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Many 2Neat Books customers are busy professional working geologists.
Thus, many of the Order Feedback replies are something short and terse like "Arrived just fine, thanks!".
I opted not to include all the hundreds of those short replies here, choosing instead just a few of the longer responses.


" Brenda, Thanks for the efficient ordering process and very prompt delivery of the USGS Professional Paper. The Professional Paper was as described (actually better!). Thanks again."
Dallas (CO)

"Brenda; I received the book a couple of days ago. It arrived well packaged and just as I expected. It smells faintly like pipe tobacco. I bet it came from one of the members of the old-timers club the UP mining company formed. You did a great job sending it. Feel free to use me as a reference for your service."
Jack (AZ)

"Well, Brenda, all I can say is: you must have mailed this to me even before I knew I needed it, looked for it on the Internet, found it on your website and then ordered it ‘cause it arrived last night and I picked it up this morning! Thanks for ET-style speedy service!" 2Neat adds : Orders inside Colorado often do get delivered very quickly. This feedback certainly made me smile!
Kirk (CO)

"I have been working my way through the books I recently ordered from you. I am very happy with their condition (I appreciate the effort you made in packing) and the prompt delivery. You have an interesting selection of mining and geology subjects and I will be checking periodically for new listings on your website.
Bill (ID)

"Hi Brenda, I got my box of books in the mail today. I was very happy with the order, the books were super interesting and very applicable to where I live. I am a long time mineral collector and may be able to find some new collecting spots using them. Your descriptions were very accurate and I could not be happier with the order. I will definitely tell my friends about your website and will be ordering more books for myself. Thank you for a great product !!"
Tim (NC)

"Brenda, My USGS Professional Papers arrived today. I’m quite happy. Everything seems to be there and in very good shape. For 50 and 67 year old books I’m amazed at the condition. Thanks you!"
Courtney (NM)

"Hello Brenda, Thank you for taking the time to include so many useful details about many of the books you sell. I particularly appreciated the details you provided for the 1956 guidebook. Although there are other copies out there, many are just one of the field trips, but the description can mislead one to believe it is the entire package. Your description was the only one making it clear you had the entire guidebook, and made me better aware that many of the others were only partials. So kudos to you, Brenda! Sincerely,"
Bryan (MI)

"I ordered a geologic guide (Clark County, Nevada) from you folks a few days ago and I received it today. Thank you for your prompt shipment and for the service you provide. It was a pleasure doing business with you,"
Sam (NE)

"Thanks, Brenda. All the material just arrived and just what was needed for our study. A thousand thank-yous for the service. As Arnold said, "I'll be back!"
Bill (KY)

"Hi Brenda, Everything I ordered arrived safe and sound. The quality of materials was better than expected too. Thanks for providing such a fun geology map/pub resource!"
Eugene (TX)

"Dear Brenda, the parcel arrived on yesterday and everything is perfect ! Nice abstracts and books ! Please advise me in future if you can meet publications of italian interest or ancient european volumes , I'm always interested about. I often browse your huge stock to search for. So I send my best wishes for all your activities in 2012 !!! Kind regards."
Enrico (Italy)

"Dear Brenda: Yesterday, I received the two books you shipped. They are useful. Thank you very much ~ "
QI (China)

"Brenda, My publications arrived last evening. Thank you so much. I'm sure I and others I know will be doing business with you in the future having luckily found you. Thanks,"
Laurie (MT)

"Hi Brenda, Got the San Francisco folio a couple of days ago. Great packing job and great service. I'll be looking at more of your stuff. Regards,"
Mike (ME)

"Hi Brenda - The book arrived yesterday. I will definitely be recommending 2Neat to the staff at * * * Engineering. It is wonderful to be able to locate and purchase old USGS books. Thanks."
Kara (WA)

"Hello Brenda, I received the Arizona Gold Placers book you sent today. I'm very happy with it. It was packed very well and shipped very fast too. I'll be checking your site for more great book deals. Thanks,"
Carol (AZ)

