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For Sale : Washington State Geological Publications

Washington State Geological Survey :
Division of Mines & Geology, later named Divison of Geology & Earth Resources
Annual Reports - Bulletins - Geologic Maps - Information Circulars - Report of Investigations -
- Reprints - Washington Geologic Newsletter

Misc. Washington geology publications

General condition notes : Very good. (See each item for any individual notes on condition.)
Lightly used. Owner's stamps, sometimes a few filing marks. Some bumped edges and corners.
A few older spines show wear or sunning. Covers may be lightly rubbed or slightly soiled.
Please ask if you need more information on any item.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

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Washington State Geological Survey: Annual Reports
9x6”, cloth tape on spines. The first Annual report was the 1901 report, so it is labeled Volume 1.
These are extremely NEAT historic reports, sure to please!

Washington Annual Report 1901 Part 1 : 1902 : Creation of a state geological survey and an outline of the geology of Washington. By Henry Landis. 35p., 5 plates. SCARCE. (VG. Small spine label and faint owner's stamp. Mildly sunned edges, upper edge of page block darkened. ) $3

Washington Annual Report 1901 Part 3 : 1902 : The Non-metalliferous resources of Washington, except coal. By Henry Landes. 55p., 11 plates. Neat photos of various marble, clay and Lime Works. SCARCE. (VG. Small spine label and faint owner's stamp. Mildly sunned edges, upper edge of page block darkened. ) $5

Washington Annual Report 1901 Part 4 : 1902 : The iron ores of Washington by S. Shedd. The coal deposits of Washington. By Henry Landes. 67p., 13 plates. Neat vintage photos! SCARCE. (VG. Small spine label and faint owner's stamp. Mildly sunned edges, upper edge of page block darkened. ) $8

Washington Annual Report 1901 Part 5 : 1902 : The water resources of Washington. Potable and mineral water by H. G. Byers. Artesian water by C. A. Ruddy. Water Power by R. E. Heine. 37p., 7 plates. SCARCE. (VG. Small spine label and faint owner's stamp. Mildly sunned edges, upper edge of page block darkened. ) $3

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Washington State Geological Survey: Bulletins
9x6" unless otherwise noted. All nicely illustrated, many have fold-outs and plates or figures in pockets.
Softcover unless noted. Softcover types vary.
These are all First Edition originals with lovely illustrations and maps, NOT modern Print-on-Demand versions.

Washington Bulletin 2 : 1911 : The road materials of Washington. By Henry Landes. Assisted by Olaf Stromme and Clyde Grainger. HARDBACK, 204p., 17 plates, 51 figures. (VG. Small sticker on spine. Minor cover wear). $10

Washington Bulletin 4 : 1914 : Cement materials and industry in the State of Washington. By Solon Shedd. 268p., 21 plates, 10 figures. (Fair. All Good, nice, but missing internal Title Page and cover beginning to come loose from spine (easy fix with a bead of glue). Small filing sticker on spine and front cover. Cover has light wear.). $7

Washington Bulletin 7 : 1912 : Geology and Ore deposits of the Index Mining District. By Charles E. Weaver. HARDBACK, 9x6”, 96p., 7 plates (6 are fold-outs, one of those is a full-color geologic map). (Good. Bumped and rubbed cover corners. Spine color varigated). $15

Washington Bulletin 13 : 1916 : The Tertiary formations of western Washington. By Charles E. Weaver. 372p., 30 plates (3 in pocket, one has 4 parts on a single sheet). (Good. Spine sunned, cover has small stickers and stamps. One page has a rough margin from original binding process. Plate pocket failing, but plates are all Good). $35

Washington Bulletin 14 : 1912 : A preliminary report on the Quincy Valley Irrigation Project. By Henry Landes, A. W. Mangum, H. K. Benson, E. J. Saunders and Joseph Jacobs. 79p., 7 plates ---> NOTE : The List of Illustrations lists “2 plates in pocket” but this publication clearly never had a pocket and too thin to have had one. Thus, they either decided not to include the folded plates OR the plates were in a separate container that was not mentioned and is not present. (Very Good, but without two pocket plates as described above. Cover has stamps and small stickers. One page has a mildly rough edge). $8

Washington Bulletin 15 : 1912 : A preliminary report on the Tertiary paleontology of Western Washington. By Charles e. Weaver. 80p., 16 plates. (Very Good. Cover has stamps and small stickers. Title page has stamps). $9

