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For Sale : United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Geologic Folio Maps

Geologic Atlases of the United States : Folio Series

22" x 18", softcover, Each folio includes topographic and geologic maps of one or more quadrangles and text describing its toographic and geologica features. The maps are in color, photo pages include many photos per page. I use sheet, page and plate interchangeably on this page as each map sheet or photo plate is a page. I do not know what "Library Edition" signifies - these look the same as the others.

Condition : Very Good condition unless otherwise noted. Clean, flat. Covers mildly tanned, contents faintly tanned. Cover may be faintly soiled. FOLIOS are flat, the photo was taken at a slight angle.

FOLIOS typically will be shipped in a separate container from the rest of your publication order. I will ship most items from this page FLAT between large sheets of cardboard. Please ask if you need or want a different kind of shipping.

USGS geologic atlas

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U. S. G. S. FOLIOS : (numbered folios are below the Hayden Atlas sheets)

Geological and Geographical Atlas of Colorado and Portions of Adjacent Territory by Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden (FV Hayden). 1877, 1881, Publisher Jules Bien, Government Printing Office, Washington DC. Large folio format About 27” x 20”, each double page folded map sheet measures 26.5” x 37”. All of the map sheets were tipped in on a special cloth reinforced tab, which means that the entire sheet lays open flat and there is no central loss in a crease. This rare and early atlas represents four years of field work by the Hayden Survey. "This Atlas is composed of two series of maps: the first, of four sheets, on a scale of twelve miles to one inch, each covering the whole State of Colorado; the second, of twelve sheets, (six topographical and six geological, of identical areas,) on a scale of four miles to one inch, each sheet embracing two and one-half degrees of Longitude and one and one-quarter degrees of Latitude, the whole presenting the results of the field work of 1873, '74, '75 and '76, covering the entire State of Colorado and adjacent portions of Utah, Arizona and New Mexico."--F.V. Hayden (in the introduction). NOTE : This Atlas was missing the title page, so I cannot be absolutely certain if it is the 1877 or the 1881 edition. However, I compared two intact Atlases, one of each edition, and found that this one has a cover like the 1881 edition. A 2Neat Customer informed me that the presence of the town of Leadville on the Central Colorado sheet means that it is definitely the 1881 edition. The sheets inside the two editions appear to be otherwise identical.

Lucky you! I recently acquired a partial Hayden atlas, with the sheets already disbound. This means that you have the opportunity to buy and frame a single sheet of history without the expense of a complete volume and the guilt that would come with taking apart such a masterpiece. Instead, you can think of it as a public service to display one of these sheets for all to enjoy. These lovely old maps show many towns that no longer exist (ghost towns) and have some shown under names that aren’t used anymore – a neat way to experience part of the history of your favorite area. For example, the sheet showing the home area of 2Neat Books is old enough that our town shows as South Arkansas instead of Salida, the main pass through the mountains doesn’t yet have a road and two railroads lines that no longer exist show through the mountains.

Condition : All sheets are clean, slightly tanned, and with a small water mark dipping about half an inch into the outer edge of the upper and lower margin – this can easily be covered with a mat, leaving a nice amount of blank margin all around. The cloth reinforced tab to which the sheet was tipped in on is still present.

HAYDEN Sheets Available :
1. Triangulation Map of Colorado. (Short slit tear in two margins, smaller water marks on all four margins). $20
5. North-western Colorado and part of Utah – topographic map. (Lower margin has a slit tear). $35
10. Southern Central Colorado and part of New Mexico – topographic map. $35
11. North-western Colorado and part of Utah – color geologic map. (very short slit tear in one margin). $195
13. Central Colorado – color geologic map. $225
14. Western Colorado and part of Utah – color geologic map. $195
15. South-Western Colorado and parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah – color geologic map. $195
16. Southern Central Colorado and part of New Mexico – color geologic map. $195

No USGS Folios in stock now, sorry.

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