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For Sale : U.S.G.S. Professional Papers 800 - 1,199
United States Geological Survey

#1-399 - - 400-799 - - 800-1,199 (this page) - - 1,200 & up


General Condition notes : 11.5" x 9", very nicely illustrated. Good to Very Good unless otherwise stated.
Most have owner's stamp, filing marks or vintage price on the cover. Please ask if you need more information on any item.
Many papers older than about 1985 have some fading and minor wear on cover, and may have rusted staples.

A listing like "24 plates (3 in pocket, rest in text)" means 24 total plates with 21 plates bound in text and 3 folded in pocket.
All publications are ORIGINAL and complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.
Sofcover = Paper wraps unless otherwise noted.

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USGS Professional Paper 804 : 1973 : Erosional and depositional aspects of Hurricane Camille in Virginia, 1969. Author: Williams. 80p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 806 : 1975 : Geology of the Chewelah-Loon Lake area, Stevens and Spokane counties, Washington. By Fred K. Miller and Lorin D. Clark. With a section on Potassium-Argon ages of the Plutonic rocks by Joan C. Engels. 74p., 2 plates in pocket, 24 figures, 4 tables. (Good, barely rumpled) $12

USGS Professional Paper 807 : 1973 : Geochemical anomalies of a claypit area, Callaway County, Missouri, and related metabolic imbalance in beef cattle. Author: Ebens. 24p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 809-A : 1973 : Recognition of natural brine by electrical soundings near the Salt Fork of the Brazos River, Kent and Stonewall Counties, Texas. Author: Zohdy Origin and management of salt springs and seeps in the upper Brazos River basin, Texas. 14p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 809-B : 1973 : Location and characteristics of the interface between brine and fresh water from geophysical logs of boreholes in the upper Brazos River Basin, Texas. Author: Keys Origin and management of salt springs and seeps in the upper Brazos River basin, Texas. 23p. $1

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All of these papers, unless VERY clearly stated, are originals with the original beautiful illustrations and plates.

USGS Professional Paper 814 : 1973 : Distribution of selected elements in surficial marine sediments of the northern Gulf of Mexico continental shelf and slope. Author: Holmes. 7p. 4 plates in separate pocket. (Cover has extra wear and fading.) $1

USGS Professional Paper 815 : 1974 : Engineering geologic, geophysical, hydrologic and rock-mechanics investigations of the Straight Creek tunnel site and pilot bore, Colorado. Includes General geology, Engineering geology, Geophysical investigations, Hydrologic investigations, Engineering operations, Construction practices, Rock-mechanics investigations, Statistical analysis of rock loads, Summary, comparison of predictions and findings. 134p., 4 plates in pocket, 84 figures, 31 tables. $5

USGS Professional Paper 820 : 1973 : United States Mineral Resources. Edited by Donald A. Brobst and Walden P. Pratt. This is a MASSIVE hardbound book, 722p. Consists of separate chapters for each mineral, including (among many others) : Asbestos, Cadmium, Coal, Diatomite, Gem stones, Gold, Mercury, Mica, Uranium, Thorium, Oil and gas, Peat, platinum, Tellurium, and more. (Slight cover soil, owner's name on front paste down) $10

USGS Professional Paper 827 : 1975 : Geology of the Sierra Foothills Melange and adjacent areas, Amador county, California. By Wendell A. Duffield and Robert V. Sharp. 30 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 7 figures, 1 table. $18

USGS Professional Paper 828 : 1974 : Fuller’s earth and other industrial mineral resources of the Meigs-Attapulgus-Quincy district, Georgia and Florida. By Sam H. Patterson. A summary of the general and economic geology of the major fuller’s earth-producing district in the United States. 45p., 2 plates in pocket, 11 figures, 5 tables. $2

USGS Professional Paper 830 : 1973 : Zeolites and associated authigenic silicate minerals in tuffaceous rocks of the Big Sandy formation, Mohave county, Arizona. By Richard A. Sheppard and Arthur J. Gude, 3rd. Physical properties, chemistry, and origin of silicate minerals formed in tuffaceous rocks of a Pliocene lacustrine deposit. 36 pages, 30 figures, 14 tables. $13

USGS Professional Paper 831-A : 1974 : History of geologic investigations, engineering design, and construction methods of the Harold D. Roberts Tunnel, Colorado. By Ernest E. Wahlstrom. (Engineering geology of the Harold D. Roberts tunnel, Colorado). 13p., 5 plates in pocket, 6 figures. A historical review of the planning, geologic investigations, engineering design, and construction procedures for a 23.3 mile water tunnel that passes under the Continental Divide in the Front Range of Colorado. (slight wear) $2

USGS Professional Paper 831-E : 1981 : Summary of the engineering geology of the Harold D. Roberts tunnel, Colorado. By Ernest E. Wahlstrom. (Engineering geology of the Harold D. Roberts tunnel, Colorado). 15p., 2 plates in pocket, 6 figures, 6 tables. A critical review and analysis of the application of geology during planning and cnstruction of a major water tunnel in the Rocky Mountain west. $1

USGS Professional Paper 837 : 1974 : The logic of geological maps, with reference to their interpretation and use for engineering purposes. By David J. Varnes. A discussion of the definition and classification of map units, with emphasis on the problems presented by maps intended for use in civil engineering. 48p., 3 color plates in pocket, 35 figs., 2 tables. (may have slight wear) $1

USGS Professional Paper 840 : 1976 : Descriptions and analyses of eight new USGS rock standards. Compiled and edited by F. J. Flanagan. 28 papers present analytical data on new and previously described whole-rock standards. 192p. $3

USGS Professional Paper 842 : 1974 : Type sections of the Madison group (Mississippian) and its subdivisions in Montana. By William J. Sando and J. T. Dutro, Jr. Descriptions of the type sections of the Madison Group, Mission Canyon Limestone, Lodgepole Limestone, and Paine and Woodhurst Members of the Lodgepole Limestone. 22 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 11 figures. $1

USGS Professional Paper 843-A : 1975 : Distribution of gold and ore-related elements near ore bodies in the oxidized zone at Goldfield, Nevada. By R. P. Ashley and J. P. Albers. (Geology and geochemistry of the Goldfield Mining District, Nevada). An evaluation of nine elements of geochemical prospecting in the hydrothermally altered area at Goldfield. 48 pages, 4 plates in pocket, 9 figures, 7 tables. $18

USGS Professional Paper 843-B : 1976 : Distribution of gold and other metals in silicified rocks of the Goldfield mining district, Nevada. By R.P. Ashley and W.J. Keith. Exploration and geochemistry of the Goldfield mining district, Nevada. 17 pages, 9 plates in pocket, 7 figures, 3 tables.

