic stratigraphy of the Stansbury mountains.


Utah Geological and Mineral Survey : Water-Resources Bulletins 11x8.5", illus.

Utah Water Resources Bulletin 5 : 1964 : Reconnaissance of Water Resources of a part of western Kane county, Utah. By Harry D. Goode. 63p., frontispiece, 3 plates, 12 figures (1 in pocket), 7 tables. This publication is also numbered as Bulletin of the University of Utah volume 55(21) and Utah Engineering Experiment Station bulletin 127. $15

Utah Water Resources Bulletin 7 : 1964 : Geology and ground-water resources of the Jordan Valley. By I. Wendell Marine and Don Price. 68p., 30 figures (10 in pocket), 9 tables (1 in pocket) $10

Utah Water Resources Bulletin 13 : 1970 : Major thermal springs of Utah. By J. C. Mundorff. 11x8.5”, 60 pages, 23 figures, 3 tables, 2 plates in pocket. Hot springs, Warm springs, geothermal. An excellent resource. $24

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Utah Geological Society, now the Utah Geological Association : Guidebooks 9x6" Illus., softcover
These all have the main title GUIDEBOOK TO THE GEOLOGY OF UTAH.
See also Utah Geological Association Publications (next category down) - these are also guidebooks.

Utah Geological Society Guidebook 4 : 1949 : The transition between the Colorado plateaus and the Great Basin in Central Utah. By Edmund M. Spieker. 106p., 1 plate in pocket, 10 figures. Road logs. (owner's name, title written on spine) $12

Utah Geological Society Guidebook 8 : 1952 : Geology of the central Wasatch Mountains, Utah. With a number of sections by different authors, includes City Creek to Parleys Canyon to the Traverse Range, Northern Farmington Mountains, Wasatch hinterland, Big and Little Cottonwood canyons, Road Logs. 71p., frontispiece, 6 plates (2 in pocket), 9 figures. $9

Utah Geological Society Guidebook 9 : 1954 : Uranium deposits and general geology of southeastern Utah. Contains 8 papers covering history, radium, uranium, Colorado Plateau, Thompson area of Grand County, Big Indian wash – Lisbon valley area, Arches National monument, more. 115p., frontispiece, 18 figures, 5 plates, 2 tables, Road logs. Very Good (small name blacked out on first page inside) $10

Utah Geological Society Guidebook 18 : 1964 : The Wasatch fault zone in north central Utah. Contains 5 papers covering various aspects of the Wasatch fault zone including Salt Lake county, Weber county, Davis county, more. 60p., 11 figure, 9 plates (plates are fold-outs bound in text). $12

Utah Geological Society Guidebook 19 : 1965 : Geology and resources of South-Central Utah : Resources for Power. Includes 11 papers, 177p., illus., fold-outs plus four folded sheets in pocket, Road Log. (Title written on spine, minor owner's marks on cover) $20

Contents of Utah Guidebook 19 :
Tectonic history of south-central Utah.
Pre-Pennsylvanian stratigraphy of the Kaiparowits region, south-central Utah and north-central Arizona.
Triassic and Jurassic strata of southwestern Utah.
Jurassic and Cretaceous stratigraphy of south-central Kaiparowits Plateau, Utah.
Stratigraphy of the Dakota and Tropic formations of Cretaceous age in southern Utah.
History of exploration for oil and natural gas in the Kaiparowits region, Utah.
Kolob, Kanab, and Kaiparowits coal fields in southwestern Utah.
New developments in the utilization of Utah coal.
Sources of water to supply coal-fired electric power plants in Kane county, Utah.
Ground water in the Navajo sandstone at the east entrance of Zion National Park.
Road logs

Utah Geological Society Guidebook 20 : 1966 : The Great Salt Lake. Contains 10 papers covering history, biology, geologic setting, Cenozoic structural basins, predecessors, sediments, hydrology, climatology, chemistry, industrial development and potential, rights of states to beds of navigable lakes. 173p., illus., fold-outs. $27

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Utah Geological Association : Publications 11x8.5" Illus.

