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For Sale : Wyoming State Geology Publications

Geological Survey of Wyoming
County Resource Series - Memoirs - Preliminary Reports -
Public Information Circulars - Report of Investigations

University of Wyoming : Contributions to Geology = Rocky Mountain Geology.

Wyoming Geological Association : Guidebooks, Symposiums, Earth Science Bulletins

Misc. Wyoming maps - Misc. Wyoming geology publications

The Mountain Geologist : quarterly journal of the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (RMAG).
LOTS of Wyoming content. On another page on the website. Click here to go there.
I have listed all the main reports in the issues, so it will be easy to find topics of interest.

General condition notes : (See each item for any individual notes on condition.)
Good to very good. Lightly used. Owner's name/stamps. Some bumped edges and corners.
Older spines may show wear/darkening/sunning. Covers / edge of page block may be slightly soiled.
Covers lightly rubbed. Softcover unless noted. Please ask if you need more information on any item.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

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Wyoming Geological Survey : County Resource Series 11x8.5" Illustrated.

Wyoming County Resource Series 1 : 1972 : Geologic map atlas and summary of economic mineral resources of Converse county, Wyoming. By Donald W. Lane, Forrest K. Root, and Gary B. Glass. 22p., 12 figures, 4 tables, color maps in text. Unlike the other publications in this series, this one does NOT have folded maps. It is complete in this form. $12


Wyoming Geological Survey : Memoirs 11x8.5" Illustrated.

Wyoming Memoir 1 : 1968 : A regional study of rocks of Precambrian age in that part of the Medicine Bow mountains lying in Southeastern Wyoming, with a chapter on the relationship between Precambrian and Laramide structure. By R. S. Houston and others. 167p., 35 plates (6 plates in pocket, including a large color geologic map), 53 figures, 67 tables (2 in pocket) . There are a total of 8 items in pocket. Plate “pocket” is a separate binder. Set includes text and plate folder. Good / Fair set (All Good, but plates have some wear and notes) - $4


Wyoming Geological Survey : Preliminary Reports 11x8.5" Illustrated.

Wyoming Preliminary Report 11 : 1970 : Structural geology of the Rex Lake Quadrangle, Laramie Basin, Wyoming. By D.L. Blackstone, Jr. 17p., 3 figures, 1 plate folded at back, 3 tables. $3

Wyoming Preliminary Report 15 : 1976 : Structural geology of the Arlington – Wagonhound Creek Area, Carbon county, Wyoming, a revision of previous mapping. By D. L. Balckstone, Jr. 16 pages, 3 figures, 1 table, 1 plate in pocket. (bumped corner) $4

Wyoming Preliminary Report 16 : 1977 : Late cretaceous and early tertiary provenance and sediment dispersal, Hanna and Carbon basins, Carbon county, Wyoming : J.D. Ryan. 16p. $2

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


Wyoming Geological Survey : Public Information Circulars 11x8.5" Illustrated.

Wyoming Public Information Circular 13 : 1980 : Rocky Mountain Foreland Basement Tectonics : Joint meeting of the Wyoming Geological Association, Wyoming Geology Survey, and Department of Geology at the University of Wyoming. 43p. Consists of 20 longer abstracts of technical papers. $7


Wyoming Geological Survey : Reports of Investigations 11x8.5" unless noted, Illustrated.

Wyoming Report of Investigations 12 : 1976 : Diamond in state-line Kimberlite Diatremes, Albany county, Wyoming and Larimer county, Colorado. By M. E. McCallum and C. D. Mabarak. 36p., 22 figures, 6 tables. $32

Wyoming Report of Investigations 23 : 1980 : Gold districts of Wyoming : W.D. Hausel. 71 pages, 20 figures, 3 tables, 1 plate in pocket. Includes Sweetwater district, Dickie Springs – Oregon Gulch district, Douglas Creek district, Centennial Ridge district, Cooper Hill district, Gold Hill District, Jelm Mountain District, Absaroka Mountains, Sunlight region, Stinkingwater district, Kirwin district, Silver Creek, Yellow Ridge, Conglomerates of NW WY, Seminoe district, Casper Mountain district, Clarke’s camp, Bear Lodge District, Negro Hill district, Black Buttes district, Lost Cabin gold mine, Sierra Madre and much more. Discusses individual mines in each district. $8


USGS : Open-File reports 11x8.5"

WY - USGS OFR 76-494 : 1976 : Geology and Mineral resources of the Cooper Ridge NE Quadrangle, Sweetwater county, Wyoming. (preliminary). About 20p. in binder plus large packet of plates/maps. Text is photocopied? $5

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University of Wyoming : Contributions to Geology name change to Rocky Mountain Geology 11x8.5", illus.
Articles listed are all longer pieces, unless specifically labeled "Short Note." If you need a particular author in this set, ask me.
First line describes journal issue, following lines are individual articles - sometimes starting with their page span.