Choose your copy of USGS PP 843-B :
Very Good (one bent corner tip, penciled number on cover corner) - $25
Good (Mildly rumpled, ex-library) - $19

USGS Professional Paper 851 : 1975 : Soil slips, debris flows, and rainstorms in the Santa Monica Mountains and vicinity, southern California. By Russell H. Campbell. 51p., 36 figures, 1 table. Southern California residents have suffered death, injury, and property damage from debris flows generated by soil slips that occur during heavy rains; the process is a recurring major natural geomorphic agent in the region. Defenses and warning are possible but require special engineering and procedures. (includes errata sheet) $1

USGS Professional Paper 852 : 1975 : Evolution of the Platoro Caldera complex and related volcanic rocks, southeastern San Juan Mountains, Colorado. By Peter W. Lipman. 128p., 67 figures, 12 tables. A study of relations between ash-flow eruptions, lava-flow activity, and caldera structure at a mineralized volcanic center.

Choose your copy of USGS PP 852 :
Very Good (sunned spine) - $25
Fair (a nice reading copy. Last half is rippled, nothing is stuck) - $12

USGS Professional Paper 855 : 1975 : Geology of the Sage and Kemmerer 15-minute quadrangles, Lincoln county, Wyoming. By William W. Rubey, Steven S. Oriel, and Joshua I. Tracey, Jr. Geologic map and structure sections depict the geometry of part of the western Wyoming thrust belt where overlapped by mainly Tertiary strata of northern Fossil basin. 18p., frontispiece, 2 plates in pocket, 2 figures, 1 table. $9

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

USGS Professional Paper 857 : 1975 : Diagenesis and stratigraphy of the Lisburne Group limestones of the Sadlerochit Mountains and adjacent areas, northeastern Alaska. Author: Wood 1975. 71p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 858 : 1976 : Late Paleozoic foraminifera from southern Chile. Author: Douglass. 1976. 85p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 863 : 1976 : Smaller foraminifera from deep wells on Puerto Rico and St Croix. Author: Todd. 1976. 56p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 865 : 1975 : Normapolles pollen from the Mississippi embayment. By Robert H. Tschudy. Taxonomy and stratigraphic ranges of Normapolles genera and species found in Mississippi embayment rocks. 41p., plus 20 plates on unnumbered pages, 44 figures. $2

USGS Professional Paper 866 : 1974 : Tectonic features of the Precambrian Belt Basin and their influence on post-Belt structures. By Jack E. Harrison, Allan B. Griggs, and John D. Wells. 15p., 4 figures. $2

USGS Professional Paper 867-B : 1976 : Stratigraphy of post-Paleozoic rocks and summary of resources in the Carlin-Pinon range area, Nevada. by J. Fred Smith, Jr. and Keith B. Ketner, with a section on Aeromagnetic survey by Don R. Mabey. (Geology of the Carlin-Pinon range area, Nevada.) A study of a thick sequence of Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Eocene through Pliocene Tertiary nonmarine sedimentary rocks and volcanic and intrusive rocks. 48 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 12 figures, 10 tables. Very Good. $15

USGS Professional Paper 867-C : 1977 : Tectonic events since early Paleozoic in the Carlin-Pinon Range area, Nevada. By J. Fred Smith, Jr., and Keith B. Ketner. (Geology of the Carlin-Pinon range area, Nevada.) Of seven recognized deformational episodes, the earliest occurred in Late Devonian to Early Mississippian time and a principal orogenic event occurred in Mesozoic time. 18p., 3 figures, 1 table. $1

USGS Professional Paper 868 : 1975 : Post-paleocene tertiary rocks and quaternary volcanic ash of the Wet Mountain Valley, Colorado. By Glenn R. Scott and Richard B. Taylor. A stratigraphic and structural study of the sedimentary and volcanic rocks along a graben in south-central Colorado. 15p., 1 plate in pocket, 1 figure, 1 table. Howard, Cotopaxi, Hillside, Silver Cliff, Westcliffe, Gardner, Farisita. $1

USGS Professional Paper 871 : 1975 : Lithology and origin of Middle Ordovician calcareous Mudmound at Meiklejohn Peak, southern Nevada. By Reuben James Ross, Jr., Valdar Jaanusson, and Irving Friedman. A description of the various carbonate sediments constituting the Stromatactis-rich mound core and the basal “zebra limestone,” isotopic analyses and contrasting components, and review of possible complex origins of components. 48 pages, 42 figures, 4 tables. (Fair. All Good, but front cover has a small scuff on outside and a larger scuff on inside where library pocket was removed. $1

USGS Professional Paper 872 : 1976 : Geology of the Golden quadrangle, Colorado. By Richard Van Horn. Geology of part of the Denver urban area, Colorado, with emphasis on deposits of Pleistocene age and their economic potential, engineering characteristics, and environmental implications. 116p., double page frontispiece, 1 plate in pocket, 53 figures, 14 tables (1 in pocket, rest in text), 17 measured sections. Thus, there are a total of two items in pocket (1 plate and 1 table). (minor notes or name on cover) $20

USGS Professional Paper 875 : 1975 : Deformations associated with relaxation of residual stresses in a sample of Barre Granite from Vermont. Author: Nichols. 32p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 877 : 1975 : The Black Hills – Rapid City flood of June 9-10, 1972: a description of the storm and flood. By Francis K. Schwarz, Lawrence A. Hughes, E. Marshall Hansen, M. S. Petersen and Donovan B. Kelly. 47p., 29 figures, 7 tables. (edge were slightly rippled) $1

USGS Professional Paper 878 : 1975 : Evaluation of ground-water degradation resulting from waste disposal to alluvium near Barstow, California. Author: Hughes. 33p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 881 : 1976 : Geologic evaluation of waste-storage potential in selected segments of the Mesozoic aquifer system below the zone of fresh water, Atlantic Coastal Plain,. Author: Brown North Carolina through New Jersey. 47p. 10 large plates in pocket. (Faint stain on front of cardboard holder.) $6