Washington Bulletin 16 : 1913 : Geology and ore deposits of the Covada Mining district. By Charles E. Weaver. 87p., 5 plates, 3 figures. Good (Cover has small stamp. Sunned spine. Hinge joint a bit rough after title page) - $15

Washington Bulletin 19 : 1919 : The coal fields of southwestern Washington. By Harold E. Culver. 9x6”, 155p., 24 plates including multiple fold-outs, 12 figures. Fair (minimal water mark at lower spine end, touches only blank margin, NOT text or plates) $9

Washington Bulletin 29 : 1924 : Geological investigation of the coal fields of Skagit county, Washington. By Olaf P. Jenkins. 9x6”, 63p., 7 plates (2 in pocket), 5 figures. Photos include the Cokedale mine, Blumont mine, more. ( bumped corner, ownership marks) $9

Washington Bulletin 31 : 1924 : Lead deposits of Pend Oreille and Stevens counties, Washington. By Olaf P. Jenkins. 153p., 3 plates, 15 figures. (Good. Cover starting to detact from page block, an easy fix with a bead of glue. Upper spine end chipped. Some ownership marks on cover.) $15

Washington Bulletin 34 : Tungsten resources of Washington. By Harold E. Culver and W. A. Broughton. 89p., 23 plates on pocket, 9 figures. (Good. All VG, but back cover loosening). $12

Washington Bulletin 40 : 1952 : Geology of the Bead Lake district, Pend Oreille county, Washington. By Melvin C. Schroeder. 9x6”. 57p., 1 plate in pocket, 6 figures. $9

Washington Bulletin 43 : 1956 : Eocene stratigraphy of the Lower Cowlitz River, Eastern Willapa Hills area, southwestern Washington. By Donald Anton Henriksen. 122p., 2 plates in pocket, 49 figures. VG. $4

Washington Bulletin 48 : 1962 : High-calcium limestones of eastern Washington. By J. W. Mills. With a section on Limestone in the Boundary, Leadpoint, Spirit, and Deep Lake quadrangles of Northern Stevens County, by R. G. Yates. 11x8.5” 268 p., 7 plates in pocket, 64 figures, 8 tables.

Choose your copy of Washington Geology Bulletin 48 :
Very Good - $18
Good (Very minor cover smudge, bumped corner) - $12

Washington Bulletin 49 : 1962 : Saline lake deposits in Washington. By W. A. G. Bennett. 129p., 35 figures, 39 tables. 11x8.5". Very Good. $5

Washington Bulletin 50 : 1962 : Geology and mineral deposits of the north half of the Van Zandt quadrangle, Whatcom county, Washington. By Wayne S. Moen. 129p., 4 plates in pocket, 41, figures. $12

Washington Bulletin 55 : 1967 : Building stone of Washington. By Wayne S. Moen. 85 p., 20 figs., 19 tables. (9x6") $2

Washington Bulletin 57 : 1969 : Mines and mineral deposits of Whatcom county, Washington. By Wayne S. Moen. 11x8.5", 134p., 14 plates in pocket, 44 figures, 23 tables. NOTE : A number of the Plate sheets in the pocket have multiple plates on a single sheet, thus there are correctly 8 sheets in the pocket. G/VG. $39

Washington Bulletin 58 : 1969 : Chemical and physical controls for base metal deposition in the Cascade Range of Washington, by A. R. Grant. 11x8.5” 107 p., 33 figures, 11 tables. Includes errata sheet. (G/VG. May have ownership marks) $4

Washington Bulletin 62 : 1970 : Foraminifera, stratigraphy, and paleoecology of the Quinault formation, Point Grenville-raft river coastal area, Washington, by Weldon W. Rau. 1970. 11x8.5", 34p., 3 plates, 8 figures include fold-out. (bumped corner). $5

Washington Bulletin 75 : 1983 : Geology of the Wenatchee and Monitor quadrangles, Chelan and Douglas Counties, Washington, by R. L. Gresens. 11x8.5”, 75 p., 3 plates in pocket, 15 figures, 4 tables. VG. $8

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


Washington State Geological Survey: Geologic Maps
Map pockets may be lightly soiled or bumped on edges and usually have owners marks, but maps are pristine.