Wyoming Contributions to Geology vol. 5(2) : 1966 : 46p. $11
Iron content of fossil bones of Tertiary age in Wyoming correlated with climatic change
Elastic strain energy and mineral recrystallization: a commentary on rock deformation.
Cheapskate point counter for Large Specimens.

Wyoming Contributions to Geology vol. 23(1) : 1984 : 45p., plate in pocket. $6
1-8 Vestigial shell structure in silicified pectinacean pelecypods
9-14 A three-dimensional map of a paleontological quarry .
15-32 The northern termination of the Crawford thrust, western Wyoming
33-36 Magnetostratigraphy of the early Oligocene Pipestone Springs locality, Jefferson County, Montana
37-44 Residual strain measurements in selected materials from the Black Hills, South Dakota

Wyoming Contributions to Geology vol. 27(2) : 1989 : 27p., fold-out. $10
41-54 Late Ordovician and Silurian paleogeography of the Great Basin .
55-62 Surficial geology and geomorphology of the Doublespring Pass area, Lost River Range, east-central Idaho
63-66 Conversion of spinner magnetometers to digital operation.

Wyoming Contributions to Geology vol. 30(2) : 1994 : 45p. $10
117-13 Therian mammals of the Terlingua local fauna (Judithian), Aguja Formation, Big Bend of the Rio Grande, Texas
137-14 Geomorphic and structural features of the Alliance 1¡ x 2¡ Quadrangle, western Nebraska, discernible from synthetic-aperture radar imagery and digital shaded-relief maps.
149-15 Time resolution at Carnegie Quarry (Morrison Formation: Dinosaur National Monument, Utah): implications for dinosaur paleoecology
157-16 A sedimentary origin for the "microbreccia" associated with the Heart Mountain detachment fault

Rocky Mountain Geology Vol. 34(1) : Spring 1999 : Pages 1-148. $8
Lithospheric structure and evolution of the Rocky Mountains, Part II, guest edited by Karl E. Karlstrom, University of New Mexico.

Rocky Mountain Geology Vol. 34(2) : Fall 1999 : Pages 149-324. $8
Proterozoic magmatism of the Rocky Mountains, Part I, guest edited by Carol D. Frost, University of Wyoming.

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.


Wyoming Geological Association : Guidebooks, Symposia, Earth Science Bulletins
Hardbound (unless noted), embossed cover with bronco rider. 11x8.5”, illus. Owner's stamp or name on most..
IN ORDER HERE alphabetically by main title. See bottom of this page for a reference list of ALL guidebooks by number.

Black Hills Area, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming : 1968 : Wyoming Geological Association Guidebook. 20th annual field conference, Deadwood, South Dakota – September 23-25, 1968. Hardback, 243p. This guidebook contains 28 technical papers on various aspects of geology pertaining to the Black Hills and 2 day-trips of road logs through the area. The papers are divided into four main sections : Oil and Gas, Uranium, Coal, and Other Minerals and Water. Among much other detail, there is specific mention of Muddy Exploration, Bell Creek Oil Field, Kitty Field, Recluse Oil Field, South Coyote Creek Fields, West Moorcroft Field, Wood Dakota Field, Project Thunderbird, Homestake Mine, Double Rainbow Mine, Pegmatites and more. (Good / Very Good. Cover lightly rubbed, some library marks) $15

Casper Area, Wyoming : 1954 : Wyoming Geological Association Guidebook. Ninth annual field conference, Casper, Wyoming – 1954. Hardback, 95p., plus 10 folded plates in pocket. This guidebook contains 13 technical papers on various aspects of geology pertaining to the Casper Area and 2 Day-trip road logs through the area. Among much other detail, there is specific mention of Rattlesnake Hills, Laramie range, South Glenrock oil field, South Cole Creek field, Emigrant Gap anticline, Pine mountain and West Poison spider structures, Boone Dome gas field, Notches oil field, Poison Spider field, South Casper creek field and more. (Good, owner's stamps, slight tanning) $22

Cretaceous Geology of Wyoming Field Trip Road Logs : 1985 : Wyoming Geological Association Guidebook. EXCERPT FROM 36th field conference guidebook. Contains two road logs : Casper – Pathfinder – Hat Six Road, AND Casper – Kaycee – Redwall. Numbered as pages 177-184, 11x8.5” $1

Earth Science Bulletin vol. 7(1) : March 1974. Wyoming Geological Association. 80p., illus. (Good. minor soil). $6

Contents of Earth Science Bulletin Volume 7 Number 1:
Muddy Sandstone – Wind River Basin. By Hugh W. Dresser. 68 pages.
Forgey Field, by Harold Kentta. 3 pages.

