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For Sale : United States Geological Survey (USGS) Circulars.

These softcover papers measure approximately 11x8.5", most are illustrated.
Published by the Government Printing Office, Washington D.C.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

Condition: Unless otherwise noted, these journals are in good to very good, lightly used condition.
They may have an owner's name, stamp, or filing word on cover. Please ask if you have questions.

PRIOR to the current series of circulars, there was a short series of Division of Hydrography Circulars
Click here to see more information on this early series.

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USGS Circular 41 : 1949 : Field method for the determination of zinc in plants. By Laura E. Reichen and H. W. Lakin. 4 pages text, 4 tables, plus two nice plates showing equipment. $2

USGS Circular 119 : 1959 : A field method for the determination of tungsten in soils. By F. N. Ward. 4p., 1 table. (bumped corner) $1

USGS Circular 125 : 1951 : A semimicro method for the determination of cobalt in soils and rocks : a field test using the chromograph. By Hy Almond and Harold Bloom. 6 pages, 2 tables, 2 figures of the equipment. $1

USGS Circular 129 : 1952 : Hydrologic reconnaissance of the Green River in Utah and Colorado. By H. E. Thomas. 32 pages, 1 fold-out plate (structural section and stratigraphic columns), 4 figures. $4

USGS Circular 143 : 1951 : The Hobart Butte High-alumina clay deposit, Lane county, Oregon. By victor T. Allen, John S. Loofbourow, Jr., and Robert L. Nichols. 11p., 2 plates in pocket, 2 figures. $6

USGS Circular 159 : 1952 : Lignite resources of South Dakota. By Donald M. Brown. 18p., illus., fold-out color map., 4 figs., 5 tables. (bumped corner) $4

USGS Circular 175 : 1952 : The carnotite prospects of the Craven canyon area, Fall River County, South Dakota. By L. R. Page and J. A. Redden. 18p., illus., fold-out map, 2 figs., 2 tables. $8

USGS Circular 213 : 1952 : Preliminary report on the Jo Reynolds area, Lawson – Dumont district, Clear Creek county, Colorado. By J. E. Harrison and B. F. Leonard. 9 pages, 2 plates in pocket, 4 figures. $5

USGS Circular 216 : 1952 : Water resources of the St. Louis area, Missouri and Illinois. By J. K. Searchy, R. C. Baker, and W. H. Durum. 55p., 1 plate (folds out from back cover), 31 figs., 23 tables.

Choose your copy of USGS Circular 216 :
Good (All VG, except for mild cup mark on front cover. Owner's stamps). $12
Fair (Generally Good, but a bit rumpled and spine taped. Library pocket.) $8

USGS Circular 219 : 1952 : Reconnaissance of uranium and copper deposits in parts of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. By Garland B. Gott and Ralph L. Erickson. 16p., 1 fig., 2 tables. (bent cover corner tip) $7

USGS Circular 224 : 1953 : Volcanic debris in uraniferous sandstones, and its possible bearing on the origin and precipitation of Uranium. By Aaron C. Waters and Harry C. Granger. 26 pages, 12 figures, 2 tables. Colorado Plateau. $6

USGS Circular 228 : 1953 : A thick coal bed near Lake De Smet, Johnson county, Wyoming. By William J. Mapel, James M. Schopf, and James R. Gill. 47p., 3 plates in pocket, 8 figs., 9 tables. $21

USGS Circular 234 : 1953 : Spectrographic identification of mineral grains. By J. N. Stich. 16p., 4 tables. $1

USGS Circular 236 : 1953 : Preliminary results of radiometric reconnaissance of parts of the northwestern San Juan Mountains, Colorado. By W. S. Burbank and Charles T. Pierson. 11p., 2 plates in pocket, 3 tables. $5

USGS Circular 246 : 1953 : Water resources of the Rochester area, New York. 30 pages, 2 plates in pocket, 19 figures, 7 tables. (bumped corners) $5

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USGS Circular 258 : 1953 : Coal resources of Colorado, a progress report, January 1, 1953. By Frank D. Spencer and Margaret I. Erwin. 17p., fold-out map, 1 fig., 6 tables. $5

USGS Circular 262 : 1953 : Stratigraphic sections of the Phosphoria formation in Idaho, 1947-48, part 3. 43p., 2 figs., sections. $12

USGS Circular 264 : 1953 : Geobotanical reconnaissance near Grants, New Mexico. By Helen L. Cannon. 8p., 4 figures, 1 table. $4