Utah Geological Association Publication 2 : 1972 : Plateau – Basin and Range transition zone, central Utah, 1972. 123p., illus., Road Logs. Contains 13 technical papers related to the title subject including “Hingeline” wells, Thistle area of Utah county, Levan area of Juab county, Sevier-Sanpete region, Ferron formation, more. Very Good. $12

Utah Geological Association Publication 11 : 1983 : Energy resources and geologic overview of the Uinta basin, 1983, Utah. Published for the Annual field conference of the Utah Geological Association, September 15-17, 1983. 73p., illus., maps road logs, bibliography. Includes three Field trips and reference data. (minor splash on cover edge) $20


Intermountain Association of Petroleum Geologists, now the Utah Geological Association : Guidebooks
HARDBACK, 11x8.5" Illus. In alphabetical order by title.

Geology and economic deposits of East Central Utah. 1956. Seventh annual field conference of the Intermountain Association of Petroleum Geologists (IAPG). Hardback, 11x8.5”, 225p., illus, numerous fold-outs and a plate (on 4 sheets) in pocket. Contents include 9 general papers, 13 papers on stratigraphy, 13 papers on economic geology, 11 historical sketches, 3 maps, and 7 road logs. Among many other locations and subjects, there is specific mention of archaeology, Uravan area, Arches National Monument, Colorado National Monument, gem collecting, Book Cliffs, Petroglyph of the mastodon, Skeetskadee and more.

Choose your copy of East Central Utah :
Very Good (owner's name on fly leaf) - $34
Good (Back hinge shaken and minor water mark in margin at upper spine end) - $18

Guidebook to the geology of the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains transition area. Edited by Norman C. Williams. 1959 Intermountain Association of Petroleum Geologists, Tenth Annual Field Conference. HARDBACK, green leatherette, 235 pages plus ad pages and blank pages for notes, nicely illustrated including a large fold-out panoramic photo of the study area. Contains 32 technical reports, 3 road logs, and 2 folded plates in pocket (on a total of 3 sheets). Among other places and topics, there is specific coverage of Summit county, Wasatch county, Fusuline correlations, Oquirrh formation, Durst group, Oil potential, Charophyta and non-marine Ostracods, Coalville area, Fossil basin, Paleontological explorations, West Portal – Soldier Summit area, North Strawberry valley, Slab canyon anticline, Diamond Fork anticline, Park City Mining district, Coalville anticline, Ceramic Red Clay near Henefer, and more. Very Good. $24

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Utah State Geology Publications : Misc.~9x6" unless otherwise noted, some are offprints.

A ~ 240,00 year record of oxygen-isotope and Ostracode-faunal fluctuations, Bear Lake, Utah-Idaho. By Jordon Bright. A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Quaternary Sciences, Northern Arizona University, August 2003. This is a nice Hardback, 11x8.5”, black cloth with gilt lettering on spine. 131 pages, 13 tables, 16 figures. Bear Lake straddles the state line between Utah and Idaho, in the NE corner of Utah near Wyoming. A high-quality original printing. $24

Biostratigraphy and paleoecology of the Gerster Formation (Upper Permian) in Nevada and Utah. By Bruce Richardson Wardlaw. 1974 PhD thesis, Case Western Reserve University. NOTE : This is a University Microfilms reprint, 8x6”, 239p., 19 figures, 2 tables, 16 plates. (Very Good. One page has penciled directions to the areas listed). $42

Biostratigraphy of the Great Blue Formation (UT) by Alan K. Chamberlain. 1979. This must be an excerpt from a M.S. thesis at Brigham Young University. 11x8.5" , 9p., illus. (once folded, minimal pencil marks) $2

Compass of the Sigma Gamma Epsilon Vol. 29(1) : November 1951. 120 pages, nicely illustrated. Contains 12 technical geology reports, plus a few pages of SGE interest. Topics include : Cambrian Diabase flow, Utah Valley ground water geology, Geology of Cedar Valley Hills area of Lake Mountain, Solid bitumens of Uinta basin, Geology of Wasatch Mountain Front near Spanish Fork Canyon, Geology of the Mosida Hills area, Calcite-Aragonite deposits of Lake Mountain, Slate Jack Canyon area, Beaver Dam Mountains, Geology of the North Selma Hills area. UTAH. $5