USGS Professional Paper 883 : 1974 : Discrimination of rock types and detection of hydrothermally altered areas in south-central Nevada by the use of computer-enhanced ERTS images. By Lawrence C. Rowan, Ramela H. Wetlaufer, Alexander F. H. Goetz, Fred C. Billingsley, and John H. Stewart. 35p., 20 figures, 1 table. A detailed description of the development and application of a remote-sensing technique for geologic exploration. $1

USGS Professional Paper 885 : 1974 : Summary of 1972 oil and gas statistics for onshore and offshore areas of 151 countries. By Sherwood E. Frezon. Data on offshore and onshore production, reserves, resources, exploration activity, and imports and exports of oil and natural gas for 1972. 163p., 3 tables. $2

USGS Professional Paper 890 : 1975 : The August and October 1968 east rift eruptions of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii. By Dallas B. Jackson, Donald A. Swanson, Robert Y. Koyanagi, and Thomas L. Wright. 33 pages, 37 figures, 5 tables. $1

USGS Professional Paper 892 : 1975 : Physical results of research drilling in thermal areas of Yellowstone national park, Wyoming. By D. E. White, R. O. Fournier, L. J. P. Muffler, and A. H. Truesdell. 70p., 34 figures, 17 tables. $12

USGS Professional Paper 897 : 1977 : Geology of the western Romanzof Mountains, Brooks Range, northeastern Alaska. Author: Sable. 1977. 84p. 2 (1 color) plates in pocket. $12

USGS Professional Paper 899 : 1976 : The karst landforms of Puerto Rico. Author: Watson H. Monroe. A discussion of a solution landscape formed in a tropical climate of moderately high rainfall. 69p., 50 figures in text, 1 table, 1 large plate in pocket – a map showing outcrops of limestone, karst landforms and caves. (Good, bumped corners) $25

USGS Professional Paper 907-A-B : 1975 : (A) Grade and tonnage relationaships among copper deposits by D. A. Singer, Dennis P. Cox, and Lawrence J. Drew. (B) Geochemical exploration techniques applicable in the search for copper deposits by Maurice A. Chaffee. 37p., 7 figures, 4 tables. (Geology and resources of copper deposits). (cover may have scuff in corner) $1

USGS Professional Paper 907-E : 1978 : Potential for porphyry copper-Molybdenum deposits in the eastern United States by Robert Gordon Schmidt. Geology and resources of copper deposits. Descriptive resume of deposits of the porphyry type and an evaluation of potential areas for discovery of new deposits. 31 pages, 8 figures, 6 tables. $1

USGS Professional Paper 907-F : 1981 : Nature and use of copper reserve and resource data by Dennis Cox, Nancy Wright, and George Coakley. (Geology and resources of copper deposits.) A discussion of the use and limitations of copper resource data for production estimates, trends, and forecasts. 20p., 8 figures, 5 tables. $1

USGS Professional Paper 908 : 1974 : Simulated effects of oil-shale development on the hydrology of Piceance Basin, Colorado. Author: Weeks. 84p. 1 color plate in pocket. (Corner bumped.) $2

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All of these papers, unless VERY clearly stated, are originals with the original beautiful illustrations and plates.

USGS Professional Paper 916 : 1976 : Zoogeography of Holocene Ostracoda off western North America and paleoclimatic implications. By Page C. Valentine. Holocene ostracode distribution related to marine climatic conditions off the coasts of the United States and Baja California, Mexico; paleoclimatic interpretation, Pliocene and Pleistocene marine deposits, southern California. 47 pages PLUS 14 pages of plates with matching pages of captions, 19 figures, 7 tables. $1

USGS Professional Paper 924 : 1975 : Hurricane Agnes rainfall and floods, June-July 1972. Author: Bailey. 1975. 403p. 1 large plate in pocket. $5

USGS Professional Paper 925 : 1975 : Sedimentation and tectonics in the early Tertiary continental borderland of central California. By Tor H. Nilsen and Samuel H. Clarke, Jr. 64 pages, 8 figures, 3 tables. San Andreas fault and much more. $8

USGS Professional Paper 926-B : 1975 : Vanadium resources in titaniferous magnetite deposits. By R. P. Fischer (Geology and resources of vanadium deposits.) 10p., 2 figures, 1 table. $1

USGS Professional Paper 927 : 1976 : Effect of irrigation pumping on desert pupfish habitats in Ash Meadows, Nye County, Nevada. By W. W. Dudley, Jr., and J. D. Larson. 52 pages, 24 figures, 8 tables. (minor soil on cover) $1

USGS Professional Paper 931 : 1976 : Geology of the northern part of the Toquima range, Lander, Eureka, and Nye counties, Nevada. by Edwin H. McKee. 49 pages, 2 color plates in pocket, 35 figures, 6 tables.

Choose your copy of USGS PP 931 :
Very Good HARDBACK (Dark brown cloth. Owner's stamp on fly leaf and plate margins) $24
Good softcover - $12

USGS Professional Paper 932-B : 1978 : Eocene rocks, fossils, and geologic history, Teton range, Northwestern Wyoming. By J. D. Love, Estella B. Leopold, and D. W. Love. (Geology of the Teton – Jackson Hole Region, Northwestern Wyoming) 48p., 5 plates (1 in pocket, rest in text), 21 figures, 1 table. Remnants of Eocene rocks along the modern Teton Range date the final uplift and subsidence of the ancestral Teton – Targhee arch, and determine direction of Eocene drainage. $2

USGS Professional Paper 932-C : 1989 : Names and descriptions of new and reclassified formations in Northwestern Wyoming. By J. D. Love. (Geology of the Teton-Jackson Hole region, Northwestern Wyoming.) 45 pages, 28 figures, 5 tables. $1

USGS Professional Paper 934 : 1976 : Paleozoic origin of the Cycads. By Sergius H. Mamay. Megasporophylls and associated plant parts from the Upper Pennsylvanian and Lower Permian rocks of the southwestern United States are interpreted as a lineage of cycads, derived from the pteridosperms. Cycadean foliage is thought to be derived from Paleozoic taeniopterids. 48 pages plus plates pages, 5 plates, 11 figures. $1

USGS Professional Paper 937 : 1975 : The 1973 Mississippi River basin flood; compilation and analyses of meteorologic, streamflow, and sediment data. Author: Chin. 1975. 137p. 9 plates in pocket. (Back cover has wear.) $6