USGS Circular 272 : 1953 : Concentration of Germanium in the ash of American coals, a progress report (corrected 1953 reprint). 34p., 11 figs., 16 tables. $10

USGS Circular 273 : 1953 : Water resources of the Kansas City area, Missouri and Kansas. By V. C. Fishel, J. K. Searcy, and F. H. Rainwater. 52 pages, 2 folded maps in pocket, 28 figures, 17 tables. $10

USGS Circular 274 : 1953 : Water resources of the Minneapolis – St. Paul area, Minnesota. By C. H. Prior, Robert Schneider, and W. H. Durum. 49 pages, 4 plates (3 of which are folded maps in pocket), 23 figures, 21 tables. $15

USGS Circular 285 : 1953 : Recent estimates of the abundances of the elements in the earth’s crust. By Michael Fleischer. 7p., 2 figures, 3 tables. 1962 reprint. $1

USGS Circular 289 : 1953 : Multiple glaciation in Alaska, a progress report. By Troy L. Pewe and others. 13p., fold-out map, 1 table. $5

USGS Circular 296 : 1953 : Stratigraphy of the Wasatch range near Salt Lake City, Utah. By Arthur E. Granger. 14p., frontispiece index map, 2 plates in pocket. $5

USGS Circular 297 : 1953 ; Progress report on investigations of western phosphate deposits. By R.W. Swanson, V. E. McKelvey, and R. P. Sheldon. 1959 printing. 16p., 1 plate in pocket, 11 figures. (faintly water marked margin) $8

USGS Circular 304 : 1953 : Stratigraphic sections of the Phosphoria formation in Idaho, 1949, Part 1. 30p., 2 figs. $10

USGS Circular 305 : 1953 : Stratigraphic sections of the Phosphoria formation in Idaho, 1949, Part 2. By D. F. Davidson, R. A. Smart, H. W. Peirce, and J. D. Weiser. 28p., 2 figs., sections. Free with any minimum purchase.

USGS Circular 321 : 1954 : Occurrences of uranium bearing minerals in the St. Kevin district, Lake county, Colorado. By C. T. Pierson and Q. D. Singewald. 17p., 8 figures, 1 table. $4

USGS Circular 322 : 1954 : The east slope No. 2 uranium prospect, Piute county, Utah. By Donald G. Wyant. 6p., fold-out map, 2 figures, 2 tables. Free with any minimum purchase.

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USGS Circular 331 : 1954 : Reconnaissance for radioactive deposits in eastern interior Alaska, 1946. By Helmuth Wedow, Jr., P. L. Killeen, and others. 36p., 11 figs., 2 tables. This is Chapter A (other chapters must have been other circulars) : Areas adjacent to highways in the Tanana and upper Copper River valleys. $5

USGS Circular 345 : 1954 : Radioactivity reconnaissance of part of north-central Clear Creek county, Colorado. 9 pages, 3 figures, 1 table. $4

USGS Circular 346 : 1954 : First fourteen years of Lake Mead. By Harold E. Thomas. 27p., 1 plate, 9 figures, 2 tables. $7

USGS Circular 350 : 1954 : Occurrences of Uranium in Carbon county, Pennsylvania. 8 pages, 2 figures, 3 tables. $4

USGS Circular 362 : 1965 : Coal resources of Oregon. 7p., fold-out map, 1 figure, 2 tables. (map may have been cut loose, but is present. Bumped edge.) $3

USGS Circular 411 : 1960 reprint : Geochemical prospecting with heavy-mineral concentrates used to locate a tungsten deposit. By P. K. Theobald Jr., and C. E. Thompson. 13p., 5 figures, 4 tables. $3

USGS Circular 491 : 1964 : Alaska’s Good Friday earthquake, March 27, 1964 : a preliminary geologic evaluation. By Arthur Grantz, George Plafker, and Reuben Kachadoorian. 35p., 20 figs., many photos. $7

USGS Circular 522 : 1965 : Resources of Oil, and gas, and natural-gas liquids in the United States and the World. By T. A. Hendricks. 20p., 4 figs., 7 tables. $5

USGS Circular 535 : 1966 : Distribution of gold, silver, tellurium, and mercury in the Ely Mining district, White Pine county, Nevada. By Garland B. Gott and J. Howard McCarthy, Jr. 5p., 10 figures (9 of the figures are large fold-outs). $10

USGS Circular 564 : 1968 : Occurrences of gold and other metals in the upper Chulitna district, Alaska. By C. C. Hawley and Allen L. Clark. 21p., 10 figures, 3 tables. $8