Earth Science Bulletin vol. 7(2) : 1974. Wyoming Geological Association. 36p. illus. (some pencil marks) $4

Contents of Earth Science Bulletin vol. 7(2):
Conodont zonation of the Battleship Wash formation, Arrow Canyon range, Clark county, Nevada.
Obscure sources of geologic information.
Conodonts of Battleship Wash formation, Late Mississippian, Arrow Canyon Range, Clark county, Nevada.

Green River Basin : 1955 : Wyoming Geological Association Guidebook. 10th annual field conference. Hardback, 255p., nicely illustrated, plus 9 items folded in pocket. This guidebook contains 48 technical articles, plus several in-text items such as maps, contour maps, penetration charts and such. There are 3 days of road logs, plus 8 different Exit road logs. Among other topics, there is specific mention of the Amsden formation, Phosphoria formation, Vermilion Creek in Moffat county of Colorado, Montanan group, Mesaverde group, Great Divide basin, Sand Wash Basin in Colorado, Tabernacle Butte, Leucite Hills, Rock Springs uplift, Rawlins uplift, Wind River Mountains, Baxter Basin gas fields in Sweetwater county, Church Buttes gas field, Clay Basin gas field, Hoback area, Middle Mountain field, Morrow Creek Unit, Pacific Creek deep test, Pinedale anticline, Powder Wash – Ace field, Salt wells gas field, Savery anticline and more. (Good/Fair. Cover lightly rubbed, gold color rubbed off letters, front hinge shaken, geologic map neatly colored in with colored pencil) $10

Northern Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana : 1963 : Wyoming Geological Association (18th annual) and Billings Geological society (14th annual) Guidebook. SOFTCOVER Reprint 1969. First joint field conference, August 8-10, 1963. 204p., plus 4 folded plates in pocket. This guidebook contains 24 technical papers on various aspects of geology pertaining to the Powder River Basin Area and 3 Day-trip road logs through the area. Among much other detail, there is specific mention of Big Horn Mountains, Black Hills, Halverson Ranch Field, Kummerfeld field, Miller Creek field, Prong creek field, Rainbow ranch field, Raven creek field, Soap Creek oil field, Timber Creek Field, Billy Creek field and more. Good. $10

Overthrust Belt of Southwestern Wyoming and adjacent areas : 1960 : Wyoming Geological Association Guidebook. 15th annual field conference, Wyoming – 1960. Hardback, 285p., plus 10 folded plates in pocket. This guidebook contains 38 technical papers on various aspects of geology and 6 road logs through the area. Among much other detail, there is specific mention of Chinese Massacre, Esther Morris, Dry Piney Oil field, Eastern Big Hole Mountains, Sublette county, Frontier formation, Washakie basin, Southern Bridger basin, Green river mineralogy, Hilliard thrust fault, Afton Anticline, Willow Creek Gas field, Taconite deposits, Kemmerer coal field and more. (Fair. All Good, nice, but front hinge shaken). $15

- - - Powder River Basin : See Wyoming Oil and Gas Fields below.

Sedimentation of Late Cretaceous and Tertiary outcrops, Rock Springs Uplift. 1965 : Wyoming Geological Association Guidebook. 19th Annual Field Conference Guidebook. Hardback, yellow and black leatherette, 233 pages, illustrated, 8 folded plates in pocket. Contains 26 technical reports and some shorter items. Among much more, content includes specific mention of Cretaceous Vertebrate faunas of Wyoming, Blair Formation in Sweetwater county, Almond Formation, Lewis Formation, Wamsutter Arch, Fox Hills Sandstones, Dry Mountain Anticline in Moffat County, Fossil soil, Green River Formation, Wasatch Formation, Henry’s Fork Fault, Oil Shale, Early Eocene Mammalian faunas, Tidal Flat sedimentation, and more. (Very good. Three page corners have a crease, one with a small tear there. I left some separate road log and notes pages with this copy). $35

Symposium on Late Cretaceous rocks of Wyoming and adjacent areas : 1961 : Wyoming Geological Association Guidebook. 16th annual field conference, Green River, Washakie, Wind River and Powder River Basins. Hardback, 351p. PLUS rare separate folder containing 25 folded illustrations (24 plates and an index map for road logs). This guidebook contains 44 technical papers on various aspects of geology and 4 road logs through the area. Among much other detail, there is specific mention of Mesaverde sandstones in Wyoming, Paleocene Mammalia, Laramide tectonics, Rock Springs Uplift, Sand Wash Basin Colorado, Hanna Basin, Patrick Draw area, Desert Springs field, Table rock field, Dead Horse creek field, Barber creek field, Rawlins Mammoth, Pictographs and Petroglyphs of the Castle Gardens area, Overland Trail and more.TEXT and PLATES : Very Good - $74