"Hi Brenda, I literally stumbled across your website last week quite by accident while doing a little amateur geological research concerning the area in which I live. Five of your publications caught my eye and the prices were amazingly low. Frankly, at first, I suspected a "shipping price" gimmick ... but was very pleased to discover that none existed. After a quick Paypal "Quasi-Cash," the books were at my front door within a couple a days. Thanks for the super prices and super quick service. Your website is now officially "Bookmarked" and I'm checking it daily for any new offerings. A very satisfied customer,"
Mike (MS)

"I received my order this afternoon which was a pleasant surprise since I did not expect it until next week (actually arrived in 24 hours with regular shipping). I inspected the report and the plates and although used, everything is in excellent condition and the plates are all there. I can’t expect as much from the local US government document repository at the nearby CSU library where some of the USGS materials are pretty badly beat up with plates often missing or falling apart from overuse. This particular report was entirely missing from the library’s collection and since I needed it for work, I decided just to buy it from you folks. That was a good decision. Thanks for the prompt service and fair price. Other online vendors I checked are selling this volume way overpriced in my opinion. I would certainly purchase from you again. Sincerely,
Bill (CO)

"Hello Brenda, the package arrìved safetly and I am a pleased customer. Regards,"
Ulf (Sweden)

"Hi Brenda, Got the book...what a treat! Interesting that it is a UC Berkeley publication but not in their library catalog...so I was lucky you had it. Arrived in great condition. I look forward to getting through with some other high priority reading to read it. Thanks."
Dick (CA)

"Howdy! The package arrived today (scary fast!), and the journal was in fine condition. Thank you so much for your prompt, courteous service! Best regards,"
Fred (CT)

"Dear Brenda Wiard, I received all copies of Lapidary Journal. Thank you very much. With best regards,"
Taro (Japan)

"Brenda, Just a quick note to let you know that the back numbers of Rocks & Minerals arrived this morning, and I am quite pleased with them. That was very quick for USPS Media Mail! I appreciate the attention that was paid to packaging them, as they arrived in excellent condition. Thank you! I won't hesitate to recommend your site to anyone I meet who might be in the market for other mineralogy and geology publications, and I will be putting together another order myself before too long - I'm filling some holes in my collections... Many thanks once again, Regards,"
William (MO)

"Hello Brenda & Co., I received your package today with 2 really COOL/ neat books inside !!!!!! It only took 4 days by mail, not bad at all! Thank you for such GOOD service. I must confess and I know it's probably hard for you to believe, but this is MY very first purchase I have ever made on -line, so I was a little anxious! I love the books, thanks again and I will gladly mention your co. to friends!"
Carme (GA)

"Hi Brenda, Thank you for the heads up! I safely received the Hayden map shipment yesterday at my residence. The maps were expertly packed (thank you) and the maps are beautiful! Many thanks for a wonderful transaction,
Scott (CO)

"Dear Brenda, the shippment safely arrived yesterday, many thanks & best regards,"
Guillermo (Argentina)

"Thanks Brenda, the materials arrived today in great shape. It is very enjoyable to do work with you and hope to purchase more in the future. Have a Rocky Mt. High in Salida today."
Martin (WA)

"Thank you for your incredibly fast service! The book arrived in yesterday’s mail. I have already given a friend who works in putting together energy deals the information about your extensive resources."
Verlene (CO)

"Brenda - received my shipment today. Everything in great shape. To a lot of people, spending a rainy afternoon reading through old USGS Bulletins might seem awfully boring, but I love this stuff and most anything I can find on the Colorado River. Thanks for making these old publications available."
Dan (TX)

"Brenda, I got the package this morning and it is exactly what I needed. Thank you for your time, attention and very fast service. Best regards,"
Bill (TX)

"Brenda, Books showed up this PM. Thank you so much for the great service! One of the books is very timely for a project I'm working on. I have your site bookmarked and will gladly refer friends and colleagues your way. You'll hear from me again."
Jim (CO)

"Dear Brenda, Just to let you know the box arrived in Melbourne today, in good order. Not bad, less than 2 weeks. Thanks a lot, and until next time,"
Han (Australia)

"Brenda, Received the books today. Thanks. This is probably it for a while. I guess when I get my birthday money I will order more books. I appreciate how accurately you describe the condition of the books. Happy Holidays,"
Eric (UT)

"Received my order today. That was really fast. Nice Prof. Paper in very good condition, well packaged. Will buy again as needed. Thank You."
Harold (CO)