USGS Professional Paper 938 : 1976 : Platinum deposits of the Goodnews Bay district, Alaska. By John B. Mertie, Jr. Mining history and general and economic geology of placer deposits of the district. 42p., 14 figures, 27 tables. $20

USGS Professional Paper 939 : 1977 : Artificial recharge to a freshwater-sensitive brackish-water sand aquifer, Norfolk, Virginia. Author: Brown. 53p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 943 : 1979 : Flatland deposits of the San Francisco Bay Region, California – their geology and engineering properties, and their importance to comprehensive planning. By E. J. Helley, K. R. Lajoie, W. E. Spangle, and M. L. Blair. A series of closely related earth-science studies that define the nature and severity of earthquake hazards associated with geologic conditions. 88 pages, 3 plates in pocket, 54 figures, 13 tables. (back cover corner bumped). $4

USGS Professional Paper 944 : 1979 : Relative slope stability and land-use planning in the San Francisco Bay region, California. By Tor H. Nilsen, Robert H. Wright, Thomas C. Vlasic, and William E. Spangle. 96 pages, 3 plates in pocket, 54 figures, 11 tables. (Fair. Generally Good, is bumped / bent around plate packet and back cover edges are a bit rough). $14

USGS Professional Paper 956 : 1977 : Geology of the Minturn 15-minute quadrangle, Eagle and Summit counties, Colorado. By Ogden Tweto and Thomas S. Lovering. Geology of the region surrounding a major zinc mining district and the Vail recreational area, with emphasis on the Minturn Formation of Pennsylvanian age. 96p., 1 plate in pocket, 26 figures, 8 tables, 9 measured sections. Good (Pocket plate has light wear, text has bumped corners) - $26

USGS Professional Paper 957 : 1976 : Lead in the environment. Edited by T. G. Lovering. 90p., 11 figures, 37 tables. A compilation of papers on the abundance and distribution of lead in rocks, soils plants, and the atmosphere, and on methods of analysis for lead used by the U.S. Geological Survey. (Good. May have small taped corner repair) $2

USGS Professional Paper 958 : 1976 : Calderas of the San Juan Volcanic field, Southwestern Colorado. By Thomas A. Steven and Peter W. Lipman. Eighteen major ash-flow tuff sheets were deposited and perhaps as many related calderas developed during emplacement of an underlying shallow batholith in late Oligocene time. 35 pages, 25 figures, 1 table. $8

USGS Professional Paper 959-AF : 1976 : Geology and resources of titanium. 60p. $8

Contents of USGS PP 959 A-F :
USGS Professional Paper 959-A : Titanium contents and tinanium partitioning in rocks. E. R. Force.
USGS Professional Paper 959-B : Metamorphic source rocks of titanium placer deposits, a geochemical cycle. By Force.
USGS Professional Paper 959-C : Rutile and sphene in blueschist and related high-pressure facies rocks. M. C. Blake, Jr. and Benjamin A. Morgan.
USGS Professional Paper 959-D : Titanium deposits in anorthosite massifs. Norman Herz.
USGS Professional Paper 959-E : Titanium deposits in alkalic igneous rocks. Norman Herz.
USGS Professional Paper 959-F : Titanium minerals in deposits of other minerals. E. R. Force.

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

USGS Professional Paper 960 : 1976 : Statistical studies of selected trace elements with reference to geology and genesis of the Carlin gold deposit, Nevada. Author: Harris. 21p. $2

USGS Professional Paper 965 : 1976 : The relation of geology to stress changes caused by underground excavation in crystalline rocks at Idaho Springs, Colorado. By Fitzhugh T. Lee, John F. Abel Jr., and Thomas C. Nichols, Jr. A study to understand the effects of geology and rock stresses on mining in complexly deformed anisotropic metasedimentary rocks using theoretical, laboratory, and field investigations. 47p. 1 plate in pocket, 44 figures, 13 tables. $1

USGS Professional Paper 967 : 1976 : Trioctahedral smectite in the Green Formation, Duchesne County, Utah. Author: Dyni. X-ray diffraction of clay. 14p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 969 : 1976 : Some engineering geologic factors controlling coal mine subsidence in Utah and Colorado. By C. Richard Dunrud. 39p., 22 figures, 1 table, frontispiece. A discussion of the processes of subsidence and their effects on mine safety, coal resource management, and the environment in two geologic settings. $1

USGS Professional Paper 971 : 1977 : Structural geology of the Confusion range, West-central Utah. By Richard K. Hose. 9p., 1 plate in pocket, 3 figures. $1

USGS Professional Paper 973 : 1976 : Roberts Mountains formation, a regional stratigraphic study with emphasis on rugose coral distribution by Charles W. Merriam and Edwin H. McKee, with a section on conodonts by John Huddle. A study of stratigraphy, facies, and coral distribution in the middle Paleozoic (Silurian and Devonian) limestone belt of the central and SW Great Basin). 51 pages plus plates pages, 12 plates, 3 figures, 2 tables. Good : (cover faintly soiled, may have several underlined sentences) $1

USGS Professional Paper 974 : 1976 : Type sections and stratigraphy of the members of the Blackleaf and Marias River formations (Cretaceous) of the Sweetgrass arch, Montana. Authors : Cobban, William Aubrey; Erdmann, C. E.; Lemke, R. W.; Maughan, E. K. 66p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 983 : 1976 : The structure of a turbulent flow in a channel of complex shape. By H. J. Tracy. 24p., 20 illustrations. $1

USGS Professional Paper 985 : 1976 : Biostratigraphy and regional relations of the Mississippian Leadville limestone in the San Juan mountains, Southwestern Colorado. By Augustus K. Armstron and Bernard L. Mamet. 29p., 3 plates (1 in pocket, rest in text), 15 figures. $1

USGS Professional Paper 986 : 1976 : East trending structural lineaments in central Nevada. By E. B. Ekren, R. C. Bucknam, W. J. Carr, G. L. Dixon and W. D. Quinlivan. A description of four east-trending structural lineaments inferred to be deep-seated crustal features. 16 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 7 figures. $5

USGS Professional Paper 987 : 1976 : Physical, chemical, and biological aspects of subsurface organic waste injection near Wilmington, North Carolina. Author: Leenheer. 51p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 989 : 1977 : Plutonism and orogeny in north-central Washington; timing and regional context. By Kenneth F. Fox, Jr., C. Dean Rinehart, and Joan C. Engels. 27p., 8 figures, 2 tables. $1