USGS Circular 570 : 1968 : Suggested areas for prospecting in the central Koyukuk River region, Alaska. By Thomas P. Miller and Oscar J. Ferrians, Jr. 12p., 5 figures, 5 tables. $5

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USGS Circular 590 : 1968 : Potential for lode deposits in the Livengood Gold Placer district, East-central Alaska. By R. L. Foster. 18p., 4 figures, 3 tables. $12

USGS Circular 594 : 1968 : The Poison Ridge volcanic center and related mineralization, Grand and Jackson counties, Colorado. By Douglas M. Kinney, Glen A. Izett, Robert U. King, and Richard B. Taylor. 8p., 4 figures. (minor water mark in margin) $4

USGS Circular 597 : 1968 : Distribution of Beryllium, Tin, and Tungsten in the Lake George area, Colorado. By C. C. Hawley and W. R. Griffitts. 18p., 8 figures, 3 tables. $8

USGS Circular 599 : 1968 : The determination of gold in geologic materials by neutron-activation analysis using fire assay for the radiochemical separations. By J. J. Rowe and F. O. Simon. 4p., 3 tables. $3

USGS Circular 600 : 1968 : Geochemical evidence for possible concealed mineral deposits near the Monticello Box, Northern Sierra Cuchillo, Socorro county, New Mexico. By Wallace R. Griffitts and Henry V. Alminas. 13p., 8 figures. $10

USGS Circular 602 : 1968 : Sand and gravel on the continental shelf off the Northeastern United States. By John Schlee. 9p., 4 figures. $3

USGS Circular 610 : 1969 : Gold in igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. By Robert S. Jones. 27p., 12 tables. $9

USGS Circular 613 : 1969 : Seismic activity during the 1968 test pumping at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal disposal well. By D. B. Hoover and J. A. Dietrich. 35p., 10 figures, 3 tables. $12

USGS Circular 619 : 1969 : Subsea mineral resources and problems related to their development. By V. E. McKelvey, J. I. Tracey, Jr., George E. Stoertz, and John G. Vedder. 26p., 7 figures. $6

USGS Circular 623 : 1969 : Gold-bearing jasperoid in the Drum Mountains Juab and Millard Counties, Utah. By J. H. McCarthy, Jr., R. E. Learned, J. M. Botbol, T. G. Lovering, J. R. Watterson, and R. L. Turner. 4p., 2 figures, 1 table. $3

USGS Circular 625: 1970 : Gold content of water, plants, and animals. By Robert S. Jones. 15p., 3 tables. $6

USGS Circular 640 : 1970 : A strategy for the geologic exploration of the planets. By M. H. Carr, editor. 37p., 2 figs. $8

USGS Circular 643 : 1971 : Reconnaissance of selected minor elements in surface waters of the United States, October 1970. By W. H. Durum, J. D. Hem, and S. G. Heidel. 49p., 6 figs., 1 massive table. $10

USGS Circular 650 : 1972 : Energy resources of the United States. By P. K. Theobald, S. P. Schweinfurth, and D. C. Duncan. 27p., 22 figs. $2

USGS Circular 669 : 1972 : Mineral resources off the northeastern coast of the United States. By Frank T. Manheim. 28p., 18 figures, 3 tables. $8

USGS Circular 682 : 1973 : Summary of United States mineral resources. By Donald A. Brobst, Walden P. Pratt, and V. E. McKelvey. This circular is an excerpt from Professional Paper 820. 19p., 1 fig., 1 table. $1

USGS Circular 683 : 1973 : United States geological survey Alaska program, 1973. 56p., 14 figs. (last two pages faintly rippled) $4

USGS Circular 691-A, B : 1974 : The Van Norman Reservoirs area, Northern San Fernando valley, California. Part A is Geologic Environment of the Van Norman reservoirs area. Part B is Expectable earthquakes and their ground motions in the Van Norman reservoirs area. 44p., 16 figures, 6 tables. $4

USGS Circular 790: 1979 : Assessment of geothermal resources of the United States - 1978. Edited by L. J. P. Muffler. 163p., 27 figures, 20 tables. NOTE : It seems like this Circular was issued alone as a Text and also as a packet of "Text and 3 large folded maps together in a printed envelope". The folded maps are NOT listed in the list of illustrations inside the Circular. The folded maps are "Geothermal Energy in the Western United States", Geothermal Energy in Alaska and Hawaii", and "Geopressured-geothermal energy in Reservoir fluids of the Northern gulf of Mexico. Good (text alone) - $4

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USGS Circular 850-G : 1981 : Effects of Mount St. Helens eruption on selected lakes in Washington. By N. P. dion and S. s. Embrey. 25p., 11 figures, 10 tables.