Geologic Map of Washington, the whole state. 1961. This is a lovely and large full-color map of the whole state, scale 1:500,000. Folded, in an envelope. 1961. Bright and crisp. Measures 51” x 75”, larger than the current Washington state geologic map (GM-53), and in lovely soft colors. Attractive, perfect for an empty wall. This large size is no longer available. Good (Very Good copy of the map, in envelope that has some sunning or wear) - $28

Washington Geologic Map 1 : 1962 : Preliminary geologic map of the Hobart and Maple Valley quadrangles, King county, Washington. By James D. Vine. 1 sheet, 1:24,000. $5

Washington Geologic Map 2 : 1963 : Preliminary geologic map of the Cumberland quadrangle, King county, Washington. By Howard D. Gower and Alexander A. Wanek. 1 sheet with color, 1:24,000. $5

Washington Geologic Map 3 : 1967 : Geology of the Simcoe Mountains volcanic area, Washington. By Richard A. Sheppard. 1 sheet, 1:250,000. $4

Washington Geologic Map 6 : 1969 : Preliminary geologic map of the Loon Lake quadrangle, Stevens and Spokane counties, Washington. By F. K. Miller. 1 map sheet, 7 text pages. 1:62,500. $4

Washington Geologic Map 7 : 1974 : Preliminary geologic map of the Newport Number 1 quadrangle, Pend Oreille county, Washington and Bonner county, Idaho. By Fred K. Miller. 1 color map sheet, 6 text pages. 1:62,500. (Envelope only may have spot on corner) $9

Washington Geologic Map 8 : 1974 : Preliminary geologic map of the Newport Number 2 quadrangle, Pend Oreille and Stevens counties, Washington. By Fred K. Miller. 1 color map sheet, 6 text pages. 1:62,500. $8

Washington Geologic Map 9 : 1974 : Preliminary geologic map of the Newport Number 3 quadrangle, Pend Oreille, Stevens, and Spokane counties, Washington. By Fred K. Miller. 1 colormap sheet, 7 text pages. 1:62,500. $9

Washington Geologic Map 10 : 1974 : Preliminary geologic map of the Newport Number 4 quadrangle, Spokane and Pend Oreille counties, Washington, and Bonner county, Idaho. By Fred K. Miller. 1 color map sheet, 6 text pages. 1:62,500. $9

Washington Geologic Map 11 : 1974 : Complete Bouguer gravity anomaly map of Washington. Compiled by William E. Bonini, Daniel W. Hughes, and Z. F. Danes. 1 very large map sheet, translucent. 1:500,000. $9

Washington Geologic Map 14 : 1975 : Preliminary surficial geologic map of the Edmonds East and Edmonds West quadrangles, Snohomish and King counties, Washington. By Mackey Smith. 1 sheet. 1:24,000. $14

Washington Geologic Map 21 : 1976 : Mineral resources of the Southern Hood Canal area, Washington. By Mackey Smith and R. J. Carson. 1 sheet. 1:62,500. $4

Washington Geologic Map 23 : 1979 : Geologic map of the Marblemount quadrangle, Washington. By Peter Misch. 1 large color sheet. 1:48,000. $6

Washington Geologic Map 24 : 1979 : Geologic map in the vicinity of the lower Bogachiel and Hoh River valleys, and the Washington coast. By Weldon W. Rau. 1 color sheet. 1:62,500 (probably). $7

Washington Geologic Map 25 : 1981 : Geothermal resources of Washington, compiled by M. A. Korosec, K. L. Kaler, J. E. Schuster, R. G. Bloomquist, S. J. Simpson, and D. D. Blackwell. 1981. 1 sheet, scale 1:500,000. (no pocket, map pristine) $3

Washington Geologic Map 26 : 1982 : Geology of the Pullman, Moscow West, Colton, and Uniontown 7 ½ minute quadrangles, Washington and Idaho. By Peter R. Hooper and Gary D. Webster. 1 map sheet. 1:62,500. (flap of envelope has a short tear). $21

Washington Geologic Map 30 : 1984 : Availability of federal land for mineral exploration and development in the State of Washington. 4 large map sheets, 17 pages of text. 1:500,000. (Contents very good, envelope a bit battered). $3

Washington Geologic Map 41 : 1994 : Liquefaction susceptibility for the Des Moines and Renton 7.5-minute quadrangles, Washington, by S. P. Palmer, H. W. Schasse, and D. K. Norman. 1994. 15p. text, 2 pl., scale 1:24,000. $4