Symposium on Tertiary Rocks of Wyoming : 1969 : Wyoming Geological Association Guidebook. 21st Field Conference Guidebook. Hardback, three-punch bound inside, 233p., 8 folded illustrations in pocket. Contains 30 technical articles plus shorter pieces such as Introductions and Stratigraphic nomenclature chart. 3 days of road logs. Among other content a sample of topics mentioned includes Wind River Basin, Tepee Trail formation, Badwater Creek area, Tatman formation, Pass Peak formation, Hoback formation, Geology and vertebrate paleontology of the Northeastern Green River Basin, Pavillion field, Waltman field, Cooper Reservoir field, Madden gas field, Frenchie draw field, Project Wagon Wheel, Project Thunderbird, Trona, Oil shale, more. (Good/Very Good) $15

Symposium on Recently Developed Geologic Principles and Sedimentation of the Permo-Pennsylvanian of the Rocky Mountains. 1966 Wyoming Geological Association for the 20th Annual Conference held August 31 to September 2, 1966 in Casper, Wyoming. (As far as I can tell, this is entirely separate from the 20th Annual Field Conference Guidebook which was printed in 1968.) Loose-leaf in a 3-hole clip binder. Page numbering is curious and is explained in the Editor’s note at the beginning. The publication was first prepared for the conference held in Casper, then later corrected and expanded to this form, which is complete with the 126 original pages plus the page group ending in 90r. (Very Good. Plastic front cover has slight wear). $38

Symposium on Wyoming Tectonics and Their Economic Significance = Wyoming Tectonics Symposium : 1971 : Wyoming Geological Association Guidebook. 23rd annual field conference, Casper, Wyoming – September 20-22, 1971. Hardback, 187p.., plus 18 folded plates in pocket. This guidebook contains 17 technical articles plus a road log of the Lost Soldier – Green Mountain area. Among much other detail, there is specific mention of Bighorn mountains, Fanny Peak Lineament, Gas Hills Uranium district, Drape folding, Uinta mountains, Absaroka mountains, Hilliard formation, Lamont-Bairoil area, and more. (Good / Very Good, with lightly rubbed cover) $22

Wyoming Oil and gas fields symposium : Powder River Basin (Both Volumes I and II). 2000. Wyoming Geological Association. 11x8.5", loose pages in a large 3-ring binder. 566 pages (many fold-out), Illustrated, plus pocket plates. Volume One has 6 plates in the pocket, Volume Two has 5 plates. This is almost entirely data sheets for individual fields and related information like structure maps. Excellent condition. $45

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Wyoming Geology : Misc. Maps ~9x6" unless otherwise noted, some are offprints.

Coal Creek Mine, Campbell county, Wyoming. This is a group of maps that were part of a Draft EIS report, Mining and Reclamation Plan, US Government Printing office, 1978. 8 folded maps : Topographic, Coal facility plot plan, Two-pit mine plan, Conceptual topography after mining, Soil types, Soils quality, Surficial geology, Vegetation communities. (a few lightly bumped edges) $10

Energetics, Inc. Project Maps : Lincoln, Sublette and Sweetwater counties, Wyoming. 1982-3 Energetics Incs, Englewood, Colorado. This is a group privately-produced maps in blue-line format. Each of the following is on a large sheet, the one I measured was 68” x 29”. The sheets appear to be hand colored. These are likely of oil and gas interest. (Good. Sheets have some tanning and light wear). $38 for group.
A. East Bird Canyon Project : Montage with wells spotted. (Bear River). Scale : 1” = 4000’
B. East Bird Canyon Area : Stratigraphic cross section D-D’, North-South. (Two copies)
C. East Bird Canyon Prospect : Stratigraphic cross section B-B’, West-East.
D. East Bird Canyon Prospect : West-East Cross-section A-A’.
E. Monument Butte Unit : Montage. Scale : 1” = 4000’
F. Monument Butte Unite : Cross Section M-M’.
G. Northern Moxa Arch Area (East Bird Canyon Project) : Gross Sand, Second Bench, Second Frontier. Scale 1” = 4000’. (only one with part of Lincoln county).


Wyoming Geology and Natural History Publications : Misc.~9x6" unless otherwise noted, some are offprints.