"Hi Brenda, My package arrived yesterday, remarkably quickly for book rate shipping. The books look great, it is just what I was searching for. I will be checking your website from time to time for any new additions on the geology of Algeria or North Africa; a lot of the literature published before or soon after independence is very difficult to find these days. Thanks again,"
Jim (TX)

"Brenda - Recieved the three copies of USGS map I-1022 promptly and in superb shape. Couldn't be happier. Thanks."
Lloyd (CO)

"Dear Brenda, I have received the books from you yesterday. The condition of the book was very good. Thank you for your prompt attention to this mattar. Sincerely"
Yuriko (Japan)

"Brenda, Just wanted to let you know my GSA paper arrived safely Monday afternoon. I have ordered hundreds of books and papers on the internet over the years and have never received one wrapped in a protective plastic bag. The condition it was in and the manner in which it was protected, is superb. Its nice to see some the pride you have in your business. I will let everyone know about your websites. Again, Thank you."
Josh (CO)

"Hi Brenda, The volume was delivered last Saturday. I was out of town and just got back last night. I think the book is in great shape - even better than your description which was very accurate. I am very pleased. Thanks for your great service!"
Roger (NV)

"Hi Brenda, Just a quick note to let you know the two "Limestone industries of Ontario" books arrived today. Both in new condition. Thanks again for you services!!"
Peter (Canada)

"Hi Brenda, The books all arrived in perfect condition today. Thanks. Also thanks for sending the link to search for books on Timor. I managed to track down one that I don't have and order it. At $6, it was just right. Kind regards,"
Mike (Australia)

"Hi Brenda, I got my fulgurite yesterday! I just LOVE it! Thank you. I'd been looking for a piece and when I spotted this one on your website, I just knew it was for me. Have a nice rest of the week!"
Molly (WA)

"Dear Ms. Wiard, I have received the USGS Professional Ppaer I recently ordered. I was out of town last week, but it seems to have arrived on 27 Aug. so it moved very promptly. It is in lovely shape, and I am very happy to have a copy. My mailing address may mean nothing to you, but PP-360 addresses a mining district that is just over the Santa Cruz Mountains from me. I had a lovely day hiking there recently with my two old dogs, and found a very nice, small museum run by Santa Clara county. They had one copy and were using some of the excellent maps and sections as part of their display. I am a mining geologist and also a devoted reader of Wallace Stegner's novel, Angle of Repose, an important episode of which takes place at New Almaden. So, such a high-quality copy of the paper is a great treat for me, and an enhancement of my library. I look forward to staying in touch with 2 Neat Books. Thanks very much for your assistance. Best regards,"
Mark (CA)

... ... ... Brenda at 2Neat likes "Angle of Repose" too - great book!! ... have YOU read it yet?

"Hi Brenda, I received my order today. Thanks and I'll be back for more. You have the neatest things."
Randy (TX)

"Hi Brenda, thanks for the swift shipping of my order. It arrived at the office fine earlier in the week and am very pleased with the condition of the article. Best Regards,"
Sean (Great Britain)

"Brenda, The book arrived today in fine shape. Your description was an accurate representation; service was excellent. Thank you."
John (GA)

"I received my item on Friday, it was in what I consider excellent condition. I am very pleased with my first experience doing business with you and I hope to more in the future. I'm glad to support a fellow Coloradoan. Thanks,"

"Hi Brenda, I just wanted to let you know that I received the books today. Thanks so much, several of journals I have be looking for for several years now. I am likely to order more books from you in the future. Thank You."
Jamie (WV)

"I received the parcel today, all safe and sound, very happy, thank you Brenda, and I look forward to buying again."
David (Australia)

"My package arrived here Thurs. or so. GREAT STUFF!!! Thanks for for a job WELL DONE!!! Best wishes,"
Barry (GA)

"Hello Brenda, My books arrived in our postoffice 23 august. I got it today. .Thank you very much for your kind assistance.
Vladimir and Olga (Crimea, Ukraine)

"Hello Brenda, Just want to let you know my purchase arrived last week, and it's exactly what I needed. I'll definitely consider 2Neat for future purchases, and will tell other geologist friends also. Thank you!"
Barbara (MD)