Washington Geologic Map 44 : 1995 : Liquefaction susceptibility for the Sumner 7.5-minute quadrangles, Washington, by J. D. Dragovich and P. T. Pringle, with a section on liquefaction by S. P. Palmer. 1995. 26 p. text , 1 color pl., scale 1:24,000. $4

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Washington State Geological Survey: Information Circulars
Most are 11x9", some are 9x6". I tried to remember to label the 9x6" issues. Later issues are Illustrated.
The earliest Information Circulars were rather crude productions, they generally became more polished over the years.
Directories of Mining operations show owner, address, location, product and usually more.

Washington Information Circular 60 : 1977 : St. Helens and Washougal mining districts of the southern Cascades of Washington. By W. S. Moen. 71 p., 26 figures, 5 tables. $20

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Washington State Geological Survey: Reports of Investigations
9x6" to #22, 11x8.5" after that. Most are illustrated.

Washington Report of Investigations 4R : 1947 : Coal and coal mining in Washington. By Stephen H. Green. 41p., 3 figures. $3

Washington Report of Investigations 5 : 1941 : Memorandum report on iron ores of the Cle Elum district, Washington. By Carl Zappfe.. 25p., 2 plates in pocket, 1 figure. $5

Washington Report of Investigations 8 : 1943 : The Buckhorn Iron deposits of Okanogan county, Washington : results of a magnetic survey. By W. A. Broughton. 21p., 1 plate in pocket, 4 figures. $5

Washington Report of Investigations 11 : 1944 : Stratigraphic aspects of the Blewett-Cle Elum iron ore zone, Chelan and Kittitas counties, Washington. By R. L. Lupher. 63p., 2 plates in pocket. $6

Washington Report of Investigations 12 : 1944 : Economic aspects of the Blewett – Cle Elum iron ore zone, Chelan and Kittitas counties, Washington. By W. A. Broughton. 42p., 7 plates in pocket, 14 figures. $6

Washington Report of Investigations 14 : 1945 : Some magnetite deposits of Stevens and Okanogan counties, Washington. By W. A. Broughton. 24p., 5 plates in pocket, 1 figure. (bumped corner) $9

Washington Report of Investigations 15 : 1946 : Pumice and pumicite occurrences of Washington. By Ward Carithers. 78p., 6 plates (1 folded at back), 7 figures. $6

Washington Report of Investigations 17 : 1949 : Perlite and other volcanic glass occurrences in Washington. By Marshall T. Huntting. 9x6”, 77p., 9 figures. (very minor scuff on cover) $7

Washington Report of Investigations 18 : 1954 : Molybdenum occurrences of Washington. By C. Phillips Purdy, Jr. 118p., 13 plates (7 in pocket), 4 figures. Includes long sections on the Starr Molybdenum mine and the Western Molybdenum Company mine. $10

Washington Report of Investigations 19 : 1961 : A stratigraphic section in the Yakima basalt and the Ellensburg formation in south-central Washington. By J. Hoover Mackin. 45p., 9 plates, 4 figures. $8

Washington Report of Investigations 21 : 1962 : Stratigraphy of Eocene rocks in a part of King county, Washington. By James D. Vine. 20p., 3 figures, 4 tables. $2

Washington Report of Investigations 22 : 1963 : Tertiary geologic history of western Oregon and Washington. By P. D. Snavely, Jr., and H. C. Wagner. 25 p., 23 figs. Maps with color. $3

Washington Report of Investigations 23 : 1964 : Mineralogy of black sands at Grays Harbor, Washington. By Gerald W. Thorsen. 29p., 6 figures, 6 tables. $3

START OF 11 X 8.5” SIZE :

Washington Report of Investigations 24 : 1981 : Mount St. Helens ash-Properties and possible uses, by W. S. Moen and G. B. McLucas. 1981. 60 p., 28 figs. (cover lightly soiled) $6

Washington Report of Investigations 28 : 1985 : Tin, tungsten, and molybdenum geochemistry of parts of Stevens and Spokane Counties, Washington. By B. B. Bunning. 57p., 30 figures, 4 tables. $4

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Washington State Geological Survey: Reprints (size varies)

Washington Reprint 3 : 1959 : Tertiary stratigraphic papers, Southwestern Washington. 45 pages total. $3

Contents of Washington Reprint 3:
McIntosh formation, Centralia – Chehalis coal district, Washington. 1951. 11 pages.
Lyre formation (redefinition), northern Olympic Peninsula, Washington. 1956. 14 pages.
Twin River formation (redefinition), northern Olympic Peninsula, Washington. 1958. 20 pages.