Dinosaurs of Wyoming Field Trip, Road logs. This was created for Field Trip # 29 for the AAPG and the Wyoming Geological Association, June 16 – Jun 19, 1994. It also includes individual day field trips during the Wymoing Geological Association’s DINO 94 conference. Edited by Kent A. Sundell. 8.5x11”, 64 pages, illustrated, staple bound. (originally issued in a three-ring binder, but now stapled in upper left corner). $15

Fauna from the Tensleep sandstone in Wyoming. By R. D. Hoare and J. D. Burgess. Offprint from Journal of Paleontology, Vol. 34(4), July 1960. Pages 711-717, one plate. Signed by Burgess. $1

Faunal elements of part of the Lodgepole Formation, Madison group (Mississippian), from Darby Canyon, Grand Teton Mountains, Wyoming. By John Nickolas Mactavish. 1971, PhD thesis from Case Western Reserve University. 240p., 16 plates, plus other illustrations. This is a University Microfilms reproduction copy, which is quite nice in quality except for the photographic plates. Softcover, 8x6". $42

Fountain and the Casper formations of the Laramie basin : a study on genesis of sediments by S.H. Knight. 1929.University of Wyoming Publications in Science : Geology Vol. 1 No. 1. 82p. 10x7" Illus.

Choose your copy of Fountain and the Casper formations of the Laramie basin :
Very Good - $26
Good (corners bumped, spine a bit rough, a few very minor flecks of soil). - $16

Fumarolic - Hot Spring and "Epithermal" mineral deposit environment by Harrison Schmitt. 1950. Colorado School of Mines Quarterly vol. 45(1B). 21p. $4

Geologic history of Rocky Mountain region by Haun and Kent. 1965. Reprint from Bulletin of the AAPG, Vol. 49. 9.5x6.5", 20p., illus. $1

Geologic map of the Bighorn Basin. By C. A. Fisher. 1905. This is a folded color map in the original plate pocket from USGS Professional Paper 53

Geologic reservoir analysis, Mississippian Madison formation, Elk Basin Field, Wyoming - Montana. 1969. Extracted from AAPG Bulletin vol. 53(10). 20p. illus. $3

Geology of Deadman Butte area, Natrona county, Wyomng by Thomas Woodward. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1957, Vol. 41(2), pp. 212-262. $10

Greater Green River Basin Natural Gas Technology Workshop : November 12 and 13, 1992. Sponsored by Gas Research Institute (now Gas Technology Institute), U.S. Department of Energy, and Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States. 11x8.5”, Comb-bound, 288 pages, illustrated. Many of the pages are probably copies of overhead projector sheets from talks. Includes the following and more. SCARCE. (Very Good, owner's marks on cover). $28

- What are the most important technology needs for cost effective exploration and exploitation of Natural Gass Reserves in the greater Green River Basin by 2002?
- Design and analysis of hydraulic fracture treatments in the Green River Basin.
- Exploration and development of Almond Tight Gas sands along the Wamsutter / Creston Arch, Washakie – Red Desert Area.
- The Kern River transmission company in the Greater Green River Basin.
- Gas reserves in the Mesaverde group of the Greater Green River Basin.
- Coalbed methane in the Greater Green River basin, Wyoming and Colorado.
- Natural Fractures : profiting from a widespread reservoir element.
- In-situ stress results in the Moxa arch regions.

Heart Mountain and South Fork detachment thrusts of Wyomng by William Pierce. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1957, Vol. 41(4), pages 591-626. $7

Highwall stability in open-pit coal mines, Western Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana. By Fitzhugh T. Lee, William K. Smith, and William Z. Savage. 1977. Society of Mining Engineers of AIME, preprint number 77-AM-73 for presentation at the 1977 AIME Annual meeting in Atlanta. 10x7”, staple bound, 39p., 15 figures, 1 table. $4

Investigations relating to Sulphur and Pyrite by the USGS in 1907. By E.G. Woodruff. 1908. USGS, Washington printing office. 8p. plus plate. Most of the text and the plate pertain to Sulphur deposits at Cody, Wyoming. $3

Keystone faulting and gravity sliding driven by basement uplift of Owl Creek mountains, Wyoming. by Donald U. Wise. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1963, Vol. 47(4), pages 586-598. $5

Main body of Wasatch formation near La Barge, Wyoming. By Steven S. Oriel. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1962, Vol. 46(12), pages 2161-2173. $4

Mitigation of water contamination at the historic Ferris – Haggarty mine, Wyoming. By R. W. Resisinger and J. J. Gusek. 1998. SME Preprint 98-111. 11x8.5”, 6p., 7 figures, 2 tables. $2