"Hi Brenda, thank you so much for your help, it is appreciated, fancy teaching customer service on this side of the pond? You would make a mint, but then again you would need a mint to live here, thats why we call it rip off britain. All the best."
Dave (United Kingdom)

"Brenda-the USGS Bulletin arrived just fine. Tho I don't often purchase items over the internet and thus probably shouldn't give a rating, I would say 10 out of ten for you and your firm. Thanks."
Phil (OR)

"Brenda, Received the Leadville Plates yesterday. They are better than I had hoped. I was really thrilled that they show the locations of all the Ibex Mine shafts as I had only a rough idea of where each one was. What a great geologic map too. I will continue to follow your web site as I am sure I will find more books and maps that are of interest to me. Thanks again,"
Eric (UT)

"Dear Brenda, I wished I had bought my book on eBay, so I could tell everyone how happy I am with my purchase! Well wrapped, timely shipping, and it was in perfect condition, much better than I had hoped for! I can't wait to buy from you again."
David (CA)

"Dear Brenda, My order arrived today in fine shape. I am pleased with all of the publications and their condition. Thank you, and you can be assured that I will check your site often and will recommend it to colleagues. Sincerely,"
Jeff (AR)

"Brenda, Another kudo for 2Neat Books! From the time that I ordered the Romanian geology books, 12 days passed before I received them here in Romania. This is the fastest that we have ever received anything from the States. Standard mail can sometimes take up to ten weeks, and orders from Amazon always take at least five weeks. Thank you very much for the prompt service. I look forward to doing more business with you and to visiting you when I am next in Salida."
Dennis (Romania)

"Hi Brenda, I just wanted to say thank you again. The journal arrived and it's even better than I had hoped. I'm so glad I found your site and my sister will be too. She will get this for Christmas this year. Sounds a little odd, I know, but she has been the family archivist for the last 30 years, and all the interesting stuff ends up in her collection anyway, so she will have to have this. Thanks again!"
Chris (GA)

"Hello Brenda, We received our journals today. Thank you for the prompt delivery. It's really interesting to look at what is for sale in a 1952 issue of Lapidary Journal. In your message you say.... "If you are pleased with your transaction, the biggest compliment you can give us is to tell your friends and colleagues about 2Neat - and thank you!" We have started a new classifieds page on Geology.com and have (put up an) ad up for you. We hope that it brings you some customers! Thanks again for the great service."
Hobart (PA)

"Brenda Wiard, Today I received my order of USGS MAP MF-16 and everything is fine. Thank you for the very prompt service."
Jim (CO)

"Dear Brenda, Wow! USGS PP 931 arrived clean, neat, and in great shape late on Friday, just 2 days after we ordered it! Thank you for the great service! By copy of this, we are alerting (and thanking) Gerard M----- that his recommendation of 2Neat Books was right on target. Regards,"
Dick (USA)

"Hi Brenda, Just a note to let you know the book Geology of Eagle Lake Area arrived today. I am very pleased with the perfect condition the booklet is in. Thank you."
Ron (Manitoba)

"Brenda, Thanks for the prompt and friendly service. I also find your website to be well organized and easy to use, so thanks for that too."
Mike (NV)

"The package arrive. Thank you for ur service"
Zin (Japan)

"Hi Brenda, I received my books and am enjoying them. This is my 3rd or 4th purchase and am looking forward to my next. Thank you,"
Randy (CA)

"Brenda, Got it today. I’m thrilled. Thanks loads!"
John (CA)

"The book I ordered arrived yesterday in perfect condition. You are incredibly fast and efficient. Thank you!"
Lorie (CO)

"Hello Brenda, The shipment arrived today via US postal Service and I was very pleasantly surprised to find the publication in such good condition. Thank you very much and I will keep you "bookmarked" for future needs."
Jim (AZ)

"Brenda : I just wanted to let you know that today I receive the 1976 copy of the Lapidary Journal which I recently ordered from your company. I was very pleased with the condition of this item and the packaging, which protected the magazine during mailing. I look forward to making other purchases in the near future. Thanks!"
Stan (CA)

"Dear Brenda, This email may sound redundant, but I must tell you how pleased I am for receiving the ordered paper so quickly. Thanks again! Cheers,"
Klaus (Ireland)