Compass of the Sigma Gamma Epsilon Volume 31(1) : November 1953. 55 pages, plates in pocket. This issue has 6 articles devoted to Utah (Wasatch front excursion, Utah Lake basin, Iron & steel industry in Utah, Bingham copper mine, Clays of Utah county, Oil and gas potential). $5

Dakota group of Colorado Plateau. By Robert G. Young. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1960, Vol. 44(2), pages 156-194. $8

Depositional facies of the Castlegate and Blackhawk formations, Book Cliffs, eastern Utah. 1985 SEPM Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists (now named Society for Economic Geologists). By Diane L. Komola, Bruce J. Pfaff, Steve L. Newman, Robert W. Frey, and James D. Howard. This is the 1985 SEPM Midyear Meeting Field Guide 10. Softcover, comb-bound, 152 pages, nicely illustrated, illustrations numbered in sections. SCARCE. $38

Dynamic equilibrium between an active uplift and the Sevier River, Utah, by David Jorgensen Harbor. 1988. Extracted from the Journal of Geology, vol. 106, pages 181-194, illus. $3

Early Tertiary stratigraphy of part of central Utah. By Donald P. McGookey. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1960, Vol. 44(5), pages 589-615. $5

Field and river trip guide to Canyonlands Country, Utah. 1985 SEPM Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists (now named Society for Economic Geologists). By C. M. Molenaar and D. L. Baars. This is the 1985 SEPM Midyear Meeting Field Guide 7. Softcover, comb-bound, 74 pages, nicely illustrated. SCARCE. $18

Geologic Map of Daggett County, Utah, by Howard R. Ritzma. Folded, color, includes some historic photos with captions. Published as a supplement to Utah Bulletin 66. $5

Geology of the Bingham Mining district and northern Oquirrh mountains (UT). 1961 Utah Geological Society. Reprinted from Guidebook to the Geology of Utah. 25p., illus., photos, large fold-out plate. (Poor : rippled and a little stiff from water damage - still usable) $2

Geology of the Central Mineral Mountains, Beaver county, Utah. By Bruce S. Sibbett, and Dennis L. Nielson. 1980. Earth Science Laboratory, University of Utah Research Institute, Salt Lake City. U.S. Department of Energy report DOE/ET/28392-40, ESL-33. 11x8.5”, 42p., 1 figure, 2 large plates in pocket. (One huge plate is either on two sheets or has been cut neatly in half – this is a good thing, making it more manageable). (Good. Minor colored pencil marks on map). $35

Geology of the Gunnison Quadrangle, Utah by William N. Gilliland. 1951 University of Nebraska Studies - New Series # 8. 101p., illus., photos, plates in pocket. (Fair/Good : Cover and edge of page block have some soil. End papers foxed from contact with cover) $22

Hydrology of Lake Bonneville and sediments and soils of its basin. By A. J. Eardley, Vasyl Gvosdetsky, and R. E. Marsell. 1957 Bulletin GSA vol. 68, pages 1141-1202, 9x6”, nicely illustrated including neat aerial photo of Lake Bonneville beach. $10

Laramide faulting and orogeny on the North Flank of the Uinta Mountains in Eastern Daggett county, Utah. By W. R. Hansen and M. G. Bonilla. 1954. Colorado Scientific society proceedings, volume 17(1). 9x6”, 29p., illus.,, 2 figures, 3 plates, including fold-out map of the geology of the area between Manila and Browns Park, Utah. $15

Lower Zuni sequence in the Southwestern United States (UT), by P.L. Kehler. 1975 Southern Methodist University Press, Dallas. Institute for the Study of Earth and Man : Reports of Investigations 1. 11x8.5", 27p., illus. Pertains to pre-Albian portion of Lower Zuni sequence in Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. (cover mildly soiled with multiple owner's stamps. One bumped corner). $4

Mineral associations in the Uranium deposits of the Colorado plateau and adjacent regions : interim report (UT). By John W. Gruner, Lynn Gardiner, and Deane K. Smith, Jr. 1954 U.S. Atomic Energy Commission. Softcover, 10.5x8”, staple bound with original taped spine, 48p. Covers Utah (San Rafael Swell, White Canyon, Inter River region, Moab, other places), Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. Characteristics of ores from all the individual mines. Somewhat crude production - typewritten, double spaced. (All VG, except cover a bit rubbed). $10