Multidisciplinary studies of Uranium deposits in the Red Desert, Wyoming. 1983 National Uranium Resource Evaluation, Bendix Field Engineering Corporation, Grand Junction, Colorado. Prepared for the US Department of Energy. 530 pages, 8 plate sheets in a separate plate packet. NOTE : Only the plates are here, no text, but I believe text can be downloaded from the NTIS online. Included plates are : Subsurface distribution of Th/U ratios along A-A’ cross section, Subsurface distribution of Th/U ratios along B-B’ cross section, Comparative profiles of selected geophysical data with ENQ deposit along Line C in the detailed area, Distribution of Rn, He, and eU in groundwaters from drill holes along A-A’ cross section, Distribution of Rn, He, and eU in groundwaters from drill holes along B-B’ cross section, Distribution of Rn, He, and eU in groundwaters from drill holes along C-C’ cross section, Distribution of Rn, He, and eU in subregional soils vs. subsurface geology along South / North cross section, Distribution of Rn, He, and eU in subregional soils vs. subsurface geology along West / East cross section. $9

Natur und Museum, Vol. 63 number 4, April 1933. This is a rarely found piece of American National Parks memorabilia, a 1933 issue of Nature and Museum (In German) a nice, illustrated article on the American National Parks, specifically Yellowstone National Park, Bryce National Park and Zion National Park. The article title is "Volkserziehung in amerikanischen Nationalparken" by Dr. C. Teichert. It is 11 pages long and has 7 excellent vintage photographs including a scenic with bridge, road and autos in Zion, Camper cabins in Yellowstone, and People standing outside a vehicle feeding a bear in Yellowstone! The cover photo also pertains to the article, showing Bryce. The entire issue is 9x6", pages 113-144, illus., plus 8 pages of Senckenberg Nachrichten (April 1933). Among other articles, there is one on the Vanilla Orchid. CONDITION: Good. Generally clean and bright. Cover partly split along spine. Cover edges a bit darkened. The center spread (Genckenberg Nachrichten) is on another kind of paper that is tanned. $6

Natural gas resource characterization study of the Mesaverde Group in the greater Green River Basin, Wyoming : a strategic plan for the exploitation of tight gas sands. By Ronald C. Surdam and associates. 1994 Institute for Energy Research, University of Wyoming, Laramie. This is the 1992-1993 Annual report for the Gas Research Institute, Chicago – Report number GRI-93/0423. 452p., illus., plus 9 plates. Loose-leaf, 11x8.5”. Cover sheet is a copy, the other pages appear to be originals - however, I am not familiar with the original format of this publication so it is possible that all pages are copies. (All Good with lightly bumped edges, but missing the 9 plates that go with Chapter 9 "Stratigraphy and Sedimentation." $35

New occurrence of Paleocene mammals in the Evanston formation, SW Wyoming. 1969. Smithsonian contributions to Paleobiology #2. 10x8", 17p., photos, EXC!! Plates. $5

Oregon basin Field, Park County, Wyoming. By Paul T. Walton. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1947, Vol. 31(8), pages 1431-1453, fold-out plates and map. $7

Paleozoic and Mesozoic stratigraphy of Northern Gros Ventre mountains and Mount Leidy highlands, Teton county, Wyoming. By Helen L. Foster. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1947, Vol. 31(9)., pages 1537-1593. $15

Paleozoic formations near Cody, Park county, Wyoming. By T.F. Stipp. 1947, Vol. 31(2), pages 274-281. $3

Petrographic analysis of the Bridger, Washakie, and other Eocene formations of the Rocky mountains. 1914. Amer Museum of Natural Hist. 14p. (bumped corner) $2

Physiography of the Bishop conglomerate, SW Wyoming. 1910. J. Geol. 32p. photos. $4

Pitchfork formation, detrital facies of early basic breccia, Absaroka range, Wyoming. By Richard L. Hay. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1956, Vol. 40(8), pages 1863-1898. $8

Post-depositional history of Tensleep sandstone (Pennsylvanian), Big Horn basin, Wyoming. By T.W. Todd. Extracted from Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (Bull. AAPG), 9x6”, illus. 1963, Vol. 47(4), pages 599-616. $4

Preliminary structure contour map of the Devils Tower quadrangle, Crook County, Wyoming. By M. H. Bergendahl, W. J. Mapel, and C. S. Robinson. 1955 USGS Trace Elements Memorandum report 897. (As I’ve been selling geology publications for nearly 20 years and have never even SEEN a single report in this series before this one, it is clear that they are hard to find and would be fun for the collector). This is a large folded map sheet in a brown 11x8.5” envelope. RARE. $10

Proceedings of the Washington Academy of Sciences Volume 11 : 1909 : Softcover, 299p. (Good. Mostly uncut. Cover sunned, cover edges a bit rough, edges bumped) - $18

Contents of the Proceedings of the Washington Academy of Sciences Vol. 11 :
Some calcite crystals with new forms. By Waldemar T. Schaller.
Linnaeus as an evolutionist. By Edward L. Green.
The Laramie formation and the Shoshone group. By Whitman Cross.
Studies in the American Buprestidae. By Thos. L. Casey.
The stratigraphic relations and paleontology of the “Hell Creek Beds,” “Ceratops Beds,” and equivalents, and their reference to the Fort Union formation. By F. H. Knowlton.
The age and stratigraphic relations of the “Ceratops Beds” of Wyoming and Montana. By Timothy W. Stanton.