"Morning Brenda, I received my merchandize this week. Everything was in good order and matched your description perfectly. Thanks again. Have a great Day!"
Dave (NV)

"Hello Brenda ! I received the 2 Mineralogical Record issues last week - but I was at the building site in Austria for work so I'm confirming the receipt some days too late. The magazines seem as new to me... MANY THANKS, everything worked out very well and I hope to find other items in your web-store in the near future. Kind regards from Bavaria,"
Chris (Germany)

"Received today in good order. Many Thanks."
Ross (Australia)

"Brenda, Just wanted to let you know I got the fulgurite yesterday and it is absoluetly AWESOME! I can't wait to give this gift. Thank you also for including the info sheet about the piece of fulgurite. Merry Christmas and wishing you a New Year filled with many blessings."
Kandi (NY)

"Thank You very much for the e-mail! We have received the books they delivered this am and my customer is very happy with your response, good business. Thank you!
Joe (ND)

"Brenda: I received the package today and everything arrived in good shape. Thank you again for your prompt and efficient service. I will order from you again."
Ken (OK)

"Hello Brenda, You shipment arrived today in excellent condition. I was amazed at the speed it got here. All the items were as advertised and in better condition than described. I hope to have future transactions with you. Thanks,"
Roger (AZ)

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"Hi Brenda! I just wanted to let you know that the Fulgerite arrived, and that I am very happy with it! Thank you especially for choosing a nice sample for my sphere-to-be, and the small samples were perfect for gifts. The larger pieces are very nice, and true to description. I love the way they smell! If there is an "official feedback" place that you would like me to respond to, please let me know. Sincerely,"
Kia (WA)

"Hi Brenda, The map arrived today. It's really in great shape and my colleague was quite pleased that I could find it for her. Thanks for your excellent service,"
Fern (WA)

"Good Afternoon Brenda: I received USGS Professional Paper 228 in today’s mail. It arrived in good condition. Thanks you for the prompt attention to my order."
Preston (CO)

"Brenda, The journals arrived safely last Saturday (Very quick and lucky considering the current poor state of the UK post system) and were well packaged. I would definetly shop with you again. Thank you."
Andrew (United Kingdom)

"Thanks Brenda, received the map yesterday in excellent shape. thanks."
Jim (MT)

"Thank you, Brenda. The book is here, and it looks good. I appreciate the prompt service."
Betsy (CA)

"Brenda, Just a quick note to confirm the book has arrived safe and sound in London. I am very excited as the book contains a short article written by one of my ancestors. It is like hearing a voice from the past!!! Many thanks,"
Richard (United Kingdom)

"Brenda, I received the books, maps, &c yesterday and am most pleased. The quality is excellent. I hope to be doing more with you in the future. Thanks,"
Steve (CO)

"The books have arrived perfectly. Thanks."
Fernando (Spain)

"Our books have arrived! Better than I expected. Thank you so much."
Donna (AZ)

"Brenda: I returned to my office in Ontario today, and the mailman delivered the USGS report I had ordered from you. The timing was perfect. I am very pleased with my purchase. The report is in mint condition and arrived in perfect shape. Thank you very much for your excellent service."
Chris (Ontario)

"Brenda, I just wanted to tell you that I got the shipment of books today in the mail. Excellent service. Thank you."
Dale (IL)

"Two geology books arrived today in good condition, and are just what I hoped they would be. Thanks!"
Margie (TX)

"Brenda, Map arrived this morning. Great job of wrapping! Many thanks."
Bruce (OR)

"Arrived safe and sound. Thanks for your prompt service."
Bill (British Columbia)

"Hi, Brenda. I received my three articles I purchased from 2Neat today. They arrived in good shape and I am already enjoying reading them. Thank you for your service and I will definitely recommend 2Neat to my family and friends. And I will keep perusing 2Neat for my future needs. Thanks,"
Billy (SD)

"Hi Brenda- I recieved the Humboldt County book today- it was worth the wait (of years to find it)! Thanks for your patience and great service."
Bill (CA)

"Dear Brenda... thank you for a wonderful order, packed well, and quickly delivered yesterday. I will look forward to your list with new Colorado items by May or so."
Norma (CO)