Mississippian and Pennsylvanian stratigraphy, Confusion range, West-central Utah. By Lawrence Odgen. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1951, Vol. 35(1), pages 62-82. $5

Natural Resources of Utah. 1965 US Government printing office. Softcover 10.5x8”, 56p., heavily illustrated with vintage photos, Photographic cover. This is a US Department of the Interior publication intended to showcase the state. It now serves as a rather charming look back on the state as it was 50 years ago. Nice condition. $5

Northern Colorado Plateau. By J. Keith Rigby. K/H Geology Field Guide Series. 1976 Kendall Hunt Publishing Company. Softcover, 9x7”, 207p., illustrated. Covers a large part of central and southern Utah and a small part of northern Arizona. Many road logs and descriptions. (Minor soil) $7

Notes on various minerals in the museum collection. By Oliver Cummings Farrington and Edwin Ward Tillotson, Jr. 1908 Field Columbian Museum Publication 129, Geological series Volume 3(7). 9x6", 131-163, 11 plates and 6 figures. Contains very nice descriptions for a number of minerals (where they are from, what they look like and more) (includes COLOR plate of samples of Realgar and Orpiment from the Golden Gate Mine in Mercur, Utah). Original publication was softcover, but this copy has been library-bound into plastic-covered cardstock binder. (Good, with library and ex-library markings). $2

Occurrence and origin of Mississippian gas in Four corners region. By M. Dane Picard. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1962, Vol. 46(9), pages 1681-1700. $4

Paleozoic geology of north and west sides of Uinta basin, Utah. By A.A. Baker, J.W. Huddle and D.M. Kinney. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1949, Vol. 33(7), pages 1161-1197. $6

Pennsylvanian system of Four Corners region. By Sherman A. Wengerd and Marvin L. Matheny. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1958, Vol. 42(9), pages 2048-2106. (several figs missing narrow band where printing was close to binding) $8

Permian system of Colorado Plateau. By D.L. Baars. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1962, Vol. 46(2), pages 149-218. (several figs missing narrow band where printing was close to binding). $8

Preliminary lithologic and mineralogical data from the Delhi-Taylor oil company, Cane Creek No. 1 corehole, Grand County, Utah. By Omer B. Raup and Robert J. Hite. 1991 USGS Open File Report 91-324. This unpublished report is in the usual photocopied, stapled form. 11x8.5”, 24p., illus. $5

Racewinite : a peculiar mineral from ore deposits in Utah (Bingham area). 1918. Econ Geol. 5p. (cover darkened) $1

Reef limestones of Hermosa formation, San Juan canyon, Utah. By Sherman A. Wengerd. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1951, Vol. 35(5), pages 1038-1051. $5

Reference material and guidebook for Geological Interpretations of Upheaval dome and nearby structures in southern Utah. 2000 USGS, Teachers field trip. Softcover, 11x8.5”, comb-bound, paged in sections, around 200 pages, illustrated, some color. Some parts are photocopies of other publications. Four days of road logs, stop descriptions and related technical articles. Among more things, topics include Meteor Crater, Hopi Buttes, Petrified Forest National Park, Monument valley, Ship rock, Chuska mountains, Moab anticline, Moab fault, Paradox valley, Upheaval dome. 2Neat wants to go on THIS field trip! $38

Regional geophysical studies in Salt Valley – Cisco area, Utah and Colorado. By H.R. Joesting and J.E. Case. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1962, Vol. 46(10), pages 1879-1889. $3

Report and recommendations for selected individual wastewater disposal systems in the Roosevelt and Vernal areas, Duchesne and Uintah counties, Utah. by James Rogers. 1977 Utah Geological and Mineralogical Survey Report of Investigations 119. 11x8.5”, 16p., plus many un-numbered illustration pages, about 30p. total. (staple bound photocopy - this may be how it was issued). $5