Rediscovery of the Avian Fossil Presbyornis from the Eocene of Wyoming. by Alan Feduccia and Paul O. McGrew. 1975. Extracted from National Geographic Society Research Reports, Volume 16. Flamingo nesting site. 5p., illus. $2

Road log volume for Rediscover the Rockies : AAPG – SEPM – EMD Rocky Mountain Section meeting held in Casper, Wyoming, September 12-19, 1992. Edited by Kent A. Sundell and Thomas C. Anderson. Softcover, comb-bound, 11x8.5”, 134 pages, nicely illustrated, illustrations numbered in sections. Field trips include : 1) Wind River basin (2 days), 2) Como Bluff Dinosaur Site, 3) Green River Basin (3 days), 4) South Casper Creek Oilfield. SCARCE. (All Very Good, but has minor highlighting) $28

Rhyolite-basalt complex on Gardiner River, Yellowstone Park, Wyoming by Ray E. Wilcox. Pages 1047-1080, 2 figures, 8 plates including two fold-out geologic maps with color. IN a complete volume of Bulletin GSA 55(9) : September 1944. Among other articles, includes “Reconsideration of the Morrison formation of the type area, Jefferson county, Colorado.” $5

Roadside Geology of the Yellowstone country. By William J. Fritz. 1985, 1998 Mountain Press Publishing, Missoula. Softcover, 9x6”, 149p., some color, a very large number of maps and illustrations. Around 20 different road sections are described. Use this book to locate and understand the interesting geologic features along the road. $8

Staged Field Experiment No. 4 : Application of advanced technologies in Tight Gas Sandstones : Frontier Formation, Chimney Butte Field, Sublette county, Wyoming. 1992. Gas Research Institute (now Gas Technology Institute) report GRI-92/0394. Softcover, 11x8.5”, 269 pages, 78 figures, 26 tables. SCARCE. (Good, light use). $28

Structural trends in central western Wyoming by Horberg, Nelson, and Church. 1949. Bulletin of Geographical Society of America. 34p, Photographs and fold-out maps. Stamps, filing marks. $6

Twelfth Biennial report of the State Geologist of the state of Wyoming, for the period October 1, 1922 through September 30, 1924. 1924. By Albert B. Bartlett. 9x6”, 41 pages plus some fold-out tables. Sections include Mines and Mining, Mining industry (large section with much on individual mines), Mineral Inspections, Reports on State Lands, Inspection of oil and gas wells, List of actual work done by the state geologist’s office, Mineral production statistics, Oil production, Petroleum tank capacities, Pipe lines in Wyoming, Gasoline plants in Wyoming, tabulations of oil structures, and much more. $8

Upper Cretaceous Shannon and Haystack Mountains formation field trip, Wyoming. 1985 SEPM Society of Economic Paleontologists and Mineralogists (now named Society for Economic Geologists). By R. W. Tillman and R. S. Martinsen. This is the 1985 SEPM Midyear Meeting Field Guide 11. Softcover, comb-bound, 97 pages, nicely illustrated, illustrations numbered in sections, includes folded plate inserted loosely at back. SCARCE. $18

Western Division Field Trip : Riverton, Wyoming to Salt Lake City, Utah via Jackson and Evanston, Wyoming. September 18-21, 1979, EXXON Company Western Division. There isn’t any formal title page and it seems to be a privately-produced, small scale “publication.” Comb-bound, 11x8.5”, around 150 pages, Many detailed road logs, hand colored maps. The field trip included three full days. Lots of detail. $35

Wyoming Trona. By Lawrence E. Mannion. 1975. Society of Mining Engineers of AIME, preprint number 75-H-309 for presentation at the 1975 SME Fall meeting in Salt Lake City. 8x5”, staple bound, 15p., 4 figures. $2

Wyoming - Utah overthrust belt structural style : Field guide to AAPG Trip #5 : June 11-14. 1980. 11x8.5", comb-bound, mostly unpaged - about 75p. including numerous fold-outs. Extremely nice illustrations : many aerials and color. Much of this tour seems to have been conducted from the air - centered around Jackson, Wyoming. (cover has minor color chips, edge lightly bumped) $36