"Brenda, I received my shipment this last weekend. Everything was nicely packaged, and arrived in good shape, as described. Good service! Thanks,"
David (TX)

"Hi Brenda, Sorry it took so long to let you know I'd received the maps -- I've been in the backcountry. They're just right and arrived quickly, thanks!"
Lo (CA)

"Hi Brenda, I received the reports today in the mail. They are in great condition! Thank you for making these available and for quickly processing my request."
Mike (AZ)

"Dear Brenda, I received today the Obra del Centenario del Museo de La Plata. Thank you very much. The package was perfect and the book was corresponding the description you gave. Thanks and best wishes,"
Filippo (Italy)

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"The maps arrived yesterday and they are in great shape. Thanks"
Ralph (AZ)

"Good morn'n, I recieved my order thank you! The cicular was in very good shape I 'm very pleased !"
Wilbur (NV)

"Brenda, Package arrived and was well protected. Each was great and as described. Thanks a lot!."
Edward (TX)

"Brenda, The package arrived this morning, thanks. Great service!"
Rod (United Kingdom)

"Hello Brenda, received Unionville topo map yesterday. It is just what I wanted. I can now finish my research into the area. My wife and I are Ghost Town explorers, and this is an area of Nevada we haven't been to as yet. From the map I can see lots of areas we will visit and take pictures of. So thank you."
Gordon (CA)

"Brenda, Order arrived and in excellent condition. Thanks a lot."
Steve (CO)

"Hi Brenda, just writing let you know the journal arrived today, you really do provide an exceptional and friendly service to your clients. The whole process has been a real pleasure from start to finish. So when I decide to start going further back for my collection I know where my first port of call will be. All the best to you and yours. Thanks again."
Dave (United Kingdom)

"Brenda, I just received all the publications I ordered recently and they are all in good shape. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service!!"
Billy (SD)

"Received my order. Thanks so much! Very nicely packaged and in excellent condition. I can tell you take pride in your business!"
Lisanne (OR)

"Hi Brenda, I got my book today. Thank you and hope to make more purchases in the future."
Randy (TX)

"Dear Brenda, I had received the paper "Culturas Superiores Andinas" book on January 13th, in excellent conditions. Thank you so very much for your very kind attention and marvelous work! Congratulations. Cheers,"
Rualdo (Brazil)

"Brenda : I received my purchase yesterday. Everything is in order and the items are what I expected based on the description you provided. I'm VERY pleased with the transaction. Thanks,"
Darysabel (USA)

"Hello Brenda, I have received the book I purchase last Friday without problems, and very quickly!!!! Thank you very much."
Georgina (International)

"Brenda, got the Book today. WOW That was FAST! It is just what I was looking for and in better condition than you described! Will be conducting more business with you folks in the future and will tell my friends about you guys also. Sincerely,"
Bill (USA)

"Thank you very much. It's a refreshing change to get such great response and service from an internet source. God bless you and thanks again."
Don (USA)

"Hello Brenda, I got the materials today. I was so pleased with them. I immediately shared the purchase with my advisor. The price was great and the materials were out of the world. Thank you very much! :-)"
Tabitha (USA)

"Dear Brenda, Thank you very much for the 3 Surinam books. We received them today and that was fast and very well taken care of. Thank you for your service and kind regards, "
Trusanne (USA)

"Brenda, The map arrived in great shape! As always, it is truly a pleasure doing business with you!!! Best regards,"
Mike (USA)

"Hi Brenda, Just a quick note to let you know that we received the bulletin we purchase yesterday. It was very nicely packaged and arrived promptly. We will continue checking your site for other books that we may find of interest. Will highly recommend you to others. Thanks again."
Ron (USA)

"I have received my package. Thank you for the prompt service."
Victoria (OK)

"Brenda, The publications arrived in good shape. Thanks and look forward to ordering more in the future.
Frank (CA)

"Shipment received! Thank you!"
LeEllen (C))

"Brenda, Journals arrived in fine shape. Thanks."
Steve (NE)

"Brenda, The package arrived yesterday and everything is fine. Quality is great. Thanks,"
Steve (CO)

"I received the book. I am really exited about your store and will be ordering more soon. Thanks"
Michael (CO)