Washington State Geological Survey : Washington Geologic Newsletter = Washington Geology.
11x8.5", Illus. 10-25p.
Original articles about the geology, geologic hazards, and mineral resources of Washington, plus other short items.
I have mentioned only longer feature articles. Staple bound in corner through 14(3), Center saddle-stapled after that.

Washington Geologic Newsletter 15(4) : 1987 : Geologic guide to Monitor Ridge climbing route, Mount St. Helens. $8

Washington Geologic Newsletter 16(1) : 1988 : Okanogan gneiss dome, a guide. Reclamation of abandoned coal mines. $5

Washington Geologic Newsletter 16(3) : 1988 : Coal mine subsidence. Offshore minerals. Coal exploration in Whatcom county. Whale hunting - Olympic peninsula. $4

Washington Geologic Newsletter 17(2) : 1989 : Hanford waste. Slope stability at WIDCO. (bumped corner) $4

Washington Geologic Newsletter 17(3) : 1989 : Geologic hazards study near East Wenatchee. Republic unit produces 2 millionth ounce of gold. $4

Washington Geologic Newsletter 18(2) : 1990 : Mount St. Helens, 10-year summary. Earthquakes in Washington 1980-89. Liquification in Puyallup. $5

Washington Geologic Newsletter 19(3) : 1991 : Geologic guide for state routes 240 and 243 in south-central Washington. Significance of Eocene fossil plants at Republic. Highlights of the volcanic ash and aviation safety symposium. $10

Washington Geologic Newsletter 20(2) : 1992 : Building and decorative stone production in Washington. Shallow explosion-like seismicity and steam-and-ash emissions at Mount St. Helens, August 1989 – June 1991. $4

Washington Geologic Newsletter 26(1) : 1998 : Marine fauna of the middle Eocene Tukwila formation, King County. Tertiary andesitic lava-flow complexes (stratovolcanoes) in the southern Cascade Range of Washington. New radioactive ages of major landslides in the Cascade range, Washington. $4

Washington Geologic Newsletter 27(1) : 1999 : The H. P. Scheel family, a history in stone.$4

Washington Geologic Newsletter 28(1,2) : 2000 : Shore platforms at Cape Flattery. Washington’s hard rock mine inventory and database. Holocene Glacier Peak lahar deposits in the Skagit valley. $4

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Washington State geology publications : Misc. ~9x6" unless otherwise noted, some are offprints.

The Archaeology of the Yakima valley, Washington State. By Harlan I. Smith. Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History Vol. 6, Part 1. 1910. Pages 1-152, 16 plates, 129 figures. Softcover, 9.5x6.5"

Choose your copy of "The Archaeology of the Yakima valley" :
Good (Uncut, basically VG, but lacks covers) - $28
Fair (Uncut, bascially VG, but lacks outer title page and covers. Last page (a plate) present but loose and chipped) - $18

The Channeled Scabland : a guide to the geomorphology of the Columbia basin, Washington. Edited by Victor R. Baker and Dag Nummedal. Prepared for the Comparative Planetary Geology Field Conference held in the Columbia Basin, June 5-8, 1978. 1978 NASA. Softcover, 10x8”, 186 pages, nicely illustrated, some color. This technical report includes a biographical sketch of J. Harlen Bretz, The Spokane flood controversy, Quaternary geology, Bedrock Geology, Paleohydraulics and hydrodynamics, Large-scale erosional and depositional features, Origin of the Cheney-Palouse Scabland tract, Touchet beds of the Walla Walla valley. It also has color plates, an Aerial field guide and field trip stop descriptions. $25

Channeled scablands of eastern Washington : the geologic story of the Spokane flood. 1974, US Government Printing Office. 9x6”, many photos, color. Written for the mass market. 25p. $3