USGS Professional Paper 990 : 1976 : Numerical model of the salt-wedge reach of the Duwamish River estuary, King County, Washington. Author: Prych. 34p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 993 : 1978 : Historic Ground failures in Northern California triggered by Earthquakes. By T. L. Youd and S. N. Hoose. 177p., 5 plates in pocket, 67 figures, 9 tables. $22

USGS Professional Paper 994-A : 1977 : Depostional environment of Upper Cretaceous black sandstones of the western interior. By Robert S. Houston and John F. Murphy. Cretaceous black sandstone deposits of the Western Interior have stratigraphic, structural, textural, and mineralogical characteristics helpful in reconstructing local and regional environments. 29 pages, frontispiece, 21 figures, 1 table. $1

USGS Professional Paper 998 : 1976 : Floods of March-April 1973 in southeastern United States. Author: Edelen. 1976. 283p. $3

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All of these papers, unless VERY clearly stated, are originals with the original beautiful illustrations and plates.

USGS Professional Paper 1001 : 1976 : Numerical simulation analysis of the interaction of lakes and ground water.. By Thomas C. Winter. 45p., 28 figures, 4 tables. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1004 : 1977 : Cooling and crystallization of tholeiitic basalt, 1965 Makaopuhi lava lake, Hawaii. Author: Wright. 78p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1006-AB : 1976 : (1006-A) Demand for nonfuel minerals and materials by the United States energy industry, 1975-90. By John P. Albers, Walter J. Bawiec, and Lawrence F. Rooney. AND (1006-B) Supply of Nonfuel minerals and maerials for the United States Energy Industry, 1975-90 by Gus H. Goudarzi, Lawrence F. Rooney, and Glenn L. Shaffer. 60p. 36 tables, 5 figures. (filing marks) $1

USGS Professional Paper 1011 : 1976 : The environment of South Florida, a summary report. Author: McPherson. A description of the south Florida ecosystem and changes resulting from man's activities. In color . 81p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1012 : 1978 : Hydrogeology of the karst of Puerto Rico. Author: Giusti. 1978. 68p. 2 plates in pocket. $5

USGS Professional Paper 1014 : 1977 : Late Quaternary depositional history, Holocene sea-level changes, and vertical crustal movement, southern San Francisco Bay, California. By Brain F. Atwater, Charles W. Hedel, and Edward J. Helley. 15 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 7 figures, 3 tables. $8

USGS Professional Paper 1015 : 1977 : Proceedings of the First annual William T Pecora memorial symposium, October 1975, Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Author: Woll. 370p. (Good : Paper over spine has small tears – doesn’t affect binding, ink spot on a couple page margins at back, lightly bumped corners) $3

USGS Professional Paper 1018 : 1977 : Characteristics of thin-skinned style of deformation in the Southern Appalachians, and potential hydrocarbon traps. Author: Harris Thin-skinned tectonics. 40p. 8 plates in pocket. $2

USGS Professional Paper 1020 : 1977 : Ordovician and Silurian graptolite succession in the Trail Creek area, central Idaho; a graptolite zone reference section. Author: Carter. 45p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1021 : 1977 : Movement of moisture in the unsaturated zone in a loess-mantled area, southwestern Kansas. Author: Prill. 21p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1022-E : 1983 : Origin, distribution, and rapid removal of hydrothermally formed clay at Mount Baker, Washington. By David Frank. A reconnaissance study of the occurrence and geology implications of clayey volcanic deposits at Mount Baker. (Volcanic activity at Mount Baker, Washington). 31 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 20 figures, 8 tables. $2

USGS Professional Paper 1023 : 1978 : The Lyon Station-Paulins Kill nappe - the frontal structure of the Musconetcong Nappe system in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Author: Avery Ala Drake, Jr. A study of a complex nappe system in te complicated polydeformed terrane of the central Appalachians. 20p., 11 figures, 1 table, 3 color geologic maps in pocket. (bumped corner) $1

USGS Professional Paper 1024 : 1979 : General geology and mines of the East Tintic mining district, Utah and Juab counties, Utah by H.T. Morris and T.S. Lovering. With sections on the geology of the Burgin mine and the Geology of the Trixie Mine. A study of the rocks, geologic structures, and mines of a highly productive silver, gold and base-metal mining district in the east-central Great Basin. 203p., 4 color plates in pocket, 72 figures, 11 tables. VG condition, really nice. $38

USGS Professional Paper 1025 : 1977 : Stratigraphy and microfaunas of the Oquirrh Group in the southern East Tintic Mountains, Utah. By H. T. Morris, R. C. Duglass, and R. W. Kopf. 1977. 25p., 4 plates (1 in pocket, rest in text), 4 figures. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1027 : 1977 : Paleozoic – Mesozoic boundary in the Berry Creek quadrangle, northwestern Sierra Nevada, California. By Anna Hietanen. Petrologic and structural study of metamorphic rocks. 22 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 10 figures, 2 tables. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1028 : 1977 : Studies related to the Charleston, South Carolina, Earthquake of 1886 – a preliminary report. Edited by Douglas W. Rankin. Consists of 15 different complete studies. 204 pages, illustrated. Neat vintage photo cover. $3

USGS Professional Paper 1031 : 1978 : Medicine Lodge thrust system, east-central Idaho and Southwest Montana. By Edward T. Ruppel. A summary of geologic data on a major segment of the North American Cordilleran fold and thrust belt. 23 pages, 5 figures, 1 table. $2

USGS Professional Paper 1032-A : 1978 : Physical stratigraphy of the Genesee formation (Devonian) in Western and Central New York. Authors ; Wallace deWitt, Jr. and G. W. Colton. Stratigraphy and conodonts of the Genesee formation (Devonian). – West of Cayuga Lake, the Genesee formation thins by transgression on the Algonquin arch, as is shown by stratigraphic sections and conodont biostratigraphy. 23p., 6 large plates in pocket, 1 large table in pocket, 9 figures in text. All in cardboard binder. (G/VG, but binder rough at spine ends - an easy tape repair) $3

USGS Professional Paper 1033 : 1978 : The structure of the Olympic Mountains, Washington : analysis of a subduction zone. By R. W. Tabor and W. M. Cady. 38 pages, 34 figures, 1 table. (Good, slight cover soil) $6