"Hi, Just a note to let you know I received my pamphlet (Bulletin # 14 Ground Water Resources of Harrison County WV). Thank you for the quick and responsive service. Best Regards,
Bill (WV)

"Brenda, I picked up the maps yesterday at the post office. They had arrived on Thursday much sooner then expected. Thank you for your quick response! I was specifically looking for the maps (this time) but will check out your web site for what might be of interest to me. I will also let friends know about your web site. Thank you,"

"Just wanted to let you know that the paper arrived in good condition. Thanks!"
Kat (CA)

"Dear Brenda, I received the publications I ordered in perfect shape today. Thank you very much!"
Jeff (AR)

"Hello Brenda, Thanks for the very prompt delivery of: Vermont Special Report 2 AND Roadside Geology of Vermont and New Hampshire. The books arrived early last week in excellent order!"
Courtney (VT)

"Dear Brenda, The items I ordered arrived on the 6th of May in excellent shape. Thank you very much, and I certainly will pass your information along to others. Sincerely,"
Margaret (TX)

"Brenda, Wanted you to know that my order arrived in record time and in great shape! Thanks so much,"
Kathy (VA)

"Brenda, My order arrived today. Book will be of great help and may have a few others interested in it. Thanks,"
Bill (NY)

"Hi Brenda, I received my order today. It arrived in good condition. Thank you very much! I am pleased with the transaction and will let others know about you guys. Cheers,"
Brent (Canada)

"Brenda, The parcel arrived and all is present in great shape. Thanks for your assistance. I will definitely refer your business to others."
David (CO)

"Dear Brenda, I’ve just returned from a week away on holiday but I thought that I’d send this quick email to let you know that I received the three issues of Mineralogical Record that I ordered. They arrived very quickly and no damage occurred in the post. Many thanks for your assistance; it has been a pleasure to do business with you! Kind regards,"
Ben (Australia)

"My shipment arrived. Thank you for the excellent service and quick delivery. I will recommend you to others. Thanks!"
Ben (PA)

"Got the Fulgurite today. Way cool, thanks."
Fred (MI)

"Received the Breckenridge Professional Paper, Thank you very much. I have a few other bulletins I am interested in so I will check your web site more. Thanks again,"
Eric (UT)

"Hello Brenda, Just wanted to drop a line --- the books arrived and all's fine. Thanks for the prompt shipping. In the meantime, I'll continue to browse for items of interest. Thanks again,
Mike (OH)

"Recieved the maps two days ago. Thanks much, you are the greatest!
Nelson (CO)

"Awesome maps, nice packing job, fast shipping. Thank you!"
Rex (CO)

"Hi Brenda, So pleased to receive the AAPG Bulletin, and the “Geology of Comb Ridge.” All are in great shape. In Appreciation,
John (MI)

"Dear Mrs. Wiard, Thank you so much for sending the lapidary journal from 1967 to my father in such a timely fashion. He received it in the mail about 30 minutes ago. He was very pleased with the condition of the journal. He is also excited that you carry may of the geology journals that he had to read in college and later in his career. He will be a loyal customer from now on. Once again, thank you for sending the lapidary journal so promptly. Please add me to your email list, I would like to surprise my father with other magazines and journals for the mid-fifties to the mid-sixties."
Bruce (TX)

"Hi Brenda, The USGS Professional Paper arrived today. It in the condition you described and is fine for my general informational purposes. Thanks. Sincerely,"
George (CO)

"Dear Brenda, The Lapidary Journals arrived promptly and in great condition. It was a real treat to read my father's article again, and to revisit the one featuring my brother. We are very grateful for your assistance, and will happily recommend 2Neat to friends. Many thanks. Sincerely,"
Meri (VA)

"Thank you for your quick service and the clear plastic cover was a nice touch. I am a weather observer at the local airport, a certified space nut and a little crazy about maps. I've shown this map to several of my friends at work and they don't have the enthusiasm about maps that I do, but the LIFE magazines got a few of them looking. Thanks again for your service. "
Steve (WV)

"Hi, Brenda. Paper arrived this morning. Although an old report and rather out of date, it does provide much more up-to-date information than what I had on hand previously. With some even more recent publications, should be able to make some further headway. Many thanks."
Bruce (CA)


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