Choose your copy of USGS Circular 850-G :
Good (lower edge bumped)- $5
Fair (water-marked corner) - $1

USGS Circular 858-A: 1981 : Preliminary metallogenic map of North America: a numerical listing of deposits. By Philip W. Guild. 93p., 5 tables. $12

USGS Circular 956 : 1987 : Geophysics and petrology of the Deep Crust and Upper Mantle – a workshop sponsored by the U.S. Geological Survey and Stanford University. Edited by Jay S. Noller, Stephen H. Kirby, and Jeane E. Nielson-Pike. 88p. $12

USGS Circular 989 : 1987 : A workshop on Desert Processes, September 24-28, 1984 : report on the conference. By John F. McCauley and Jack N. Rinker. 21p., 6 figures, 1 table. $16

USGS Circular 1015 : 1987 : A review of circulation and mixing studies of San Francisco Bay California. By Lawrence H. Smith. 38 pages, 16 figures, 2 tables. (some owner's mark on cover). $5

USGS Circular 1024: 1989 : California's unique geologic history and its role in mineral formation, with emphasis on the mineral resources of the California Desert Region. 16p. $4

USGS Circular 1045 : 1989 : Lessons learned from the Loma Prieta, California, earthquake of October 17, 1989. Edited by George Plafker and John P. Galloway. 48p., 33 figures, 2 tables. Included with this copy is a 16 page illustrated publication by the USGS entitled “The Loma Prieta earthquake of October 17, 1989, what happened, what is expected, what can be done.” $15

USGS Circular 1053 : 1990 : Probabilities of Large earthquakes in the San Francisco Bay region, California. By the Working Group on California Earthquake Probabilities. 51p., 13 figs., 13 tables. $7

USGS Circular 1097 : 1994 : Guidebook on the geology, history, and surface-water contamination and remediation in the area from Denver to Idaho Springs, Colorado. Edited by K. C. Stewart and R. C. Severson. 55p., 41 figures, 4 tables. (cover may be lightly rubbed) $16

USGS Circular 1129 : 1995 : The origin of granites and related rocks. Third Hutton symposium abstracts. Edited by Michael Brown and Philip M. Piccoli. 170p. Most are at least a page long, many are longer. $17

USGS Circular 1130 : 1995 : Look before you build. Geologic studies for safer land development in the San Francisco Bay area. (Public Issues in Earth Science). 54p., heavily illustrated in color – neat publication. $7

USGS Circular 1133 : 1995 : Contaminants in the Mississippi River, 1987-92. Edited by Robert H. Meade. 140p., 60 figs., 11 tables. Among other things, the geologic and chemical setting of the Mississippi is given, and Heavy metals, nutrients, pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls and other contaminants are discussed. $38

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Department of the Interior : United States Geological Survey
Division of Hydrography (= Hydrographic Branch) : Circular Series

This list is just here for your convenience. I have not yet found any of these as originals and even the USGS doesn't yet have them listed in their publications database online. They are elusive.

1. Instructions for rainfall observers of the U. S. Geological Survey. 1889. 4p., 1 figure.

2. Instructions for observing air temperature, humidity, and the direction and force of wind. 7p., 1 figure, 1 table. Stamped 1896 by the receiving library, but no publish date on it.

3. Vapor Pressure, Dew-point, and relative humidity tables. Adapted to the Whirled (or sling) psychrometer. Construction and use of table. 4 (double) pages, 3 tables. Stamped 1896 by the receiving library, but no publish date on it.

4. Instructions for observing evaporation. 3 p., 1 figure. The librarian at the Reston library told me this date was 1899, but there is no publish date on the circular.

5. Hydrographic surveys. 1896. 10p. By F. H. Newell.

6. Annual Reports. 1898. 4p. By F. H. Newell. This pertains to the annual Progress Reports of the Division of Hydrography.

7. Reservoir surveys. 1899. 4p. By F. H. Newell.

8. Measurement of turbidity and color. (Quality of River Water) 1902. 4p., 1 table. By F. H. Newell.

9. Chemical and Bacteriological Examination of Water. (Water Analysis). 6p., 3 tables. Stamped 1903 by the receiving library, but no publish date on it.

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