USGS Professional Paper 1035-C : 1979 : Lithology and subdivisions of the Jurassic Stump formation in southeastern Idaho and adjoining areas. By George N. Pipiringos and Ralph W. Imlay. (unconformities, correlation, and nomenclature of some Triassic and Jurassic rocks, western interior United States). Marked rapid lateral changes in lighology, fossil content, and thickness of the Stump formation are due principally to erosion associated with the Cretaceous (K) and Jurassic (J-4) unconformities. 25 pages, 16 figures, 1 table. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1037 : 1978 : Transport and dispersion of fluorescent tracer particles for the dune-bend condition, feeder canal near Bernalillo, New Mexico. Author: Rathbun. 95p. 1 plate in pocket. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1041 : 1978 : Intrusive rocks northeast of Steamboat Springs, Park Range, Colorado. By George L. Snyder. With a section on geochemistry by Carl E. Hedge. Delineation of intrusive rock types in a previously unstudied area of Colorado and comparison with related rocks elsewhere in Colorado and Wyoming. 42p., 20 figures, 7 tables (1 in pocket, rest in text). (May have bumped corner) $1

USGS Professional Paper 1043 : 1979 : Subsurface stratigraphy and geochemistry of Late Quaternary Evaporites, Searles Lake, California. Author : George I. Smith. With a section on radiocarbon ages of stratigraphic units by Minze Stuiver and George I. Smith. Description of the stratigraphic succession of muds and salts deposited by closed-basin lakes that occupied Searles Valley during late Quaternary time. 130p., 7 figures, 2 plates in pocket. (bumped corner) $3

USGS Professional Paper 1044-A : 1978 : The hydrothermal system of Long Valley Caldera, California. By M. L. Sorey, R. E. Lewis, and F. H. Olmsted. (Geohydrology of geothermal systems) 60 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 34 figures, 17 tables.Neat and very colorful map in pocket. $2

USGS Professional Paper 1044-B : 1977 : Use of temperature surveys at a depth of 1 meter in geothermal exploration in Nevada. By F. H. Olmsted. (Geohydrology of geothermal systems). 25 pages, 17 figures, 1 table. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1044-K : 1988 : Evaluation of a hydrothermal anomaly near Ennis, Montana. By Robert B. Leonard and Wayne A. Wood. Determination of regional and local geologic framework, geohydrology, and geochemistry of a hot spring and associated hydrothermal system in a valley-fill environment. (Geohydrology of geothermal systems.) 53 pages, 20 figures, 3 tables. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1044-L : 1994 : Hydrothermal systems of the Cascade Range, north-central Oregon. By S. E. Ingebritsen, R. H. Mariner, and D. R. Sherrod. (Geohydrology of geothermal systems). 86 pages, 2 plates in pocket, 33 figures, 11 tables. $5

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All publications are complete with all plates and maps unless specifically and clearly noted in RED.

USGS Professional Paper 1059 : 1977 : GIRAS : A geographic information retrieval and analysis system for handling land use and land cover data. By William B. Mitchell, Stephen C. Guptill, K. Eric Anderson, Robin G. Fegeas, and Cheryl A. Hallam. 16p., 10 figs., 4 tables. (bumped corner) $1

USGS Professional Paper 1061 : 1979 : Clay mineralogy of Pleistocene Lake Tecopa, Inyo County, California. By Harry C. Starkey and Paul D. Blackmon. 34p., 16 figures, 7 tables. In a saline lake with pH above 8.5 authigenic sepiolite and detrital lithium-bearing saonite were deposited in mudstones which were interlayered with volcanic tuffs. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1064-A : 1978 : Mixed layer clay in the Pierre Shale and equivalent rocks, northern Great Plains region. By Leonard G. Schultz. (Geochemistry of the Pierre Shale and equivalent rocks of Late Cretaceous age). X-ray diffraction techniques for interpretation of mixed-layer illite-smectite clay, chemical composition of the clay, and developmental history of the clay. 28p., 16 figures, 8 tables. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1081 : 1978 : Rock pushing and sampling under rocks on Mars. By H. J. Moore, S. Liebes, Jr., D. S. Crouch, and L. V. Clark. 21 pages, frontispiece, 18 figures, 2 tables. (mildly bumped corners). $1

USGS Professional Paper 1084 : 1980 : Sporomorphs from the Jackson Group (upper Eocene) and adjacent strata of Mississippi and western Alabama. Author: Frederiksen. 16 plates in text. 75p. plates in pocket. $2

USGS Professional Paper 1085 : 1980 : Leachate plumes in ground water from Babylon and Islip landfills, Long Island, New York. Author: Kimmel. 38p. 3 plates in pocket. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1086 : 1979 : Regional metamorphism in the Condrey Mountain quadrangle, North-central Klamath Mountains, California. Author : Preston E. Hotz. 25p., 8 figures, 10 tables. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1088 : 1979 : Evaluation of the geologic and hydrologic factors related to the waste-storage potential of Mesozoic aquifers in the southern part of the Atlantic Coastal Plain. Author: Brown South Carolina and Georgia. 37p. 11 plates in pocket. (Hardcover binder.) (binder intact and nice, but has rough section at bottom of one hinge) $7

USGS Professional Paper 1089 : 1980 : Preliminary correlation of post-Erie interstadial events (16,000-10,000 radiocarbon years before present). Author: Fullerton. Central and eastern Great Lakes region, and Hudson, Champlain, and St Lawrence Lowlands, United States and Canada. 52p. 1 plate in pocket. ( Cover partially detached (from one of two staples).) $1

USGS Professional Paper 1090 : 1980 : Ordovician and Silurian Phi Kappa and Trail Creek formations, Pioneer Mtns, central Idaho; stratigraphic & structural revisions, and new data on graptolite faunas. Author: Dover. 60p. 1 plate in pocket. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1093 : 1979 : Reconnaissance study of Upper Cretaceous to Miocene stratigraphic units and sedimentary facies, Kodiak and adjacent islands, Alaska. Author: Nilsen With a section on sedimentary petrography. 1979. 34p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1099-B : 1978 : Land use and land cover information and air-quality planning. Author: Reed The influence of land use and land cover in climate analysis. 43p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1099-C : 1980 : Relationships between aerodynamic roughness and land use and land cover in Baltimore, Maryland. Author: Nicholas The influence of land use and land cover in climate analysis. 36p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1099-E : 1980 : Testing an urban climate simulator. Author: Greene The influence of land use and land cover in climate analysis. 1980. 17p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1101 : 1980 : The Boulder Creek batholith, Front Range, Colorado. By Dolores J. Gable. A study of differentiation, assimilation, and origin of a granodiorite batholith showing interrelated differences in Chemistry and mineralogy in the batholith and cogenetic rock types. 88p., 2 plates in pocket, 37 figures, 26 tables. $3