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FOR REFERENCE : All Wyoming Geological Association Guidebooks in Numerical Order.
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1. First Annual Field Conference, 1946 : Central and Southeastern Wyoming
2. Second Annual Field Conference, 1947 : Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
3. Third Annual Field Conference, 1948 : Wind River Basin, Wyoming
4. Fourth Annual Field Conference,, 1949 : Powder River Basin, Wyoming
5. Fifth Annual Field Conference, 1950 : Southwestern Wyoming
6. Sixth Annual Field Conference, 1951 : Southcentral Wyoming
7. Seventh Annual Field Conference, 1952 : Southern Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
8. Eighth Annual Field Conference, 1953 : Laramie Basin and North Park, Wyoming and Colorado
9. Ninth Annual Field Conference, 1954 : Casper area, Wyoming
10. Tenth Annual Field Conference, 1955 : Green River Basin, Wyoming
11. Eleventh Annual Field Conference, 1956 : Jackson Hole area, Wyoming
12. Twelfth Annual Field Conference, 1957 : Southwest Wind River Basin, Wyoming
13. Thirteenth Annual Field Conference, 1958 : Powder River Basin, Wyoming
14. Fourteenth Annual Field Conference, 1959 : Big Horn Basin, Wyoming
15. Fifteenth Annual Field Conference, 1960 : Overthrust Belt of Southwestern Wyoming and adjacent areas
16. Sixteenth Annual Field Conference, 1961 : Symposium on the late Cretaceous rocks of Wyoming and adjacent areas
17. Seventeenth Annual Field Conference,1962 : Symposium on Early Cretaceous rock of Wyoming
18. Eighteenth Annual Field Conference, 1963 : Joint field conference of the Billings geological and Wyoming geological associations, Northern Powder River Basin.
19. Nineteenth Field Conference, 1965 : Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming
20. Twentieth Field Conference, 1968 : Black Hills area; Wyoming, South Dakota, and Montana.
21. Twenty-First Field Conference, 1969 : Symposium on Tertiary rocks of Wyoming.
22. Twenty-Second Field Conference, 1970 : Symposium on Wyoming Sandstones
23. Twenty-Third Field Conference, 1971 : Symposium of Wyoming tectonics and their economic significance.
24. Twenty-Fourth Field Conference, 1972 : Rawlins area, Wyoming
25. Twenty-Fifth Field Conference, 1973 : Geology and mineral resources of the Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming.
26. Twenty-Sixth Field Conference, 1974 : Muddy Sandstone, Wind River Basin, Wyoming.
27. Twenty-Seventh Field Conference, 1975 : Geology and mineral resources of the Bighorn Basin
28. Twenty-Eighth Field Conference, 1976 : Geology and Energy Resources of the Powder River.
29. Twenty-Ninth Field Conference, 1977 : Rocky Mountain Thrust Belt Geology and Resources.
30. Thirtieth Field Conference, 1978 : Resources of the Wind River Basin
31. Thirty-First Annual Field Conference, 1980 : Stratigraphy of Wyoming.
32. Thirty-Second annual field conference, 1981 : Energy Resources of Wyoming.
33. Thirty-Third Annual Field Conference, 1982 : Geology of the Yellowstone Basin Area.
34. Thirty-Fourth Annual Field Conference, 1983 : Bighorn Basin
35. Thirty-Fifth Annual Field Conference, 1984 : Permian and Pennsylvanian geology of Wyoming.
36. Thirty-Sixth Annual Field Conference, 1985 : Cretaceous Geology of Wyoming.
37. Thirty-Seventh Guidebook, 1986 : Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas fields = Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Field Studies.
38. Thirty-Eighth Field Conference, 1987 : The Thrust Belt Revisited.
39. Thirty-Ninth Field Conference, 1988 : Eastern Powder River Basin and Black Hills.
40. Fortieth Field Conference, 1989 : Gas resources of Wyoming.
41. Forty-First Field Conference, 1990 : Wyoming Sedimentation and Tectonics.
42. Forty-Second Field Conference, 1991 : Mineral resources of Wyoming.
43. Forty-Third Field Conference, 1992 : Rediscover the Rockies.
## Special : 1993 : Special Wind River Basin Guidebook (Wind River Indian Reservation Area)
44. Forty-Fourth Field Conference, 1993 : Jubilee Anniversary.
45. Forty-Fifth Field Conference, 1994 : Dinosaurs of the Rockies.
46. Forty-Sixth Field Conference, 1995 : Resources of Southwest Wyoming.
47. Forty-Seventh Field Conference, 1996 : Geology of the Big Horn Basin.
48. Forty-Eighth Field Conference, 1997 : Prospect To Pipeline.
49. Forty-Ninth Field Conference, 1998 : Cretaceous & Lower Tertiary Rx. Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana.
50. Fiftieth Field Conference, 1999 : Coalbed Methane & Tertiary Geology, Powder River Basin.
51. Fifty-First Field Conference, 2000 : Classical Wyoming Geology in the New Millennium.
52. Fifty-Second Field Conference, 2001 : Wyoming Gas: Resources & Technology.

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