Report on the Frankie Mineral Claim and Frankie Mine, Gold Hill, Utah, for Taseko Mines Ltd. By J. W. Murton and J. J. Crowhurst, Bacon & Crowhurst Ltd, Vancouver, BC. 1971. 11x8.5”, comb-bound, 10 pages text, 5 pages of maps, plus 3 letters related to the report. This private report includes Location, Access, property and ownership, Physical features, History, Past Production, Geology, Mineralization, Conclusions, Recommendations, Estimated cost, Claim location map, Plan of mine workings, Section through main adit level. $28

Rock alteration as a guide to ore – East Tintic district, Utah. By T. S. Lovering. 1949 Economic Geology Publishing, Urbana. This is Economic Geology Monograph 1. Blue softcover, 10x7”, 64p., 5 plates (4 are folded in pocket, 1 is a fold-out frontispiece), 12 figures (1 in pocket). Thus, there are 5 items in the pocket. (Good. Covers are slightly larger than page block and are bumped where they overhang. Owner's stamps). $15

Sand Wash Shale Oil Project, Uintah county Utah : project description technical report. May 1982 Tosco Development Corporation, Denver, Colorado. Softcover, 11x8.5”, paged in sections, around 300 pages (this is a FAT, substantial report, illustrated, many fold-outs. This private report is extremely detailed and includes : summary, background, project plan and resource requirements, construction, mining and ore handling operations, processing operations, spent shale disposal, water supply system, product pipeline, electric power supply, roads, no action alternate, mining area and method alternates, spent shale disposal alternates, shale oil processing alternates, product pipeline route alternates, water supply system alternates, power transmission line route alternate, road route alternates, solid waste disposal site alternates, comparison of preferred and alternate components, mitigation measures, reclamation measures, net energy analysis, appendices. (Note from 2Neat : I believe “alternate” should have been “alternative”). SCARCE. $195

Small-scale structures and other features of Navajo sandstone, northern part of San Rafael swell, Utah. By George A. Kiersch. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1950, Vol. 34(5), pages 923-942. $5

Stratigraphy and structure of northeast Strawberry Valley quadrangle, Utah. By Harold J. Bissell. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1952, Vol. 36(4), pages 575-634. (Two figs missing narrow band where printing was close to binding). $8

Summary of airborne radiometric surveying in the Kaiparowits Plateau area, Kane county, Utah. 1954 United States Atomic Energy Commission report RME-73. 11x8.5”, stapled. 11p., 2 figures. Radioactive materials. (cover water marked at spine) $3

Uncompahgre front and salt anticline region of Paradox basin, Colorado and Utah. By Donald P. Elston, Eugene M. Shoemaker, and E.R. Landis. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1962, Vol. 46(10), pages 1857-1878. $4

Uinta mountains and vicinity : a field guide to the geology. By G. E. and B. R. Untermann. 1954. This is Utah Geological and Mineralogical Survey Reprint 43, reprinted from Paper 1 Utah Field House of Natural History). 9x6”, 11p. $2

Uintaite (Gilsonite) deposits of Utah. 1896 USGS. By George Homans Eldridge. About 11.5x7.5”. Pages 909-949, 6 tables, 2 plates (one is a large folded color map, the other is a color fold-out map), 8 figures. This original paper has been extracted from the “Seventeenth Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey 1895-96, in three parts. Part I - Director's report and other papers.” The spine is neatly taped. I have included a photocopy of the title page of the entire volume and the index to the entire volume. This is a convenient way to own this report without having to deal with the entire huge volume. $18

Upper Cambrian to Middle Ordovician conodont faunas of Western Utah : 1978 Pander Society Field Trip. 1978 Southwest Missouri State University Geoscience Series # 5. 11x8.5", 44p. (Fair : Minimal pencil marks. Noticeably bumped corners) $6

Upper Paleozoic rocks exposed in Straight Wash Canyon, San Rafael swell, Utah. By Walter E. Hallgarth. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1962, Vol. 46(8), pages 1494-1501. $3

Uranium emplacement in the Colorado Plateau. By Paul F. Kerr. 1958 Bulletin GSA, Vol. 69, pages 1075-1112. 34 figs., 3 plates, 6 tables. Covers Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico and border areas. $10

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