USGS Professional Paper 1103 : 1979 : Sculptural variation of the Pliocene Pelecypod Patinopecten healeyi (Arnold). By Ellen James Moore. Primary sculpture and micrsculpture described and illustrated; includes stratigraphic occurrence and ecology. 15 pages plus plates pages, 15 plates, 1 figure. $2

USGS Professional Paper 1107 : 1980 : Erosion, sediment discharge, and channel morphology in the upper Chattahoochee River basin, Georgia. Author: Faye. With a discussion of the contribution of suspended sediment to stream quality. 85p. $2

USGS Professional Paper 1110-A-L : 1979 : Mississippian and Pennsylvanian (Carboniferous) systems in the United States (includes Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Michigan, Indiana and Illinois). 12 technical reports, nicely illustrated. Paged in sections, about 500p. SCARCE. (mildly bumped edge) $24

USGS Professional Paper 1110-M-DD : 1979 : Mississippian and Pennsylvanian (Carboniferous) systems in the United States (includes Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Utah, Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, California, and Alaska.) 18 technical reports, nicely illustrated. Paged in sections, about 600p.) $20

USGS Professional Paper 1113 : 1981 : Metamorphic mineral assemblages of slightly calcic pelitic rocks in and around the Taconic Allochthon, southwestern Massachusetts and adjacent Connecticut and New York. By E-An Zen. A study of progressive regional metamorphism of pelitic schists from the Taconic allochthon. 128 pages, 19 figures, 10 tables. $4

USGS Professional Paper 1114 : 1980 : Procedures for estimating earthquake ground motions. By Walter W. Hays. 77p., 67 figures, 23 tables, frontispiece. $2

USGS Professional Paper 1115 : 1979 : Storm and flood of July 31 – August 1, 1976, in the Big Thompson River and Cache la Poudre River basins, Larimer and Weld counties, Colorado. Part A : Meteorology and Hydrology in Big Thompson River and Cache la Poudre River basins. Part B : Geologic and geomorphic effects in the Big Thompson Canyon area, Larimer county. With a section on Damage caused by geologic processes during flood producing storms. 152p., 3 plates in pocket (1 plate is on 2 sheets, so there are a total of 4 items in pocket, rest in text), 109 figures, 9 tables. (back cover a bit rough) $20

USGS Professional Paper 1118 : 1980 : On modeling magnetic fields on a sphere with dipoles and quadrupoles. By David G. Knapp. A study of the global geomagnetic field with special emphasis on quadrupoles. 37 pages, 30 figures, 6 tables. (may have minor soil) $1

USGS Professional Paper 1119-AB : 1980 : Tectonic studies in the Brazilian Shield. Author: Drake. 30p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1121-A : 1980 : Age and structural significance of ophiolite and adjoining rocks in the upper Chulitna District, South-central Alaska. Author: Jones Geologic framework of the upper chulitna district, Alaska. 1980. 24p. 1 color plates in pocket. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1122 : 1980 : Thermal modeling of flow in the San Diego Aqueduct, California, and its relation to evaporation. Author: Jobson. 24p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1126-A-J : 1980 : Shorter contributions to stratigraphy and structural geology, 1979. Paged in sections, 1 plate in pocket. $3

Contents of USGS PP 1126-AJ :
USGS Professional Paper 1126-A : Origin of the river anticlines, central Grand Canyon, Arizona.
USGS Professional Paper 1126-B : Rock control and tectonism, their importance in shaping the Appalachian Highlands.
USGS Professional Paper 1126-C : The Upper Ordovician and Silurian Hanson Creek Formation of central Nevada.
USGS Professional Paper 1126-D : The Marble Hill Bed, an offshore bar-tidal channel complex in the Upper Ordovician Drakes Formaiton of Kentucky.
USGS Professional Paper 1126-E : Paleogene sedimentary and volcanogenic rocks from Adak Island, central Aleutian Islands, Alaska.
USGS Professional Paper 1126-F : The Livengood Dome chert, a new Ordovician formation in central Alaska, and its relevance to displacement on the Tintina fault.
USGS Professional Paper 1126-G : Intertonguing between the Star Point Sandstone and the coal-bearing Blackhawk Formation requires revision of some coal-bed correlations in the southern Wasatch Plateau, Utah.
USGS Professional Paper 1126-H : New evidence supporting Nebraskan age for origin of Ohio River in north-central Kentucky.
USGS Professional Paper 1126-I : Reconnaissance geologic study of the Vazante zinc district, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
USGS Professional Paper 1126-J : Constraints on the latest movements on the Melones fault zone, Sierra Nevada foothills, California.

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USGS Professional Paper 1131 : 1980 : Rubidium-strontium geochronology and plate-tectonic evolution of the southern part of the Arabian Shield. Author: Fleck Southwestern Saudi Arabia. 1980. 38p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1135 : 1980 : Equivalent uranium and selected minor elements in magnetic concentrates from the Candle Quadrangle, Solomon Quadrangle, and elsewhere in Alaska. Author: Pan. 1980. 115p. 1 plate in pocket. $2

USGS Professional Paper 1140 : 1980 : An economic analysis of selected strategies for dissolved-oxygen management; Chattahoochee River, Georgia. Author: Schefter. 26p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1141 : 1981 : Research in the Geysers – Clear Lake geothermal area, northern California. Edited by Robert J. McLaughlin and Julie M. Donnelly-Nolan. 259 pages, frontispiece, 128 figures, 36 tables. Contains 23 technical reports on various aspects of the the title topic. (mild cover soil) $18

USGS Professional Paper 1142 : 1981 : Jurassic (Bathonian and Callovian) ammonites in eastern Oregon and western Idaho. By Ralph W. Imlay. The late Bathonian to middle Callovian ammonite succession in eastern Oregon is remarkably similar to that in southern Alaska. 24 pages plus plates pages, 5 plates, 6 fgires, 6 tables. (Good. Front cover has a staple in it). $1