GEOMORPHOLOGY OF SOUTH-CENTRAL WASHINGTON, ILLUSTRATED BY THE YAKIMA EAST QUADRANGLE by AARON C. WATERS. Pages 663-684, 3 figures, 1 table, 2 plates including a full-color fold-out geologic map and cross section of the Yakima East quadrangle. IN a complete volume of Bulletin GSA 66 (6) : June 1955. Among other articles, also includes “LOW-ANGLE OVERTHRUSTING IN THE CENTRAL CUMBERLAND PLATEAU, TENNESSEE,” “PLEISTOCENE GEOLOGY OF THE SOUTHWESTERN WIND RIVER MOUNTAINS, WYOMING,” and “DISCONFORMITY BETWEEN LOWER AND MIDDLE ORDOVICIAN SERIES AT DOUGLAS LAKE, TENNESSEE.” $4

High-level terraces of Okanogan valley, Washington. 1917. Iowa Acad Sci. 3p. photo. (short edge tears) $1

Map of Washington showing classification of lands (This map shows the entire state). 1898. Scale about 1" = 6 miles. This is a folded color map measuring around 63” x 43" - HUGE. It was printed as part of Nineteenth Annual Report of the United States Geological Survey to the Secretary of the Interior 1897 - 1998: Part V -- Forest Reserves, plate 2. This interesting covers the entire state of Washington, and has lovely muted colors : reds, greens, yellows, golds, tans – it would be an interesting and old-looking wall hanging. (Good/ Fair. Some darkened areas, Crease joints may have short tears. It looks to me like it may have been pieced together from four smaller maps, I do not know if it was issued this way or it was done later) $10

Map : Mount St. Helens and vicinity (Washington – Oregon). USGS Special Edition map April 1980. 1:100,000 topographic map. This large map show Pre-Eruption topography! Folded. Good. $15

Olympic Peninsula manganese. By Thomas B. Hill and J. W. Melrose. 1940, Washington Department of Conservation and Development. 11x8.5”, 30p., either printed via carbon paper or mimeograph. Staple bound, self-covers. It is a summary of reports. (Good, but covers darkened, lightly soiled. Spine a bit rough, last page loose from staples.) $5

An outline of Mining laws of the State of Washington. Compiled by M. H. Van Nuys. 1940 Washington Division of Mines and Mining. 9x6”, 55p. $5

Plagioclase stratigraphy : a record of magmatic conditions and events in a granite stock (WA) by Robert A. Wiebe. 1968 American Journal of Science. 14p., illus. Pertains to 3 square mile quartz monzonite stock located on Mount Pilchuck, 40 miles NE of Seattle. $3

Report on the Don Ragan Uranium Property, Franklin Roosevelt Lake Area, Eastern Washington for Tagus Resources Ltd. 1976 J. J. Crowhurst. 4 pages of text plus a property map, location map and geologic map, all drawn just for this report. Colville Indian Reserve, Ferry county and Stevens county, Washington. Also included is a draft version of the report, some related letters and originals of the maps on mylar. Private report. $28

Sedimentology of proximal to distal volcaniclastics dispersed across an active foldbelt : Ellensburg formation (late Miocene), central Washington. by Gary A. Smith. 1988. Extracted from Sedimentology vol. 35, pages 953-977, 10x7", illus. $4

Skagit River Flood history. This is a link to a website created by Larry Kunzler. On this site you can find a free downloadable version of his extensive report on the history of flooding on the Skagit river, including comments on all of the reports that have been written on the subject over the years and the apparent validity and usefulness of the various reports. He includes many historical photos and references. This site would be of interest to both the historian and the hydrologist. http://www.skagitriverhistory.com/ This link will open in a new window.

Twin river formation (redefinition), Northern Olympic peninsula, Washington. by Robert D. Brown Jr. and Howard D. Gower. 1958, extracted from Bulletin AAPG, vol. 42(10), pages 2492-2512, illus. $5

TURK MINE, Stevens County, Washington. This is a group of materials pertaining to this Copper producing property. $38
1. 2 page letter report from W. R. Bacon to Todd Explorations, February 1969.
2. 8 page report from R. W. Phendler to Todd Explorations, June 1969, with hand-drawn geologic surface map of the mine.
3. Assay results pages.
4. 6 page letter report from C. M. Campbell Jr. to Todd Explorations. It consists mostly of records of shipments of ore from the mine.
5. Large folded map of The Turk Mine, Scale 1” = 40’, two copies, includes some assay results. No date.
6. 15 minute USGS topographic map of the Hunters quadrangle, Washington (out of print).
7. Lists of ore shipments from the Turk Mine, with weights and values.

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