USGS Professional Paper 1143 : 1981 : The sorting and deposition of allochthonous plant material in the modern environment at Silwood Lake, Silwood Park, Berkshire, England. Author: Spicer A study of how a potential plant-fossil deposit was formed in a fluviolacustrine environment. 77p. $2

USGS Professional Paper 1151-B : 1981 : Surface geology of the Jeptha Knob Cryptoexplosion structure, Shelby county, Kentucky. By Earle R. Cressman. (Contributions to the geology of Kentucky). New information on the character of an enigmatic structural feature. 16 pages, 1 plate in pocket, 9 figures, 1 table. The pocket plate is VERY cool – frame it! $2

USGS Professional Paper 1160 : 1980 : The distributions and relationships of grade and tonnage among some nickel deposits. Author: Foose. 14p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1162-B : 1980 : Makah Formation; a deep-marginal-basin sequence of late Eocene and Oligocene age in the northwestern Olympic Peninsula, Washington. Author: Snavely Shorter contributions to stratigraphy. 28p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1163-AD : 1979 : Studies of the Permian Phosphoria Formation and related rocks, Great Basin-Rocky Mountain region. Edited by Bruce R. Wardlaw. 22p. $1

Contents of USGS PP 1163 A-D :
USGS PP 1163-A : Transgression of the Retort Phosphatic Shale member of the Phosphoria Formation (Permian) in Idaho, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming.
USGS PP 1163-B : The Murdock Mountain Formation : a new unit of the Permian Park City group.
USGS PP 1163-C : Stratigraphy of Park city Group equivalents in southern Idaho, northeastern Nevada, and northwestern Utah.
USGS PP 1163-D : Biostratigraphic zonation of the Park City Group.

USGS Professional Paper 1164 : 1980 : Effects of coal mine subsidence in the Sheridan, Wyoming, area. By C. Richard Dunrud and Frank W. Osterwald. A summary of geology, subsidence, and other effects of past and present mining as related to the environment, coal resource management, and land use. Supplemental information is included from Beulah, North Dakota; Decker, Montana; Somerset, Colorado; and Raton, New Mexico. 49p., 25 figures, frontispiece. $2

USGS Professional Paper 1165 : 1981 : Differentiation of a gabbro sill in the Oregon Coast Range by crystallization-zone settling. By Norman S. MacLeod. 22 pages, 12 figures, 6 tables. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1166 : 1981 : Bedrock, surficial, and economic geology of the Sunnyside coal-mining district, Carbon and Emery Counties, Utah. By Frank W. Osterwald, John O. Maberry, and C. Richard Dunrud. With a section on Early man in the Sunnyside area, by James O. Duguid, Jr. 68p., 2 color plates in pocket, 61 figures, 3 tables. $2

USGS Professional Paper 1167 : 1980 : A comparison of two Atlantic-type continental margins. By John S. Schlee. Stratigraphy and structure of the continental margin of eastern North America and West Africa, their history as restricted rift basins and later as broad troughs. 21 pages, 8 figures. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1169 : 1981 : Floods in Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas, September 12-13, 1977. Author: Hauth. 1981. 47p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1170-C : 1980 : Seismic properties investigation of the Springer Ranch landslide, Powder River basin, Wyoming. Author: Miller Shorter contributions to general geology. 7p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1170-D : 1983 : Merced Peak Quadrangle, Central Sierra Nevada, Califorania – Analytic data by Dallas Peck and Gerald Van Kooten. Chemical, semiquantitative spectrographic, and modal analyses and potassium-argon, uranium-lead, and rubidium-strontium age determinations on plutonic, metavolcanic, and volcanic rocks supplement USGS Geologic Quadrangle Map GQ-1531. 29p. (Good : cover rubbed with light soil) $1

USGS Professional Paper 1170-F : 1987 : Implications of deformation along the east flank of the Charleston-Nebo thrust plate, central Utah. Author: Witkind Shorter contributions to general geology. 29p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1176 : 1981 : Irradiation of samples for 40Ar/39Ar dating using the Geological Survey TRIGA reactor. Author: Dalrymple. 55p. $2

USGS Professional Paper 1177-A : 1980 : Geographical analysis of Fenwick Island, Maryland, a middle Atlantic coast barrier island. Author: Dolan. 24p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1183 : 1982 : Landslide overview map of the conterminous United States. By Dorothy H. Radbruch-Hall, Roger B. Colton, William E. Davies, Ivo Lucchitta, Betty A. Skipp, and David J. Varnes. 25p., 1 color plate in pocket, 14 figures. Landslide incidence and susceptibility illustrated for major physical subdivisions of the United States. $10

USGS Professional Paper 1184 : 1981 : Bimodal Silurian and Lower Devonian volcanic rock assemblages in the Machias-Eastport area, Maine. Author: Gates Weakly metamorphosed volcanic rocks. 32p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1187 : 1981 : Bedded Precambrian iron deposits of the Tobacco Root Mountains, southwestern Montana. By Harold L. James. 16p., 1 plate in pocket, 6 figures, 2 tables. A geologic description and resources appraisal of the iron-formation found in several localities. (Good, may have bumped corner). $1

USGS Professional Paper 1191 : 1980 : Storm-induced debris avalanching and related phenomena in the Johnstown area, Pennsylvania. Author: Pomeroy. 1980. 24p. $1

USGS Professional Paper 1196 : 1981 : Hydrogeochemistry and simulated solute transport, Piceance Basin, northwestern Colorado. By Stanley G. Robson and George J. Saulnier, Jr. The hydrogeochemistry of the oil shale rich area is described and a digital model is used to simulate the possible effects of proposed oil-shale mining on ground-water quality. 65p., 45 figures, 4 tables. $2

USGS Professional Paper 1198 : 1983 : Melanges and their bearing on late Mesozoic and tertiary subduction and interplate translation at the west edge of the North American Plate. by Kenneth F. Fox, Jr. 40 pages, 16 figures. (bumped corner) $5

USGS Professional Paper 1199-AE : 1981 : Shorter contributions to isotope research in the Western United States, 1980. Author: USGS Archean gneisses, redioelement distribution, ages of igneous rocks, cerro toledo rhyolite tephra, fission-track dating. 47p. (Extra wear on front cover.) $2

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All of these papers, unless VERY clearly stated, are originals with the original beautiful illustrations and plates.


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